Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (Free Album Download + Stream)

After building up an enourmous amount of hype, releasing 2 official videos for tracks ‘Cake Boy‘ and his collaboration with Chiddy, Hoodie Allen finally releases his free mixtape Crew Cuts.

Crew Cuts is definitely his most diverse mixtape to do date, including features from Chiddy Bang, Chance The Rapper, Shwayze, G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars & OCD along with production from !llmind, Jared Evan, RJF and Sap. You can stream all the songs below as well as download the album in its entirety here.

With Crew Cuts, I had two big goals in mind—1. I wanted to challenge myself to try new things and work with new people. I have grown up a lot in this past year and I wanted the music to reflect those experiences. It is easy to “play it safe” as an artist, but I think in order for your fans to grow with you, you can’t be afraid to evolve and be better. 2. I wanted to collaborate with my amazingly talented friends and make a free project that sounds and feels like a debut album.
’Hoodie Allen – Let Me Be Me’
’Hoodie Allen – Fame Is For Assholes (feat. Chiddy)’
’Hoodie Allen – Reunion’
’Hoodie Allen – Good Intentions’
’Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy’
’Hoodie Allen – Long Night (feat. Chance The Rapper)’
’Hoodie Allen – Two Lips (feat. OCD Moosh and Twist)’
’Hoodie Allen – Casanova (feat. Skizzy Mars and G
’Hoodie Allen – Heart 2 Heart (feat. Jared Evan)’
’Hoodie Allen – Goodbye (feat. Shwayze)’
’Hoodie Allen – Where Do We Go Now’
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[Hip Hop] Shwayze feat. Adele – I Won’t Go

Anytime a rapper uses a sample from Adele I’m usually hooked instantaneously (see: Lil Wayne – Rolling in the Deep). Shwayze, ready to drop the fourth full length album (W)e (E)volve (E)very (D)ay, tickles my Adele fancy once again by using the voluptuous beauty’s He Won’t Go to tell his side of the sad tale in I Won’t Go.

Proudly from the 310, Malibu to be exact, Shwayze is no stranger to addictive melodies that are more times than not orchestrated by his co-pilot in debauchery, Cisco Adler. And despite Adler being a notorious douche, the dude can produce.

Most MTV-style music duos, such as this one, typically make me snarky and negative, but I can’t deny the easiness that Shwayze flows over beats. Most tracks I’ve listened to from Shwayze, since hitting the scene in 2008, have been mostly non-impressive, but like previously stated, rappers using anything Adele greatly perks my interest. And this I Won’t Go mix reaffirms that and my love for that big boned beauty.

Considering the track record, I wouldn’t expect true hip-hop heads to give too many props, but hopefully Shwayze can build on the momentum this track brings. We shall see. Until then keep up with updates on Shwayze.com.

Shwayze – I Wont Go (Ft. Adele)

’Shwayze – I Wont Go (Ft. Adele).mp3′
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