[Tropical] Slow Skies – Ice Field (Thero Remix)

Slow Skies
Ice Field (Thero Remix)

In the midst of winter, here’s a tune that’ll help you reminisce the good ol’ summertime. Reworking Slow Skies‘ “Ice Field”, NY-based producer Thero has put out yet another classic remix for our hearing pleasure. Subtly speeding up the original track, Thero incorporates a series of tropical synth, including a xylophone melody that is both catchy and memorable. Don’t forget the killer sax line that comes in a little later that absolutely steals the spotlight. The vocals are kept to a minimal, which gives it a more organic feel. The overall feel of the tune is comparably more mature than his other work, while keeping it sexy and fresh. 2015 is going to be a big year for the tropical artist, so stay tuned in for more dope music coming your way!

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[Indie] Slow Skies – On The Shore

slow skies
on the shore

Sometimes sifting through an endless stream of new music each day can be a little taxing on the ears, but it’s all worth it when you find something like this utterly transfixing track called “On The Shore”. Crafted by Dublin duo Slow Skies, it’s got such a beautiful ghostliness to it, gentle and understated, yet so powerful and consuming. Karen Sheridan’s unique vocals sound so fragile, as though on the verge of shattering into a million pieces, and when she coos long “oooh’s”, she does it with such emotion, like she’s finally exhaling after years and years of holding her breath. If the music wasn’t enough to touch the depths of your heart, then let the track’s poetic lyrics do the literal talking:

“Be the love that I am sure of”.

Slow Skies forthcoming Close EP is due out May 4th. We highly suggest you look out for it.

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