Hudson Mohawke – Very First Breath (SteLouse Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Hudson Mohawke
Very First Breath ft. Irfane (StéLouse Remix)

It’s been a hot minute since SteLouse‘s last release. The wait is finally over, as the Denver-based producer remixes Hudson Mohawke‘s “Very First Breath”. Flipping Irfane‘s vocals and incorporating them into the signature SteLouse sound, the talented producer creates an incredibly catchy melody with a series of wobbly synths. The unique vocals will hit you right in the feels and take you on an emotion roller coaster as the crafty synthline takes over. It’s one of those tunes that will stick with you for a long time.

It’s no easy task taking on a Hudmo track, but SteLouse definitely nailed it and made it his own. Grab this as a free download, and make sure to stay tuned as we’re expecting some fresh original tunes coming real soon!

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[Sensual] Oh Wonder – The Rain (StéLouse Edition)

Oh Wonder
The Rain (StéLouse edition)

Oh Wonder has become quite the household name lately. They continue to dominate with every release and have already seen a multitude of remixes from some phenomenal names. The latest up is StéLouse, whose prowess as a producer has spanned over multiple successful remixes and his noteworthy EP, The City. This edit is a much more reserved product than we’ve seen previously from StéLouse, but it’s a very welcome change of pace. He even states this in the SoundCloud description:

I wanted to maintain the beauty and subtlety of the vocal. Just an attempt to give the song a little twist without ruining the original vibe.

He did exactly that. Subtly adding the perfect amount of additional percussive elements and synths, this version of “The Rain” holds up a golden standard that we’ve seen with StéLouse on his remixing capabilities. This tune just goes to show how much simplicity and tact can really bring out the best in a song when done correctly. Don’t forget to grab a download and enjoy!

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[Seductive Sonatas] StéLouse – The City Ep

Denver based producer, StéLouse, just put out an EP on DIE HIGH Records which touches a few different vibes. “The City EP” features songs from a few genres, including post trap (as BBC referred to it for Wave Racer’s mix), jersey club and chill trap. The first track on “The City EP” is “T-Shirt” which is probably the hardest songs of this style I have ever heard! Bed squeaks on the buildup, funky slap bass, and crazy tom rolls make up this unregistered heater. The vibes on “Sixteen” are a bit sweeter. With smooth chords that will make you feel like you’re laying on a beach in Australia, this is one of our favorites on “The City EP”! My personal favorite on the EP would have to be “Joyride”. “Joyride” goes from a trap banger to an anthem Jersey club tune! On the last track, StéLouse winds things down with the title record on the EP. “The City” is the most seductive of all tracks from this EP. The brass on “The City” makes “the Sexy Sax Max” look like a joke. In it’s entirety, “The City EP” creates one of the most unique experiences you can have listening to music. Seeing as StéLouse gave this one out for free, we’re hoping we hear songs from “The City EP” when roaming festivals this year!

’StéLouse – T
’StéLouse – Sixteen’
’StéLouse – Joyride’
’StéLouse – The City’
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