[New] Star Slinger – Bad Bitches (ft. Stunnaman and lil B)

On “Bad Bitches” Star Slinger teams back up with Stunnaman from The Pack, who you might remember from the hugely successful track “Vans”, in a reunion of sorts. This time, adding Lil B to the mix to add some extra flavor- which makes sense because the collabo was his idea in the first place (contacting Star Slinger via Twitter).

The track, titled “Bad Bitches”, is kind of glitchy and chaotic- which is something I’ve always like about Star Slinger’s style. Typically, he takes the reigns and drives the track home while Stunnaman and Lil B compliment his already terrific delivery and add to the track’s dynamic range. Stream Below:

’Star Slinger – Bad Bitches (Feat. Stunnaman & LIL B)’
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