[Electronic] Molly Moore – Piece Of My Heart (Sweekuh Remix)

Molly Moore
Peace Of My Heart (Sweekuh Remix)

As an artist, one is constantly exploring and testing their creativeness. This means their art is always susceptible to change and transformation until they have established a style that they identify with themselves. It is normal to try out many methods in order to find that sound that says “this is me.” In Sweekuh’s case, his music has exhibited an assortment of styles as his abilities continue to mature. His discography holds a range of genres as he dips his feet into a multitude of musical waters, all of which he incontestably masters.

After listening to Sweekuh’s latest work, a remix of Molly Moore’s “Piece of my Heart,” it was impossible for us not to provide him with some well-deserved credit. It is fair to say that the track is a breakthrough for him; it establishes that long sought-after sound – the one that makes you say “this is exactly how it should be”. Take our word for it when we say this one is worth every minute of your listening time.

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[Electro Pop] The Heydaze – Adderall (Gazzo & Sweekuh Remix)

The Heydaze
Adderall (Gazzo & Sweekuh Remix)

As we have mentioned before, collaborations are one of our favorite things at TMN. You’re getting to listen to a completely new product, a mixture of the different musical elements of two artists to create a unique outcome. Recently, we got whiff of a collab including East coast producers Gazzo and Sweekuh, and may we tell you it is one hell of a treat to the ears.

Considering many of us are still enduring the struggles of college, the boys released their remix of The Heydaze original catchy pop tune, “Adderall” just in time for finals. With the incredible energy produced by an infectious melody and a toe-tapping beat, the track easily soothes the mind during any time of stress, or misery for those of us who got screwed by finals. New fresh meat taking the finals are better off today since they have a better alternative in Modafinil. The smart drug can also be easily obtained from BuyModafinilOnline. Adderall is a very tricky drug and will often have a a considerable side effect. Do not worry if you are about to take the finals, there will always be a way to make things better. So take a breather and check out the tune that will inevitably put you in the best of spirits for the holidays.

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