[Chill] Teen Daze – A World Away (EP)

2015 is already shaping up to be a great year of music. Teen Daze is back! With A World Away, he continues on a path of masterfully crafted, ambient instrumental pieces that perfectly supplement the cold winter months we’re currently sitting in. When it comes to Teen Daze, even with his remixes, he approaches his music more with the mind of a composer than just a producer, which is extremely evident in songs like “Reykjavik, January 2015” and “I Feel God In The Water.” The overall atmosphere of his latest EP centers on, and perfectly exemplifies, the idea of utter escape, finding a calm center, and creating a chance to truly relax in the midst of the constant noise and stress we experience every day.

This EP is hauntingly beautiful–juggling the balance of a command of space, environmental elements, and cathartic resolves throughout that weave an intricate tapestry of sound with minimal piano and textbook Teen Daze ambience. If you find yourself in need of clearing your head, A World Away will be one of this year’s best ways to do so. Support the new project on Bandcamp, sink into somewhere comfortable, zone out and enjoy the stream below.

’Teen Daze – Sun Burst’
’Teen Daze – Another Night’
’Teen Daze – Reykjavik, January 2015’
’Teen Daze – Than’
’Teen Daze – Desert’
’Teen Daze – I Feel God In The Water’
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Wake Owl – Wild Country (Teen Daze Remix)

Wake Owl
Wild Country (Teen Daze Remix)

In case you missed it, we reviewed Wake Owl‘s recent indie EP, Wild Country (hint: we think it’s pretty beautiful). This week, the folksy acoustics of the title track are stripped away and replaced by the cascading, psychedelic electronic ambiance from Canadian producer Teen Daze. The remix is (excuse the pun) wildly different than the original — everything from the mood to its textures have been altered — but somehow still just as powerful and captivating. Listen in above.

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[Chill] Teen Daze – Light & Love

Teen Daze
Light & Love

“Light & Love” is a gorgeous, weaving new instrumental track courtesy of Canada’s own Teen Daze. Though it keeps up with a steady, upbeat pace and has its fair share of twists and turns, it’s completely soothing at every bend — almost like listening to one of those calming “Nature” CDs of trickling rain and crashing waves — and paints such a soft and comforting audible picture for any listener. The song was written to raise awareness for School Of Seven Bells band member Benjamin Curtis, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Check out the track and also visit this site to donate what you can towards Curtis’ cause.

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