Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good (Thero Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Jaymes Young
I'll Be Good (Thero Remix)

Thero is back to provide some warmth in this cold time we’re having. His latest remix efforts tackle the talents of James Young and his wonderful tune, “I’ll Be Good.” Thero flipped the slow tune on its head into a laidback affair, not unlike a fine medium between Kygo and Filous. He retained and chopped the guitar in a manner so as to complement the rest of the tropical-esque production nicely while holding true to his own sound. Grab your drink with the little umbrella in it, and cut through the cold with Thero’s fresh new remix. Grab the free download via ToneDen here.

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[Tropical] Slow Skies – Ice Field (Thero Remix)

Slow Skies
Ice Field (Thero Remix)

In the midst of winter, here’s a tune that’ll help you reminisce the good ol’ summertime. Reworking Slow Skies‘ “Ice Field”, NY-based producer Thero has put out yet another classic remix for our hearing pleasure. Subtly speeding up the original track, Thero incorporates a series of tropical synth, including a xylophone melody that is both catchy and memorable. Don’t forget the killer sax line that comes in a little later that absolutely steals the spotlight. The vocals are kept to a minimal, which gives it a more organic feel. The overall feel of the tune is comparably more mature than his other work, while keeping it sexy and fresh. 2015 is going to be a big year for the tropical artist, so stay tuned in for more dope music coming your way!

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[Tropical House] Cazzette – Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)

Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)

What happens when indie dance meets tropical house? The answer lies in this Cazzette remix by house specialists Hotel Garuda, which consists of Manila Killa & Candle Weather, and Thero. The electronic trio’s ever-changing sound is what catches our attention, and their true talent shines through on this track. The original vocal sample is used to drive the tune, accompanied by bold drum beats and tropical synth. The killer sax melody that comes in after definitely stole the spotlight for this track, which also marks Thero’s signature sound. The tropical approach to this tune seems so organic without being overdone. Kudos to Hotel Garuda and Thero for being able to collaborate on this feel-good track.

Stay tuned for more from these talented musicians! We are definitely expecting big moves from them in 2015.

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[Tropical House] Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)

Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)

Following the release of his Noosa remix, Floridian producer Thero came out with a remix of this Wet’s tune titled “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”. Looking to set off this tropical house craze even more, Thero is definitely one of the front runners in the genre.

The synths are consonant with the original song and they always bring a smile to your face. It’s so pleasurable to listen to, you can imagine it being used in a Donkey Kong video game, or played at a Hawaiian beach restaurant. Similar to most of his other mixes, Thero always seals the deal with that killer saxophone sample throughout the song and leaving you in infatuation. The bar is set pretty high in the revival movement of tropical music, soon enough he’ll be mentioned together with names like Kygo and Klingande. Needless to say, Thero is an exciting artist to watch for.

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[Tropical House] Noosa – Begin Again (Thero Remix)

Begin Again (Thero Remix)

“Tropical House” seems to be the next big thing since Korean BBQ tacos. We have shared some in the past, but this may be the first time we found an artist with less than a thousand followers who destroys the style. Floridian TJ Sarda, better known as Thero, took this Noosa track and injected it with summer vibes. With the original powerful vocals combining with a new summer spin, this young artist really impressed us with his revision of “Begin Again”! You know when they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, with some music they should say “don’t judge an artist by their following instead”. TJ Sarda may have less than seven hundred followers, but he is one of the better artists we have heard in a while.

If you’re brainstorming up your perfect summer activity, don’t worry about it; we’ve got you covered! All you need to do is crack a cold one, eat some Korean BBQ tacos, and listen to this new Thero remix!

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