[R&B] Tory Lanez – Karrueche (Prod. Noah Breakfast)

Karrueche (Prod. Noah Breakfast)

A week ahead of the release of his upcoming Cruel Intentions EP, Tory Lanez brings back his Fargo Fridays series with a brand new track named after Chris Brown‘s ex, “Karrueche”. The Toronto native is no stranger to dedicating his ballads to famous females, previously releasing an homage to Teyana Taylor that prompted a playful response from the GOOD Music songstress herself. Lanez makes reference to that previous tune as he goes into full R&B mode on this one, crooning over a breezy, carefree instrumental provided by Noah Breakfast, who previously worked on a handful of songs from last year’s excellent Lost Cause mixtape. We didn’t think it was possible, but after hearing this single, we’re even more stoked for his upcoming collaborative EP with WEDIDIT, set to drop next Friday. Stream the track above here, and make sure to check back here once the EP is available.

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[Future] Fortune & Saaj – Know What’s Up (Feat. Tory Lanez)

Know What's Up w/ Saaj (ft. Tory Lanez)

Flow-Fi founder Fortune has absolutely astounded us with his uncanny ability to turn just about any song into a bouncy, future bass banger, and has proven himself as a master beat-maker through the release of such projects as Venha Conmigo and Drives & Thighs. If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, you’re still not too late, but chances are it might feel a little crowded after tonight. For his latest effort, the astute instrumentalist has teamed up with fellow producer Saaj and TMN mainstay Tory Lanez for an elegant new cut titled “Know What’s Up.” The Canadian crooner’s appearance is fleeting, but his vocals serve as a perfect prelude, delicately interlaced amongst a flurry of mellow strings, delightful chimes and lush synths, before leading into some seriously boisterous 808s. Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of this peaceful tune is the fact that Fortune manages to create such an engrossing experience you don’t even notice Lanez’s absence from the second half of the song.

We”re excited to see what else the brilliant producer has hidden up his sleeve. Let’s just hope we hear more collaborations between these three in the future.

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[NEW] BenZel – Stuck On You (Feat. Tory Lanez)

Stuck On You ft. Tory Lanez

BenZel and Tory Lanez are two acts we’ve been “stuck on” for quite some time now, and today they’ve teamed up for an incredible new single. “Stuck On You” is the first in a series of tracks that the duo of Benny Blanco and Ben Ash will be releasing through SoundCloud on a weekly basis. The song is a bit of a diversion from Tory’s usual style, but it still finds him thriving outside of his comfort zone, as slick falsetto gives way to a mind numbing drop. We’ve already played this tune on repeat about four to five times during the course of this write-up, so expect this one to be glued into your rotations for quite awhile. Stream the track above, and click the download link to snag a copy for yourself. You’ll want to hold onto this one.

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[NEW] Tory Lanez – In For It (Prod. RL Grime)

Tory Lanez
In For It (Prod. by RL Grime)

Proclaiming the return of his highly touted Fargo Fridays series, Tory Lanez has dropped a brand new heater today titled “In For It.” Teaming up with RL Grime once again, “In For It” is the first single from Tory’s forthcoming collaborative EP with the WeDidIt collective. The song has all the elements you’d expect from a typical Tory Lanez tune: eerie, atmospheric production, gritty rhymes and smooth, seductive vocals. The T.O. native seems to never let us down, and we can barely keep still as we eagerly wait for more material from his upcoming project.

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[Video] Tory Lanez – Henny In Hand

Tory Lanez
Henny In Hand (Prod. Noah Breakfast + Matti Free)

When Tory Lanez first dropped “Henny In Hand” last fall, it was an instant favorite here at TMN. Now a few months later, we finally have equally stunning visuals for the mesmerizing single. Directed by Andrew Hines (who also helmed the visuals for “The Godfather“), the video opens with Tory seated in the VIP area of a club eyeing a female from afar. The woman accepts payment from another gentleman who offers to take her home, and the rest of the story unfolds with Tory following closely behind. We don’t want to reveal too many details though, as there’s certainly a few exciting twists near the end.

Peep the visuals below, and make sure to check out his most recent collaboration with Snakehips on “Dimelo.” Now that he’s wrapped up his second Lost Cause tour, expect even more music from Tory on the way. In the meantime, feel free to read what he had to say to us about the experience last month.

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Tory Lanez Talks SwaveNation, Al Pacino & Valentine’s Day [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Ever since Kanye West dropped 808s & Heartbreaks it seems as if the line between rapper and singer has become increasingly blurred. Guys who followed his lead, like Drake and Kid Cudi, only pushed the boundary further, influencing a whole generation of up and coming artists who now take inspiration from their examples. Similarly, the idea of a rapper-producer is no longer a foreign concept either. J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T. are two names that come to mind in that realm. Because of this, the whole idea of an artist becoming completely self sufficient is no longer entirely novel. Until now though, it can be argued we had never encountered anyone who was equally talented at all aspects of their craft. That’s where Tory Lanez comes in.

As a musician, Tory refuses to be classified. While all of the artists we mentioned are probably best known for one aspect of their skill sets, Tory prefers to be recognized for everything he does. Rather than being known as a rapper or a singer, for lack of a better term, Tory classifies his music as “Swavey,” which is basically the idea of fusing together all aspects of his art and striving to be the best at everything.

The Toronto native has been labeled “next” for quite awhile now. While that term is vague to begin with, there is no doubt that a certain level of expectation comes with the title. To his credit though, Tory never lets any of that get to his head. If you ever have the chance to watch him live, you’ll notice that he has undeniable charisma, and brings a raw energy to his performances, yet he still retains a certain sense of humility that keeps him grounded through it all. What’s even more special though is that Tory doesn’t draw a line between him and his fans, instead choosing to embrace them as family. After each show he’ll hold meet and greet session where he gives everybody the time of day–no rushed photographs, no quick autographs, no fake smiles. He will have legitimate conversations with every single person until he is essentially forced out of the venue.

Before his recent show in Chicago, we had a chance to catch up with Tory and discuss his upbringing, his mindset in the studio, and find out what truly separates him from the rest of the pack. If you have the opportunity to check out Tory live, we highly recommend it. His next show is this Sunday in Denver, but you can find the remaining dates for his Lost Cause tour on his official website.

’Tory Lanez – Diego (Prod. Tory Lanez x Play Picasso x Ozhora Miyagi x Mr. Punisher)’

TMN: This is basically the second leg of your Lost Cause tour, with the first ending last fall. How has the experience been so far, and what does it feel like to be headlining your own shows?

Tory Lanez: It feels amazing man. This is the second leg, so basically the second tour I’ve ever really headlined myself, and I’m just blessed to see fans–well, I should never call them fans, I always make that mistake. I’m so sorry to the SwaveNation for that. I call them citizens, and I’m glad to see citizens in every place. It shows me that this SwaveNation thing is really real, it’s really a nation. When I see so many different people in different spots, it’s like we’re really all a movement, so it’s just a blessing to be in my own setting, to inspire them and to lead them with direction when I go onstage.

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[Hip-Hop] Tory Lanez – Diego (Prod. Tory Lanez & Play Picasso)

DIEGO (PROD. Tory Lanez X Play Picasso)

After a landmark 2014 that saw Tory Lanez establish himself as one of the hottest up-and-comers in the game, it looks like the Toronto native has even bigger plans in the works for 2015. His first banger of the year, “Diego” draws similarities to his previous single “Godfather,” as Tory busts out his Tony Montana flow and expresses his own love for the coco. With a certified hit in tow, Tory also recently announced an expanded Lost Cause tour, this time preparing to hit 18 cities across the U.S. and Canada. The month long trek is set to kick off in February, and you can see all the tour dates over at his official website.

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