Vanesssa Elisha – Under My Skin [TMN PREMIERE]

Vanessa Elisha
Under My Skin (Prod By. LOXE)

If you’ve been losing sleep waiting for the latest release from Vanessa Elisha, then you’re in luck this morning as she finally returns with her first single of 2018. Although it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from the Australian songstress, she’s certainly been keeping busy in the meantime, collaborating with the likes of XO, Falcons, Ekali and XXYYXX.

Produced by LOXE, “Under My Skin” represents a bit of a shift in sonic direction for the crooner. Rather than the atmospheric slowjams that we’re used to, Vanessa opts for a more vibrant and groovy sound on this tune, reminiscent of the pop stylings of NAO. While she might claim that she “can’t find the words to say,” Vanessa’s lyrics remain as poignant as ever, creating an infectious hook that will definitely get under your skin (in a good way, we promise). Check out the track above, and if you like what you hear make sure to follow Vanessa on Spotify and SoundCloud!

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[Trap/R&B] Falcons & Ekali – I Won’t Lie feat. Vanessa Elisha

Falcons & Ekali
I Won't Lie feat. Vanessa Elisha

We won’t lie, this latest offering from Falcons, Ekali and Vanessa Elisha is an international collaboration of epic proportions. “I Won’t Lie” is the epitome of style and substance. What seems like a party jam on the surface is undermined by a darker message behind it, as the desperate songstress vexingly struggles with all the doubts surrounding her relationship, forcing her to sputter into utter madness. It still makes for a pretty killer break down though, comprised of hypnotic pan flutes and ingratiating trap snares, with Vanessa’s seductive vocals coiling around the beat beautifully. Kick your weekend off the right way and make sure to grab a free download of this one as soon as possible.

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[Video] Vanessa Elisha – Out of Time (Prod. XXYYXX)

Vanessa Elisha
Out of Time (prodby. XXYYXX)

Australian songstress Vanessa Elisha has been on our radar for a few years now, so we’re definitely proud to see her reach yet another milestone in her career with the release of her first ever music video for her recent single “Out of Time”. The addicting tune–which has been in steady rotation ever since it dropped back in November–finds the vocalist pairing with producer XXYYXX as she despondently dwells upon being painfully separated from her significant other. Trapped in an inescapable glass container, the forlorn lover earnestly croons about her agonizing feelings of isolation and her desire to escape before the clock ultimately ticks down to zero. Unfortunately, her surroundings only grow darker and grim over time, as her vision gets cloudier and the box is shrouded in mist. By the end it seems like she learns to accept her circumstances, but we decided to ask the songwriter herself about the song’s somber message and harrowing visuals to see what she had to say:

Conceptually, we really wanted to capture the feeling of isolation. It was all about embodying the lyrics, “running out of time”. For me, the box is the physicalisation of the loneliness or anxiety someone feels when they are about to be left alone for a long period of time. It could represent something different to everyone who watches it, that’s what I love about interpretation.
Peep the ominous Matt Earl-directed visuals below and if you’re feeling the single make sure to grab yourself a copy from iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Vanessa as she continues to prep her upcoming EP, set to drop later this year.

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[Future R&B] Vanessa Elisha – Latency (Feat. CVIRO) (Prod. By GXNXVS)

Vanessa Elisha feat. CVIRO
Latency (Prod. By GXNXVS)

Vanessa Elisha has been on our radar for well over a year now, but if you’re still late to the party, it’s time you took notice of the Australian songstress. For her latest effort, Vanessa teams up with frequent collaborator GXNXVS and older brother CVIRO to craft yet another wavy R&B gem. Although this is only the first outing from the talented brother-sister duo, the chemistry is undeniable as their vocals sync together in perfect harmony.

“Latency” serves as the lead single from Vanessa’s upcoming Good Ones EP, set to drop later this year. In the meantime, vibe out to the tune above and make sure to grab yourself a copy from iTunes.

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[Future R&B] Vanessa Elisha – Down For This (Prod. B.Lewis)

Vanessa Elisha
Down For This (Prod. by B.Lewis)

After first appearing on our radar last year, Aussie songstress Vanessa Elisha has made some tremendous strides in her music, working with some incredible talent along the way, including XXYYXX, salute and J-Louis. It’s clear those experiences have all helped shape the budding singer’s developing sound, leading up to her latest effort “Down For This.” Premiered earlier today via Complex, “Down For This” is the lead single from Vanessa’s upcoming Good Ones EP and also happens to be her first release of 2015.

“Down For This” is a song about devotion, finding the lovely vocalist crooning “Got me I’m sinking/I would go down with this ship” over a serene instrumental before bursting into a bubbly chorus that should cause anybody with a heartbeat to break out into dance. It makes for quite the contrast, but it definitely works in this song’s favor. Stream/download the track above, and be on the lookout for Vanessa’s Good Ones EP, set to drop later this year.

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[Future R&B] salute – Real Cool (Feat. Vanessa Elisha)

Real Cool (featuring Vanessa Elisha)

Christmas has come early this year ninjas, as we’ve just been gifted our second song of the week featuring the very talented Vanessa Elisha. This time around, the sultry songstress links up with UK producer salute for a new single off his upcoming Silver Tides EP. The result is a “Real Cool” mixture of intricate, percolating synths, skittering snares and intoxicating vocals that’ll transport you to a state of pure nirvana. After about 250 straight listens, it’s safe to say “Real Cool” might be one of our favorite releases of the week, and we highly suggest you check out salute’s EP whenever it drops via his Dime Club imprint.

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[Future R&B] Vanessa Elisha – 21 Questions (Cover) (Prod. GXNXVS & Seywood)

Vanessa Elisha
21 Questions (Cover)(GXNXVS & Seywood)

What’s already shaped up to be a pretty amazing week for R&B is only about to get better, now that we have some new material from Australian songstress Vanessa Elisha. If the song title seems familiar at all, that’s probably because the singer has taken upon the unconventional task of covering a 50 Cent classic. With GXNXVS and Seywood handling production duties, the trio put a clever new spin on charming ol’ Half Dollar’s treasured love ballad. There’s no question about the quality of this cover, as Vanessa’s scintillating vocals bask brightly among the layered synths and wobbling bass. Though it definitely takes some time to get used to hearing the questions sung from a female perspective, it’s probably safe to say Vanessa has a stronger set of pipes than Fiddy. It’s undoubtably a refreshing take on a timeless piece from our adolescence, and we’re excited to hear what else Vanessa has in store for us as she prepares for her new EP next year.

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