[Electronic] K.Flay – FML (Vanic Remix)

FML (Vanic Remix)

When you know you work well with someone’s material, you don’t mess that up. Vanic recently dropped his fourth (!) remix of the always entertaining K.Flay, and, per usual, it knocks HARD. He continues to capitalize on his jubilant production style, twisting together big bass and melodic tendencies into an equally accessible and intriguing result.

Vanic has proven time and time again that he knows his way around a great pop vocal, and we’re all certainly the lucky ones to be beneficiaries of his hard work and talent. Everything this guy does is big, and that certainly won’t be changing anytime soon. Enjoy the fun above and grab your own free download of the tune here!

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[Electronic] Coleman Hell – 2 Heads (Vanic Remix)

Coleman Hell
2 Heads (Vanic Remix)

Vanic essentially has reached the status of a household name because of his vibrant renditions of great artists like Tove Styrke, Zella Day, and plenty others. His continued mastery of reshaping pop and alternative into a palatable and relentlessly upbeat formula is one to be enjoyed on the best of days and at the best of times.

The sound he’s created translates well to a festival atmosphere, as each new creation calls equally on energy and emotion while being wrapped up cleanly into an attractive package. There’s no shortage of melodic elements here, and Vanic has prided himself on keeping things bright and enjoyable ever since he started. This take on Coleman Hell upholds his precedent with ease, and we are lucky enough to get to ring in Daylight Savings and longer days with a hefty dose of melodic power courtesy of Vanic.

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[Future] Vanic X Major Lazer X Wild Belle – Be Together 2.0

Vanic X Major Lazer X WildBelle
Be Together

Everyone has those artists; the ones in which the second you receive word of a new release, are on top of it like white on rice. Of course, not everyone shares this strong adoration for the same artists, but in few cases, there are exceptions. These exceptions are those artists who put out music that, no matter what your musical taste buds fancy, is ubiquitously appealing.

Vanic has created exactly that reputation for himself. From “Circles” to “Borderline,” his music is undisputedly fantastic. So naturally, when we got wind of his latest project, “Be Together 2.0,” a rendition of Major Lazer and Wild Belle’s original “Be Together,” we were brimming with excitement. In this case though, “excitement” doesn’t quite cut it.

As many of you know, Vanic has a signature way of remixing music, and when we say “remixing,” we really mean entirely reconstructing a song with self-produced synths and the insertion of a brand new, self-written melody. With that said, “Be Together 2.0” is a breathtaking synthesis of passion, beauty, and vitality. It grabs your emotions with an inescapable hold, and once its musical grasp releases you, you are left feeling as if the wind was knocked out of you.

In case this release wasn’t already enough to get your blood pumping, though pretty doubtful, maybe the news of his upcoming tour will. Come July 16th, Vanic will be making his U.S. debut in Sacramento, and following this with shows in locations such as Denver, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, just to name a few. Before you all go and start typing the words “Vanic tour,” into the search bar, make it a little easier for yourselves and click on this direct link. Go ahead, grab your tickets, and amp yourselves up with the latest tune.

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[Future] Vanic x Tove Styrke – Borderline

Vanic X Tove Styrke

Vanic never comes up short when it comes to making massive tracks. His latest effort is an engaging take on Tove Styrke that flourishes with his signature concoction of melodic tendencies, trap inspired drums, and pop music accessibility. Capitalizing on the futuristic approach, Vanic is a fan of newer pop acts, and his imagination runs wild with their sounds, allowing him to create resounding versions that stick in your head on the first listen. This is yet another jubilant tune tailor made for spring and sunny weather, so don’t hesitate to roll your windows down and bump this all day today. In more big news for Vanic, his version of Circles with machineheart just got signed to Columbia, so if you missed out on that, catch it below!

’Vanic X machineheart – Circles’
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[Future] Vanic X Aquilo – Losing You

Vanic X Aquilo
Losing You

Yet again, Vanic has proven himself an exceptional producer. Creating music that cannot be described by any word other than “addicting,” he exercises his ability to create melodies that appeal to any and all listeners. Not only this, but he has mastered the skill of balancing his sound within collaborations–finding ways to allow vocalists to shine through his powerful music.

In his latest release, “Losing You,” Vanic takes on the hypnotizing vocals of UK duo, Aquilo. Together, Aquilo’s voices and Vanic’s powerful melody compliment each other in the most unpredictable way, and consequently forms a product that is unimaginable in sound.

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[Future House] Vanic Feat. K. Flay – Make Me Fade

Vanic X K.Flay
Make Me Fade

Vanic. Where do we even begin? All you have to do is hit play, and you’re hooked. Vanic and K.Flay truly make an amazing team. About a month ago we were graced with Vanic’s remix of K.Flay’s “Can’t Sleep” and now the two join forces once again for their most recent release, “Make Me Fade.” The track was originally released on K.Flay’s “Life as a Dog” album, which managed to place 14th on the billboard Rap Chart just this past summer.

Ninjas, take a second to set aside what you’re doing for the next four minutes and thirty seven seconds and check out this incredible track. What we have here is an artist that is truly innovating the scene and we are really happy to support this type of music here at TMN. We are looking forward to catching a live show in 2015!

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[Electronic] Vanic X Zella Day – Hypnotic

Vanic X Zella Day

One thing we love here at TMN is coming across those artists who are absolutely consistent with their quality of music. It’s difficult for artists, especially in EDM, to find their own sound–a sound that sells to a diverse audience–and stick with it while not letting that sound get lost in the over-saturated music of today.

Vanic is an artist who still has yet to release a product that hasn’t surprised or stunned his listeners. We’ve been a fan of his music for quite some time now, and though his sound has developed a bit in that period, it still has Vanic written all over it.

For his most recent release, Vanic brilliantly remixes Zella Day‘s “Hypnotic,” turning it into something of an electronic masterpiece. Vanic spices up the the original (which is already composed of an underlying dark harmony that presents you with a feeling of mystery) in a way that is so hot, your sound system may or may not catch on fire. He transforms the song into pure sex (try to think Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finale) that will leave you begging for more.

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