[Electronic] White Cliffs feat. Hugh EP – Come Here

White Cliffs ft. Hugh EP
"Come Here" (PRMD DSCVR)

PRMD Music has just started something really cool with their imprint. Recently the independent label started their PRMD DSCVR, a new initiative that will showcase some of the best, and most creative up and coming artists. They’re already on their second release with White Cliffs collaboration with Hugh EP on “Come Here.”

If all the parties involved were going for innovation, they certainly got it right with this original. No specific genre comes to mind when you’re listening to it. It’s just one of those tracks that is just good music, plain and simple. “Come Here” is a cool, crisp production that doesn’t get too wild or crazy. It plays to its tasteful sensibilities, making it an incredibly memorable track that you don’t want to just listen to once, or twice; rather, you’ll be coming back again and again to this one, replaying it over. White Cliffs and Hugh EP really did something special here.

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Goldroom – Till Sunrise (White Cliffs Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Goldroom X White Cliffs
Till Sunrise

As we continue to effortlessly drift along these soothing Wednesday waves, we can’t help but sink into an ethereal realm of mystical melodies and heavenly vibes all thanks to a new TMN favorite, White Cliffs. After blowing us away with his chilled out rendition of We Are Twin’s, “True Love”, we could not help but cling onto his comforting cliffs that have given us leverage to soar into the clouds. Now that we’ve spent sometime hanging on the ledge that separates us from our dreams and reality, we have been anxiously awaiting to return to the land of solace. Well ninjas, you might want to grab your wings because today we are about to embark on an ethereal journey to a place where the sun kisses every inch or your bare skin and leaves you in a freckled state of pure ecstasy. This time around, our edgy friend decided to re-work the majestic gem, “Till Sunrise” by a long-time favorite, Goldroom, and it’s everything we couldn’t possibly ever imagine.

My dreams are always a world away
I’d be living a lie if I didn’t say
That night I wished for you to stay
Till sunrise

The moment we pressed play, we instantly felt as if we had just discovered our purpose in life in which we unintentionally found ourselves vicariously through these enticing melodies. Filled with an alarming amount of ambient elements, glorious synth leads, caressing vibes, and peacefully reverberated vocals, White Cliffs transforms this Goldroom song into a spiritual cleanse of a lifetime. This remix serves as a metaphorical guide for all of us on this lifelong journey to nowhere, and now we can finally take some time to escape to our inner paradise and reflect on our very existence. We are extremely fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to share the latest from White Cliffs in the form of a premiere and we guarantee you’ll swoon yourself into a state of trance like we have, so press play and float along these frequencies till sunrise. Make sure to grab your free download while you’re at it….there’s no way you can escape the repeat button on this gem.

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