[Tech-House] Matthew Herbert – The Shakes (With You. Remix)

The Shakes (With You. Remix)

I just discovered this up and coming project called With You. With You. is made up of three seasoned producer who seek to “nod to the roots of dance music and capture the underlying emotions, rhythms & voices of soul music past, present and future to create a dialogue for positive cultural change.” They’ve been putting out some cool house tracks and I highly recommend you head over to their Soundcloud page to explore further.

Earlier this week, an album-spanning remix was released by the group called “The Shakes.” It’s a mix up of different samples from Matthew Herbert’s original album that wears the same title. The talent of this group shows through with their use of simplicity to craft a refined arrangement and sound while incorporating sounds from every song on the album. I hope you enjoy it!

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[House] Beyoncé, With You – Partition (Remix)

Beyoncé, With You.
Partition (Remix)

The ZHU trend is in full force. The masked dance virtuoso made his break into music with the mantra of letting his music speak for himself. Now, it seems that many have tried to implement the same scheme into their artist projects, but the ideology only works if the music sticks. The newest to jump on the enigmatic train is a producer named With You and his remix of Beyonce’s “Partition” absolutely caught our ears to see what he was all about.

With You places the international pop superstar amidst an addictive house environment that he then throws in a set of sexy French murmurs to beef up the passion. When it comes to the bassline, With You jacks up the throb to really pulsate through your ears and into your core. With all the deep house being pumped out, it sometimes can get cloudy, but With You’s newest remix truly puts itself in the top tier of rising names. It’s up for free download so be sure to snag this one.

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