[NEW] Jay-Z – Dead Presidents 3 (Prod. Young Guru)

Dead Presidents 3 (Prod. by Young Guru)

Jay-Z was definitely in a good mood today. With his twelfth studio album, Magna Carta…Holy Grail officially hitting shelves tomorrow, Hov took to Twitter this afternoon for an impromptu Q&A session. Given how rarely Jay tweets, you could call it a spectacle, as Hov pretty much had everyone hanging on each and every character with his witty, lighthearted banter. One of the questions asked dealt with the release of “Dead Presidents 3,” and if there was a fully recorded version floating out there somewhere. Jay answered that he had indeed recorded it years ago, and gave the go ahead to either Just Blaze or Young Guru to finally let it loose. Guru must have been paying close attention, because we didn’t have to wait long to hear the track in its full unreleased glory.

“Dead Presidents 3” serves as an appropriate sequel to Hov’s original classic, but it is a bit disappointing to know that we’ve essentially already heard the song in its entirety before (one of the verses was previously used on The Black Album‘s “Moment of Clarity”). Still, it’s pretty cool to be able to finally hear this song nearly ten years after it was originally conceived. Check out the track above and see if it lives up to your expectations after all those years of waiting.

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