Astrid S
2am (Rootkit Remix)

Let’s all admit something right now. This song is primed and ready for a whole boatload of remixes. The message conveyed through the lyrics coupled with the stunning vocal tone and finesse just begs to have multiple interpretations of it follow, which is exactly what we’re experiencing at this very moment.

While this tune recently got a very popular makeover from Matoma, today we’re bringing you an exclusive look from 17-year old Norweigan producer ROOTKIT. With his official take on “2 AM,” the Top 40 vibes from the original are long gone. In their place, we find a stunning vocal house remix, one which is sure to get your booty on the floor, with your feet in a full-on shuffle.

We know the weekend is a long ways away, but it is a long one. So, hang in there with gems like this one and we’ll see you on the other side.

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