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Jacob Plant – Shakedown (Trap VIP)

Back in January we were honored to premiere the bass pounding new single ‘Shakedown‘ from London producer Jacob Plant. Experimenting with both dubstep and trap, Jacob is now releasing his own trap remix of the original, packing some serious attitude and copious amounts of bounce. While its predecessor was a heavy progressive electro juggernaut, the trap vip mix is a completely different beast, both in style and structure, sharing only its distinctive throbbing bass and vocal samples. With so much going on in EDM, Jacob Plant is a refreshing and rising star, expect more from him in 2013 and beyond.

’Shakedown (Trap VIP)’
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Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (Free Album Download + Stream)

After building up an enourmous amount of hype, releasing 2 official videos for tracks ‘Cake Boy‘ and his collaboration with Chiddy, Hoodie Allen finally releases his free mixtape Crew Cuts.

Crew Cuts is definitely his most diverse mixtape to do date, including features from Chiddy Bang, Chance The Rapper, Shwayze, G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars & OCD along with production from !llmind, Jared Evan, RJF and Sap. You can stream all the songs below as well as download the album in its entirety here.

With Crew Cuts, I had two big goals in mind—1. I wanted to challenge myself to try new things and work with new people. I have grown up a lot in this past year and I wanted the music to reflect those experiences. It is easy to “play it safe” as an artist, but I think in order for your fans to grow with you, you can’t be afraid to evolve and be better. 2. I wanted to collaborate with my amazingly talented friends and make a free project that sounds and feels like a debut album.
’Hoodie Allen – Let Me Be Me’
’Hoodie Allen – Fame Is For Assholes (feat. Chiddy)’
’Hoodie Allen – Reunion’
’Hoodie Allen – Good Intentions’
’Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy’
’Hoodie Allen – Long Night (feat. Chance The Rapper)’
’Hoodie Allen – Two Lips (feat. OCD Moosh and Twist)’
’Hoodie Allen – Casanova (feat. Skizzy Mars and G
’Hoodie Allen – Heart 2 Heart (feat. Jared Evan)’
’Hoodie Allen – Goodbye (feat. Shwayze)’
’Hoodie Allen – Where Do We Go Now’
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Vicetone Interview + Guestmix

The electronic scene has become an incredibly volatile place where prodigies are being born every day. Savant type producers like Madeon, Zedd and Porter Robinson have penetrated the scene in unprecedented manner powered by pure talent and a grinding work ethic. And yet it is still hard to believe that Vicetone, the fast rising dj/producing duo from the Netherlands, have only been active for little over 6 months. Starting with releasing remixes of popular indie songs, like their flawless rendition of Youngblood Hawke’s ‘We Come Running’, and being supported by the likes of Nicky Romero and Hardwell, Vicetone proves they are the real deal. Now starting to release a couple more originals, we were able to chat with both Ruben & Victor to discuss their plan for 2013 as well as a lot of aspects about the music they produce.

But before we get to the interview, we have a MASSIVE exclusive mix handed down to us fresh, hot and ready from Vicetone’s musical oven. Containing a well versed sample of all the reasons why we love Vicetone, and a couple of powerful new tracks mixed in. Tracklist after the jump.

Download Here: Vicetone TMN Guestmix

’Vicetone – February Guestmix (The Music Ninja)’

TMN: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us here at The Music Ninja, first round is on us, what would you like to drink?

Thanks for having us, we’d like two beers please!

TMN: In just a short period of time, you guys have grown to become one of most exciting emerging artists in dance music, walk us through some of your earlier successes, any “Oh Shit!” moments that felt unbelievable at the time?

When our Youngblood Hawke remix got signed to Universal we were definitely surprised, in a good way! We released the track for free but Youngblood Hawke and Universal liked it so much, that they decided to make it part of the official remix package. We never expected that to happen, so that was pretty cool. Another “Oh Shit!” moment was when we saw a video of that same remix being played in a huge stadium on front of 17.000 people – we get goose bumps watching that video every time!

Another moment was when Nicky Romero played our remix of his Sparks track on the radio, we had only been in the scene for a month or 3 at that time so that was definitely an “Oh Shit!” moment. Since then, he has supported a lot of tracks on his radio show and we’re very thankful for his ongoing support.

TMN: You guys seem to complement each other really well, however, what do you think is the biggest difference between the two of you, musically and personality?

Musically we have a very similar taste, and that makes the process of making music together extremely easy and productive. We work really well together in the studio because we have the same ideas about how we want our music to sound. As far as differences go, we do have our own ways with coming up with melodies. For example, Ruben nearly always uses the piano to come up with melodies and chords, while Victor normally prefers to draw the melody in directly. The melody types we both come up with are often different too, which is what makes it so much more fun to work together!
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Andrew Wyatt, Mike Snow Vocalist To Release Solo Project, Listen To Single ‘And Septimus…’

Andrew Wyatt, better known to most as the front man of indie powerhouse electronic pop band Miike Snow, will be exploring his more classical side in his debut solo album, Descender. Set for release on INGRID/Downtown Records on April 16th, the project is said to embody “32 minute meditation into the darker side of Andrew Wyatt not seen on his latest endeavors with Miike Snow.”

The first single ‘And Septimus…’ does provide some nostalgia back to Miike Snow but soon the orchestral instrumentation takes one to a different place amongst sweeping string arrangements and much more vulnerable vocals from what we have ever seen from Wyatt.

’Andrew Wyatt – And Septimus…’

Descender, is set to release on April 16th via INGRID/Downtown Records.

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Daughter – Love (Zebra Safari Edit)

Daughter has the ability to bare open the emotional core of every song with her somber yet reflective vocals that echo a diary entry of an open heart. “Love”, the closing track from The Wild Youth EP, remains to this day one of the most profoundly connecting tracks of her repertoire. Seeing someone remix a Daughter original always makes me cringe a bit as far few can give its deserved justice. However, back in 2012, producer Synkro released a soft and delicate edit that complimented “Love”‘s original structure, dragging the track out to a much deeper place. Today, Swedish duo Zebra Safari take this same edit “a few steps further” incorporating trip-hop elements wrapped around beautifully light strings that produce moments of pure zen.

’Love // Zebra Safari Edit’

Via Pigeons and Planes

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The collected and wonderful Montreal indie pop/dream pop band, Young Galaxy, are following their delightful first single ‘Pretty Boy’ with the surprisingly romantic new track ‘Fall For You’ off their forthcoming LP Ultramarine. Full of ecstatic echoing chords, uplifting gleaming vocals from the beautiful Catherine McCandless and a pulsating instrumentation, waiting for the official release on April 23 via Paper Bag Records just seems insensible.

’YOUNG GALAXY – Fall For You’

Ultramarine is out April 23 on Paper Bag Records.

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Zed’s Dead & Omar Lynx – Cowboy (Congorock Remix)

Zeds Dead & Omar Linx, the true pioneers of letting hip-hop and heavy electronic music exist so organically together, gave away their stems on Beatport last year to spark a remix contest. The result was simply a massive success with Butch Clancy, Michael White and Clark Kent submitting their well grounded contributions. We can’t confirm this is a direct result of the contest, but today Congorock unleashed their very own throbbing remix of ‘Cowboy’.

Always with some African-drum influence, the emerging star of the world’s biggest dance floor and producer of the catchiest conceptions (most memorable for ‘Babylon’ and Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One’ remix) infuses his own style and trumps the original with a refreshing take.

’Zed’s Dead & Omar Lynx – Cowboy (Congorock Remix)’
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