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Morgan Page and Michael S. – Against the World

Morgan Page and Michael S.
Against the World

One of our favorite and most prolific Los Angeles producer, Morgan Page, continues to evolve and exert his authority when it comes to mixing house-induced vocals with high energy dance music. Coming from releasing tracks like “ROTN” in collaboration with Bastille and an exciting new rendition of The Outfield’s “Your Love” earlier this year, Mr. Page turns it up one more notch with “Against the World”. Taking on the emotionally uplifting vocals of Chicago’s Michael S with enthusiastic bright basslines, Morgan Page delivers another summer anthem in the middle of winter — what an anarchist.

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Active Child – Rapor EP [FULL STREAM]


After releasing his critically acclaimed debut album ‘You Are All I See’ , Pat Gross better known as Active Child catapulted himself as one of the most exciting acts of late 2011 and beyond. This October will mark another milestone for the Los Angeles native exposing his musical maturity with the release of Rapor recorded in his home studio sharing the same name. Serving as a “culmination of Grossi’s heartfelt journey around the world in support” of his latest album, the sounds contained in six-song EP accentuate his already aggressive 1980s synth-pop tendencies yet remain enthralled by his acute production and experimental layering for modern consumption.

“The house is made up almost entirely of glass, designed by the architects Buff and Hensman as their personal refuge from the chaos of LA. Inside the studio you can feel the sun pouring through the skylights and the mountains wrapping around on all sides. They named it Rapor, Ra meaning sun and Por meaning house. Sometimes i would spend weeks alone at home writing without leaving or having visitors. It was during those periods that i realized how important that space was to me creatively. I relied on that solitude.” – Active Child

Active Child’s ability to cohesively introduce new experiences with a backdrop of distinctly familiar sounds leaves us wanting to explore the very world he created. Delicate tracks like “Calling In The Name of Love” evoke nostalgia by revisiting similar sounds of the 80′s and if the Breakfast Club had a risque love scene, this would undoubtedly be its soundtrack. The EP also features impressive collaborations with vocalist Mikky Ekko and our beloved Ellie Goulding whose appearance in the track ‘Silhouette’ borders into the angelic.

Set for release on October 22nd via Vagrant Records, Rapor EP is a journey you will want to take and will soon be thanking Active Child for taking you with him. You can stream the entire EP below.

Active Child
She Cut Me
Active Child
Subtle (Feat. Mikky Ekko)
Active Child
Feeling is Gone
Active Child
Silhouette (Feat. Ellie Goulding)
Active Child
Calling In The Name of Love
Active Child
Evening Ceremony
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Killing Fields of Ontario – Our Place To Drown [TMN Premiere]

Killing Fields of Ontario
Our Place To Drown

Rising London-based indie group Killing Fields of Ontario continue to exhibit chemistry-filled layers of sounds as they introduce their latest album “How The World Ends”. Echoing influences including The Decemberists and The National, Killing Fields Of Ontario are capable of bringing a fresh new interpretation to contemporary folk. Their single “Our Place To Drown” is full of vivid imagery with an uplifting instrumentation that lends itself a bigger than life sound, yet it is humble in its approach. And perhaps that is one of the many things Killing Fields of Ontario does so well, creating elaborate sounds that are drenched with genuine emotion.

The Music Ninja is blessed to premiere ‘Our Place To Drown’ one of the standout singles from their latest album, How The World Ends out November 4th on KFoO Records.

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MALPAS – Promise EP [TMN Premiere]

Us Afloat
Here Comes The Rain

Bordering between Indie Rock and experimental bedroom sensibilities, Malpas delivers an excruciatingly colorful palette of bright, at times elusive, melodies well surrounded by the soothing vocals of songwriter Ali M Forbes. Originally from Birmingham, the duo also brings forward the talented and meticulous production of Andy Savours, known for his involvement with major indie artists including The Horrors, Sigur Ros and My Bloody Valentine.

The inherently organic sounds from the debut EP ‘Promise’ seem progressive in nature, perhaps mirroring a cohesive grassroots movement that from its foundation of loops of layered acoustic instruments quickly build from the bottom up, only strengthening over the course of each rhythmic bar. The production clearly showcases Andy Savours’ confidence and sonic maturity while still maintaining an emotional honesty that pairs beautiful with the comfortable and welcoming vocals of Ali. It is quite clear in songs like ‘Here Comes The Rain’ of the active collaboration between the two and their respective roles – an exciting marriage that leads us to want more.

‘Promise’ EP, which is to be expected September 23rd via Killing Moon feels like one continues story, separated by four distinctively unique chapters that tell a tale through a mixture of intimate folk songs and ambient electronica.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] James Bay – Move Together (Free Download)

James Bay
Move Together

It almost seems distasteful to share this song without pouring our hearts out on a love note. Stripped down to the bare essentials, “Move Together” is an intimate rendition of love and its very struggles. Wrapped around soft piano notes and light, heart-felt guitar strums, singer-songwriter James Bay produces a vulnerable setting for his vocals to carefully lay on.

Inspired by heroes Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne and James Taylor and raised in a the small hamlet of Hitchin, Bay has quickly captivated fans all over the world with his ability to create raw, emotional-driven experiences to the support of his endearing and husky vocals. “Move Together” the lead track from The Dark Of The Morning EP, serves as a warm introduction to Bay’s musical core, confidence and brilliance.

Today we’re offering up not only a live video session of Bay’s tune “Move Together,” but he’s also allowed us to provide you with a free download, in an effort to promote his upcoming tour with ZZ Ward throughout America. So, download and enjoy this soulful gem, and check this website for tour information to see when Bay will be coming to a city near you.

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[TMN Premiere] Max and the Moon – All I Know

Max and the Moon
All I Know

With empathetic and robust amplification of feel good summer melodies, the emerging Southern California four piece, Max and The Moon, have blessed us with the premiere of their latest single ‘All I Know’. The harmonic and poetic undertone that are united by the two vocalists, encompassing a fully lit, chemistry-driven instrumentation of bright harmonies and soulful endeavors has made this band one of our highlight discoveries of the summer. Max and the Moon are being compared with the classic harmonies of the Beach Boys intertwine with the lighter experimentation dance beats of Passion Pit and ‘All I Know’ delivers a very strong case for the claim.

The band also has an upcoming LA residency at the Bootleg Theater

October 7th – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA
October 14th – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA
October 21st – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA
October 28th – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

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[TMN Premiere] Crooked Hands – The Stream (Live)


Somber beginning for a Monday morning but just as satisfying comes this live recording of the heartfelt single ‘The Stream’ from Crooked Hands haling out of Newcastle, UK. Elongated piano notes and accentuating slow burning guitar riffs paired with ambitious vocals make their latest single be completely rooted in honest emotion. The five piece band will tour heavily through Europe in September and through the end of the year.

Tour Dates
Aug 30 UK London – Barfly
Sep 01 NL Apledoorn – Gigant Cafe
Sep 01 NL Den Bosch – W2
Sep 03 DE Berlin – Privatclub
Sep 04 DE München – Milla
Sep 05 DE Nürnberg – Stereo
Sep 06 DE Chemnitz – Atomino
Sep 07 DE Leipzig – Wärmehalle Süd
Sep 08 DE Maastricht – Bruis Festival
Sep 09 DE Darmstadt – Zucker
Sep 11 DE Hamburg – Astra Stube
Sep 12 DE Köln – Wohngemeinschaft
Sep 14 NL Haarlem – Stad Als Podium
Sep 15 NL Venlo – Perron55

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