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[Synth Pop] Futurecop! – The Adventures of Starpony EP

British starship captains Futurecop! are out with a brand new EP as they continue on their journey across the galaxy spreading delicately beautiful synth jams like a pop music Johnny Appleseed. The artwork that typically goes along with their releases might make the uninitiated unable to take them seriously, but it makes perfect sense once you dive in – each release acting as their own musical alternate universes.

Is It A Crime (feat. Captain Capa) by Futurecop!

Street Hawk (feat. Jane Hanley) by Futurecop!

Stream the rest of The Adventures of Starpony EP on their Soundcloud page

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[Hip hop/Funk] Yasumo – “Can’t Stop”

Australian magic is hitting The Music Ninja once again, this time with Yasumo – a funk/afrobeat production with the right doses of pop and hip hop. There’s not a whole lot of info out there about these guys, but you can peruse their sick Soundcloud collection. “Can’t Stop” sounds a marriage between East Coast dance pop and underground party hip hop, a sound these guys love to dabble in when they aren’t funkifying their world music influences.

Yasumo – “Can’t Stop”

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[Hip hop] Dominique Young Unique – “Gangster Whips”

Oh, haven’t you heard? Dominique Young Unique is one of the more promising acts to be making a name for herself this year, having dropped the Glamorous Touch mixtape earlier this year. The relentlessly energetic Tampa hip-hopper just dropped a new mixtape showing off a more matured sound and a certain power play to mainstream success. The Stupid Pretty Mixtape is still full of her signature aggressive dancey style, but with more sophisticated hooks and production.

“Gangster Whips” is one of the strongest on the tape. Dominique Young Unique may be happily walking the line of hip-hop and electronic dance, but apparently the way to her heart is a good old fashioned Coupe Deville.

Dominique Young Unique – “Gangster Whips”

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[Downbeat/Hip Hop] Hermitude – “Speak of the Devil”

The Australian music scene has been making its mark this year, with very strong album releases from both Gotye and Kimbra. Adding to the Australian musical awesome-fest is producer duo Hermitude, who’ve been pumping out sick hip hop jams and breaks since 2000. “Speak of the Devil” is one of their sickest tracks to date, almost what would happen if Black Kids (remember them?) had a little more hip hop flavor. Give this a listen and keep an eye out for more upcoming Australian gems.

Hermitude – Speak of the Devil

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[Electro Pop/Dubstep] Paper Diamond – “Can We Go Up”


Not all dubstep has to be aggressive and inaccesible. Colorado-based producer Paper Diamond has released a new track off his forthcoming Paragon EP that’s a perfect marriage of smooth electro pop and funk nasty dub fever. “Can We Go Up” makes me think of what it would be like if Futurecop! had a love child with Deadmau5, and if that thought really gets you going this might be the jam for you. Found myself playing this one over and over, snagging the listener with super-sweet female vocal samples alternating between just the right level of WUB WUB. It’s a lot heavier than Paper Diamond’s typical airy electronic sound but grounded heavily in pop ethos to make it a crowd favorite.

Download: Paper Diamond – “Can We Go Up”

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[Electro Rock] Teddybears – No More Michael Jackson

Swedish electro rock nerds Teddybears recently released a new track to kick off a short US tour. Teddybears’ bread and butter has always been ridiculous (and at times entirely non-sensical) electronic feel-good rock, but this one may end up taking the cake. “No More Michael Jackson” is 4 minutes of uptempo drum and synth and completely devoid of Michael Jackson.

I’m sure it was meant to be as irreverent as it seems, considering Teddybears’ trademark style and penchant for tongue-in-cheek humor. And, well… the overall Swedishness of the whole thing. No more Michael Jackson, but lots more Teddybears.

No More Michael Jackson 

Guest post by Chase from Electric Panda Music

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