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Rude – Winter EP [TMN PREMIERE]

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 3.55.02 PM

If there’s one thing you should know about the music industry, it’s that it never sleeps. Musicians are writing music around the clock, concertgoers are screaming at the top of their lungs till the wee hours of the morning, and music bloggers are up early on a Sunday morning to write up a premiere.

All of those aforementioned scenarios are culminating into today’s release, as we gleefully fill a larger-than-usual cup of coffee and throw on Winter EP from Birmingham-based Rude. We were already hip to this mysterious outfit after stumbling across their invigorating and enveloping lovelorn tale, “Heartbreaker,” and now we’re getting a more extended glimpse at their artistry to close out our weekend properly

The previously mentioned song has made another appearance in this EP, only this time it’s being accompanied by three other songs, highlighted by our personal favorite, “Sapphire.” A ghostly, luscious take on their craft, this tune boasts wavering synths that glow with a radiating aura. It’s got quite the anti-pop structure, encasing a section of vocals between a gorgeous build and outro. The final minute and a half is particularly stunning, as pronounced percussion and drawn-out legato guitar notes leave us in a state of blissful contentment.

You can pick up this four track EP today on iTunes. We recommend throwing it into your Sunday rotation, especially if you’re having a laid back day at home. And, don’t worry about wondering about upcoming music. Rude has a second EP coming up this spring.

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Justin Jay – Just in Time for Saturday Night [TMN RESIDENT PLAYLIST]


Just in time for your Saturday night festivities, Resident Artist Justin Jay has dialed up a tasty selection of groovy tunes that are perfect for whatever lies ahead. As you start to lock down your plans for this evening, press play on this bad boy and set the proper tone.

Whether you’re going out on the town, or just chilling at home, tonight’s going to be one for the books. At least, as far as the music is concerned.

Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet
Kornél Kovács
Down Since 92 (Studio Barnhus, BARN 006)
Jack J Something (On My Mind)
Boiler Room Debuts
Denim Dreams (12
Seven Davis Jr. One (Live Edit)
What About Our Weekend Adam?
Sing It Back (Herberts Tasteful Dub) 1999
Sex In The Kitchen
Soul Clap R. kelly
metro area
Kyle Hall
Measure 2 Measure
(GYM007): B1. Max Graef
Nr 05 (Out soon!)
Harvey Sutherland
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[Indie] XYLO – America


XYLØ’s “America” only popped up online this past Monday, but it has certainly made a huge splash, racking up over 140,000 plays in the past five days.

From first listen, it’s easy to see why the LA duo have been picking up such attention. Based in Westlake Village, Page & Chase Duddy combine spacious, lush production with sultry vocals to create a downbeat electro-pop delight. Written about a relationship separated by countries, this tune calls on associations of Lana Del Rey, and a smattering of Broods. Within a few minutes, it quickly strikes listeners as immediately memorable.

This is just the first offering from XYLØ, but we’re told that there is more on the way very soon. If ‘America’ is anything to go by, color us very excited indeed.

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Coasts talks about Coachella, ‘Oceans,’ and Ray Charles [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


From a nationwide tour across the states, to an appearance at Coachella,Coasts is dead set on growing their presence. In our opinion, it’s more than deserved. There shouldn’t be any doubt in any music lover’s mind that this Bristol-based five piece are incredibly deserving of the increasing recognition they’re getting.

We caught up with their front man before their show at the Larimer Lounge in Denver. Press play on the tune above, and enjoy getting to know a little more about this quickly rising indie rock outfit.

TMN: Let’s kick things off with talking about the tour that you guys have right now. How’s it going?

Coasts: It’s going super well, like, better than we could have expected. The reception that we’ve been getting from fans has been really good, we’ve picked up so many more fans, which is the idea, you know? We’ve gotten really well with the two bands as well. They’re awesome lads, so we couldn’t be happier. To play and the majority of the shows are sold out is pretty awesome.

TMN: So this is your first time in the US?

Coasts: Yeah. I haven’t even been on holiday in the US. So, yeah, it’s cool to be here.

TMN: Any favorite cities so far?

Coasts: San Fran was really cool, and love Seattle as well. We stayed in LA, and we got to see most of LA because we were there for about 4 days. So that was cool because we got to see more of the city than if we were flashing through, you know? But Denver seems really cool as well. Seems really, like a really sweet place.
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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 2/26 – 2/28


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

Audien - Feb 26
Pompeii (Audien Remix)

Andy C - Feb 27
Andy C & Fiora ‘Heartbeat Loud (Andy VIP)

Martin Buttrich - Feb 28
Francesco Rossi
Godspeed You (Martin Buttrich Remix) (Pete Tong Rip)
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[Indie Rock] Black Honey – Madonna

black honey
Black Honey

Often kooky and playful, but simultaneously deadly serious in the pop song writing department, Brighton’s Black Honey are more than on-point with their latest release, “Madonna.”

“Madonna” is a part of a double A-side out April 6 on Duly Noted Records as a physical release at gigs, however the first 5 are being auctioned (1-a-day) via eBay. Expect timeless pop sensibilities, soaring guitars, and lyrics that make you want to join in. Every element is artfully crafted, leading the listener along a ride that flirts with elements of classic rock anthems from yesterday, and new school indie vibes that will win over even the most discerning hipsters.

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[Future House] Curbi – Discharge (Original)

Discharge (Original Mix)

It seems like every week we’re writing up another gifted youngster. A few weeks ago, we wrote up the stunning rendition of Bon Iver’s “Blood Bank” from 14 year old Spencer Barnett, and today we’re enamored by another teen prodigy.

We tend to see these teen sensations more so in the electronic realm, and with good reason. The beauty of musical production in the 21st century is that anyone with a laptop, some software, and a background in musical studies can become a producer and possibly make a career out of it. It has been done by teenage all-stars Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens, both who disrupted dance music trends with their signature styles. Spinnin’ Records hosted Martin Garrix’s chart-smashing single, “Animals,” and they may have their newest teen superstar with Curbi.

Today, Curbi‘s debut single, “Discharge,” was released on Spinnin’ Deeps’ Soundcloud after being previewed on Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep Radio Show. The 16-year-old British producer has truly polished production, and has apparently been paying careful attention to the recent surge in future house beats.

This rowdy club tune exudes a future aura immediately upon hitting the play button, and the UK producer takes fans on a space adventure complete with depth-defying synth stabs and ghostly bass wobbles. With a monstrous entry such as this, the sky’s the limit for Curbi and we will be watching him very closely to see how quickly his career blossoms.

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