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Findlay – Wolfback (Lostboy Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

image1 (2)
Wolfback (Lostboy Remix)

As a music blogger, we hear dozens of new songs each day, meticulously sifting through hundreds of pieces of communications that come in each 24-hour period. We’re not going to sugarcoat it, we hear a lot of the same sounds and styles being used, over and over again. Today brings one of those tunes that stands out with a unique identity, as we premiere the first official offering from London-based Lostboy.

Taking a crack at “Wolfback,” from fellow Londoner Findlay, Pete Rycroft (Lostboy) has dialed up one hell of an interpretation. The vocal sampling stands out as a shining star of this remix, using both hums to provide a haunting soundscape, and quick, interspersed chops to serve as an addition to the percussion. The bassline should also be noted, showcasing an aggressive nature that almost reminds us of Tchami or Oliver Heldens, only less commercial.

Rycroft’s background as a classically trained pianist and producer for leading house DJs across Europe are apparent throughout, which end up giving listeners a massive, toothy grin for the full 3:13 ride.

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Zedd ft. Jon Bellion – Beautiful Now (Halogen Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]
Zedd ft. Jon Bellion
Beautiful Now (Halogen Remix)

Atlanta-based producer/DJ duo Halogen just keeps churning out impressive remixes, and today is no different from what we’ve seen in the past. This time around, these two have dialed up an energetic remix of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now,” which features vocalist Jon Bellion.

Still progressive in nature, “Beautiful Now” is elevated with bouncier beat that we’ve come to know and love from these two. Vocal samples have been chopped and rearranged in the intro, providing intrigue from the get go. From there, we’re lead through a progression of high octane, soaring synths and a driving piano melody.

For us, we see this as being a dance club-ready interpretation, varying from the anthemic nature of the original. We also could easily see Zedd using this in his set, especially ones at smaller venues where the energy would serve his fans well.

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Tom Budin – Cheeky Charlie [TMN PREMIERE]

Tom Budin
Cheeky Charlie

Can you hear that, ninjas? It’s faint, but it’s becoming stronger with each passing minute. Soon, you’ll realize that it’s the sweet siren call of the weekend, and she’s beckoning you with her open arms. Luckily for all of us, Australian up and comer Tom Budin has something to pair perfectly with the weekend’s gesticulation to come hither and get down.

Releasing today on Ultra Records, “Cheeky Charlie” is a dialed up future house tune that sizzles with a dramatic dancefloor presence. With a pronounced bassline, future house style melody, playful vocal chops, and a stadium anthem style progression, it’s sure to kick things into gear for your Friday festivities.

Whether you’re just trying to get through the rest of your workday or you’re already pregaming for a long night out on the town, “Cheeky Charlie” is the perfect accompaniment. Take a listen above, then head to Beatport and snag it for yourself.

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Bad Suns – Transpose (Leo Kalyan Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

bad suns
Bad Suns
Transpose (Leo Kalyan Remix)

Looking back, we first stumbled across Bad Suns all the way back in 2013. Now, with both an EP and LP out, a few tours under their belt, and plenty of radio play, it’s easy to understand how they hit such an incredible trajectory so early in their career. One of the songs that helped them get to this point is “Transpose,” which boasts the band’s affinity for post-punk sounds.

Today, we have a fresh, new look at this widely revered song, as remixer Leo Kalyan steps in to provide a new perspective. Downtempo in nature, this remix parallels frontman Christo Barrow’s haunting vocals, featuring echoing atmospheric elements, a slow, sultry beat, and some harpsichord-style synths. At times, we’re brought into the intensity from the original, yet the calming instrumentals continually provide the unique take Kalyan took to it.

This remix is officially out today and is offered up as a free download.

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[Product] Here Active Listening


Being the masked music loving ninjas that we are, there aren’t many times throughout the day that we’re left without headphones plugged into our surely damaged ears. For this blogger in particular, it’s a way to disconnect from what’s around and simply focus on the task at hand. In fact, it’s quite common to rock headphones while grocery shopping, walking through the mall, or even hustling through the city to another meeting.

However, as much as we love music, a lot of the time we wear headphones is simply because we want to tune out the environment around us. We’re all inundated with constant communication, whether it’s emails, IMs, texts, facebook notifications, tweets, phone calls, or just people coming up and conversing. While we certainly appreciate the communicative world we live in, it’s nice to tune life out, once in a while.

Here Active Listening promises to provide that ability, and so much more.

…Here acts as a studio in your ears by providing you with a volume knob, equalizer and effects to transform real world audio. Use this “remote control for your ears” to have an optimal listening experience every time.

One features that seems very promising for concertgoers are the possibilities they bring to a live show. The ability to boost or reduce bass, mids, and treble truly puts the listener in control. Any music enthusiast knows that sound systems and sound guys vary from venue to venue, and this eliminates the need to complain incessantly between songs. And what a blessing that will be.


Check out the product in action at Coachella from this year, then head over to their kickstarter and grab a discounted pair, before it’s too late.

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[Feel Good] Jackson Breit feat. Sophia – Tell Me Something Good (prod. by Carneyval)

Jackson Breit
Tell Me Something Good (prod. by Carneyval feat. Sophia)

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re ready to kick off our shoes, lace up our boardshorts, and lie by the pool with a frosty adult beverage. It’s warm and sunny out here in Denver and now we have this shimmering, summertime tune to accompany us.

We’ve been a fan of this Virginia Beach silky-smooth vocalist for quite some time, with posts reaching all the way back to 2012. Some were remixes with original vocals, some were just straight up originals, but one thing was always constant – that goddamn gorgeous voice.

Today’s track is a soulful, gospel-inspired tune featuring vocalist Sophia and a repeat appearance by Carneyval. It rides along the familiarity of Rufus’ original, with the borrowed choruses that will have you singing along in an instant. The verses are all new though, courtesy of Mr. Breit.

If you’re at work, please don’t hold us, Jackson Breit, Sophia, or Careyval accountable for your intense need to get up and head outside. If you do though, make sure to keep this on repeat for a bit.

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Alessia Cara – Here (Mickey Valen Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Alessia Cara
Here (Mickey Valen Remix)

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from NY-based producer Mickey Valen. Well, technically it’s only been two months since his last release, but in blogosphere time, that’s like two years. Regardless of how long he’s been M.I.A., he’s apparently been dialed in at the studio. One listen through this inventive, intriguiing, and dowright impressive remix will have you saying the same thing.

Known for his pop music prowess, Valen takes a different turn for his remix of the massively popular R&B tune from Alessia Cara. “Here” is flipped upside down, broken apart, and reconstructed with some stunning future bass elements.

The intro eludes to what Valen’s plans were, foreshadowing with some chopped vocal samples. From there though, he lets the original vibe shine through, focusing on the lyrics, piano melody, and the addition of some brass. At the :41 second mark, we’re welcomed into a beautifully arranged future breakdown, complete with soaring, massive synths. The song then switches back and forth effortless, leaving us wanting more from this up-and-coming producer.

Pick this tune up for free on Valen’s Soundcloud by clicking here.

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