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I have to give a major shout out to LA-based Joyryde. It’s been a good, god damn, long time since I’ve had the urge to dig around in my downstairs closet, nostalgically rummaging through piles of Tidy Trax records, over-sized Triple 5 Soul pants, and rave posters from the start of this millennium. Yet, in listening to “Hot Drum,” I simply can’t help myself. Consider it a done deal, as soon as I’m done writing this up.

This absolute monster of a track beckons back on a time where hard house reigned supreme, much like Bobby Flay in the Iron Kitchen. Yes, the BPM is at a much more digestible pace, at least in terms of today’s dance music, but the meticulous sampling, especially in reference to whirring sirens and reverberating lazery synths, bring everything back to a time where you had to call a phone number to find out where you were raving that night. That’s something most of you won’t get, but we’ll bet dollars to donuts Joyryde does.

For those of you who weren’t around back then, or of legal age to attend, a modern spin has been added with crafty bass house techniques that call on associations of industry darling, Jauz. Intertwined with those heavy bass hits is an impeccable use a wide variety of percussion, including a collection of steel drums that had me grinning ear-to-ear. Yet, as modern as it is, we’re consistently brought back to former legends of the game like DJ Keoki with impressive vocal sampling and sound effects.

Joyryde, if you’re reading this, you’ve officially brought on a flood of memories for this old timer. If you’re ever in Denver, you might just convince me to hit up some underground afterparties with you. My only stipulation is this – we have to pregame to “Hot Drum.”

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[House] option4 – The Rise Of The CatLord

The Rise Of The CatLord [NestHQ Premiere]

It’s no mystery that the Mile High City is a huge fan of option4. It’s so overwhelmingly apparent, in fact, that we’ve aptly titled him “The King of Denver Nightlife” in previous posts. His seemingly unwavering presence at any number of the city’s finest clubs each and every night of the week solidifies the fact that he’s a pillar of the community, and now, he’s added another layer into our adoration.

“The Rise Of The Catlord” goes beyond the club-friendly, bouncy, groovy, and downright addictive house we’ve come to know and love from this established artist. This release brings a story to life, one of which takes place in an alternate, Denver-based universe where the Queen City has fallen to the seedy underbelly of crime due to the legalization of marijuana.

My story takes place with a young but promising henchman brutally shot and robbed in broad daylight. A routine money drop for The Safah gone wrong on the bubbling street of Colfax ave.

Weeks before the release, fans were treated to comic book-style teasers that told the CatLord’s tale with clips from his upcoming album and illustrations from his good friend Treasure Fingers. The story, which can be viewed on his tumblr page, is a quick read, especially for those that love Noir fiction. Before you head over to read it, though, make sure you follow option4 on Soundcloud and Facebook to keep tabs on upcoming releases on his album with Sweat it Out / Club Sweat records. It’s already receiving love from heavy hitters like Shiba San, Amtrac, Kidnap Kid, and Treasure Fingers, which means you’ll probably join rank as soon as you lay your ears on it.

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Benny Benassi on Danceaholics, “Cinema,” and Staying Healthy on Tour [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Benny Paradise Press Shot

TMN: Hey Benny! First off – thank you for being a part of our Residency program. It’s an honor to have a legend like you onboard. Let’s kick things off by talking about Danceaholic, which is currently smashing up the charts. Talk to us about how you approached this project as a whole.

BB: I’m very fond of the instrumental track “Danceaholic” which lends its name to the whole album because it takes me back to my roots and projects me forwards at the same time.
The album is a bigger project of course. It’s a mixture of tracks that were already released and brand new material, so it’s a kind of a bridge between the last four or five years and where I’m going!

TMN: You have an eclectic group of artists with you on the album, including singer/songwriter legends like Chris Brown and John Legend, as well as a nice collection of other producers. How did you go about selecting who you wanted to work with?

BB: I work first and foremost collaborate with my cousin Alle Benassi. He’s my musician and producer. But I really love working with different collaborators. Chris Brown is such a great artist. Everything he sings just comes to life and is amazing. Since working together on “Beautiful People” we have an artistic relationship and always feel free to send ideas to each other, that’s how ‘Paradise’ came about.
 As for John Legend I met him through a mutual friend of Alle and I, Jean Baptiste, in LA, who was working with John at the time, then we performed together at Coachella and we just knew we’d collaborate on the new album.

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Everything is Green – Totally Sober [TMN PREMIERE]

Everything is Green
Totally Sober

It’s only Wednesday, but I’m already dreaming about an ice cold, fruity cocktail, the sun’s warming rays, and a comfy chair on my back deck. Part of the reason I’m in this mental oasis is due to the stresses of another stacked week. The other part is thanks to my recent discovery of this glowing, psychedelic tune from Monterey-based Everything is Green.

Coming off their upcoming album, Sweet Teeth, “Totally Sober” is another one of those songs that twists you up with an interesting juxtaposition. Musically, it’s a jovial, subtropical, alt-pop offering that feels perfect for the closing weeks of summer. Lyrically, it’s a bit more intense, telling the story of a relationship delving into sobriety, and the subsequent effects.

Totally Sober at its core is a love song about two people growing up together and figuring out each new step in life together. One of these steps dealt with particularly in this song is sobriety and how that can effect a relationship for the better and for the worse. It’s a pretty straightforward song about a very complex issue that I think a lot of people (especially those in their late 20’s) are dealing with.

With that in mind, I might have to switch that fruity cocktail out for a glass of iced tea.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about singer, songwriter, and producer Nick Pappageorgas (the sole member of Everything is Green), we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the need to keep tabs on him from here on out. You can do so by following him on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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Future Generations – Stars (PillowTalk Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Future Generations
Stars (PillowTalk Remix)

When we premiered “Stars” from New York-based Future Generations, we were already looking forward, past its release, to the inevitable remixes to follow. With a highly engaging piano melody, upbeat percussion, and memorable vocals, we knew that stellar interpretations would be coming down the pike, and we were right.

Just as we did with the original, we’re back with a first look and listen to this stellar flip from San Fran-based PillowTalk. Rife with laidback, summertime vibes, it boasts a groovy-as-hell bassline, island-style percussion, and a playful guitar riff, everything comes together in a perfect addition to your warm-weather playlist.

So, fire up the grill, pick up a sixer of your favorite craft brew, and get ready to jam out.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 8/17 – 8/21


Fall weather is right around the corner, which means it’s go time. You only have a few, fleeting weeks left of summer, before the leaves and subsequent snow starts falling. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to get out of the house this weekend and head down to Beta Nightclub to check out another stacked weekend of beats.

Per usual, we’re making it incredibly easy for you to get off your couch and head down. Why’s that? Because we’re hooking you up with free entry.

Here’s how:
– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get there before 5:00p on Sunday.
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for ALL NIGHTS this week.

Before you go, we need to fill you in on another secret. Beta has teamed up with Cadence & Cause to do some good for the Denver community. If you make a small donation, you could win a silent meet & greet with the mysterious UZ. On top of that, you’ll be helping out at-risk teens in Denver through Youth on Record, an incredible charity that provides music education. Click here for details.

Arty - 8/18
’Ed Sheeran & Rudimental ‘Bloodstream’ (Arty Remix)’
12th Planet - 8/19
’LOUDPVCK & 12th Planet – Guess Who (feat. Key!)’
Tommy Lee & DJ Aero - 8/20
’Nick Thayer – Optimize ft Tommy Lee and DJ Aero’
Kölsch - 8/21
’Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons ‘Trouble At The Séance’ (Kölsch Remix)’
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St. Tropez – Which Side Are You On [TMN PREMIERE]

St. Tropez
Which Side Are You On

Whether you’re slap-drumming your steering wheel as you sit in gridlock traffic, or firing back Jameson shots as you prep for an epic night out on the town, “Which Side Are You On” will provide you with the perfect, grungy accompaniment. It’s a short ride, but, it’s one hell of a ride, none the less.

This might be the first time you’re hearing of Amsterdam-based St. Tropez, which is totally ok. They’re on the come-up, which means you have the rare opportunity to out-hipster your friends this weekend. Just know one thing – even though they bear the same name as the beachy, Provincial French beach town, their tunes certainly aren’t for unwinding with a nice bottle of rosé as you watch the waves roll in. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“Which Side Are You On” is a beautiful blend of multiple decades, including catchy-as-hell, anthemic punk from the 80’s, and crunchy, guitar-centric alt-rock from current acts like Tame Impala or Eagles of Death Metal. Complete with an inviting opening riff, powerful chords, a wicked solo, and a sing-along chorus, it should have you chanting along after one spin through. Just remember one thing – try to keep the singing to a dull whisper until you’re in a safe space to start belting it out.

If you happen to be one of our European readers, we highly recommend catching them at The Shacklewell Arms in London, on August 24th, or at OT301 in Amsterdam on August 26th. If you’re anywhere else in the world, well, you’re going to have to wait a while, just like us.

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