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Nora En Pure discusses her Beta Nightclub Debut [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW + MINI MIX]

’Nora En Pure – November Mini Mix’

Nora En Pure is locked in for a set at Beta Nightclub on November 20th, bringing her silky smooth deep house vibes to one of our all-time favorite clubs. We caught up with her ahead of this upcoming performance to ask a few choice questions about her first time at Beta and in the Mile High City.

As icing on the proverbial cake, she’s also graciously thrown in a tasty mini-mix. If you’ve never indulged in her skills, take time to do so as you read through this quick Q&A.

TMN: Miss En Pure. It’s a pleasure to have you for a few minutes before your upcoming show at Beta. This is your first time playing at this highly accoladed nightclub. Is it your first time in Denver as well?

NEP: Yeah, I saw it has an amazing line up, happy to be part of it! And yes, it will be my first time in Denver, as well!

TMN: Any club goers that haven’t been introduced to your mixing skills are in for a serious treat, which is why we wanted to showcase one of your mixes beforehand. Can you talk to us a little bit about your history behind the decks? Did that come before you dove into production?

I actually only started DJing after I began producing. I met some friends in Zurich that had their own studios, and they introduced me to creating music. I have always been musical, but discovering electronic music was huge for me, as I realized how free one can be with it! Once I started, I was hooked and loved exploring with new sounds and material for hours and hours on end.

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Paris Youth Foundation – Losing Your Love [TMN PREMIERE]

Paris Youth Foundation
Losing Your Love

Here we are. We’ve officially made it through one of the most baffling and bizarre weeks in recent memory. Our recipe for taking a step forward and trying to get past the painful bemusement? Two days of freedom listening to a combination of some stunning new artists and, of course, the regular rotation of our all-time favorites. Paris Youth Foundation recently placed themselves into the former, giving us a healthy dose of upbeat indie rock with their debut single, “Losing Your Love.”

This infectious-as-hell track should call on blissful associations of Two Door Cinema Club, Mutemath, and Foals, brought to life with a memorable hook and spirited instrumentals. Hell, it’s pretty much a thrill ride from the get-go, surging forward with echoing vocals, a beautiful blend of tight, swirling drums, and a combination of alternating clean, melodic riffs and interspersed reverb-rich chords.

If you’re digging this tune, you’ll be joining ranks with those who caught their sizzling debut performance at Reading Festival, Huw Stephens, and those lucky enough to catch it on BBC Radio 1 recently. What’s next? The sky is the limit for Kevin Potter, Tom Morris Jones, Jamie Hive, Paul Bates, Jonny Alderton. We’re just glad you’ll get to enjoy the ride from the very beginning.

This single and the previously release “If You Wanna” will soon be up for grabs on vinyl. Pre-order your autographed copy today.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 11/10 – 11/13

Winter weather is right around the corner, which means it’s go time. You only have a few, fleeting months left of fall, before the white stuff starts barreling down. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to get out of the house this weekend and head down to Beta Nightclub to check out another stacked weekend of beats.

Per usual, we’re making it incredibly easy for you to get off your couch and head down. Why’s that? Because we’re hooking you up with free entry.

Here’s how:
– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Get there before 9:00 on Sunday
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SUNDAY this week.

Hyper House ft. Anna Lunoe, Nina Las Vegas, Cray - 11/10
’Anna Lunoe – Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D)’
’Nina Las Vegas – Contagious (feat. Snappy Jit)’
ill Gates - 11/11
’Die Antwoord – Fish Paste (ill.Gates Remix)’
Nero - 11/12
’Sade – And I Miss You (Nero Remix)’
Claptone - 11/13
’Riva Starr feat. Rssll – Kill Me (Claptone Remix)’
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Mansell – Mantra [ALBUM PREMIERE]

This day, if any, should be a reminder to focus on the things that bring us together, rather than those that divide us. For our team, music is the first thing that we turned to this morning, knowing it’s an essential fiber that connects people all across the globe. Music brings joy. And, we feel that discovering a new artist can carry even more jubilation, which is why we do what we do.

Some may have have already caught wind of Atlanta-based Mansell from their debut single release, which found its way to the #7 spot on Hype Machine’s twitter charts just a few weeks ago. However, we’re probably safe to assume that this is your first experience with this budding, young act.

Mantra is a seven-track collection (eight, if you count the brief intro), and is a capricious blend of both upbeat and melancholy indie rock. One thing is constant throughout, though, which is an alluring blend of big, emphatic basslines, wavering guitar riffs, and memorable lyrics.

It’s a record of consciousness. Specifically within ourselves, our environment and people in our lives, as well as our perception of the world as it was all expanding in various ways. Dissecting it all and wondering what it’s all made of and what it will make for us later on.

We certainly appreciated the piece as a whole, but we did have a few favorites from the bunch, as well. “Ghosts” is the perfect track to welcome you into their sound. Providing ample energy right out of the gates, it should call on some associations of acts like Two Door Cinema Club and older Bloc Party. Splashy cymbals, beautiful vocal harmonies, and clean and properly placed guitar work accentuate the lyrics and interesting vocal cadence perfectly, giving an entertaining ride throughout.

We could certainly go on about other selections we’re particularly enjoying, but we’d rather you just dive in head first and listen for yourself. After you’re done, make sure to head over and pre-order Mantra on iTunes. It’s dropping this Friday, so you won’t have long until you can add this into your personal collection.

’Walking On Bank Street’
’A Love Immodest’
’Character Portrait’
’A Note 2 Myself’
’King Pleasure’
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Seven Lions x Echos – Cold Skin (Preview) [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

With the close of October just a few days back in our rearview, it’s time for us to part ways with our Resident Artist. We’ve covered everything with him, from the finest craft brews, to his tour complete with a brand new stage design, to the best in head-banging metal. We’ve certainly enjoyed everything up until this point, but we still have one more trick up our sleeve to wrap up one hell of a month.

Even though Seven Lions is out on the road, he’s offering up a sneak preview at his brand new track. Out on 11/9 via Monstercat, “Cold Skin” is a collaboration with Portland-based, live-electronic duo Echos. With some absolutely stunning vocals, courtesy of Lexi from Echos, and a seamless fusion of the two artists’ musical styles, we can say with certainty that this one is going to be big.

While today is just a taste of what’s to come, it will be more than enough to hook you in. Take a listen below and get ready for a serious case of blue ears. If you’re not familiar with that term just yet, you will be shortly.

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Bryde – Transparent [TMN PREMIERE]


Like the genial embrace from a loved one, “Transparent” completely envelops you within seconds, welcoming you in with open arms in the form of subtle fingerpicking and softly-sung vocals. It’s a familiar feeling. Warm and inviting, it’s seemingly the perfect thing to fill whatever void you’re experiencing.

Or, at least, that’s what I experienced while listening to this single from London-based Bryde. Don’t worry if you don’t find yourself in the same boat, however, I strongly feel that you will. Conversely, other songs on her upcoming debut EP bring forth a myriad of different influences, which subsequently induce other experiential emotions. From blues to indie rock, EP2 is certainly filled with a wide breadth of musical dexterity.

“Transparent,” though, is the one that called out to me. Her voice is both delicate and powerful, casually alternating between bold, projected notes, and gorgeously carried out falsettos. Couple those with the anthemic build-ups created by cinematic instrumentals, and you’ve got quite the listening experience on your hands.

If you’re feeling this, and we’re sure you are, we highly recommend catching her live at any one of the shows below:
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Benta – Lover In Dark (AObeats Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

With good vocals, good remixes will follow

It’s a phrase as old as time. Well, at least for as long as us Ninjas have been writing. That’s certainly what we have on our hands today, as Massachusetts-based AObeats offers up a stunning, sultry, and bedroom-ready remix of Benta’s “Lover in Dark.” Before we dive into the remix, we should probably introduce you to the man behind those sensual vocals. Mysterious in nature, Benta is somewhat seasoned in the music biz, having experienced success at an early age. Yet, that early success didn’t quite fulfill his artistic ambitions. Following suit with so many other musicians, a solitudinous approach proved to be the key to proper expression.

That’s where “Lover In Dark” comes in, the lead single from his debut EP, Noir. After releasing this dark and twisted R&B track, in tandem with a charitable cause, Benta is ready to have a handful of artists let their imaginations run wild.

Let’s circle back to AObeats. Seeing his name on our site shouldn’t come as any big surprise. We’ve covered his soulful future bass and trap releases over the past few years, continually finding ourselves impressed with his offerings. This time around, he’s dialed in an interpretation that’s true to both artist’s name and personality; a fusing of two worlds, if you will.

Using the original vocals as the hook, this remix maintains the seductive vibes of the Benta’s work. Yet, as much as those passionate R&B vibes are front and center, AObeats flips the track upside down with a heavy kick, smooth bassline, and sonic synths. The end result is a tune truly worthy of your “Netflix and Chill” playlist.

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