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Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (DR. MaD REMIX) [TMN PREMIERE]

Janet Jackson
Got Til It's Gone [DR. MaD REMIX]

Our entrance to New Music Tuesday is a laid-back one today, as we slowly roll into the chaos with an extremely fresh interpretation of “Got Til It’s Gone,” the storied Janet Jackson song featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell.

The original, which came off The Velvet Rope, was lauded for it’s sonic experimentation and revealing theme and remixer Dr. MaD has certainly paid an artful homage to the creativity Jackson initially laid out. Hailing from Montreal, this producer is no stranger to crafting intelligent interpretations of classic hip-hop and R&B songs, previously putting his spin on classics like Blackstreet and A Tribe Called Quest. Each sporting a unique vibe, his sound also stays somewhat consistent, boasting chilled out vibes that compliment a solid set of vocals.

Today’s remix, which premiered on Kaytranada’s BBC Radio 1 show, crosses back-and-forth between genres, casually flipping the bird to a traditional structure. It starts off with a slow, future bass style build up, leading the listener into an atmospheric realm of glowing synths, booming bass and rolling clicks and hi-hats. While we’d be more than happy with this styled out take, the tune takes a turn for the dancefloor with an emphatic disco-house break, leaving us dancing in our seat.

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[Progressive House] Fun – Some Nights (Cignature Remix)

Some Nights (Cignature Remix)

Fun has kept quiet since their breakout album, Some Nights, of which the title track and “We Are Young” saw incredible play time on radio waves across the world. Revitalizing the indie-pop band with a free-spirited remix, Cignature – a side project of an unbeknownst artist – introduces themselves the world via a “Some Night” rework. Coupling the warm vocals of the original alongside a bustling, computerized progressive lead, the veiled Boston-based producer accents the pop in the “indie-pop” band by evolving Fun’s sing-a-long flair into an even more catchy counterpart oozing good vibes. Available for free download, Cignature’s opening remix is an undeniable statement that this will not be the last time we hear from them or their sound.

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[Progressive] Deadmau5 – Blood for the Bloodgoat


Within our dojo walls, tracks from captain-of-industry level producers often go overlooked. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the talent that cats like Deadmau5 turn out, it’s just that we’re often focused on highlighting the up-and-comers. Well, after one listen through “Blood For the Bloodgoat,” we just simply couldn’t fucking help ourselves.

Deadmau5 recently released this tune, along with another tune called “Beneath With Me,” and it stirred up that massive collection of feelings we first encountered when we stumbled across his name, saying “have you heard of that Dead Mow 5 guy?” It’s progressive in nature, slowly building with gorgeous vocals and Mau5’s signature structured synths. As we’ve come to love with this outspoken Torontonian, it drops into a steady kick-drum-driven beat, giving lovers of this masked musician everything they could ever dream of.

While we’re not going to feed you bullshit articles about him tweeting his latest automobile purchase, or who he’s beefing with on twitter, we’ll be sure to bring you legendary tunes like this whenever they pop up on his “Fuck My Life” soundcloud account.

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[G-House] Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E – SWAG! (Destructo & Bot Remix)

Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E
SWAG! (Destructo & Bot Remix)

God damn it, ninjas. We can’t believe the weekend is over. It seems like just yesterday, we were cracking open a cold one and celebrating a few short days of freedom. Little did we know, that freedom came and went, and now we’re faced staring another work week in the eyes. Luckily for us, the legendary Destructo has us covered. That’s right – he’s teamed up with Bot to dial in a filthy G-House remix of “Swag!”

Rife with an ample amount of booty-shaking bass, this remix offers up a real dancefloor treat for those of you still fiending for the weekend. It hisses and crackles, articulately highlighting vocal samples interspersed with slapping drum progressions and a subdued melody. We’ve hit the repeat button a few times, and all we can say is, it’s going to happen a few more times before the night is through.

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Introducing Our Resident Artists for May – Moving Castle [TMN RESIDENCY]


This month, we’re changing things up with our Residency Program. We normally like to focus on one of our favorite artists, but, there’s a collective out there who’s sweeping through the blogosphere like a wildfire. While some of you might be familiar with a few of the Moving Castle’s artists, or at the very least, their long-sleeved tees that are seemingly everywhere, we know that you’re not familiar with every single artist. We’re going to change that this month.

To kick things off, we’ve put together a playlist that features one song from each of the 22 artists within the collective. This way, you can at least get introduced to each of these talented producers musically, and we’ll bring you deeper insight as the month goes on.

After you’re done jamming to this playlist, head over and pick up their last four collections, Moving Castle I, II, III & IV:

Juice (AObeats Remix)
Teedra Moses
Be Your Girl (Bamf remix)
Dirty Chocolate x Bonae Bonae
Catt Moop
Joule Max like its hot
Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip)
Porter Robinson
The Weeknd — Where You Belong (Dave Luxe Edit)
Lay It Down (Dirty Chocolate Remix)
Dugong Jr
Ur Body
Gypsy Woman
Hunt for the Breeze
Awake feat. Josh Jacobson
Jailo & Vices
Loving You (Long Time)
Certified Freak (Jailo & Yung Wall Street Refix)
Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)
Josh Jacobson
Kappa Kavi – Talk 2 The Heart
The M Machine
Dont Speak (Manila Killa Remix)
Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)
Rowdy Rebel
Computers ft. Bobby Shmurda(Vices & Gutta Remix)
Didrick // A Part Of You (WRLD Remix)
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[Progressive Trance] Trivecta – Evaporate (feat. Aloma Steele)

Evaporate (feat. Aloma Steele)

For lovers of dance music who just became hip to the scene in the past couple of years, there are decades of DJs, producers, and trends that they’re probably completely unaware of. For this blogger in particular, having been to his first club in 2000, trance always has a special place the continued infatuation with electronic dance music.

Trivecta and Aloma Steele are not a new duo to come together for a collaborative effort. This duo has a slew of songs together and have recently added another one to their growing list with “Evaporate.” This one is a serious dose of emotive, progressive-inspired vibes that go against the grain of his normal melodic dubstep tendencies.  

A true musical expedition, “Evaporate” fuses entrancing melodies, steamy vocals by Steele, and flaring elements that come in towards the backend when the crescendo nature of the song is in full force. Sit back, take a seat, and allow Trivecta to guide you through an extraordinary progressive-trance adventure.
“Evaporate” is available on iTunes via Monstercat.

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[Deep House] The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.00.36 PM
The Chainsmokers
Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix)

Happy Friday, ninjas! We know you’re not exactly hard at work right now, which means you have ample time to check out new tunes and get stoked for a few days of freedom. Start your day off right with housey little number.

The Golden Pony have been on a deep house tear with their pristine remixing abilities that have caught the attention of the internet masses. Returning after a stellar rework of Hozier’s “Take Me to Church, the Brooklyn talent turns the attention to The Chainsmokers and their newest single “Let You Go.” Their handiwork keeps the relatable lyrics in tact while layering a trickling bass melody, billowy percussion ensembles, and aqueous chord sprays that meld together harmoniously. As always, The Golden Pony release their “Let You Go” remix for free download so be sure to grab it.

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