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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 4/23 – 4/25


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

Note: This deal is only valid for Friday and Saturday’s shows.

Morgan Page - April 23
Open Heart Feat. Lissie (Tropical Remix)
Kill the Noise - April 24
Kill the Noise and Tommy Trash
Louder feat. Rock City
Anthony Attalla - April 25
Luigi Rocca, Manuel De La Mare
Nessebar (Anthony Attalla Remix) OUT NOW
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Animal Music – We Stay Vacant [TMN PREMIERE]

We Stay Vacant

As the world continues its decades-long infatuation with electronic dance music, fans are continually seeing it grow and evolve, bringing new ideas and unbridled creativity. Today’s a perfect example of that, as we bring you a look at London/Cambridge four-piece drum and bass outfit Animal Music.

Dropping today, “We stay Vacant” is a first glimpse at this group’s original work. With obvious influences of Netsky, Wilkinson, Chase & Status, and other notable drum and bass legends, Animal Music also sites songwriters like Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and Bon Iver as inspiration, as well.

“We Stay Vacant” showcases the combination of the two worlds, fusing the fast-paced world of booming basslines, energetic percussion, and supercharged melodies with articulate songwriting abilities. Lead singer Tom Sutcliffe provides vocals on the track, bringing a song with a true message. And, while dance tracks have boasted amazing vocals for years to come, Animal Music has woven it into every aspect of their art. Not only will you hear Sutcliffe on their tracks, but he’ll be bringing those vocals live to each and every live performance.

We’ve been forging our sound in the studio and playing shows endlessly for the last two years without putting anything out. It’s like we’ve stolen a plane and been flying on fumes. Now we need to fill the tank. Obviously it will be incredible to go and play the four corners of the planet, taking the music to everyone so they can see and hear it for themselves. – Pete Pocket

This is just a taste of what’s to come from this inventive act. Make sure to follow them on facebook to get updates on new music, tour info, and general shenanigans.

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[Giving Back] Lincoln Jesser – Tops

Lincoln Jesser

Los Angeles-based producer Lincoln Jesser is fighting global diseases with his widely popular hit, “Tops.” Released last year, this song garnered the adoration of the blogosphere, racking up over 300 thousand plays on Soundcloud.

Today, he’s re-releasing this song and donating it to Cadence & Cause to help raise money. In addition to being able to purchase this song, fans will also have the chance to buy a private Skype call with him, with proceeds going directly to the cause. When asked why Jesser chose this cause to support, he said:

There are millions of people, young and old, dying every year because they don’t have access to effective vaccines. Some of these kids would otherwise grow up to have amazing impacts on our world. The change in your pocket could change that reality.

You can purchase the mentioned items by clicking here. Head over and do your part to help eradicate global disease.

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option4 Shares His Favorite Songs Right Now [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


What does option4 listen to when he’s not in the studio making some sweet house tunes? What song does he throw on when he’s making his bagel with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, and salt and pepper? What does he relax to when he’s vibing out on a Denver rooftop?

We were genuinely curious to find out what he’s been listening to at the moment, so this Denver-based producer/DJ served up five of his favorite tunes he’s jamming on right now.

Dont Wanna Be Your Girl
Bye Bye Macadam
Martyn + Four Tet
Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)
Like A Drum
Roots Manuva
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[Indie] Will Joseph Cook – Daisy Chains


There’s something about Kent’s 17-year-old Will Joseph Cook that we find rather remarkable. It could be his spectacular vocals that seem far more mature than his young years would indicate. It also could be his great potential to write credible pop songs, which we came to appreciate with his last track, “Message.” Whatever it is, we’re fully on board with this up-and-coming artist.

His new track, “Daisy Chains,”comes off his upcoming You Jump I Run EP, and it’s every bit as catchy as we’d hoped. The light and playful guitar arrangements serve as a warm welcome, pairing perfectly with Cook’s vocals, providing the listener with a laid-back, highly-enjoayable experience.

Get ready to hit the replay button a few times on this one.

Daisy Chains
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America (Ghosts Remix)

With just one song, XYLO turned the blogosphere on its head, causing a panicked-stricken need to hit the keyboards and write up this undiscovered act. Now, with 3/4 million plays on their single Soundcloud release, we’re sitting back and enjoying the remixes that are pouring in.

GHOSTS definitely tops our list with one of our favorite interpretations of this hauntingly beautiful tune, as this mysterious Austrian Alp-based outfit has dialed in a perfectly balanced deep house remixes. The combination of pitched down vocal samples with relatively untreated vocals artfully pair with the booming bass, and haunting bell tolls. Rounding out the experience, we found that the uplifting melody counter-balances the dark nuances, creating a highly engaging tune through and through.

This remix is available for free on GHOSTS Soundcloud page.

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[Indie] Southern – Lone Driver

this is...Southern
Lone Driver

We can almost feel it now. The warm, sunny months are slowly peeking their glorious heads over the horizon. What’s one of the best parts of those summer months? Road trips. What’s the most important part of a good road trip? Some might say sunflower seeds, but they’d be wrong. It’s a solid collection of proper road trippin’ tunes, and Southern just added in one that will get a regular spot in the rotation.

This brother/sister duo hails from Belfast, but they definitely have a certain essence of Americana to their sound. Catchy? Yes. Upbeat? Totally. It’s as engaging of a tune as we’ve heard as of late, combining driving guitar chords, gorgeous vocal hums, and a “nod your head up and down” bassline.

With summer right around the corner, this is a band you should probably keep on your radar for upcoming tunes.

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