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[Indie] Generationals – Lucky Numbers

Too many times we may overlook a band because they don’t carry a trademark name. We browse over them like tacky book covers. Fortunately for you we keep our eye out for the newest and upcoming bands. Don’t pass on Generationals. Lend a listen to their new track, “Lucky Numbers”. It’s been about a year since their last full-length release, so this track is quite deserving of a warm reception. I love it when bands release one track here and there. And it sweetens the pot when the band is good — really good. Enjoy this summer-time jam-track by Generationals. It’s simple, but the clamoring banter of the synth elements dance around each other and get stuck in your brain in all the best ways.

’Generationals – Lucky Numbers’

Their upcoming EP, Lucky Numbers, comes out October 2nd. They are on tour so scope tour dates here. And if you want more of their music, snag their 2011 release, Actor-Caster, available on CD and digital download.

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[HOT] Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

Ninjas, it has been two-odd years since we heard anything from Irish town-boy trifecta, Two Door Cinema Club. Ah, but you need not worry. Tomorrow the band  will release their new second album, their shining beacon of a sophomore release: well… Beacon!

From front to back, Beacon is a refreshing new take on a solid original sound. As opposed to their 2010 debut album, Tourist History, Two Door Cinema’s Beacon has a certain polished tone and a sound which can fill a colosseum. Again, you need not worry, Beacon still has that intimate, familiar TDCC energy and flair. Indeed, the music pulses through you for all thirty-nine minutes and forty-five seconds. “Sleep Alone” (that’s track 6 for those of you keeping score) is the forerunner track. As a single it stands well on its own. It’s catchy, for the most part, but it fits into the whole of Beacon ten-fold. As do all the tracks. “Settle” and “Spring” (tracks 8 and 9) deserve note as a well-composed one-two punch. Overall, simply enough, the album is very listenable, for old fans and new.

’Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone’

’Two Door Cinema Club – Spring’

’Two Door Cinema Club – Settle’

Beacon is set to officially drop on September 4th on Glassnote (US)/ September 3rd on Kitsuné (UK). For more information on how to purchase, visit the band’s official site. Lucky enough for us, the masses, the album is streaming right now HERE.

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Band of Horses – Knock Knock (Official Video)

A few weeks back, Band of Horses released their sneak-peek single, “Knock Knock,” off their upcoming fourth album, Mirage Rock. Without any further prolonged ado, I present to you the quirky homage to retro wilderness television programs that is the “Knock Knock” music video. The perfect combination of throwback and wild, it’s entertaining and humorous to hear this fun and groovy clap-anthem set to a lecture hall VHS.

Remember. New album, Mirage Rock, comes out September 18th.

’Band of Horses – Knock Knock’
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[Rock] Band of Horses – Knock Knock

In the past, Band of Horses has released solid collections of smooth and almost spacey tunes. Their timbre has been arguably mellower than most. But with this new track comes a sniff of a new chapter for the Seattle band. This track “Knock Knock,” from new project Mirage Rock, hits you directly in the face, its instruments right there in front of you rather than sounding like they are past an arm’s reach. Its anthem-like persona easily drives you to your close eyes, stomp your feet, and clap when clapping is called for.

Band of Horses’ Mirage Rock comes out on September 18th via Columbia Records.

’Knock Knock’
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[Indie] Angus Stone – Broken Brights

Though quiet, Angus Stone‘s “Broken Brights” is precisely the kind of song that deserves multiple plays. When heard, one might imagine a sun tucked behind an orange summer cloud, falling over the edge of the horizon. And as the sky fills up with deeper and darker hues of purple, a certain placid feeling in the air starts to settle in, a quiet lull in the busy happenings of our world. “Broken Brights” winks an eye at such an occasion — it soundtracks that moment when we wave goodbye to a summer sun, right before the silent chaos of the stars fills our minds with fleeting thoughts of the night.

’Broken Brights (Single)’
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[Indie] Helio Sequence – October

It’s been two years since we last heard anything new from Portlanders Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel and even longer since their last full-length album release in 2008. Just as we started to wonder the indie duo offers “October.” Seems as though time away was time well spent. “October” has that old, familiar style we tend to see from The Helio Sequence but with a new flair marked by its careful simplicity. Whereas in the past the duo layered their songs, creating rich soundscapes, this track is surprisingly toned-down. And it rocks.

’The Helio Sequence – October’

For those of you not keeping score, “October” is a track from an eleven track album due to release September 11th, Negotiations. 

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Woods – Cali in a Cup

Fittingly named, “Cali in a Cup” is one of those songs that manifests the unique little feelings of summer—that happy-go-lucky attitude which only comes about with relentless sunshine and warmth. This Brooklyn jam band quartet does well to synthesize what you look forward to with every cold winter. The song bounces back and forth urging you to tap your foot and sway your shoulders and a distorted harmonica’s melody refreshingly reminds one of the possibilities of a fresh start. My advice: crank the anthem loud with the windows open for all to hear and a bite-sized morsel of peace will be enough for many, if only for three minutes and twenty-two seconds.

’Woods – Cali In A Cup’

Pick this track up (along with its companions!) on September 18th when Woods drops their seventh LP, Bend Beyond.

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