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[Future] SoDown & Moontricks – With You (feat. Carly Lynn)

With You
SoDown & Moontricks (feat. Carly Lynn)

Since it’s origin the future beat genre has quickly spread into all types of music. At the same time I think we’ve seen less artists embrace that og future beat style and pick up on the original idea to move it forward. But I just came across this new song, “With You” where SoDown and Moontricks throw down what’s now an almost classic electronic sound. The breakdown is a highlight and might remind you of an early Odezza. At the same time they bring in Carly Lynn, who’s modern vocal style takes “With You” to another level and gives it a very forward-thinking sound.

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[Hip-Hop] Azad – “Enough of You” (Karnaval Blues Remix)

Enough of You (Karnaval Blues Remix)

“Enough Of You” is Sango, Atu and Dpat all producing under the smooth flow of LA-based rapper, Azad. As if that couldn’t get any better, it was just flipped brilliantly by the indie producer Karnaval Blues. With names like this on the original saying the bar is set high would be an understatement. But with Karnaval Blues’ washed-out take on the production and mixing of Azad’s rap it surpasses expectation. Thanks to this epic flip, we’ve got a new up-and-comer we’ll be certainly keeping an eye on. Give it a listen above.

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[Techno] Allen French – Nova Vida (Captain Planet Remix)

Allen French
Nova Vida (Captain Planet Remix)

It’s amazing to see the variety of sounds artists can create using the same materials. A string of remixes for Allen French‘s song “Nova Vida” were just released and it’s one of the more noteworthy remix projects in a while. A total of five producers were chosen to flip the original into something of their own, you can check out the full playlist here via Kitsuné. But Captain Planet‘s version stood out as one of the best. The producer transforms “Nova Vida” into a deep cut and the tech-house approach is spot on, perfect for a late night club set. If you’re into quality techno or deep house you’ll be glad to hear this. So get into it and be sure to explore some of the other remixes, Motez’s version is also highly recommended.

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[Electronic] Autumn In June – Almost Home

Autumn In June
Almost Home

One of LA’s rising tastemakers, Autumn In June, has grabbed a lot of attention over the past year. With many reviews praising the forward thinking, pop-infused sound, it’s all culminated with his new 12-track album,Magenta.’ There are many standout songs from high-energy hits to more emotional cuts. But I think this track “Almost Home” is the hidden gem on the record. Give it a listen and if you like it head over here to explore the full album.

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[EP] Massappeals – Casio Nova

It’s always a great find a well-made electronic album. There’s something about the songs flowing into each other that’s greater than the sum. And in the end the artist can go deeper in telling a story or capturing a specific vibe. Massappeals new ‘Casio Nova EP’ stands out as a polished four-track record where each song holds it’s own while connecting with the EP’s underlying themes. The songs have this intensity alongside a lightheartedness that makes for a unique and entertaining future-beat style. Standout tracks would have to be “Roller Cop” and “No Lies” for us. But get into the album for your self, you can find ‘Casio Nova’ on Spotify and even grab a full free download here.

Casio Nova
Roller Cop
No Lies’
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