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[Hip/Hop] Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows (Album Review)

If Rakim is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, and Jay-Z is New York’s native son, where does that leave Talib Kweli? He’s the socially conscious, forever-underground guy, continually burned by the rap “game”, or, the money game — where lyrical talent and flow take backseats to branding, image, and monetizing talent.

But Talib carries his burdens well. He does what he wants to do, fuck all, and in the end, we’re the ones who benefit, especially when it comes to Gutter Rainbows. The latest from the BK MC has a few stumbles, but mostly gems. Gutter Rainbows was released January 25th. Read the full review here.

Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows

’Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows’

Talib Kweli – Cold Rain

’Talib Kweli – Cold Rain’
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[Album Review] Rachel Goodrich

The Sunshine State is more famous for its oranges and elderly than its music scene. In the last year the only notable band to emerge from the land of tropics and Everglades was Surfer Blood… until now.

Rachel Goodrich is a Miami native playing music that’s very authentic, especially when you consider she hails from one of the plastic surgery capitals of the U.S. The young singer-songwriter narrates tales of heartbreak and love and all that good stuff in her self-titled LP. Read the full review here.

Rachel Goodrich – Na Na Na

’Rachel Goodrich – Na Na Na’

Bonus: Rachel Goodrich – Golden Phone (Micachu cover)

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[Album Review] Stateless – Matilda

Label Ninja Tune has time and again been the place to go discover great acts. It has put out some sick albums like Bonobo’s Black Sands… but has also given us some so-so flops like Duppy Writer from Roots Manuva vs. Wrongtom. Like any label, it can be a haphazard mix of mind-blowing amazingness and mind-numbing mediocrity.

Which is a good way of describing the label’s upcoming release, Matilda, from Stateless. It’s a dubstep/rock/R&B/pop album that aims for a crazy, eclectic mix of genres, and still, somehow, manages to make a few good tracks. Read full review at

Stateless – Ariel

’Stateless – Ariel’
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[Album Review] Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring for My Halo

Since the release of his 2008 debut LP, Constant Hitmaker, Philadelphian Kurt Vile has in fact been, if not a hitmaker, at least a constant music maker. His latest release for Matador, after 2009’s fuzzy, lo-fi Childish Prodigy, is Smoke Ring for My Halo.

Vile has kicked aside his DIY aesthetic aside for a CD-quality, shiny and clear folk sound. All you low-tech fans who shudder with ecstasy at the sound of a dust pop as your player whips around an LP, need not immediately dismiss Smoke Ring: hi-fi has a way of bringing musicians’ talents to the forefront. While the lesser skilled folk-playing folks might sweat at the thought of even novices with untrained ears picking up that poorly-tuned guitar, Vile proves on Smoke Rings that his acclaim is well-earned. Alas, talent alone does not a good album make — like with any new gimmick, practices makes perfect, and Vile has a few stumbles. Read full review at

Kurt Vile – Baby’s Arms


Kurt Vile – Jesus Forever

’Kurt Vile – Jesus Forever’
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[Mp3 Injections] Daily Dose of New Music

The Music Ninja along with our good friends from Inyourspeakers will be getting you high with a powerful dose of fresh music (almost) everyday. You know, they say time flies when you’re having fun. We must really love sharing sweet new tracks with you then, because it’s already time for yet another Daily Dose of New Music. Today’s tracks are especially great; you don’t want to miss any of them.

We thought we’d kick things off with a bang with this brand new banger from Bassjackers and Ralvero titled “Bang Like A.” As those of you with minds in the gutter have already correctly guessed, the track sports some suggestive innuendo — just what the doctor ordered to get your Tuesday night clubbing going strong.

Bassjackers & Ralvero – “Bang Like A (Original Mix)”


Just a few months ahead of his long-anticipated fourth record, Swanlights, Antony Hegarty and his band of Johnsons are releasing an EP titled Thank You For Your Love, from which we’ve pulled this rousing, anthemic titular track to share with you. The EP also includes Antony’s takes on a few Dylan and Lennon tracks (the latter of which features William Basinski, of The Disintegration Loops fame), as well as a bonus track from 2009’s The Crying Light.

Antony & the Johnsons – “Thank You For Your Love”


For what few of our readers aren’t already aware of Lissie, a quick look-see around the internet will likely find the country-tinged singer-songwriter vixen with a cigarette between her lips and a clear don’t-give-a-fuck attitude in her eyes. Stripping the usual scratchy vocals for something closer to Neko Case, this new track off her imminent new LP Catching a Tiger takes the heartfelt route a bit more than we’re used to, but not more at all more than we like. Check it out for yourself below.

Lissie – “Bully”


While Röyksopp fans were disappointed last year by the delay of Senior, the reportedly darker, “senile sibling” of 2009’s Junior, it looks like that wait is finally over. The first taste we’re getting for what we’re likely to get on the new album, slated for release Sept 13th, is this track, “This Space.” While it doesn’t look like this particular cut is a part of the forthcoming album’s official tracklist, it’s definitely a track fans of the Norwegian duo will want to hear.

Röyksopp – “This Space”


Last for today, but certainly not least, is a new remix of Vampire Weekend‘s “White Sky,” this time from remix artist/composer Cécile. This is the second major remix we’ve heard on this track (the first being from Basement Jaxx), and this take spreads the song out into a light, bubbly piece of ambient chillwave. Fans of Vampire Weekend will surely want to check this one out.

Last but not least California rapper P (The Letter P) teamed up with Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic to record a down to earth soft track with a very chill vibe.

P feat Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros – BROTHER

’BROTHER by P.mp3′

Don’t forget to come back this week on our daily dose section as well as check Inyourspeakers for music reviews.

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