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[Rock] The Naked and Famous – Bells

A haunting track I came across from New Zealand indie-rockers The Naked and Famous. I absolutely LOVE this band and their album “Passive Me, Aggressive You” was easily one of my favorite albums of 2010. They have been making a name for themselves stateside, having their songs “Young Blood” and “Punching In A Dream” featured in a few television shows I saw in passing, as well as getting the remix treatment (of which we have featured a few here on The Music Ninja). When I first heard this track, I instantly became mesmerized, but I couldn’t find it anywhere since it was on one of their lesser known earlier EPs. Needless to say I found it and I am sharing this rare gem with all the ninjas. Enjoy!

The Naked And Famous – Bells

’The Naked And Famous – Bells.mp3′
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[House] Maya Jane Coles – Focus Now EP

There’s something about a female DJ who produces thoughtful and deep beats that just does it for me. Up and coming UK DJ Maya Jane Coles just dropped a fresh EP yesterday on 20/20 Records titled ‘Focus Now.’ Coles brings deep, melodic, and hypnotizing beats with an afterhours feel to it on this release. Often times with house music, it can be lazily dubbed as ‘club’ music and Coles delivers pure & straight house music without any fluff, any hype, and any bull. I have provided my two favorites off of the EP below, perfect for the background or if you wanted something light to shake your booty to. With a refreshing sound of one foot planted firmly in the roots of the genre, and the other foot looking towards the future, Maya Jane Coles is one to keep an eye on.

Maya Jane Coles – Focus Now

’Maya Jane Coles – Focus Now.mp3′

Maya Jane Coles – Little One

’Maya Jane Coles – Little One.mp3′
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[COVER] – Hawa – D.A.N.C.E. (Justice cover)

It’s the start of Memorial Day weekend ninjas! What better way to kick off the first official weekend of summer than with a breezy, sunny, yet completely reimagined version of Justice‘s signature song D.A.N.C.E. Though D.A.N.C.E. has been remixed by almost every DJ under the sun, England’s Hawa gives this song a pleasant breath of fresh air with a different arrangement of studios instruments and Mark Ronson inspired production. The R&B/Soul songstress is destined to make a splash with this creative take on what has now become an anthemic and classic electro song.

Hawa – D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Cover)

’Hawa – D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Cover).mp3′

BONUS: While browsing the web, I also came across the soulful sound of Lady Daisey. Her faux-60’s sound is perfect for the Mayer Hawthorne fans as she brings us “Soul Strut,” a sassy little diddy available on her debut album In My Pocket out on BBE records.

Lady Daisey – Soul Strut


I’m just as big of a fan of big heavy electro sounds, but it’s always nice to hear good music that takes it back to the roots; the talent of a vocalist with no autotune accompanied by talented musicians.

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[BANGER] Stereo Heroes – Wild Child (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Atlanta’s Le Castle Vania just released a preview of a fresh remix he did for Stereo Heroes’ upcoming EP ‘Exiles’. Aptly titled “Wild Child,” this song is wildly BANGING. Though, I am not a fan of having to post a song you can’t readily download and enjoy at your leisure, this song was so epically BONKERS that I just had to share. Oozing with throbbing beats, unapologetic in noise level, and just overall EARGASMIC, these three and a half minutes of ear blasting bliss are so enthralling, you’ll abuse the repeat until you can get your hands on the release out June 3rd on Freakz Me Out Records

StereoHeroes – Wild Child (Le Castle Vania Remix) **Out June 3rd** by Le Castle Vania

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[NEW] Mayer Hawthorne – Mr. Blue Sky (Electric Light Orchestra cover)

Continuing in the route of bringing a retro sound to modern pop, Mayer Hawthorne has a six-track, digital EP coming out this week online covering tracks by The Isley Brothers, Jon Brion, and even modern funk masters Chromeo. Originally performed on KCRW’s ‘Morning’s Become Eclectic’ radio show a few months ago, Hawthorne has released the studio version of his rendition of of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky.” His soulful voice fits the mood of the jaunty tune perfectly.

Mayer Hawthorne – Mr Blue Sky

’Mayer Hawthorne – Mr Blue Sky (ELO Cover).mp3′

Bonus: Thought I’d include this remix with a sweet Chicago house sound that the Tapedeck Bros did of Hawthorne’s “I Wish It Would Rain.” Remixed from his amazing debut album A Strange Arrangement, this remix gives this song a completely groovy and afterhours feel, perfect for that next round of martinis.

Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish it Would Rain (Tapedeckbros Remix)

’Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish it Would Rain (Tapedeckbros Remix).mp3′
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[REMIX] Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)

Being super picky on my dubstep, I knew I had to give this specific remix an honest listen. Though, I do have a slight biased because I am an avid Robyn fan, I have to admit that I loved the notion that my windows went BOOM alongside my speakers when the bass dropped just shy of the one minute marker. Incredibly hard hitting, yet thoughtful to Robyn’s feminine voice and pop style, this remix should aptly be renamed to “Feed Me To Your Girlfriend!!!”

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)

’Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix).mp3′
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[NEW] Calvin Harris ft. Kelis – “Bounce”

Well, there is no denying that Kelis‘ dance diva/electromistress album Flesh Tone wasn’t just a phase the singer was going through. The singer really seems to have found a great sound for her unique voice nestled in the atmosphere of hard hitting, room filling, synthetic dance beats. She teamed up with producer Calvin Harris‘ latest endeavor on a high energy hitter that could have been featured on Kelis’ 2010 summer album. Personally, easier to love upon first listen than his previous single Awooga, this song will certainly be a part of the soundtrack for your summer nightlife.

Calvin Harris Feat. Kelis – Bounce

’Calvin Harris Feat. Kelis – Bounce.mp3′
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