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[Fresh] G-Eazy – Lady Killers ft. Hoodie Allen

It was only a matter of time before two of today’s hottest up-and-coming white boy rappers hopped on a record together. Fresh off the success of his self produced EP, All American, New York rapper Hoodie Allen teamed up with his current Excellent Adventure Tour mate G-Eazy for an up-beat infectious shout to the pleasantries of rap life. This jam comes in good time as G-Eazy’s new album Must Be Nice is set for release on September 26.

’Lady Killers ft. Hoodie Allen’
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[Prog Dub] Superbus – All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)

If you haven’t noticed already, we are quite the fans of Seven Lions here at The Music Ninja. Everything this California producer does is just magic. His latest effort is a remix of “All Alone,” the new single from French rock/pop group, Superbus. The synth-pop sounding original gets put on overdrive with intensified chorus sections while still keeping its effortlessly rhythmic flow. Seven Lions is becoming synonymous with progressive dubstep, and I daresay if he continues at this pace he’ll soon have main stage potential.

’Superbus – All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)’
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[Post-Soul] Mateo – Suite 823 (Mixtape)

Last week, singer/songwriter/musician Mateo piqued our interest with a silky smooth flashback to the heyday of RnB entitled Looking You Up. As if we could get enough of that jam, he pulled out all the stops unleashing his new mixtape, Suite 823, in its entirety a few days ago. This one is a mixed bag of straight up soul and upbeat pop-influenced tracks that are all so dynamic and well put together that it’s just too easy to listen to the whole mixtape from start to finish. Below are some of our favorites, but with a release so strong, you might have as hard a time as we did choosing the top jams.  Snag the whole project fo’ free here: Mateo – Suite 823.

Heels 2 Heaven’
Over You’

P.S. Everybody knows Lana Del Rey is killin it right now. Mateo shows some love by throwing in a cover of Blue Jeans, which is one of the standout tracks of the lot. Collab in the future? I hope so.

Blue Jeans Stripped’
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[Smooth] Deadmau5 – Strobe (Alesia Score Edit)

With so many artists putting out remix after remix, the music scene has become a bit predictable. Sometimes though, an artist comes along and does something you would never expect. “Strobe,” one of Deadmau5‘s most well known tracks, becomes a blank canvas fit for the work of Paris duo, Alesia. Not much is known about these guys other than the fact that they love to make music when they’re not too busy eating baguettes (see their Facebook). Despite this, they need to be recognized for their work here. Alesia mutated “Strobe” into an organic and intensely heartfelt piece that makes you feel emotions you never though were possible through the medium of music. And just when you begin to think this symphonic conundrum couldn’t be more unpredictable, the song climaxes into an epic fit of electro bliss.

’Deadmau5 – Strobe (Alesia Score Edit)’
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[Post-Soul] Mateo – Looking You Up

It’s plain as day that singer/songwriter Mateo (Iman Jordan) was the product of a musical family. With a voice so smooth you just know dude’s got good genes. His grandfather was a session guitarist, and his grandmother a touring singer. By the time he was 5, Mateo was showing of his voice and playing classical piano like a boss.

Joined by the sultry pipes of Stacy Barthe, the Cincinnati crooner dropped this gem free of charge. It’s a soulful throwback to the R&B from the 90’s. With such fluid vocal harmonies and the strikingly euphoric melody I dare you to try and keep this jam off repeat. Backed by the production of Kerry “Kruical” Brothers and his new label, Krucial Noise, Mateo definitely needs to be on your radar. Keep an eye out for his mixtape, Suite 823, dropping next week.

’Mateo – Looking You Up.mp3′
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[Electro Funk] Boys Noize – What You Want

German DJ/Producer hybrid Alexander Ridha AKA Boys Noize is no stranger to the EDM scene. Come on, he’s got his own record label (Boysnoize Records), production credit with some huge names, and he’s enjoyed tons of success on the Beatport charts. That being said, it’s in your best interest to pay attention when he drops new jams. Building hype for the October 2nd release of his new album, Out of the Black, Boys Noize liberated this huge electro groove. It’s got that undeniably French funk to it, only much more filthy. If you ever wondered what robot porn sounded like…this is it.

’Boys Noize – What You Want’
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[Prog House] M-3ox Feat. Dan Brown – Next To You

London blokes Darren Stokes and Philip Larsen make up the house duo formally know as M-3ox. Although relatively new, these dudes are giving us a strong first look with some well produced prog house. Despite its 7 minute duration, this jam stays dynamic and interesting throughout, alowing Dan Brown’s vocals to blend seamlessly with the energetic synths that guide this track into its ultimate dance floor frenzy. This tune was released courtesy of Heat Recordings and is available exclusively on Beatport along with its instrumental counterpart. Also, check out M-3ox’s soundcloud for a closer look at some of their work, and of course some free downloads.

3ox Feat. Dan Brown – Next To You’
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