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[Electro Pop] BLV – Sexplanations (feat. Jay Novus)

The Paris producer BLV has slid into the dojo thanks to his latest single. A collaboration with vocalist Jay Novous, “Sexplanations” caught our attention recently with its playful sound.

The track doesn’t aim to reinvent the wheel, instead taking bits and pieces from various genres and piecing them together for a super solid jam whose catchy sound isn’t easily escapable once it’s entered your ears. It’s a fun, sensual little jam that you can play out to get your mood right.

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[Hip-Hop] JDP – Get U Some

Get U Some

Member of the production group Swim Team, JDP presents the anthem to your Friday night, his latest single ‘Get U Some,’ off his forthcoming album ‘Where Were You When,’ so go ahead and get you some.

Referencing the late great Gil Scott Heron’s “the revolution will not be televised,” JDP is out to start a revolution, and it starts by getting you moving.

He shares: “Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” is so impactful that even if people don’t know the man, they know the phrase. In the hook I’m saying “the revolution is on the floor, not televised, and when your bodies in my hand, it never lies.” Because sometimes people only give themselves permission to let go and find some freedom on the dancefloor.”

Stream JDP “Get U Some” below, and keep your ears out for the album.

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[Pop] Lila Drew – November


Coming off her debut release ‘Faded/2AM’ featuring Goldlink, singer/songwriter Lila Drew is back with an ode to the the 11th month of the year, ‘November;’ watching the seasons change, getting caught up in feelings, shorter days, longer nights, the holidays are approaching, is anyone else caught up in their feelings and their thoughts? It’s all coming to an end for a new beginning, though this song we don’t want it to end, so we play it on repeat.

November was a mystery I’m trying to forget…’ Stream it below, and keep your ears out for an EP from Lila early next year!

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[Electronica] YLY – Alive (feat. Julia Lostrom)

Alive (feat. Julia Lostrom)

YLY formally known as “KVS,” is electronic producer Tom Woodhour’s newest project venturing into experimental dance music, inspired by future electronic and hip hop. Featuring Julia Lostrom, “Alive” is a dark and gloomy, slow driven ethereal release, which leads into a drop reminiscent of a portal to an alternate universe. Stream “Alive” below, chills guaranteed, “Alive” is like therapy for the soul.

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[Electronica] MDWS – Clouds


New Zealand’s North Island producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Callum Meadows aka MDWS presents the lead single “Clouds” off his upcoming EP. Check out what MDWS had to say about this ethereal piece, inspired by that weightless morning feeling, and stream “Clouds” below.

“Clouds” is about a time I watched the sunrise alone in Gold Coast. After returning to my apartment after a late night out, I walked out onto my balcony instead of heading to bed. As the sun started to rise and I stared at the ocean below me, I remember suddenly feeling weightless. It was as if I was sitting amongst the clouds. And for some reason I felt completely free in that moment. I think I wrote “Clouds” because I was chasing after the feeling I had that one morning

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[Music Video] Stealing Oceans – On My Wave

Nashville group Stealing Oceans, lead by Brian Thompson releases the music video for their infectious single “On My Wave,” showcasing shots from the live shows, and cuts from the good times on the road and in LA as a band. Promoting peace, love, and positivity, Brian shares below what the song means to him:

“It’s about vibrating on a higher frequency and not letting anything affect your mind state. Our camp is on the come up and everything just feels right at the moment which has heightened our overall vibe. The first verse is about certain people who I have weeded out of my life because I realized they were using our friendship as an opportunity for me to provide them with something they didn’t have. In the second verse, I talk about my relationship with my fans. I love them...”

Watch the official music video for “On My Wave” below, and follow Stealing Oceans on Spotify to keep up with new music.

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[Electronic] Sleep Thieves ‘Fortress’ EP

Described as the definition of ‘disco noir’, Dublin-dwelling trio Sleep Thieves  release their new EP Fortress.

 They tell it best by sharing, “We’ve been recording for the last few years, playing the odd show to try some songs out live. We’ve ended up with a massive amount of material all with varying vibes. This is probably due to being in a perpetual state of studio flux. The boom is back in Dublin, this generally means art is out and upmarket hip bars and coffee places are in. We’re in our fourth studio in the last two years. Just when we get settled and get into a groove we get moved on by the landlord and our studio is gutted and becomes a Karaoke bar, Office space, Starbucks.

We’ve now started to nest in a new studio outside the city with a different atmosphere. So what does all this mean to this release you probably ask? Well, we realized upon reflection that we’re a band that draws a lot from the atmosphere and the environment we record in and thus we’ve ended up with 4 different sets of songs recorded in each place. Fortress EP is a collection of songs drawing from each, beginning life in the first studio and evolving as our transient existence bounced us from home to home.  These songs are a snapshot of how time, surroundings, upheaval and change can sculpt the creative process in unexpected yet welcome ways.

Releasing this EP as a sonic collection of this time marks the end of this period of transience with a more permanent home sourced.  If your home is said to be your castle, we’re (finally) making our new studio our Fortress.”

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