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[Hip-Hop/Dubstep] Introducing NatNaiel

Rapping over dubstep tracks is typically a daunting task. Most artists that try to do this, fail miserably, and most of the time the added vocals usually end up taking away from the genius of the original. This is not the case with NatNaiel. Our friends over at GMAD sent us two of his latest tunes, that will be featured on his forthcoming project, entitled Pizza. Have a listen, and let us know what you think…

NatNaiel – Here I Am

’Here I am.mp3′

Natnaiel – Caramba


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[Dubstep] Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Revolvr Remix)

Florence & The Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love” has been reworked countless times, but has never gotten the proper dubstep treatment, until today. EDM producer Revolvr has really hit the spot on this one, transforming this pop classic into a sub bass laden, down-tempo tune. As the dubstep scene is overwhelmed with mid-range crank and high pitched frequencies, it is nice to see a producer getting back to the genre’s roots, focusing on space, time, and low frequency wobbles.

Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Revolvr Remix)


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[Fresh] No Ceremony – Hurt Love

Good music blogs get flogged with emails every day from music marketing firms or labels hyping this artist or that artist with paragraphs saying that they are the next best thing blah blah blah. Then once in a while, somebody tries a marketing technique of literally sending no information about the artist or song, and sometimes it works. I have absolutely no idea who No Ceremony is, and I am intrigued. “Hurt Love” is a mysteriously beautiful electronic masterpiece, backed with a piano tune and distorted, chopped vocals. If you’re into M-83, James Blake or ambient dance music, you’ll be into this. Props to No Ceremony for doing nothing to get noticed, and getting noticed.

No Ceremony – Hurt Love

’No Ceremony – Hurt Love.mp3′

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[Electro-pop] Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (Dave Edwards Remix)

If you grew up in the 90’s, you most likely were in love with Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack”. I’ve seen people try to remix this track before, and every single time it has come out terrible, far worse than the original. Brooklyn based producer Dave Edwards actually did a really, really good job on this one, keeping the essence of the ’97 classic, while adding an electro-pop feel to bring it to the dance floors. Have a listen, you wont be disappointed.

Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack (Dave Edwards Remix)

’Return of the Mack (Dave Edwards Remix).mp3′

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[Moombahton] Diplo – Horsey

Diplo’s new track “Horsey” is out now on the Mad Decent Volume 1 Compilation album which also features songs from Mad Decent breakthrough artists like Dillon Francis and Rusko. I’m pretty sure Moombahton has officially taken over, and has become one of the major players in the EDM world. The dizzying lead single may be this year’s “Pon De Floor”, but all I know is that I wanna get my rave on. Get the Mad Decent Volume 1 Compilation exclusively on Beatport.

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[Indie] Chrome Sparks – All There Is (ft. Steffaloo)

If you like Blackbird Blackbird, you’re gonna like this. Chrome Sparks (I think he went by Professor Purple at one point?) is the stage name of Jeremy Malvin, a student at U. Michigan Ann Arbor. His song “All There Is” is pleasantly catchy, with dreamy mixed and chopped vocals from singer-songwriter Steffaloo. Check it out, and purchase his album My <3 for any price you want at his Bandcamp.

Chrome Sparks- All There Is (Feat. Steffaloo)

’Chrome Sparks
All There Is (Feat. Steffaloo).mp3′

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[Dubstep] Subvader – Now We Leave Ground

It is songs like these that keep me interested in dubstep. Ann Arbor, Michigan native Subvader (Peter Wiley) has put together an original mix that is quite amazing. He describes “Now We Leave Ground” as Floor Flex Music, which I will allow you to interpret. It is full repetitive sub-bass that reminds me of a more mellow version of Rusko’s “Cockney Thug” and is accompanied by ethereal vocals that combine for a soothing, calming track. Check it out below, and listen to more Subvader on Soundcloud.

Subvader – Now We Leave Ground

’Subvader – Now We Leave Ground.mp3′

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