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[Fresh/House] Steed Lord – Don’t Hurt Love

Fresh off the release of their Heart II Heart EP, Steed Lord is back with another dance floor killer.

“Don’t Hurt Love” is the first peek into Steed Lord’s upcoming Eddie House EP. Those of you familiar with SL will recognize their sound immediately. For those of you who aren’t familiar, picture this song as Duck Sauce meets Saturday Night Fever. The diva-esque vocals of Steed Lord singer KALI really make this track stand out. Backing up her vocals is a classic disco house beat and thumping bassline sure to fire up the crowd.

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[Indie] Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple Girl

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s debut EP, Horse Power, has been garnering acclaim around the blogosphere for a while now. Allow me to pile on.

In “Simple Girl,” the Detroit-based two man group blend folk elements with classic pop stylings for a really catchy and enjoyable tune. By catchy I mean I’ve had it on loop all day at work and have yet to get bored. The ability of DEJJ to create a song that can at once command your attention or blend into the background of your day is a rarity.

I highly recommend checking out Horse Power. While the EP is only four tracks long, it really showcases the duo’s ability to create enjoyable, genre-bending music.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple Girl

’Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple Girl’
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[Experimental] CFCF – Before and After Light

CFCF (producer Mike Silver) doesn’t create songs or albums; he creates audio experiences. His music defies classification.

My first thoughts, in order, after pressing play: What is this? Ambient? Nah. Experimental? Sure. Awesome? Yes. Fast forward a few days and I’m still playing this song repeatedly.

“Before and After Light,” the first song I heard from his recently released EP The River, is no different. With a style ranging from lighthearted to powerful and dark, Silver skillfully creates a wandering yet purposeful track that allows your imagination to roam.

I was only slightly familiar with Silver’s work before I was passed this song. I now count myself as a full-fledged fan. I’m not sure how this flew under our radar for so long, but I’ll be on the lookout for CFCF’s next release.

CFCF – Before and After Light

’CFCF – Before and After Light’
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[Indie/Rock] Elizabeth & The Catapult – Go Away My Lover

“Go Away My Lover” is my first experience with Elizabeth & The Catapult’s new release, The Other Side of Zero (available October 25). Wow, what a difference a year makes.

With “Go Away,” E&TC have created a perfect backdrop that lends itself to their newer folk/pop vocal style. While the music is great, Elizabeth’s vocals steal the song. Her voice ranges from angelic to sultry as she delivers an excellent performance that will leave you wanting more.

The full album is available for a free listen at Elizabeth & The Catapult’s website.

Elizabeth & The Catapult – Go Away My Lover

’Elizabeth & The Catapult – Go Away My Lover’
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[Folk] Bad Books – The Easy Mark & The Old Maid

Q: What do you get when you combine the talents of Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra? A: Bad Books.

Bad Books may be a collaborative effort, but any fans of Devine will instantly recognize his stamp on this song. The Easy Mark & The Old Maid blends a slightly melancholy acoustic melody with raw lyricism to create a powerful track open to an array of personal interpretation.

Their self titled album hit the shelves October 19, but you can check out some songs for free at Bad Books’ MySpace page.

Bad Books – The Easy Mark & The Old Maid

’02 – The Easy Mark The Old Maid.mp3′
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[More From:] Gold Panda – Marriage + Snow & Taxis

Originally gaining recognition in 2009 with various remixes (Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, etc.) and 3 EPs, Gold Panda has finally released a full length LP titled Lucky Shiner.

In what could be my favorite song from the album, Gold Panda effortlessly weaves a low key tribal beat with east-Asian inspired strings. The two sounds mesh well and create a really mellow tune with more than enough depth and energy to have you pressing the repeat button.

Gold Panda’s debut LP, Lucky Shiner, was released October 12 and is available streaming here for free. Tour dates and other interesting facts are available here.

Gold Panda – Marriage

’07 Marriage.mp3′

Bonus: Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis

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