After taking some much needed time off from all things music, this ninja has forgotten what it’s like to write out just how these sounds make us all feel. You might be thinking “how the hell do you just take a break from music?” Well, sometimes it’s nice to fill the room with silence in order to appreciate good music and today we have just the song to help remedy your ears. Helping fill our empty souls are London producer duo, Azedia and their heart-warming new original, “Kin”.

“Kin” is the type of song that could easily be the soundtrack of our Winter; it resonates something enticingly refreshing across the crisp, cold air. Filled with bumpin’ builds, intricate piano bridges, haunting hums, and angellic synths, Azedia brings our ears a taste of heaven with this elevating track. For me personally, this song instantly took me back to that one time I randomly flew over to the East coast by myself, where I explored new cities, new people, and new energies. Since then, music has never sounded the same. So cheers to Azedia for giving us all those reminiscent feelings of all the times we’ve felt exuberant, free, and full of life. Make sure to pre-order their second album, Form, out on February 22nd.

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