As we sit here enjoying our morning cup of green tea and oatmeal, we can’t help but crave a sweet and succulent sound to accompany this divine setting. Sometimes all we need is a dose of some mystical melodies and a soothing bassline to help center our souls. Well ninjas, we’re here to satisfy your sweet tooth with an original new masterpiece from TMN’s favorite producer trio, Autograf. Now that we’ve been introduced to their unique approach to production, we can’t help but anxiously type away at this post because all we really want to say is: “STOP EVERYTHING. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: AUTOGRAF. THAT IS ALL”. Considering that’s not the most professional nor the most informative way to express our enthusiasm, we felt that we should spend a little bit more time crafting this auditory number into a well-written depiction of their vision.

After months and months of smashing the Hype Machine charts, Autograf has finally blessed our music feed with their first original track titled “Dream”. In a sense, the title of this track encapsulates the very essence of what it feels like to be submerged underneath the depths of our dreams. Filled with ambient tropical melodies, soothing piano riffs, and an ethereal vocal that guides us deep into the very core of our subconscious, Autograf gives us a picturesque interpretation of our unconscious realm and allows our ears to soak themselves into a state of pure bliss. Once again, Autograf continues to showcase their unique perspective by means of sound design and creative expression. We guarantee you’ll have this one on repeat for the rest of the day, so press play, sink into a lucid state of mind, and let this heavenly song hypnotize your soul and magnify your thoughts.

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