What If Love (Live Demo)

This may be the most beautiful song I have heard for quite some time.
Rhodes ‘What If Love’ is a hauntingly hopeful song, off his upcoming EP ‘Home’ out Oct. 19th, that asks the ultimate question regarding love; what if love is a feeling to believe in, and is that so wrong? Rhodes shows a divine intimacy that hits the heart of any listener. With everyone trying to put the definition of love and being in love in a box, Rhodes asks us to simply remember that love is a grand and beautiful feeling that we all need to remember to believe in. With his voice and a piano, Rhodes opens his heart to touch the hearts of his listeners, asking them to just feel and believe in that silly little thing we call love. With one of the most gorgeous voices, Rhodes will lead you down a musical path that there is no return from, prepare your heart and your head.

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