Memory Hole

There’s a nostalgic air that surrounds “Memory Hole,” one which instantly transports listeners to a completely different time and place. The first 30 seconds incapsulate a specific era in music, calling on associations of long-haired, flower-adorned gatherings somewhere near Haight-Ashbury in the 60’s. However, as far back in time as it takes you, it also firmly plants its foot in the present, giving us the undeniable associations of one of our favorites, Tame Impala.

This head-nodding, multi-decade influenced track is made possible by one man, and one man alone. That’s right – Bitmap is comprised of only Luke Barwell, formerly of John Peel Favourites Salako . After a few listens through though, you’ll soon realize that one man, and this one in particular, is more than enough to create this highly-engaging, and extremely well-crafted gem.

The past is not a memory and you are not an archive of your time alive. Sometimes it’s better to forget than forgive. The Memory Hole is a place where facts and figures are forgotten. Where you end up when you’re unfriended by life. – Bitmap

Over a year in the making, this release is the first off his upcoming LP, Magnetic Fields, via Love Our Records. If you’re feeling “Memory Hole,” make sure to head over to Bandcamp and pick up previous releases from this highly talented musician.

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