Bynon & Bishøp
Hey Hey (Gianni Kosta Remix)

Unless you’re in the southern region of either coast, you’re experiencing a definitive shift in the seasons. The weather is getting a little colder, the leaves are falling, and those sunny blue skies are turning grey and overcast. Even though summer is fading away in the rearview, we still have little tidbits to help us hold onto all those glorious warm weather memories, including this recently-released remix of “Hey Hey.”

Coming off a string of successful remixes for acts like Filous, Autograf, and SNBRN, French producer Gianni Kosta set his sightss on the summer smash hit from BYNON & Bishøp. His shimmering interpretation maintains plenty of the initial charm that so many fans celebrated when the original dropped four months ago, yet proudly boasts an inventive twist of Kosta’s originality. Once you click, you’ll be pleasantly welcomed into those memorable and playful vibes, only this time, those incredibly iconic vocals are backed by strong piano melody and charming sax work.

If the dropping temps have you down and out, there’s really only one thing you should do right now. Press play above and get ready for two days of freedom.

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