Camel Power Club

Before you press play, know this: the playful vocal harmonies, tribal percussion, tropical tones, and the chatter of children’s voices might illustrate some sort of festive, island celebration, but the message of “Laika” carries a much more solemn than one would first guess.

Taking the opportunity to use their music to share their thoughts on a serious matter, Camel Power Club has crafted a cautionary tale to anyone who would dare dream of hunting. Using a fabled character from their childhood, “Laika” showcases that childlike imagination with a Ghost Killer, a superhero who hunts the hunter, ensuring the safety of the animals.

If you feel like going hunting, we’re gonna shoot you down. Ghost killer, works better in the night.

Below you’ll find a little insight into the song’s production, showcasing the children they worked with to craft this infectious tune. After you’re done checking that out, head over to iTunes and pick up their latest EP.

Camel Power Club – Laïka (Making Of) from MVGGY on Vimeo.

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