Back in October of last year, we had the massive pleasure of bringing you guys the first full listen to the debut EP from Liverpool-based act The Vryll Society. We’re sure you were instantly hooked, just as we were, by the wide-ranging offerings infused with psychedelic, funk, folk, and classic rock influences. Well, if they happened to fall off your radar since then, we’re here to rope you in once again. With their most recent release coming out just a few weeks ago, we thought it was a good time to get reacquainted.

TMN: Hey fellas! It’s great to sit down and catch up with you. After all, it’s been just over a year since we covered your debut EP. So – tell us. What has life been like since you released Pangea.

TVS: We’ve just been building on it as much as possible to be honest, it’s been the catalyst to spark it all off. It gave people an idea of what an album by ourselves would entail.

TMN: Being on this side of the equation, we don’t think bands know just how excited we get to help break them. Conversely, we probably don’t know what you’re going through. Talk to us about getting early support from blogs, tastemakers, and radio stations.

TVS: Well I think if you’re not getting support from those types of avenues you need to have a good look at yourself! As much as you can pretend you don’t care what people think, if you’re putting music out and no one has got a good word to say about it that’s going to affect you, so having people acknowledging your work as being of a high quality is what’s needed as you embark on your journey.

TMN: Have you had a few “holy shit” moments over the past year? You know – where something so amazing happens you can only manage to utter one thing. Holy shit. Name one:

Not really, not yet, because we seem to be moving at a steady pace, so nothing is that much of shock. So say for instance you went from playing your first gig and then a month later you were playing Glastonbury that would be a ‘holy shit’ moment as that’s a major jump from one comfort zone to another. I don’t think we’ve had one of those moments just yet, I’m sure it’s in the post, though. I sound like a hard man to please! haha

’A Perfect Rhythm’

TMN: “A Perfect Rhythm” once again brings an impressive balance of intriguing guitar and percussion work, and those same gorgeous vocals we fell for last year. Talk to us about your process on this track in particular. Was it lead by a riff? By the lyrics?

TVS: I was watching a film by Jean Luc Godard and wanted to try and write a song that would fit in one of his films. The melody came first and then the lyrics and some of the chorus lead lines, it all happened in about 40 seconds!

TMN: Ok – this one has been driving us nuts for a while – what the hell is a Vryll Society? We did extensive research (cough – 3 minutes of Google searches – cough) and couldn’t find anything. Fill us in!

It’s actually spelled The Vril Society, it’s a group of mediums in pre-Nazi Germany trying to contact aliens using meditation. Pretty far out stuff!

TMN: Alright. We’ll let you go, for now. But, before you leave, please fill in the blank. With 2016 being one of the worst years on record, 2017 will be fucking amazing because:

TVS: Trump’s got the nuclear codes.

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