[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2016 Round #2)


Things come and go. Time passes through. People come in and out of our lives, but music, music stays with us. No matter what we do. And the Indie Dojo will continue to compile it into one sweet little playlist for as long as the internet lives.

’Seagoat – Pins and Needles’
’Xander Singh – Too Fast / Too Close (Demo)’
’Inspired and the Sleep – In My Labyrinth Mind’
’Old Sea Brigade – Love Brought Weight’
’Faint Peter – The Cure’
’Givers & Takers – Start The Morning’
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[Indie Pop] WEIRDO – Butter


Usually, we try to bring you a healthy amount of backstory on budding new artists. Today is not that day. We have absolutely nothing to share with you in regards to WEIRDO, other than that they’re brand new, wildly addictive, and a perfect addition to your upcoming warm weather playlists.

“Butter” is the first tune from this brand-spanking-new act, and it’s rife with an undeniably quirky charm. The synths and playful guitar work create a fun-loving soundscape, which perfectly carry lyrics that are all-too-easy to pick up. Trust us, you’ll be singing along after only a few listens through.

Take a gander above, then head over to WEIRDO’s facebook page and throw them a like. We’re pretty sure you’ll be hearing more from them soon.

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[Dream Pop] Summer Heart – The Forbidden

The Forbidden

As we begin to finally shake the last remaining traces of winter, Summer Heart comes in the clutch with a brand new single to complement the shifting seasons. “The Forbidden” is the type of tune that will perfectly soundtrack your first beach trip of the season with a wave of warm synths coupled with an inherently hopeful tone throughout. Summer Heart delivers a sound that exhibits a sense of escapism defined by the warm weather ahead and shows just how much a little bit of sunshine, whether from his music or the sun itself, can instantly improve your day.

There’s not shortage of solace to be obtained in this Swedish native’s discography so far, and “The Forbidden” builds upon his strong foundation in a calm and collected manner. With an EP on the way and performances at SXSW scheduled, Summer Heart shows no signs of slowing down his prolific nature any time soon. Give yourself some time to lounge and enjoy his latest effort above.

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[Event Preview] Red Bull Sound Select Denver Presents: SANGO w/ SPZRKT & CRL CRRLL @ Cervantes Ballroom – 3/31


It’s no secret that we’ve grown very close with and fond of our friends at Red Bull Sound Select. Truly one of the few major corporations involved in music putting their influence to good use, the amazing curators, thinkers, and artists involved with RBSS have always had their ears to the streets towards burgeoning artists across a plethora of genres; inciting within us Ninjas a need to see each and every one of their eclectic showcases near our respective hometowns. In the past few years alone in this writer’s fair (and Superbowl defending champion) city of Denver, we’ve been privy to some of our favorite acts including The Internet, (the artists formerly known as) Viet Cong, Shigeto & Cloud Nothings; and with that, we’ve already come up on another tastefully crafted night of music provided by the RBSS crew. We’ve been excited as ever since first hearing rumblings about this one a while back, and finally on 3/31, Seattle based producer SANGO will make his way to the Mile High City to headline a night of top-to-bottom heat, which will also see performances from SPZRKT (Spazzy Rocket), and CRL CRRLL (Carl Carrell).

In anticipation of the next Denver stop for Red Bull Sound Select, we’ve put together a mini-playlist featuring selections from each artist on the night’s bill. As with every RBSS show, an early RSVP will get you in for the measly price of $3, so hop to it here and get there early to guarantee your spot. We’ll see you on the floor.

’SANGO – Life Without God Is Nothing’
’SANGO – Infinidade’
’SPZRKT – Hesitate ft. MaSAXgo (prod. by Tyshane)’
’CRL CRRLL – Get It Together’
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WILD – Back To You [Music Video Premiere]

Back To You

It’s a pretty safe to assume that a good lot of you out there need a mid-week pick me up. The daily grind has started to wear down on you, leaving you with a bleak stare on your face as you look ahead into two more days until that pure bliss of weekend freedom. If you find yourself in that boat, this trio of Angelinos has just the thing to brighten your spirits.

WILD has seen tremendous success with only a handful of tracks, racking up hundreds of thousands of plays across SoundCloud and YouTube. It’s not hard to see why, given their instantly infectious nature brought forth by charming, anthemic indie rock stylings. Take “Back to You,” for example. Lead by layers of calculated finger picking, danceable bassline, memorable lyrics, and playful vocal harmonies, it latches on with ease, leaving you with the insatiable desire to dance around your desk. Don’t worry – we won’t judge you. Your co-workers might, though.

Today we’re bringing you a first glimpse at the band’s visual interpretation of “Back To You,” which carries a heartwarming story of a couple trying to find each other after getting lost on a snowy mountainside. Take a look below, then head over to WILD’s Facebook page and give them your support.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2016 Round #1)


It’s the first of the month, so hit play on the Indie Dojo, cash your checks & get up.

’Yoke Lore – HEAVY LOVE’
’Woodes – Daggers & Knives’
’Scott Orr – Undeniable’
’Fell Runner – Dream Catching’
’Lowpines – Part Of The Plan’
’May – Taking Champagne’
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[Rock] Episode – Lost in Cali

episode lost in cali
Lost In Cali (demo)

Infected by their first release ‘Swim’, we have delved further into Episode’s releases. As a more delicate piece, ‘Lost in Cali’ explores mixed perceptions of California and LA, against their nostalgia of New York.

The track was born in LA, and the band describe it as “a beautiful city, and at it’s highs it feels surreal and distorted, but at it’s lows it feels empty in the way that New York feels whole”. Have a listen, and let us know what you think!
We’re stoked to have stayed in touch with these guys, as they’re set for awesome things in the near future!
Up and coming shows include ‘Arlene’s Grocery’ in New York on 4th March.

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