[Indie] Folded Like Fabric – Patiently

Folded Like Fabric

Some songs simply have a way of injecting a special feeling into the start of your day. Such was the case this morning when we came across I Tried, the debut EP from Folded Like Fabric and their opening single “Patiently”.  Folded Like Fabric is the Hastings, UK based project of Jay Mooncie & Connor Sims, and the pair’s jazz inflected take on a contemporary blend of R&B, pop, and indie sensibilities have had us swooning head over heels since first consumption. “Patiently” ambles out of the gate into a slow-burning build as Sims’ misty reverberations -which carry the faintest echoes of If You’re Feeling Sinister era Stuart Murdoch– dominate the first guitar-tickled half of the tune before picking up a loungey drum roll and gradually evolving into a more complete version of itself. The perfect pairing with your morning or afternoon coffee, trust us.

I Tried was released on 25th September via Beauvoir Records and can be picked up here. In the mean time, and since you’ve already made it this far, enjoy “Patiently” from Folded Like Fabric above.


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Alek Fin (featuing Robot Koch) – Lift Up [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Lift Up (Feat Robot Koch)

It’s easy to get lost in any of Alek Fin’s gorgeous, layered, and enveloping songs, but we have a particularly strong affinity for “Lift Up.” The atmospheric hisses, the iconic, repeating guitar sample, and the rolling clicks and hi-hat hits all come together around this Thousand Oaks’ artist’s haunting vocals, creating an inescapable experience.

Today, we’re not only bringing you a listen to this tune, which also features production work from LA/Germany-based Robot Koch, but a first look at the music video as well. Imagined by Effixx, “Lift Up” received a dazzling, avant-garde visual interpretation with as much textural depth and intrigue as one would hope.

This is the first official music video for one of my tracks and it’s been a long time coming. I was really excited to work with Anthony (aka Effixx) on it. His visual translation of the music and concept was everything I hoped it would be and more.

After you watch the video premiere below, head over to iTunes and pick up the entire Án Mynda EP. You won’t be disappointed.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October Round #4)


The days are getting colder and shorter and shorter and colder. But really, it’s just the universe giving us more time to stay in, kick back, relax and play through an Indie Dojo or two or three of four. We are here for as long as you want us to be.

Boom Forest
Bay Ledges
off u
Silver Firs
Call it Home
Katie and I
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The Vryll Society – Full Pangea EP [TMN PREMIERE]

Press Shot

We couldn’t picture a better way to spend part of our Saturday than drinking in this four-track EP from Deltasonic’s newest signing, Liverpool-based The Vryll Society. The collection boasts a myriad of influences, ranging from psychedelic, to funk, to folk, to classic rock. Each song has a defined persona, yet work in perfect ensconcing harmony when listened to top-to-bottom.

Kicking things off is our personal favorite, “Coshh,” which delightfully welcomes listeners in with a calculated layering of elements that slowly build off one another. We’ve always been a huge fan of gorgeous, anticipatory, post-rock builds, and “Coshh” succeeds in delivering a quite otherworldly one. This will more than likely be your first introduction to frontman Mike Ellis’ vocals, which are an ethereal experience alone. When coupled with upbeat percussion, and interchanging howling and clean guitar riffs, you can’t help but leave the song feeling ultimately satisfied.

One of our other favorites comes in the slow and mesmerising “Metropolis,” which pulls its name from the 1920’s silent classic film. The verses carry a medieval Gregorian cadence and delivery, beckoning on memorable elements from centuries ago. The choruses then bring the song back into current day, exploding with soaring vocal harmonies, glowing guitar work, and a surging vocal range.

Joining up with acts like The Coral, The Zutons, and the Dead 60’s, The Vryll Society looks to make a splash with visionary Deltasonic label, founded by the late Alan Wills.

Deltasonic continues with the same philosophy as Alan started with, making and releasing music that we all love with new young artists. The Vryll Society are a band who want to push boundaries and share their wonderful music with as many people as possible and are astounding their live audiences wherever they go. – Ann Heston, Label Manager

With an already developed live performance being loved and adored by those lucky enough to catch one, we’d highly suggest heading out and experiencing this debut EP live.

The Egg
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2015 Round #3)


Change ain’t easy. Never has been, probably never will be. But without change, life would be mundane. Music would literally sound the same and seriously, no one wants that. We already get a little feisty when that one song sounds exactly like this new song. So, here’s our advice…Ninja roll through any change life may bring. It will work out for the best in some form or another i.e. this here Indie Dojo. We promise you it doesn’t sound like last weeks or the week before. Trust us. Change is good.

Coast Modern
Hollow Life
Bad Sounds
Pom Poms
Camel Power Club
Lawrence Taylor
Bang Bang
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[Denver Giveaway/Event Preview] The Music Ninja Presents: Teen Daze w/ Cemeteries, Shark Dreams @ Lost Lake Lounge – 10/22

Denver Event Giveaway
Teen Daze @ Lost Lake Lounge, 10/22

Perhaps our favorite single common thread around the staff at TMN is the ability to showcase artists in our favorite cities across the U.S. We’ve been able to bring some of our absolute favorite artists’ live shows over the years as presenters, and this Thursday (10/22) in Denver, we’re incredibly proud to bring another very special show to the Mile High City with Teen Daze. Fresh off of the release of  another excellent and critically applauded LP addition to the enigmatic producer’s catalog (he uses only his first name professionally), Morning World, Teen Daze will no doubt bring with him another excellent incarnation of an expanding live show to Lost Lake Lounge. We’ve been able to gradually witness Teen Daze’s steady evolution from his earliest work, which was often times lumped in with the ‘chillwave’ movement, to an artist whose rhythms and melodies have taken center stage and allowed the Western Canada based producer to offer a more engaging, and even dance-oriented concert experience. Needless to say we’re chomping at the bit for another chance to see Teen Daze in such an intimate venue.

The night’s opening flavor kicks off quite tastefully as well with Portland via Buffalo ambient-pop experimentalist Cemeteries. Also coming off of an extremely well executed LP, Barrow, which had us drawing up comparisons to the current arc of post-punk revivalists and darkwave flag bearers including The Soft Moon, and A Place To Bury Strangers. Just excellent stuff really. Rounding out the bill is newly formed Dream-Pop troupe Shark Dreams, who thus far have released only one demo and have our curiosity piqued with their worthy entry into the world of singles.

Of course, when we present a show, we’d rather not just talk about it, but get our savvy readers in on the fun as well, so we’re giving away not one, but two pairs of tickets to this Thursday night’s show. As always, entering our contest is beyond simple. Just “like” Teen Daze, and The Music Ninja’s Facebook pages, and comment below on why you’re excited or deserve to win. That’s it! We’ll notify our winners Thursday afternoon, the day of the show at 12:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. Stream our preview playlist below to get your ears ready, and good luck!

For those of you looking to secure a ticket, don’t fret either as tix are still only &10.00 for this one. Snag them here!

There are a few rules, of course:
– The event is 18+, so tell all your friends to increase your odds of winning!
– You are responsible for your own transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at the Lost Lake Lounge door.
– You must find a TMN representative and let them buy you a drink (perhaps a Red Bull for our non legal friends?)

Teen Daze
Teen Daze
Morning World
Teen Daze
Brooklyn Sunburn
Luna (Moon of Claiming)
Summer Smoke
Shark Dreams
Frozen Love (DEMO)
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[Electronic] Stephen – Fly Down

Fly Down

The current age of music is truly remarkable. An artist can independently release their work, instantly take the world by storm, transforming a hopeful musician armed with only a Soundcloud profile, and their music, into an internationally recognized persona. That quick rise to recognition often comes before an artist is prepared for it, which leads to painfully long hiatuses for those newly-developed fans. Stephen is a shining example of that, as he returns from a three-year break from the world of music.

We don’t know the specific reason why Stephen took a break, but what we do know is – he’s back. About a month ago, he dropped “Remembering Myself” onto a group of unsuspecting fans and bloggers alike, which ultimately saw over seven hundred thousand plays. Shortly after that, “Fly Down” was released, which only took one listen for us to drop everything and get a post written.

This is the second preview from his upcoming album, and it’s quite the spectacle of the passion and drive . Inventive production? Absolutely. Painfully beautiful vocals that carry a raw and real message? Definitely. Gorgeous piano work? You betcha. It’s simply captivating and thought-provoking, carrying listeners on a three-minute thrill ride.

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