[Indie] The Naked and Famous – Hearts Like Ours

The Naked And Famous
Hearts Like Ours

As if taking three years to produce and release a new album wasn’t enough of a tease, the Auckland indie rockers intensified the anticipation from fans by posting an InstaVid to the preview of their new single “Hearts Like Ours”,  just one day before the debut of the full song.

Expect to replay this number successively. Particularly if you’ve been intoxicated by Alisa Xayalith‘s siren tone, as we have in the past. Their hit track, “Punching in a Dream” left quite the impression, having been featured in the influential video, Kony 2012. And we are sanguine about the upcoming release of the new album, which bears a most enticing tracklisting. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

In Rolling Waves, September 16. Pre-order it now.

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[Alternative] Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

Kings of Leon

Yeah, it’s about time! After more than a two year long hiatus, Kings of Leon finally make a fitting return this season with the track, “Supersoaker.” The band had cancelled tours in 2011 when lead vocalist, Caleb Followil, was advised to rest his voice to prevent further damage. And what good advice it was. We’re glad to let you know that those familiar, signature, gravelly vocals are back, and here to amplify your summer playlists.

Revel in their performance last night on Jimmy Fallon, and save the date for the launch of their sixth album, Mechanical Bull, on 9/24. 

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #3)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaThere are not enough hours in the day, which equates to not enough hours in the week, which multiplies itself into years just flying by. When life gets way too overwhelming, come visit the Ninja for a second. Masters of time we may not be, but we can definitely come to aide in focusing your mind on the glorious sound of  indie music…

Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Treehouse Schemes
Hannah Karydas
Robby Hunter Band
Look Away
Wild Ones
Curse Over Me
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[Synth-Pop] Carousel – Before You

Before You

For the past few weeks synth-pop savantes Jackson Philips and Kevin Friedman, better known to most as Carousel, have been dropping tastes of their impending extended play Palms, which is getting all glossed up and mastered as we speak in time for an early August release. So far we’ve had the pleasure of premiering “Wolf’s Awake” and “Not Enough”; both of which made an appearance in the Hype Machine Top-Ten charts and as they say good things come in threes. So today, Carousel gifts to the world “Before You”, the third single to leak off of Palms. “Before You” follows a slow burning path, resulting in a tune that could quite honestly fall under a “dream-pop” tag. While most of their music is written to make you move, we cherish these ballads as songs we can hold onto and consume in a secluded bedroom. You should probably do the same, perhaps even with a special girl or boy.

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[Indie] Me Like Bees – The Ides


Indie rock bands are a dime a dozen now-a-days, and that’s great. The grass roots music reviewer (eh hem, yours truly) is enthusiastic about this as it gives him something to do and also contributes to the diversity of music available for the consumer.

But the wading through new bands can be a tedious task as bands fine tune their sound, experiment, flop, fail, rework and finally succeed. I’m not sure what stage of the game Me Like Bees is in, but their album The Ides is an indie album that stands out. With asymmetrical song structures that can abruptly go from bouncy and light, to slow and heavy and back again, the listener is rewarded with an experience that is anything but dull. The vocals are also notable in their…strangeness? Lead vocalist Luke Sheafer has emotionally loaded and often cryptic lyrics that are sung in a strained fashion, as if the lead singer is about to burst into manic screams at any moment: and in some moments, he does just that! It works extremely well with the sharp changes in virtually all the songs on the album.

The first track, “Brand New Fall,” gives a suitable introduction to the album with a slow and measured opening. Just when the listener is convinced he/she’s in for a lilting lullaby, the drums begin a slow build up to a pop beat that explodes at the end with Sheafers fevered exclamations.

“Naked Trees” starts off with a bouncy baseline and top shelf drumming, accented by charged vocals. The tune hops along (the chorus is something like “Le-lu, le-lu, le-lu-lelu”) and then suddenly bursts into a stomping, crunchy rock song, then with the flip of a switch, goes back into the bouncy chorus.

“Pneumonia” starts slowly with simple strumming and softly sung vocals that pick up to another bouncing indie pop song–then suddenly switches to a slow, throbbing tune–then back to the slow origins of the song.

Me Like Bees isn’t a band for everyone, but it’s a band for me. There’s some solid, thoughtful and creative songwriting going on here that is a great change of pace (no pun intended). Check out their stuff here and enjoy something that will keep you guessing.

Brand New Fall
Naked Trees
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[Rock] Wild Combination – Goodbye Drive

Wild Combination
Goodbye Drive

Back in June we had the pleasure of Wild Combination grace our ears with “Whole Lotta Truth.” Today we have the pleasure of bringing you their latest release, “Goodbye Drive.” Long gone are the poppy, warm weather vibes and in their stead we find driving guitar riffs and ominous at time vocals. While the band still maintains their infectious pop structure, but their sound is rich with a certain maturity that we’re used to hearing from bands like Silversun Pickups.

This track is going to be a free download available on their website as of…oh, right now. :)

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[Debut Album] Brice Fox – Okay, Hello.

Brice Fox

Debut albums are always nerve racking for an artist to put out into the world.

So many questions they ask themselves and the biggest would probably be, are people going to like the album, fans and critics alike?

In my email pops up the newly released debut album of Brice Fox called “Okay, Hello”. Brice is one of those classic singer boys who started putting together boy band groups when he was in high school. Then he attended Indiana University and did it again, forming a pop/rock group that eventually split up. And as many good boy band stories go, Fox and his smooth, Midwest voice took his talents to Los Angeles. Fast forward to today and he has released his 8-track album full of a lot of heart and soul. He has some great songs featuring Matty Rico such as “Sweet Serenity” and “Incredible”, two songs that have a jazzy feel. Fox has a sexy, yes sexy voice for such a young age. He can hit the high notes and take his voice down to the slow melodies. My favorite song is probably “Sweet As It Ever Was”, which is a song bursting with sweet emotions. Fox has a voice that could take him down many different roads, but starting his career with this debut album was the right road to go down first.

Sweet Serenity (feat. Matty Rico)
Brice Fox
Hold You
Brice Fox
Incredible (feat. Matty Rico)
Brice Fox
Sexy Ladies (feat. Marty Gierczyk)
Brice Fox
Aye (feat. Matty Rico)
Brice Fox
Sing You To Sleep
Brice Fox
Sweet As It Ever Was
Brice Fox
Cant You See
Brice Fox
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