[TMN Resident Artist] Celebrating 10 years of Celldweller


In any industry there are huge accomplishments to achieve. Whether it is winning a gold medal, being recognized nationally for your talents, or taking home numerous awards, each person in these industries has goals and dreams they wish to reach. Ten years ago, Celldweller released his first cd of music for the world to experience and since then, his popularity has only grown and the love for his music has flourished among his numerous fans. Today, Celldweller has released a ten year anniversary edition to celebrate his great accomplishments and to show his fans just how much he appreciates their support over the years.
Check out this amazing behind the scenes mini documentary on the making of this ten-year edition and enjoy the insane beats that Celldweller continues to master up to this day. Already at #10 on the electronic charts in iTunes since being released this morning, this collection is sure to keep rocking for ten more years to come.

Cell #1
Stay With Me (Unlikely)
The Last Firstborn
Under My Feet
I Believe You
Afraid This Time
Cell #2
So Sorry To Say
Own Little World
Unlikely (Stay With Me)
One Good Reason
The Stars Of Orion
Cell #3
Welcome To The End
Ghosts (Feat. Tom Salta)
Goodbye (Remixed by Klayton)
The Last Firstborn (Remixed by Klayton)
Frozen (CPR Remix By Copy Paste Repeat)
Switchback (Remixed by Klayton)
Atmospheric Light (Demo Redux)
Own Little World (Remixed by Blue Stahli)
Shapeshifter (Remixed by Klayton)
Waiting (Unreleased Demo 2005)
Waiting For So Long (Unreleased Demo 2006)
Blood From the Stone (Unreleased Demo 2006)
IRIA (Unreleased Demo 2005)
Switchback (Dead By Dawn Remix by No Im Not)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2013 Round #2)


It’s weird how it can feel like everyday is Groundhog’s Day. Repeating the same routine day, after day, after day…..after….day. But really, when we look back in time, things are never really the same. All the little unnoticed changes during our day to day living pile up to be one giant movement. Take the Indie Dojo for example….It might be here every Tuesday for weeks on end, but not one song nor artist will ever be the same. And by collecting all those little changes week by week, you have probably already expanded your music library annnnd music knowledge to epic proportions. So while these changes may be small in the whole scheme of things, they are still changes worth appreciating..

Dreams Of Cannibalism
This Frontier Needs Heroes
George Clooney
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
Fire & Fortune (Pete Flood remix)
Being Buffalo
Jason Haberman & Golden Weekends
The Right Time
Goodnight, Texas
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[Rock] Phoria – Bloodworks EP


Brighton’s Phoria has a very moody, ethereal and chill EP for us here. The band is setting its sights high, drawing influence from champions like Radiohead and Sigur Ros (I love a band with ambition!). Their sophomore EP ”Bloodworks” definitely shows off their work ethic: “Bloodworks” is all at once thoughtful and dramatic, but at the same time accessible and easy to enjoy.  With a downtempo electro-pop feel and haunting vocals, this is a perfect album for a rainy day.

The opening song, “Posture,”begins with a slow, smoky, almost jazzy melody with soft vocals, then bursts into intricate and hauntingly emotional song with electro elements that reminded me a bit of Puscifer. The second song, “Red,” is softer with some subtle piano chords.I love piano addition here! As a guy that still tinkers with the instrument, I was pleased to hear it used effectively as both a percussion and string instrument in “Red.” “Set your Mind on It” is the final track on the EP. It’s slow, like most of the album, with the same dreamy vocals and subtle downtempo beats as the rest of the EP.

We’ll look forward to hearing more from these guys from across the pond. Take a listen at the EP here.

Once Again
Set Your Mind On It
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[Indie/Alternative] Lorde – Tennis Court

Tennis Court

The younger new artists appear, the more impressive it is to hear how much talent they carry.
Feast your ears on this young 16-year-olds voice who goes by the name of Lorde. She hails from New Zealand and is already getting a hefty following of fans who are captivated by her soft yet strong voice. When I first heard her new hit song “Tennis Court” I found myself hearing a little bit of a young Lana Del Ray in Lorde. The lightness of the lyrics, the playfulness of her tune, both of these carry something similar to Del Ray. But Lorde is unique in her own sound and in her lyrics which speak to every teenager and anyone who has been one. Her big influences are T.S. Eliot, Allan Ginsburg and Sylvia Plath, some deep reading for people of any age. Lorde’s full EP is coming out today, June 10th, and I’m excited to hear what else this talented artist has in store. Enjoy walking down to the tennis courts with this talented NZ musician.

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[Indie Pop] Trails and Ways – Como Te Vas

Como Te Vas

It’s not officially summer until we’ve heard new music from Trails and Ways (well, technically it’s not really summer until June 21st). Last year’s “Nunca” served as one of our favorites of 2012, and we have a feeling “Como Te Vas” will have the same impact on us in 2013. Trails and Ways’ music has always had a way of transporting you off to a distant land, which is due in large part to the influences the band has gained from their own extensive travels in countries like Brazil and Spain. It might also explain the name of the group’s upcoming EP, Trilingual, which is set to drop this Tuesday, June 11th and also includes other outstanding singles like ”Border Crosser” and “Mtn Tune“.

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[Dream Pop] Young Hunting – Hazel LP

Young Hunting [LA]

Last year, we introduced you to Young Hunting and their slick, magnetic style of dream pop. Their standout track at the time, “Maze”, commanded our attention immediately, and, ever since then, we’ve made it our business to keep an eye on the West Coast band.

Now, almost a year later that song is still fresh in our minds (yes, it has that kind of staying power), so much so that we’re posting it here again. But the biggest news to come out of the Hunting camp is that they’re gearing up to release a brand new record featuring the aforementioned tune as well as eight other like-minded charmers. Titled Hazel, it’s due out on June 11th via Bay Area label Gold Robot Records, and courtesy of our friends at HypeMachine, is streaming in its entirety right now! Check it out — it’s sure to be an album to soundtrack many of summer’s pool parties and epic hangs.

Listen to Young Hunting’s Hazel album here.

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in & out

We love bringing you guys the newest and freshest artists. Today we have something so fresh that this is literally their first upload to soundcloud. Here’s what we can tell you: the lead singer has a really gorgeous tone, and a very impressive vocal range. The instrumentals are simple, down tempo, and electronically driven which really allow the vocals to be the star. On top of that, the vocalist’s lyrics are dripping with sensuality.

So, while there might not be much information on TOTEM, we’re sure there will be in the coming months.

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