[Event Review] The Neighbourhood w/ Lovelife at The Gothic Theatre – Denver, CO

Your New Beloved

Thursday night The Gothic Theatre, one of Denver’s most quaint and acoustically inviting venues, played gracious hosts to a very contrasting sell-out crowd for California rock influenced alt-poppers The Neighbourhood and Brooklyn’s lo-fi synth-rock outfit Lovelife as part of their nation wide The Love Collection tour. On a night which featured multiple sell out shows in the Metro area, we found a unique slice of frenetic energy meets subdued enthusiasm. Those two contrasting types of listeners in attendance made for an interesting, albeit very fun night and such a stylistically diverse crowd culminated in one of the most captivating events visually and auditorily. Now, this wasn’t the typical show for us Ninjas, with doors opening at 7:00 p.m. and the show concluding at 10:30, an hour at which we are normally just arriving. But, it was in all actuality quite a paradisaical way to spend a Thursday evening inside of one of the most progressive and fast-moving music scenes in the country.

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[Funky] Capital Cities – Farrah Fawcett Hair feat. Andre 3000 & Frank Tavares (of NPR)

Capital Cities - Farrah Fawcett Hair
Capital Cities
Farrah Fawcett Hair ft. André 3000 and narrated by Frank Tavares (of NPR)

Be prepared to hear the most random–and possibly the catchiest–song you’ll hear all year. Featuring the unlikely pairing of Outkast‘s Andre 3000 and NPR’s Frank Tavares, Capital Cities‘ funky new single is a wild ride chock full of pop culture references that includes Frank “narrating” throughout. I put narrating in quotation marks because it seems like they really just got him to say anything and everything they could possibly imagine–basically anything you couldn’t get away with on the radio. “Farrah Fawcett Hair” is a silly tune that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s completely fine, as we’re content with having a fun time right alongside it. To sum things up, “it’s good shit.”

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[NEW] Fyfe – Conversations

f y f e

It’s only perfect that Fyfe‘s latest single is titled “Conversations” because that’s exactly what he’s sparked since the very first moment he stepped foot onto the music scene with “Solace.” From a virtual nobody to one of the most revered artists of 2013, Fyfe has endeared himself to listeners with his captivating vocals and brilliant lyrics. As displayed through his artwork, Dixon is aiming for a far more colorful effort here, blending together a myriad of different genres to produce yet another infectious tune. Indeed, the one thing that truly impresses us about Fyfe is his ability to maintain a consistent sound, yet each of his songs stands out clearly for the rest. It’s a true testament to just how talented the man really is. We expect big things from Fyfe going forward, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out last month’s Solace EP, make sure to give it a listen here.

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[Dream Folk] Still Parade – Actors

Still Parade

Life is stressful. Life is overwhelming. Life is unbearable at times. It’s moments like these that we really appreciate music. While your favorite song may only assuage your worries for a brief couple of minutes, it still does just that. In today’s world, three minutes seems like an eternity.

Still Parade has one of those tracks that’s perfect for this occasion. The soft repetitious guitar plucking, muted bass drum, and gorgeous heavenly vocals are perfect to take you away from whatever it is that’s bothering you. Just hit play, lie back and enjoy a few moments to yourself.

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[Indie] FMLYBND – Electricity


It seems that the best things in life are produced from people doing what they enjoy. That’s certainly the case with Isla Vista six piece indie band FMLYBND. This freshman group of friends became “family” by growing up playing music together. Their dreamy blend of synthesizers, electronic drums, guitars and vocals encapsulate this bond that they have. Take “Electricity” for example. The first release from FMLYBND already has a depth of sound that has echoes M83, MGMT, and Passion Pit. That’s pretty remarkable to step onto the scene and evoke associations like that.

Make sure to head over to FMLYBND’s soundcloud and download this free debut track. You won’t be disappointed.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2012 Round #5)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaThe day after a 3 day weekend feels way worse than a regular Monday. It’s like a double craptastic Monday. But, lets take a look at the brighter side. We’ve got a shorter week heading into the next weekend and we’ve got an indie dojo to get us through the rest of it.

Les Enfants
The Beauty Surrounds
Simple Kids
Siôn Russell Jones
So Long
Leif Vollebekk
Off the Main Drag
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[Folk/Pop] Imaginary Friend – Fire Escape


Four months ago we missed out on something truly incredible. We missed out on four months of ethereal, heavenly vocal harmonies. We missed out on emotionally crafted lyrics. We missed out on an amazing new artist. We flat out missed out.

Summer is here, and it’s definitely our favorite season. There’s no doubt about it. For some reason, every summer there’s seemingly endless amounts of solid folk music. While we’re always more than happy to hear the onslaught of acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics, this time around we have something truly special for you.

Enter Imaginary Friend. While there’s not much information out on this overwhelmingly audibly pleasing folk pop ensemble, know this: they deserve a spot in your regular rotation. Just take one listen, and try to argue with us. If you get past “Thick and the Thin” with your argument still ready, we’ll buy you a round of shots. Soon after said shots, we’ll listen to “Thick and the Thin,” and hug it out.

The Thick and the Thin
Fire Escape
The Well
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