[Indie Pop] New Navy – Regular Town

With the inevitable cold weather creeping just around the holiday season, some of us can’t help but wish for a resurrection of summer heatwaves. Arriving just in time, however, is a new and aestival tune by New Navy, indie band from a tiny beachside town in Australia. Much like their hugely successful track, “Zimbabwe,” “Regular Town” features jangly percussions accompanied by a ukulele resulting in a cheery rhythmic beat that will light up even the gloomiest of days and moods. Reminiscent of Bahamas‘ “Caught Me Thinking,” this song is bound to bring on relaxing and summery vibe.

New Navy
Regular Town
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Interview – Minus the Bear

Steel And Blood

There’s few bands I can legitamtely claim as being one of my favorites. There’s also few bands that I can say have redifined the way I see music. Minus the Bear is one of those bands though. I first heard Minus the Bear when they released their album “Highly Refined Pirates.” I remember listening to the timing signatures, the creative hammer on/pull off driven riffs, and the hilarious song names and thinking how unique of a sound it was.

Since that time, I’ve purchased every album, seen every show, and purchased more merch than I could ever need. Merely seeing them play live is an amazing experience, but getting to interview drummer Erin Tate, elivated my appreciation and respect to another level. We sat down at the arcade bar One Up in Denver, Colorado and got talking.

TMN: First off, welcome to Denver. How has the tour been going so far?

ET: So far so good. It’s been a total blast. We were in Lubbock Texas yesterday.

TMN: Your guys’ last tour was probably our favorite just due to the fact that you played Highly Refined Pirates in it’s entirety. What was it like doing a 10 year anniversary show like that and having so many people singing along with something you released a decade ago?

ET: It was wild, fun as hell, and really cool. We all felt horribly humbled by the crowd reaction that we got. It was really fun.

Random Drunk Girl: Are you talking about Minus the Bear? They’re playing across the street. Are you going?

ET: We are! We’re actually doing an interview for Minus the Bear right now.

Random Drunk Girl: Are you going?

ET: I’m in the band, and he’s interviewing me as a band member.

Random Drunk Girl: So you already have a ticket and everything?

TMN and ET: (Laughing) Yep.

ET: This is all going into print, just so you know.

Random Drunk Girl: Who are you?

TMN: He’s the drummer for Minus the Bear, and I work for The Music Ninja

Random Drunk Girl: Well I was just trying to see if I could sell a ticket.

TMN: (Laughing) I don’t think he needs one.

TMN: Talk to us about how all of your backgrounds in different bands helped influence your guys’ sound over the years.

ET: Dave was in Botch and he was really very metal. Not really metal…agressive, but it was also really artsy. Sharks Keep Moving was very pretty, but also very artsy. Kill Sadie was very loud and annoying, and also really artsy. So, we kind of all came from the same background where we were just trying to do something that was interesting to us. When we came together as Minus the Bear, it became a thing where we were like, “Let’s do pop music, but let’s make it artsy.”

TMN: How many pedals does Dave use during a show? Continue reading

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2012 Round #3)

Happy “be grateful for what you got” Week. Time to surround yourselves with love and stuff your faces with goodness. And while you lay on the couch with one button (or all) left undone,  let us serenade your tryptophan dreams with an Indie Dojo playlist to show how grateful we are for you.

Johanna Samuels
Count This Penny
The River Has Many Voices
She Wasnt Doing Nothing, Just Standing on the Balcony
Cicada Rhythm
Do Not Destroy
Chelsea Wolfe




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[Indie Dance] The Mowgli’s – San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix)

As the brisk fall weather begins to transition into the even more devastatingly chilling weather of winter, it becomes increasingly easier to reminisce of the warm summer nights we nostalgically long to return. Well thanks to Little Daylight and their latest remix of The Mowgli’s “San Francisco” , summer might not feel so distant. Little Daylight have released eight fantastic remixes over the past few months and have definitely begun to make a name for themselves. Expertly fusing beautiful ‘feel-good’ melodies with infectious lyrics, Little Daylight seem to have developed a sure fire way to make each and every remix they produce pure gold. Make sure to grab this free download and check out their other remixes here! Enjoy.

The Mowglis
San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix)
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[Indie Rock] Maus Haus – Hey Jean

Self-proclaimed as sounding like a concoction of Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth, synth-rockers Maus Haus recently released their EP titled Light Noise. The San Francisco-based septet recently turned foursome, proves that sometimes less is more with their track “Hey Jean”. The song starts off with an eerie yet sexy guitar bassline coupled with buzzy synths. Cue in the multi-tracked vocals and you can hear that Beach Boys influence. It’s safe to say that the boys of Maus Haus found the perfect home with label Lavish Habits. You can stream & purchase Light Noise via their Bandcamp page.

Maus Haus
Hey Jean (Free Download)
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[Indie/Folk] Eliza and the Bear – Brothers Boat + The Southern Wild (Video)

The future couldn’t be brighter for the enthralling six-piece UK band Eliza and the Bear. With tough competition surrounding the indie/folk genre, standing out has become an ever increasing difficult feat for up and coming musician. Yet, Eliza and the Bear have cut their way through like a butter knife. In similar fashion to Mumford and Sons and rising stars from Denver The Lumineers, whose harmonic instrumentation and chemistry have enchanted the folk-driven scene, Eliza and The Bear have raised the the bar even higher for all indie/folk/rock.

Just five months ago, they released a teaser of their upcoming debut album with a song titled “Brother’s Boat’. With a slow and melodic intro, utilizing catchy guitar riffs and background trumpets, the band quickly sets a foundation of pure musical bliss. Soft and heart-warming lyrics quickly fill the track with a sense of honest reflection that is ultimately interrupted by one of the most explosives and welcoming organic ‘drops’ from an indie band we have encountered this year. No matter what the lyrics may be about, “Brother’s Boat” is a surprisingly wonderful gem that will have your heart skip a beat of utter joy.

There is absolutely no way anyone cannot fall in love with the sheer energy and emotional connection Eliza and The Bear has with music. They have already recorded their debut EP with the much-acclaimed producer Peter Miles at ‘Middle Farm Studios’ in Exeter (Devon) and are currently keeping a close-guard around it, as they tour and increase their live presence. God, I already feel dirty about the things I would do to just see them live.

Eliza and the Bear
Brothers Boat

Here is another preview of Eliza and The Bear performing “The Southern Wild” live at the Middlefarm Studios.

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[Indie] ON AN ON – The Hunter

One of the more exciting new artists of 2012, ON AN ON are poised to make some real waves next year when their debut album Give In drops on January 29th. We were already enamored with “Ghosts,” the hugely successful first single that bursts with arena-sized power, but the band is back with a new LP teaser called “The Hunter”. Drum machines and warped vocals are layered atop a big hook for another anthem-like track, only further proving that ON AN ON are ready for the spotlight. Check out both of the songs below! “The Hunter” is only $1 on Bandcamp, make sure you grab it.

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