[Fresh] Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun

Naomi Pilgrim
No Gun

First off, she has fantastic hair. But that doesn’t even compare to her stunning voice. Swedish/Barbadian artist Naomi Pilgrim released her debut single “No Gun”, a song that has a UK garage sound mixed in with a jazzy melody. The beat of the piece is catchy, a little electric, a little grim and then a dash of blues. Pilgrim is going to be releasing her debut EP sometime this fall and we can’t wait to hear what other unique sounds she has in store.

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[A New Way to Make Music] Hollywood Cowboy Wants Everyone to Contribute

Hollywood Cowboy

Usually, it is our job to do the write up on artist’s music. But sometimes we get an email that describes what they are doing better than how we would describe it.
Let me introduce you to Hollywood Cowboy, they are two halves of two wonderful Denver groups and they are making music for everyone by everyone. What they have stated is quite simply this:

“We’re not trying to expose too much about our individual identities. Names, sure. Affiliated projects, sure. What we want to stress is Hollywood Cowboy isn’t defined by “front men”. This project is heavily decentralized, Jordan & I just keep it loosely together. Even though the 90% of the work is done by us, we feel like the incessant obsession over telling others we made it, that it’s ours and ours only, ruins the communal aspect heavily associated with music. Furthermore, it’s a slippery slope when music is treated with that particular attitude. After a short while, it becomes less about the music, less about the creative process, and less about the community. It reverses. It becomes more about utilizing music as a means to an end. Under this attitude, music is used as a vehicle for money & fame: Music is replaced by business, creativity is replaced by formulas, community is replaced by rampant narcissism.”

Their recently released songs were a result of one production session a year back with collective and they will continue to release music sporadically that will reflect whatever collective helped make it.

They want all of you to help contribute to this music endeavor so feel free to email them at hollywoodcowboycollective@gmail.com

A collaboration with everyone, now there’s a concept.

Cowboy Blues
Just Kids
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[Indie/Pop] Lincoln Jesser – We’ll Be Fine

Lincoln Jesser
We'll Be Fine

There’s something about these artists with the 80’s pop sound making a huge comeback. Let’s discuss Lincoln Jesser for a minute because his new release “We’ll Be Fine” embodies all that is indie-pop. He has beautifully simple lyrics that go perfectly with his soft and enticing vocals. The beat of the song is light and airy, an upbeat mix that captures a lot of the same sounds used in 80’s classic pop songs. I believe him when he sings that we’ll be fine.

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[Indie Rock] Double King – Premonitions EP


Double King have something going. With an interesting vocal tone and range, hip-swaying 50’s style surf rock guitars and a catchy pop set up, we find ourselves swooning. They have a sound dripping in Americana that beckons on classical styles infused with traditional pop structures. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by this Brooklyn based indie rock outfit.

Speaking of Brooklyn, it seems like everyday we’re talking about another band making a splash from that part of the country. We don’t know what they’re putting in the water out there, but we will gladly take a glass. Between pizza and indie rock, NYC water is holding it down.

Tasty thin crust slices aside, Double Kings have one of those painfully joyous familiar sounds. Clean and enticing guitar chords remind you of something you’d hear in the prom scene of Back to the Future, yet there’s a certain modern flair that helps bring it all full circle. It’s agreeable, yet defined enough to stand above the rest. Just press play, and have a listen for yourself.

Red Tide
Battle Cry
Holy Water
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2013 Round #1)


If any of you currently reside or have resided in a traffic ridden city, then you are fully aware of what a difference a simple 5 minutes can make. For example, if you leave at 4:59 pm, you could possibly be throwing yourself into moving at the speed of snail all the way home, but it you leave at 5:04, you’re golden. Straight shot to the promise land. 5 minutes will make you or break you. Luckily, this playlist you find below, and every one before and after it, is a continuous play of wonderful, stress reducing indie masterpieces to help you through your ride home, no matter if you are trapped in a gridlock of madness or you are flying through lanes with your hair blowing in the smog. Don’t worry your pretty little head. The Indie Dojos got you.

Jordan Klassen
Piano Brother
Evan & The Brave
Lil Monster
The Little Kicks
All I Need
Spark Alaska
Hidden Edelweiss
Andy Clockwise
Murphys Law
Son Lux
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[Folk] Fossil Collective – Half Light

Fossil Collective
Half Light

There’s something to be said about being swaddled as a child. You may have just read that first sentence and wondered what the hell i’m talking about, but stay with me. Swaddling comforts and infant child. We can’t really tightly wrap ourselves in a blanket at this age though. For one, everyone would think we’re crazy. Secondly, we couldn’t access our glass of bourbon or iPhone. So, we have to result to something else.

Enter Fossil Collective. This Leeds based indie folk outfit just wrapped us up in a blanket full of vocals and put us to bed. No fussing. No tossing and turning. Lights out. Coupled with those comforting vocals are folk sounds that are as classic as the day is long. With soft strumming guitars, understated keys and a slow repitious percussion, we’re lost in a pacifying world of familiarity.

The new song appears on their self-produced EP, The Water, which will be released digitally on October 29th. Keep an eye out for it.

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As Elephants Are – Crystal (Pixel Fix Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

As Elephants Are
Crystal (Pixel Fix Remix)

As we slowly pull ourselves out of bed today, dreading the looming work week that lies ahead, we have something to gently soften the blow. Oxford based electronica quartet Pixel Fix, wants to melt away the stress of the work week with this gorgeously rethought version of “Crystal.”

The original tune, crafted by UK indie rockers As Elephants Are, lends itself to associations like We Were Promised Jetpacks and Two Door Cinema Club with it’s wavering guitar notes and anthemic pop structure. It’s one of those tracks that’s chalk full of foot-tapping goodness, which is why it’s easy to see why Pixel Fix would want to take this on.

The ambient nature of this remix is a far departure from the original, yet the calming vocals are perfect for this type of musical backdrop. With atmospheric effects, slow rolling hi-hat hits and white noise, this dreamy interpretation is quite calming. The passion is still there, we’re just hearing it in a different form, and a delicious one at that.

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