[Good Lord] James Vincent McMorrow – Red

James Vincent McMorrow
Red Dust

Call it a man crush. Call me a fan boy. Whatever you want to label my affinity with James Vincent McMorrow’s heavenly voice is fine with me. I’ll calmly dodge your verbal arrows as I enjoy the other worldly experience that is listening to him sing.

In one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2014 (in my eyes, at least) we’re offered up another sampling of what’s to come from this Dubliner. With a slow strike of a bass drum, haunting vocal samples and some understated piano keys, James once again is able to take us away from all of our troubles, slowly melting away the week with his incredible voice.

Post Tropical is out on January 14th, and is guaranteed to be nothing short of sensational. With a voice like that, it’s hard to think that it would be anything less.

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Haunted Hauses – Hunters [TMN PREMIERE]

Haunted Hauses

It seems like this is the generation for people to strive for what they really want in life. Spending your free time working on your passion has become the rule these days, rather than the exception. That’s exactly what we’re showcasing today with Haunted Hauses. This Brooklyn based indie pop four piece began as a collective of friends including Leif Huckman (Ex Cops), Autry Fulbright (Trail of Dead) and Eric Rodgers (VHS or Beta). In between rehearsals and tours with their current bands, these fellas wrote and recorded songs in their spare time.

“Hunters” is the single from their upcoming debut EP. You can hear influences from all of the other projects these guys have been a part of, featuring a playful psych pop feel, with light fluttering synths. The large, tribal style drumming from Ian Longwell (producer and collaborator) creates a cinematic journey that effortlessly carries the powerful vocals.

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SORNE – I Miss You (Bjork Cover) [TMN PREMIERE]

I Miss You

We all have our inspirations. Whether it be a music blogger inspired by previous music journalists gracing the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine, or a musician intrigued by an experimental, curious Icelandic female vocalist, we all have them. It’s in these inspirations that our art forms are molded, giving us passion and drive to both pay homage to our heroes, as well as create something that’s truly our own.

At the young age of nine, SORNE witnessed something that would later inspire his music, seeing Bjork perform with the Sugarcubes on SNL. Fast forward a few decades, and this Florida based artist has tipped his cap to his northern European inspiration. Armed with his voice, some chopsticks, his desk and a canvas, SORNE has created interpretations of some of his favorite Bjork tunes.

Today we’re excited to premiere his cover of “I Miss You.” Mimicing the iconic organ chords, SORNE utilizes his voice in their place. With repetitious bouts of percussion hits, he maintains the classic feel of the original, while dialing down the tempo to create a sultry and unique rendition.

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Wake Owl – Candy [TMN PREMIERE]

Wake Owl

Maybe it’s those sultry guitars that are welcoming us in. Maybe it’s that smooth, playful bassline. Whatever it is, Wake Owl has us fully entranced in their retro inspired sound, bringing back memories of yesteryear with their classic musical stylings.

No, we can’t say we were even alive for what most would call Yesteryear, however, we are pretty well versed in musical composition throughout the years. “Candy,” displays qualities that will warm your mother’s heart over, while still maintaining a current relevance. This playful pop tune, riddled with love drenched lyrics, effortlessly tells a story to the listener, bringing them in with every verse.

Coming up on their debut LP, The Private World of Paradise, the aptly named “Candy” is quite a treat. Recorded at National Freedowm studios under producer Richard Swift (The Shins, Foxygen), the album is due out March 4th, 2014 by way of Vagrant Records. Make sure you put a notification in your phone, as this is one you won’t want to miss. Until then, you can curb your sweet tooth by picking up “Candy” on iTunes.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2013 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIt’s freaking cold outside. For some of us at least. And then there are some of you that are spending your December days in minimal clothing. Either way, there’s nothing like curling up or dressing down to a Indie Dojo playlist. We’ve been warming hearts and chillin’ vibes since 2011.

The Phoncurves
Good Morning, Sunshine
Bleeding Heart Pigeons
Flat Bones
Coastal Cities
Little Racer
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[NEW] Phantogram – Fall In Love

Phantogram - Voices
Fall In Love

We’ve received even more good news today, as Phantogram have finally announced the release date for their upcoming studio album. The band made their comeback earlier this year with a self-titled EP that dropped in September, but now we have word that Voices, the follow-up to 2009’s Eyelid Movies, is set to drop on February 18th, 2014. Along with the announcement we’ve received the first official single from the project, and it’s one we’re sure you’ll immediately “Fall In Love” with. Check out the track below, and make sure to be one of the first to pre-order the album before it hits shelves next year.


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[Ambient] Marley Carroll – First Thought, Best Thought/ The Hunter


Known among his peers as “the producer’s producer,” this classically trained pianist and percussionist has straddled genre lines for years, previously being awarded as the Best Scratch DJ for his home state of North Carolina – at the age of 17. With a love and flair for classic instrumentation, and an interest rooted in the electronica world, it’s no wonder we’re picking our jaw up off the ground after hearing Sings, which dropped last week.

One of our favorite tunes from the gorgeously orchestrated LP is “First Thought, Best Thought.” The precariously named title might be a nod to what every artist goes through in creating something, going through constant eternal struggles only to find that that initial creative flame, was in fact, the best.

Carroll’s percussion rich upbringing can be heard throughout this entire piece, popping over atmospheric, nature rich elements, and synthesized human chantings.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re offered a much more pop driven tune in “The Hunter.” With a light, playful melody, Carroll’s voice carries effortless through the dance inspired beats. You honestly can’t help but get taken to another world whilst listening to this tune, embracing its flirty and playful nature is inevitable.

Both examples are mesmerizing, and in all honesty, are just the tip of the iceberg for what you can expect from Sings.

First Thought, Best Thought
The Hunter
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