[Alternative] Fyfe – Lies

Fyfe - Lies

As the release date of Fyfe‘s Solace EP steadily approaches, we now have access to three of the project’s four tracks. “Lies” isn’t as immediately impactful as its two predecessors, but it has endearing qualities of its own. Being the most low tempo effort of the trio, “Lies” has a rather airy vibe to it, as Fyfe’s floating vocals gently lift you off of the ground and whisk you away to a distant place. The lyrics aren’t quite as peaceful however, as Fyfe begs his partner to cut the bullshit, crooning out, “Lies won’t live.” If you’ve been following Fyfe’s ascent to this point, there’s no doubt you’re excited for his upcoming Solace EP, dropping April 7th. For the extra eager, pre-orders are already being taken on iTunes.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2013 Round #4)

There’s plenty of dead space in life to drive a person mad. So, keep somewhat sane and fill up the silence with some Indie from the Dojo today and for the remaining future Tuesdays of this lifetime

Logan Vath
Better Man or Ghost
Tall Tall Trees
Waiting on the Day
Vance Joy
The Mariners Children
In My Bed
Shes A Keeper
Happiest Hat in the Hat Shop
Brendan Losch
Son Of A Gun
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[TMN Exclusive] Dead Sara Interview

Dead Sara
Dead Sara
Lemon Scent

Touring with the likes of rock giants Muse has got to be both exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, which is why we were interested in knowing a little bit more about the female led rock band, Dead Sara. So, before their show in Tampa, we were able to fire over some questions via email and get to know this up-and-coming four piece. If you’re not familiar with the group just yet, know that their music is powerful, guitar driven, and features wailing gritty vocals from lead singer Emily Armstrong. Their live show in Tampa before Muse was electric and entertaining, and left us quite impressed.

Before we bore you with more details from our mouths, take a moment to hear it from theirs.

TMN: Thank you so much for taking some time to sit down with us. Right off the bat, we’d like to know what it’s like to be asked to tour with a band like Muse. We’re you nervous, intimidated or just downright excited when you got the news?

DS: Definitely both, all the above. It was quite the adjustment.

TMN: Talk to us about your musical production. Does Siouxsie lay down her monster riffs before hand or does Emily lay down the lyrics first?

DS: Riffs usually come first and then from there we jam and the lyrics flow.

TMN: Did you guys grow up around music? Was it something that your parents encouraged from an early age, or did you get into it later in life?

DS: Later, around 11. I’m pretty sure we all discovered it on our own.

TMN: Name your top three musical influences.

DS: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Cocteau Twins

TMN: Alright, this one is a little off the wall but we ask everyone this question. If your music were an animal, what would it be?

DS: A lion, ’cause I love Leos in general.

TMN: Ok, back to the tour. What are your tour bus refrigerator staples?

DS: Well we haven’t really had time to fill it, hahhaa. But coffee, soy milk, water, hummus

TMN: On your facebook page you’ve stated your interests as, “Tour the world and play your house party.” Tell us about your first house party gig.

DS: It was a Halloween night in the back of somebody’s apartment in Hollywood. At the time we were like “This is so many people!” and it was about 100 people. It was the biggest crowd we had played to and we were totally stoked!

TMN: Alright, thank you so much for taking some time to chat with us here at TMN. Anything you’d like to tell our readers?

DS: Look out for our next single Lemonscent, we just finished the video. Should be out soon, hope you like it.

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[NEW] AWOLNATION – Sail (Remix) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul)

Sail (Remix) ft. Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul

Kendrick Lamar and the Top Dawg crew really want to make sure this is an amazing week for you. After receiving the stellar remix for “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” on Monday, and ScHoolboy Q‘s awesome new track ”Yay Yay” early Friday, we’ve now been blessed with a remix to AWOLNATION‘s hit single “Sail” complete with guest verses from Kendrick and Black Hippy running mate, Ab-Soul. While the remix may lack the punch of the original, it has been edited by Sounwave to make it a little bit more hip-hop friendly. Kendrick and Ab-Soul undoubtably deliver on their verses, although it can be hard to tell what they’re saying at times, considering the song’s plastered with tags from the L.A. Leakers. It looks like we’ll have to wait for the official version to drop, but in the meantime let’s enjoy what we can of it.

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[Indie] Shady Elders – Schoolmate

Shady Elders

There’s a lot of talent coming out of Hot Congress Records in Denver. The most recent of which is a dream pop indie rock band by the name of Shady Elders. Their track “Schoolmates” off of their upcoming album is conveniently titled. We say that because we can’t help but think of dancing to this song at a high school prom sometime in the 50′s. The guitar chords, the dreamy doo-wop feel, and the sultry vocals of lead singer Britt Rodemich had us feeling like grabbing our sweethearts and awkwardly dancing in circles through our high school gyms.

However, while the sound does have that classic vibe that’s getting increasingly popular these days (alla Lana Del Rey, Michael Kiwanuka, Bahamas, etc) this band is very much on their way to great things in the present. They’ve opened for a few large acts that are well revered in the blogosphere, and we expect to see more of the same to come.

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