Life Leone – Graceland to LA in the School Bus [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


There’s something about Life Leone that screams Americana. Maybe it’s the gritty vocals, maybe it’s the heavily distorted guitars, maybe it’s the catchy-as-hell lyrics. Whatever it is that gives us this feeling of red white and blue familiarity, it just got taken up a notch with the release of this video.

Premiering today, this Lucerne Valley based outfit continues their nostalgic rock and roll persona with a continuous filming of their trip from Graceland to LA. Set to their tune “Lonely Teacher,” off of their EP Comes Crashing In (July 2nd), night turns to day, and day turns to night as we witness a cross-country trip in an old school bus.

That, my ninjas, is as American as it comes. Open a PBR, press play and enjoy.

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[Hazy] Oliver Wilde – On This Morning

Oliver Wilde
On This Morning

‘On This Morning’ is the shape-shifting, unorthodox new track from Bristol based artist Oliver Wilde.

Confidently categorizing Wilde would seem like a reductive and unfair exercise. Whilst ‘On This Morning’ possesses the woozy introspection of shoe gaze and a back bone of laptop-pop, Wilde hasn’t subscribed to any formulaic blueprint. Instrumentalisation is woven and chameleon-esque in its fluid changeability. Analogue recordings and experimental visions are harnessed with the usage of household items and the imagination to assert that what’s more important is the effect created, rather than the component used to make it.

Wilde’s bedroom proves the liberating environment this track pays homage to, in its cerebral escape from generic song structuring. Made for late night musings and moulded from twilight tinklings, this understated record was crafted for keeps.

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[Gorgeous] Laurel – Crazy (Patsy Cline Cover)

Crazy (Patsy Cline Cover)

One thing we love about holidays is the influx of themed releases, covers and remixes that come out in perfect harmony with that day. Valentine’s Day has presented us with some soulful gems, including this gorgeous interpretation of the overwhelmingly classic tune “Crazy,” from country music legend Patsy Cline.

UK based indie vocalist Laurel has not only paid tribute to one of the most recognizable American classics out there, but she reinvented this 1961 gem with immaculate class and respect. The woeful sorrow is still very much present, as it is in the original, yet we’re brought into this century with a light spattering of synthesized drums, echoing piano keys, and classic movie samples.

We would be remiss to not talk about the flawlessness of Laurel’s vocals. In a cinematic swelling of haunting sentiment, Laurel has us wondering if this song had personal meaning to her, as her raw emotions are left in front of the listener, with unabashed honesty.

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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Nightwater Girlfriend Remix [TMN PREMIERE]

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Nightwater Girlfriend Remix

Undoubtedly possessing one of our favorite band names of all time, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin also captivates us with their laid-back indie rock goodness on the regular. We posted their tune “Nightwater Girlfriend” back in June. The original boasts an easily lovable guitar riff; the kind that you could hear on the radio and say, “Oh, shit. I know this song.” Coupled with some distorted power chords and their signature understated vocals, it was a tune that we were quite fond of.

Fast forward into the next year, and this Springfield based band has dialed in an enticing indie-dance remix of “Nightwater Girlfriend.” Harnessing in on a repitious sample of the guitar strums, this tune is rife with merriment, straightaway asking for your attention on the dancefloor. Don’t hesitate. Let your feet do the talking. Get out there and show your moves.

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[Indie as F#$k] Two Bottle Jump – Is This What They Mean

Two Bottle Jump
Is This What They Mean? DEMO *1

By now you should know something about us. We like to post good music, no matter what size, shape or form is comes in. Today is a perfect example of that, as we bring in London based quartet Two Bottle Jump.

Yes, the production is rough around the edges, there’s no doubt about that. However, we’re not here to talk about whether a band could afford to hit up a polished studio or not. In fact, we could give two shits whether or not they recorded with some world renown studio nerd. What we care about is the raw talent; the emotions that are evoked when we listen to the music. One spin through “Is This What They Mean” had us throwing our head back and forth, grinning ear-to-ear.

With a groovy and upbeat bassline, rugged guitar riffs, and a dancy tempo worthy of throwing yourself around a crowded room of concert goers, this tune will have you recalling memories of Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse. Nod your head to every upstroke and have fun getting lost in child-like amusement.

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[NEW] Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp

Little Dragon-Nabuma Rubberband
Little Dragon
Klapp Klapp

Make no mistake, Little Dragon are back and better than ever, and they aren’t being shy about their return at all. With their fourth studio album, Nabuma Rubberband, set for release on May 13th, the Swedish pop group have unleashed the first taste of what they’ve been cooking over the last three years. “Klapp Klapp” is a torrentially fervent effort that rushes towards the listener and grabs them by the head.  The spastic bassline and rapid drums are balanced out by Yukimi Nagano‘s airy vocals, resulting in a refreshingly boisterous experience. You can see the tracklist for the album below, and make sure to catch the band on tour in the lead-up to the release of Nabuma Rubberband. 

01 Mirror
02 Klapp Klapp
03 Pretty Girls
04 Underbart
05 Cat Rider
06 Paris
07 Lurad
08 Nabuma Rubberband
09 Only One
10 Killing Me
11 Pink Cloud
12 Let Go

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[A Love Story] Blooms – If I

If I

One of the joys of being an artist, whether that is a writer, painter, or musician, is that they get to play out their romantic relationships in their own mediums for the world to see and hear. And that is exactly the story UK singer Blooms is telling in her debut EP, If. Today she released the second song off her EP, “If I,” which tells the story of the “what if” scenarios in her relationship. The EP details a relationship from beginning to end –from lust to love to letting go. Speaking on If, Blooms says

I would describe the whole EP as a moment, it captures a specific period in time.
 With help from Darragh (Sacred Animals), “If I” is a sultry mix of Bloom’s deep vocals paired with eerie electronic melodies. Stunning with a twist of an exotic feel, “If I” is still just the start to this love story and we are excited to see just how Bloom’s story will end.

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