[Yes.] Espa – Your Ghost

Premiere: Espa
Your Ghost

New girl crush alert.
Besides having the hands down coolest hair I have ever seen, Espa has a voice that beckons to be heard. Sexy, seductive, deep, and stunning, this artist’s voice is one that will stay in your mind long after hearing her music. With the latest release off her debut EP ‘150th & Broadway’ due out later this year, her song ‘Ghost’ tells the haunting story of a lover whose ghost and image Espa cannot erase from her mind or her heart. Anyone who has ever felt this way will feel a certain connection with Espa’s lyrics, and her heartfelt plea to the ghost of this once love. Expect to hear so much more from this talented artist and her remarkable voice.

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[TMN Video Premiere] Rigbi ft Miranda Sloan – A World Alone (Lorde Cover)


Well this is just a lovely little spin on Lorde’s ‘A World Alone’.
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for this wonderful single produced by the fabulous gentlemen of Rigbi with the vocals of the highly talented Miranda Sloane. Taking the popular song and putting their own spin on it, Rigbi keeps the melody light while the deep, seductive, and even haunting vocals of Sloane give the song a bit of a grown up twist.

On the song the band explained: “The song was recorded in our own studio. Brian implemented a mix of electronic and acoustic drums into his kit which adds a unique flare to the song along with Pat’s auxiliary percussion. Our approach was to keep the structure of the original song by Lorde (which we love) the same and just add a level of intensity.
It was a great experience using different layering of instruments. The original doesn’t really have a bass line other than the keyboard on the low end so this left room for Randy to write his own bass part within the song”.

Combining the band’s instrumental genius with Sloane’s tantalizing vocals makes for an addicting pop/rock sound that caters to the listeners of all ages. Make sure to turn the volume on this video to a nice high level and get carried away.

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Ed Prosek – Hold On Tight [TMN PREMIERE]

Ed Prosek
Hold On Tight

At the young age of 22, Californian turned Brighton UK resident Ed Prosek certainly must have some stories to tell. Luckily for us, he’s one hell of a musician, which provides an outlet for his life stories.

After releasing his debut EP, California, Prosek gained a strong following. In fact, his cover of Paul Simon’s classic hit, “Homeward Bound” was actually chosen as the soundtrack to a major TV advertisement for Cathedral City, taking this budding young artist to a national audience in a very direct way.

Coming off of his upcoming EP, “Hold On Tight” showcases the orchestral folk capabilities, giving us a booming four minute, emotional ride. Crossing in-between references of Patrick Watson, The Lumineers, and Of Monsters and Men, Prosek has found his knack with raw, powerful and engrossing vocals. Set to the backdrop of rambling guitars, steady snare hits and playful banjo work, this tune carries the heft of other radio-ready folk singles. We’re just happy we were the first ones to bring it out into the open.

Make sure to follow this young man on facebook to keep up with his shows, releases, and general goings on. We have a feeling he’s going to be one to keep and eye on.

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Roses and Revolutions – Take Me With You (Clementine & The Galaxy Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (4)
Take Me With You (Clementine & The Galaxy Remix)

Roses and Revolutions have one of the more radio-ready sounds we’ve heard in quite some time. Singer/Songwriter Alyssa Coco has a voice that’s seems like it’s been refined over decades of professional experience, seemingly flawless in her execution.

While this NY indie rock duo might have a sound suited for top-40, they’re certainly crossing over journalistic planes with this recent collaboration. Calling on fellow New Yorker Clementine and the Galaxy, Coco and bandmate Matt Merrit have been given a electronic makeover, rife with a synth heavy melody and dancy beat worthy of the stingiest of indie bloggers.

We’ve always had an affinity for both the popular, and the obscure, which is why we’re always overjoyed to see unique collaborations. In this instance, these two styles are fused together to provide us with a grin-inducing tune to carry us this Tuesday.

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High Highs – Ocean To City [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (3)
High Highs
Ocean To City

We don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world, but out here in Denver, Colorado, it’s grey and drizzly. Fall is truly starting to bear its chilly persona, and in all honesty, we couldn’t be happier. Fall is great for so many things: Halloween, changing leaves, and girls around the globe clamoring for Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.

All kidding aside, the reason why we bring up fall is due to the dreamy soundscape that we’re currently encapsulated in. Thanks to NY-based indie-pop duo High Highs, we’re immersed in wavering guitar chords that develop a swirling rhythm perfect for these rainy days.

Comprised of members Jack Milas and Oli Chan, High Highs are set to release their 3-song EP coming up October 7th. The title track off this EP, which is what we’re serving up today, sports a driving bassline that acts as the backbone for these delightful and memorable lyrics. One listen through and you’ll be buying up tickets for one of their upcoming shows, which conveniently are listed out below.

SHOW DATES: * w/ Avi Buffalo

10/ – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade
11/ – Washington DC @ DC9*
11/8 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott*
11/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot and Saddle*


10/21 – New York, NY @ Pianos (1:45pm)
10/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ TBD (Sofar Sounds Williamsburg)

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[Traveling In Space] Official-G – Outer Space

Outer Space (feat Genevieve)

Sometimes, you just stumble upon a group or a song so raw and so new and so unbelievably good you can’t help but share it with everyone you know and then if you work for a music blog like myself, every reader you can possibly get to listen.
He calls himself Official-G and currently has 47 followers on Soundcloud and joined Facebook a good thirteen days ago. But producer Jimmy Ginnopoulos is no stranger to music and alongside Genevieve Schatz, he has recorded an EP in his own apartment in Brooklyn due out later this year. His debut single ‘Outer Space’ is a sexy and sophisticated song that has a certain air about it. With touches of saxophone, bass guitar, and the killer vocals of Genevieve, G shows us why he is a master of his trade. One thing is for sure, G won’t be a secret for much longer.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2014 Round #4)


We aren’t always good with words. We’ve stumbled, stuttered, and shoved our foot in our mouth at least once in our lifetime. To spare the embarrassment, how awesome would it be if we could speak in song? Using other people’s lyrical talent to drive our conversation to something worth listening to. Like sending a love playlist to your secret crush. Throwing in those “freak in the sheets” songs in attempt to trigger their subconsciousness into crushing back….or being really creeped out. How about blasting that super loud “F you” song on your drive home from a job you hate? In love or hate, we’ve all tried to communicate through song. And if you happen to be a loss of words today, you’re in luck. We’re pretty confidant you could piece together a whole day’s conversation in the hundreds of Indie Dojo’s we’ve posted.

Boxed In
Foot Of The Hill
Mating Ritual
Death in the Afternoon
Lets Talk
French Alps
North Arm
Zea and the Copper Children
Drugs & Liquor
Gravel Kings
Left Alone
Hey Rosetta!
Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)
Big Tree
Raise The Flag
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