[Chill] Head Of Sales – Miss America (featuring Conner Youngblood)

Head Of Sales
Miss America (featuring Conner Youngblood)

Anonymity on SoundCloud is nothing new, and Head Of Sales is faithfully upholding this decision with a description that reads:

Head Of Sales is an anonymous aural project.
Please refrain from trying to find out about it.
Just listen to the songs, for once.

This of course makes it all the more intriguing, but we’ll respect these wishes. The one piece of information we have is the vocalist, Conner Youngblood, who delivers a profound performance over the dark and brooding production. We highly recommend taking their suggestion on simply listening, because “Miss America” is a gorgeous track overall, no frills attached. Here’s to letting the music speak for itself.

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[Indie Electronic] Kevin Garrett – Control

Kevin Garrett

Who is Kevin Garrett exactly? While he is a fairly fresh face on the SoundCloud spectrum, his two songs that he’s posted suggest a much more developed presence. Matching minimal production and substantial lyrical content, Kevin follows up his debut single, “Coloring,” with yet another resounding number, “Control.”

Simplicity can easily be misconstrued as lazy or trite, and in some cases it certainly is, but Kevin’s transparency in his most recent piece lays a strong foundation for his own budding career and growth. “Control” pairs a production quality and approach reminiscent of James Blake with Kevin’s own message of personal emancipation from an unsavory past to construct a hazy, yet cathartic result. With this strong second single, Kevin Garrett is embarking on a firm path to receiving the recognition his talent suggests, and we’re eagerly awaiting whatever he’s going to cook up next. Be sure to support Kevin on “Control” with a purchase on iTunes.

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[Dance/Synth-Pop] Penguin Prison – Never Gets Old

Penguin Prison
Never Gets Old

The transformation of Chris Glover from full-time Bard College student/part-time bedroom producer to international tastemaker and one of pop music’s only boundary pushing producers left standing as Penguin Prison has been an entertaining arc to monitor over the years. With every passing release, his work plays more fluently, sonic elements coalesce wondrously; while every kick, clap, and hooky synth progression is carefully layed out to aid an entire movement. Not to mention, this scrawny, (sorry Chris) Anglo-Saxon looking Caucasian boy belts out every inch of Penguin Prison vocal work, and executes his incantations with the type of careful, delicate but robust grandeur that would make Al Green tip a smile. To say we’re fans of Penguin Prison’s work would be to put it lightly. After arising from a brief hiatus which was filled mostly with fun-first remix projects and covers with convivial single “Calling Out” in October of last year, “Never Gets Old” is our first taste of a sophomore LP entry, slated for a May 5 release on the illustrious Downtown records. Glover immediately kicks into gear with a rolling guitar riff dipped in just a touch of reverb, a live four-four drum line and a succinctly faint synth mirror, before his more fully realized vocals slide in to steal the show. This one is just a pure feelgood anthem for what will no doubt be the foreseeable future, so hop on “Never Gets Old” before well… you know, it might get old.

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[Indie] Max and the Moon – Modern Love

Max and the Moon
Modern Love

Jesus, Los Angeles just seems to have all the best up and coming Indie artists. We’ve found our hearts soaring with Golden Coast, FRANKIE, Monarch, and now Max and the Moon and their upbeat, fun new track “Modern Love”. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of you might be searching for some tunes to swoon your lovers – don’t stress because with Max and the Moon playing in the background, your boo things won’t be able to contain themselves. If you’re like me and have your cat for the 4th year in a row, then “Modern Love” will just be the background music to your Ben & Jerry’s binge session. Either way, this song is perfect.

“Modern Love is a song we wrote to explain how we’ve seen intimacy between people change over time. We didn’t necessarily want to say we think love in today’s culture is any worse or better than how it has existed throughout history, but we wanted to write about a love story that was more timeless…without placing judgement on our society, we wanted to sing about two people that have found a way to make love and this modern reality coexist.” – Max and the Moon

Max and the Moon say it all in their little blurb to their fans. As technology continues to advance and society continues to stray further and further away from direct contact with people, we can’t help but assume that today’s world is heavily influenced by social media. “Modern Love” is simple in that it genuinely portrays a love that is incredibly hard to find in today’s day in age. So take your lovers back in time and show them that they’re worth much more than a Woman Crush Wednesday or Man Crush Monday mention on Instagram.

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[Indie] Will Joseph Cook – Streets Of Paris

Will Joseph Cook
Streets Of Paris

Will Joseph Cook is a new one to The Music Ninja, but on the basis of being overwhelmingly impressed by his distinct vocals & ability to write a good pop song, we’re definitely feeling this 17 year old’s charms from across the pond. In listening to “Streets of Paris,” comparisons might be drawn to artists like George Ezra, showcasing the ability of capturing moments & feelings on recordings.

Streets of Paris is a song I wrote inspired by some good times I had last summer” explains Cook. He continues, “I came up with the riff around last June and the melody became the soundtrack for my summer. The lyrics came as a reflection of everything that happened” The good times Cook speaks of translate well on recordings with it’s uptempo guitars and crashing drums all in line with those infectious chopped vocals. – Will Joseph Cook

From Budapest to Paris, this is one to watch carefully in the next few months as more music is expected. You can start now by heading over to soundcloud and reposting this charming indie rock tune. In doing so, you’ll get the lovely treat of a free download sent your way as a thank you for sharing.

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Hello Caller – Decent Sense [TMN PREMIERE]

Hello Caller
Decent Sense

This is one of our favorite times of the year. Yes, it’s cold out. Yes, we’re all sick of snow, sleet, rain and chilly winds. Yes, we’re all longing for the days where we can lazily listen to music, beer in hand, enjoying the sweet simplicity of life in the warmer weather months. But, this is the time of the year that we start hearing delicate, infatuating folk and indie rock songs that will populate our summer playlists, and for that, we’re always anxious to get to the first quarter of a new year.

Quickly earning a top spot in upcoming “Lazy Summer Indie” playlists, Austin-based sextuplet Hello Caller has just released their casually infectious tune, “Decent Sense.” An elongated intro complete with playful banjo picks, whistling, and relaxed percussion slowly walks us into the glowing nature of this song. It’s not until almost two minutes in that we’re introduced to vocals from front man Brian Ferguson, which adds another relaxing and textural layer to the equation. The end result has us pulling out the chase lounges, even if we’re still in the dead of winter.

Made up of members Brian Ferguson (guitar, banjo, lead vocals), Will Wolfe (drums, percussion), Brendan Bond (xylophone, trumpet, percussion, vocals),
Jeff Crozier (bass, vibraphone, vocals), Tyler Dunnam (guitar, vocals), and Caiti Coughlan (viola), Hello Caller is an act you’ll want to keep tabs on for the rest of 2015. Do so by following them on soundcloud and liking their facebook page.

If you’re digging “Decent Sense,” pre order the deluxe 7″ 70 gram, traslucent blue vinyl (out 2/17) via Violent Films.

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GIRL FRIEND – Monte Carlo [TMN Premiere]

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.52.33 AM
Monte Carlo

Pigeonholing a band’s potential with genres is never a good practice. Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint, but when it comes to an act like GIRL FRIEND, there is no easy way to label exactly what they are bringing to the table. This is a spectacular place to be in! With bright instrumentation, indie tendencies, and a confident, smooth vocal performance, GIRL FRIEND pulls out all the stops for “Monte Carlo,” an upbeat ditty reminiscent of a spotless mesh of Franz Ferdinand and Two Door Cinema Club. They’ve nailed down a tight rhythm and their pristine approach suggests a command of their sound beyond conventional alternative acts, especially since they’ve utilized more of a synth pop vibe on this recent tune. If you’re in need of a little sunshine this early in the week, GIRL FRIEND has got just the remedy necessary with “Monte Carlo.”

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