[Indie Electronic] The Japanese House – Still

The Japanese House #87C5AB
The Japanese House

New Music Tuesday continues to charges ahead, and this one in particular is bringing us a ton of top-notch debuts.

Mixing melancholic lyrics with inventive and intelligent pop hooks, London based newcomer The Japanese House impresses with debut track ‘Still’, the lead single from her upcoming EP Pools To Bathe In. Co-produced with The 1975’s Matthew Healy and George Daniel, The Japanese House’s layered harmonies flow through subtle synth textures, delivering a bewitching introduction to a very exciting new artist.

Pools To Bathe In will be released on April 27th on Dirty Hit Records. We strongly suggest you set a reminder in your phone this instant.

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[Stunning] RAINES – Ghosts


You gotta love New Music Tuesday. Today has been rife with top notch tracks, but RAINES is breaking away pack with his debut track, ‘Ghosts,’ a rather stunning debut from a brand new artist.

A sparse arrangement decorated by beautiful keys, RAINES (Mike Nelson) immediately wows with his spellbinding vocal. Boasting a tone that fits somewhere in the space between Hozier, James Vincent McMorrow and Bon Iver, RAINES manages to make ‘Ghosts’ sound equal parts triumphant and heatbreaking, haunting and hopeful.

Speaking on the track, the Liverpool artist states that it’s origins are:

About love and loss, but also the idea that these feelings don’t stop just because a relationship does.

The next steps for RAINES are not clear just yet, but what is clear is this guy is astonishingly talented.

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The Academic – Different [TMN CO-PREMIERE]

The Academic

Delightful 4 piece The Academic express their comfort in being ‘Different’ on this first track from their forthcoming debut EP, co-premiering here today. This up-beat and quality record will shine during a run of festival plays this summer for the band, including their recently announced slots at Sea Sessions Surf & Music FestivalY Not Festival and Live at Leeds. Consumers in attendance shall bare witness to an integral part of their run to global touring success. Timing is everything and these guys have it all packed tightly around their debut EP, which is sure to make a splash in the US after they start swimming. As respected citizens of Mullingar, Ireland, The Academic play mature and friendly sounds. They’ve found their edge with this catchy new single and it shall be an exciting ride from here!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2015 Round #1)


It’s March. Holy crap its March! Seriously though. Where does the time go and is there any such thing as a time stopping machine? No. There isn’t. But there is a music playing machine. It’s called the internet and it brings joy into many, many lives in the form of a weekly Indie Dojo. Enjoy.

Nick Hill
Hustle Rose
Make You Mine
Boxing Day
Aero Flynn
Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail
The Colour Blue
Old Man



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[Indie Electronic] Coasts – Modern Love

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 6.38.35 PM
Modern Love

Coasts are back with a raucous follow up to their EP! “Modern Love” kicks down the door with window shattering synths, cutting vocals, and an unbeatable catchy rhythm that pulls together the best of alternative, pop and electronic elements into one clean cut package. Coasts are never short of energy in any of their releases, and “Modern Love” is here to bust things up and take no prisoners. It might just be impossible to not have a smile on your face when this tune is on. It’s simply a great time on every listen and is sure to brighten your day! Winter is slowly starting to go away, so greet the impending spring with Coasts’ newest big tune.

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[Dance/Chill] Great Good Fine OK – Too Much to Handle (Shook Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Great Good Fine Ok
Too Much To Handle (Shook Remix)

Last week we featured the first remix  for Brooklyn based indie-pop troupe Great Good Fine OK‘s latest single “Too Much To Handle” from the always stellar Penguin Prison. Following that outstanding take, is the second offering from GGFO’s official remix selections; this time coming from enigmatic electronic producer Shook. Shook instills an almost Balearic atmosphere on top of his revision, fusing recognizably glossy and warm dance backing onto ripely plucked instrumental stems from the original. Furthering this one into a space of melancholy yet buoyant bliss is Jon Sandler’s soothing falsetto; which sits like a melting pad of butter on a big ol’ stack of Shook’s musical hotcakes. Those hotcakes of course being blithe synth stabs and a carefully arranged percussive melody of course. We’re beyond happy to bring you Shook’s remix of “Too Much to Handle” before anyone else, so hop to it before the rest of the blogosphere gets their hands err… ears on this gem.

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Rude – Winter EP [TMN PREMIERE]

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 3.55.02 PM

If there’s one thing you should know about the music industry, it’s that it never sleeps. Musicians are writing music around the clock, concertgoers are screaming at the top of their lungs till the wee hours of the morning, and music bloggers are up early on a Sunday morning to write up a premiere.

All of those aforementioned scenarios are culminating into today’s release, as we gleefully fill a larger-than-usual cup of coffee and throw on Winter EP from Birmingham-based Rude. We were already hip to this mysterious outfit after stumbling across their invigorating and enveloping lovelorn tale, “Heartbreaker,” and now we’re getting a more extended glimpse at their artistry to close out our weekend properly

The previously mentioned song has made another appearance in this EP, only this time it’s being accompanied by three other songs, highlighted by our personal favorite, “Sapphire.” A ghostly, luscious take on their craft, this tune boasts wavering synths that glow with a radiating aura. It’s got quite the anti-pop structure, encasing a section of vocals between a gorgeous build and outro. The final minute and a half is particularly stunning, as pronounced percussion and drawn-out legato guitar notes leave us in a state of blissful contentment.

You can pick up this four track EP today on iTunes. We recommend throwing it into your Sunday rotation, especially if you’re having a laid back day at home. And, don’t worry about wondering about upcoming music. Rude has a second EP coming up this spring.

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