[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaRunning away from Christmas jingles? We feel ya. They started bombarding us with that crap the day after Halloween. TOO SOON. Just too soon. It’s cool though. You can ninja your way right out of the tinsel and jingle bells with a good ol’ Indie Dojo. Happy Indiedays!

David Vertesi
Loud Talker
The Walking Who
With Roses
Tei Shi
See Me
getting it on
Bathed In Light
Salmon Arms (Acoustic)
Austin Basham
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[Indie/Rock] Jameson – Liar


Jameson and his banjo can do no wrong.
With his latest single ‘Liar’, Jamesons is showing us just how big of a range he has with his beloved instrument. The song talks about all the liars we know in our lives, or the ones who may not believe they are liars but would be perceived otherwise by the people around them. With a beautiful banjo melody, some soft percussion, and Jameson’s classic rasp/blues voice, he is quickly becoming one of our favorites artists to listen to.

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JP Cooper – When the Darkness Comes [TMN PREMIERE]

JP Cooper
When the Darkness Comes

It’s always difficult to pull ourselves out of bed come Monday morning, especially if we just came off an epic weekend. Well, we found ourselves in that situation this morning, but it wasn’t as difficult to jump up and get on our computers. You can probably guess why, but if not, we’ll fill you in. It’s because of “When the Darkness Comes.”

Following up on the successful release of “Satellite,” neo-soul singer/songwriter JP Cooper once again displays his musical dexterity, providing listeners with a delightful taste of his sparkling talent. Set to uplifting tempo of soaring piano chords, short bursts of brass, interspersed guitar strums, and haunting gospel-style hums, “When the Darkness Comes” surges with truly radiant songwriting ingenuity.

The impassioned lyrics remind of us of other timeless pieces, glowing with the undeniable energy of Cooper’s embracing tone, range, and cadence. In a slight state of awe, we’re left saying, “2015 should be one hell of a year for this Manchester-based talent.”

And it will. “When the Darkness Comes” drops in January on an EP that boasts the same name, and we’re pretty damn sure it’s going to make some waves. Make sure to pre-order your copy by clicking here.

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[Denver Giveaway] College – 12/6 – Larimer Lounge

College feat. Nola Wren
Save the Day

If there’s one phrase to NOT describe your trusty Music Ninjas with, we would have to pick stingy. Which is why it just wouldn’t be a normal week at TMN without some sort of free swag for our astute readers to try their hands. Avant-Pop players College, who most notably added their Electric Youth collaboration “A Real Hero” to the Ryan Gosling lead Drive  soundtrack, and most recently released the Nola Wren featuring “Save The Day” (which you can stream above) bring their live show to Denver’s Larimer Lounge this Saturday, December 6. We’re buzzing about this one heading into the weekend, and it just wouldn’t be the same without having a couple more of our friends there as well. Entering is simple, just “like” The Music Ninja Facebook page (if you haven’t already), and enter your e-mail address in our widget below.
There are a few rules, of course:
- The event is all ages (16+) so tell your friends!
- You are responsible for your own transportation.
- You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at the Lost Lake door.
-You must find a TMN representative and let them buy you a shot (or soda for our under-agers)


For the rest of our friends in North America, check out the rest of College’s current tour dates below.
12-4-14: MINNEAPOLIS (US) – Entry
12-6-14: DENVER (US) – Larimer Lounge
12-7-14: SALT LAKE CITY (US) – Kilby
12-9-14: SEATTLE (US) – Neumos
12-10-14: PORTLAND (US) – Dougfir
12-12-14: SAN FRANCISCO (US) – Rickshaw
12-13-14: LOS ANGELES (US) – Roxy
12-14-14: SAN DIEGO (US) – Casbah

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Heart & Soul Radio Talk ‘Theives’, Dave Grohl, and their DIY Approach to Rock ‘n Roll [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


We’ve had the pleasure of living in the same city as Heart & Soul Radio since their inception, which has given us an inside track on how storied of a career they’ve built. From touring on multiple Warped Tours, to opening for some of the biggest names in punk music, these cats have done and seen more than most acts can dream of.

Before the internet streaming or blogs were even a thing, these three were hustling back when hustling was much harder. With that in mind, we wanted to ask them a few questions about how they’ve pulled it all together and kept it going through the years.

TMN: Hey Guys! Thank you for taking a minute to answer a few questions for us. Let’s kick things off by talking about Thieves. What can people expect from this album?

Brian: People can expect a real rock album when they listen to “Thieves.” Real guitars, real drumming, real bass and real singing make up this album. There are mistakes in the album, so you know it’s not all gridded out and faked like too many albums today. The main point is, you will hear a rock album made by humans instead of computers.

Schuyler: It is also the story of our lives collectively throughout the last 4 years. Some happy, some sad, but mostly just stories of things we’ve encountered personally and through others. We’ve grown a lot as people and musicians in this release. Some may even say our sound has matured.
Some of us used to be married before this, others got married. We are happy to announce that Brian just got engaged, she is rad.

TMN: “True Romance” was one of our favorites on the album, featuring solid harmonies and an engaging pop structure. How did you approach this song in particular?

Heart & Soul Radio
True Romance (You Be Rosanna Arquette, Ill Be That One Guy)

Continue reading

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Lyon Hart – The Sign [TMN PREMIERE]

Lyon Hart
The Sign

Our hands our numb. Our noses are red and chapped. Our feet are immediately rejected by our significant others in bed. Our ears are surprisingly warm though, and we have indie chanteur Lyon Hart to thank for that.

Riding in on a heatwave with his debut single, “The Sign,” this newcomer has teamed up with seasoned production vet Mickey Valen (Noosa, AYER, EVVY) on today’s premiere. This 80′s inspired synth pop tune is incandescent, buzzing and popping in all the best ways. Harnessing light, tropical synths and a ear-caressing bassline, “The Sign” is truly a sign of good things to come. One listen through those glorious vocals will have you shedding layers in approval, even if it does seem like we’re in the middle of an arctic tundra at the moment.

This tune follows up an original with Elephante, “Shake the Earth,” which garnered tremendous success from the blogosphere and Spotify alike. Post-debut, you can expect to see this cat on the upcoming Noosa album, as well as on a few tracks with some of EDM’s best.

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Coastgaard – Rose [TMN PREMIERE]


We can picture it now. Our car slowly caresses the curves of the PCH on the California coastline as we drive slower than usual, making damn sure we drink it all in. The radio has one song playing in this daydream, and it’s “Rose” from Brooklyn-based surf rock outfit Coastgaard.

Recently named by L Magazine as one of the eight bands you need to hear, these cats are dialed in to a delightful indie rock sound which features 60′s rhythms, hazy guitar chords, and glowing lo-fi vocals. “Rose” embodies the aforementioned description, providing us with a more than memorable serving of an audible vacation. The word “infectious” is often overused in music blogging, but it’s hard to stray away from it while listening to this smite-inducing joyride.

When asked about the tune, front man Matt Miller had this to say:

It’s about getting swept up in the routines of life without even realizing it’s happening again and again and again.

Maybe those daydreams of the Cali coastline will help break the monotony mentioned above. If they do, make sure to send Coastgaard a shout out on twitter. Even better so, if you’re in the area, catch them live at Glasslands in Brooklyn

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