[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2015 Round #3)


It’s Tunesday AND St. Paddy’s Day! 2 great excuses for a celebration. And what is a celebration without a playlist!? Nothing…a celebration is nothing without a playlist. So cheers to free playlists and copious amounts of green everything.

Shuffler (B
Running (Prod. Helping Hands)
Arum Rae
Waving Wild
Nine Matches (prod. by Noise Club)
Sam Thomas
If You Dont Love Her
Joni Fatora
Blueless Bird
Gently (Demo)


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SXSW 2015 – Must See Acts [TMN EDITOR’S PICKS]


Portable charger? Check. Craftily packed suitcases? Check. Showcase RSVPs sent? Check. Yep, ninjas. We’re ready to head out to SXSW next week. We can’t believe it’s finally here, but it is. It’s time to charge down to Austin to wander the streets seeing band after band, DJ after DJ. As you’ve come to know from following this site for so many years, each of our editors has a unique set of musical tastes. Sometimes we all have picks in the middle of our colective Venn Diagrams, but, for the most part, we all lean our different ways. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight the must-see acts from each ninja. So, bust out your pen and notepad. You’ll want to write these down.

Daniel Wilson

This artist popped onto our radar with the undeniable charm of “If You Went Away.” His vocals are somewhat unrefined, which definitely adds to the appeal. We’ve only heard a few tunes, and the whole time, we’ve been wondering – what does his live show sound like? We’ll find out soon.

If You Went Away



If you’re looking for a raucous indie rock show that’s sure to be full of energy, catchy pop hooks, and the unavoidable need to dance, then CRUISR will be a show not to miss. These cats have a knack for engaging pop-driven indie, and we’re positive it will translate into a live performance with ease.

Go For It



This eclectic Nashville act promises to deliver plenty of on-stage intrigue, given the amount of instrumentation that goes into their “world pop” arrangements. Their vocal arrangements are extremely original as well, which should be interesting when translated into a live show.

40 Watt


Jack Garratt

This has got to be one of our favorite artists as of late. Undeniably unique, unpredictable, and unconventional, this vocalist always dazzles with his impeccable range, and intricate soundscapes. If there is one artist that I personally “can’t miss,” it’s Jack Garratt.



Jeremy Loops

What would Texas be without some beer-drinkin’, whiskey-shootin’, shit-kickin’, dusty-floor-dancin’ tunes? This infectious folk artist embodies those long-lasting memorable moments with a few friends, some cold drinks, and some frivolous dancing. He encapsulates Americana in pop-centric folk rock, and he does so from all the way down in South Africa.

Skinny Blues


JP Cooper

We had the pleasure of interviewing this young Manchester-based vocalist a few months back, and we have to say, we’re overwhelmingly excited to catch his live show. In fact, if there’s a “must see” show based on vocal finesse, it would be this one. His tone, range, and dexterity is something that we just can’t pass up.



Library Voices

We’ve been hip to this act for quite some time, falling enamored with their highly contagious tune, “Drinking Games.” Part of our adoration came some of their projects with Red Brick Song’s Casablanca sessions, which our the best collaborations the indie scene has seen in the past few years.

Library Voices
If Raymond Carver Were Born In The 90s



After playing our raucous ‘TMN PResents’ party in Denver in late 2014, ASTR has continually set the bar higher on already engaging live sets. After 2014’s incredible ‘Varsity’ EP, we’re hoping 2015 sees a proper album from the New York alt-poppers.



Fred Falke

A man within the confines of dance music needing no real introduction, Fred Falke’s ‘French-Touch’ and disco inflected house records have been a staple of countless critics, artists and fans alike for nearly two decades. Any chance to see The Fred at such an incredible festival is a must.

Bad Blood (Fred Falke Remix)


Hundred Waters

The only non-dance affiliated act on Skrillex’s OWSLA Records, Hundred Waters crafts a stripped down brand of avant-garde pop stylings. Their live sets are as engaging as they are melodic and tasteful. If you haven’t yet, pick up their sophomore LP, ‘The Moon Rang Like a Bell’.

Show Me Love


George Maple

George Maple is an iconic vocalist reining from none other than the homeland of pure talent – Australia. After having collaborated with the likes of Flume, the Future Classic artist is well on her way of becoming a global sensation. George Maple, the harmonious goddess, is making her way out to this years SXSW and we guarantee she is one not to miss.

Vacant Space


Hudson Mowhake

The big name at Numbers never fails to impress with his tunes. Having been involved with Yeezus, being half of the former power duo TNGHT with Lunice, and just killing it all around, HudMo’s influence and discography knows no bounds. He continues to tear it up with every release and always puts on a great show.

Hudson Mohawke
Chimes (Official)


Leon Bridges

Leon is the second coming of 50’s soul. His style is a mix of Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke that epitomizes emotion in the always growing realm of singer-songwriters. “Coming Home” is a landmark single and his album is on the way. If you’re looking for an old school vibe, Leon is your man.

Coming Home



Here’s someone muddying the lines between electronic rock and folk in his own unique and refreshing fashion. His recent EP, Candy, is a must hear if you haven’t caught it already. This LA native is poised for a strong rest of the year and will be a perfect fit for the SXSW community.

10,000 Emerald Pools

Sweater Beats - Dark Matter (feat. Allie)

Sweater Beats

HW&W & Symbol’s very own Sweater Beats is making his SXSW appearance this year and needless to say, this is a monumental step for the young producer. The forward-thinking artist has been soaring over the industry and this year will only be more promising for his career. If you’re headed to SXSW this year, make sure to catch Sweater Beats – but leave your sweater at home because it’ll be too hot to handle.

Flume & Chet Faker
Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)



Brooklyn duo, Beacon, is undoubtedly one of the most underrated artists in today’s music world. I was foruntate enough to catch them last year on tour with Tycho and words do not do their live set or music any justice. Their eloquent way of storytelling is exemplified in their intricate sound designs along with moving melodies and touching synths. If you want an ambient, yet tranformational experience, Beacon is definitely one not to miss.

Bring You Back


Little Simz

Being both a female and a UK native, Little Simz is a minority in the hip-hop realm, but please don’t underestimate her. Able to hold her own with any emcee out there, Simz first impressed us with her E.D.G.E EP last summer. Since then, she’s followed that project with multiple mixtape releas, proving that Simz has an unparalleled work ethic. The girl definitely has bars, and we’re excited to see what she brings to the table when she comes stateside for her performance at SXSW.

It Aint Safe (Freestyle)


Torey Lanez

A true triple threat, Tory Lanez never ceases to amaze us with his many talents. As one of the brightest acts emerging from the Toronto music scene, Tory made waves with his Lost Cause mixtape last fall. The consummate entertainer, Tory’s show promises to be a memorable one, as the emcee exudes a natural charisma that draws the audience in from start to finish. Expect him to crowd surf a minimum of five times, as the Canadian strives to have as much fun as possible every night.

Snakehips x Tory Lanez
Dímelo #songsfromscratch


Trippy Turtle

Making a name for himself last year with his quirky, uptempo, R&B insprired remixes, Trippy Turtle has undeniably become the face of Jersey Club music. Armed with an uncanny sense of humor and some high energy, bed-spring infused productions, Trippy’s showcase promises to be a blast, and we expect you’ll be struggling to catch your breath when it’s all said and done. Eee…Err Eee…Err Eee…Err FOFOFADI!

Trippy Turtle
Trippys Theme


Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins is a Chicago emcee who combines some serious jazzy vibes with an intelligent lyricism matched by few other up ‘n coming rapers. In many ways, his style transcends the current trends in hip-hop without sacrificing dope, forward-thinking production. Mick promises to be an enlightening, laid-back and smooth performance–if you haven’t already check out his mixtape The Waters to prepare.

Jazz (Prod. by OnGaud)


Jay Prince

Jay Prince is a UK-based, Soulection-affiliated rapper and vocalist who made waves with his debut project, BeFOR Our Time. Prince’s music has a distinct soulfulness to it that when combined with instrumentals from producers like IAMNOBODI, who will also be at SXSW, creates a sunny, nuanced aesthetic. Jay Prince is definitely an artist on the up ‘n up who will be awesome to see perform this early in his career.

Jay Prince



It’s crazy to think that there are people who still question the legitimacy of electronic artists as musicians. Vancouver producer Haywyre is just one of many to disprove the closed-minded with lush, complex sonic arrangements and a clear understanding of musical composition. His performance promises to showcase impressive skills on both the keyboard and controller but, more importantly, should be a huge dance party.

All We Need (Haywyre Remix)



Another member of the Huh, What & Where collective, Kaytranada has been pioneering the future R&B/soul movement for years now and it’s been paying off in big ways. He’s been pictured recently with Rick Rubin and has created countless hits with an array of artists. His live sets are soulful, funky and ubeat making him likely one of the funnest DJ sets you’ll find at SXSW.

Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition)

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[Psych Rock] Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Tame Impala
Let It Happen

Since releasing their last album in 2012, Tame Impala have kept busy spreading their unique sound to every corner of the world through their own tours and appearances on all the major festival bills. During that time we haven’t heard much new music from the Australian psych rock outfit, but yesterday they surprised fans with the first singly from the highly anticipated follow up to Lonerism. Spanning nearly 8 minutes, “Let it Happen” is an airy psychedelic masterpiece that’s composition makes for a broad range of mental states ranging from progressive ambience to dance-floor grooves. It’s the type of song that would make for an epic live performance–you can see their upcoming dates below the fold. Press play above and take a trip with Tame Impala–look out for more info on their new album soon.   Continue reading

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[Funk] TNERTLE – The Date

The Date

We’ve had the pleasure of watching TNERTLE evolve into what they are today, covering them since the very beginning, back in 2013. What was once a two-piece act comprised of Trent Campbell on midi controllers and Kyle Ayervais on drums, has now grown to a full, six-piece band that brings unadulterated fun to the stage and your speakers.

Now boasting a three-person horn section with Rob Gower (Trumpet), Leah Concialdi (Sax), Jon Kenney (Trombone), and MC Ray Salazar, this act is slowly taking over the city of Denver, becoming one of the most sought-after local acts, amidst many other worthy contenders. Part electro, part funk, part hip-hop, these cats don’t focus on a genre, rather just having really good time.

Their latest release, “The Date,” is filled with dance-inducing basslines, playful vocal samples, and accentuating brass work. On top of being a three-minute groovy thrill ride, it’s also being sold for a good cause. Check out what Trent had to say about the reason why they went this route:

Clean water is so important! We can’t imagine having to clean our water every day so the least we can do is help others that need to clean their water.

Purchasing this tune will help bring clean water filters to people in developing countries. Click here to purchase it, or a TNERTLE T-shirt, or to simply donate.

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Cody Crump – Just Another Day [TMN PREMIERE]

Cody Cat 1 (NW)
Cody Crump
Just Another Day

Unfortunately, today is only Wednesday. You could look at it as a hard-earned midway point in another work week filled with minute-to-minute minutia, but our guess is you’re probably seeing it as still being two days until you can finally be free from having to deal with school or work.

Los Angeles indie act Cody Crump feels your pain. “Just Another Day” is his latest release, boasting a message that most of us can most assuredly associate with:

This sexy number is about the feeling of being trapped in a soul crushing, life stealing, meaningless – daily routine – a shitty job, a bad relationship, whatever the hell feels like it is slowly making you die, etc.

The tune radiates with a garage rock energy, coupled with hazy guitar work that buzzes alongside Crump’s sardonic lyrics. While it may be a little gloomy, there’s an undeniable charm that goes along with it, quite possibly due to the mix of falsettos and vocal harmonies that create an uplifting aura. Either way, it’s helping us look at this week as more of half-full than half-empty.

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[Indie] Max and the Moon – Harps

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.49.57 PM
Max and the Moon
We wrote this song about how it feels to operate obsessively in a different reality than the source of attraction we began romanticizing about in the first place.

This is certainly a powerful sentiment for such an upbeat song, but Max and the Moon are right on the money with their message. This four piece indie outfit hailing from California recently shared their latest immaculate tune, “Harps,” and it simply soars right out of the speakers with gusto. The band explains their intention perfectly:

Harps is about the duality of trying to attain something or someone that has always felt unattainable. Whether it be a goal, a friendship, or a romantic relationship, people tend to put things on a pedestal in their lives and assume they themselves are infallible.

There’s a statement that might hit a little closer to home than many of us are comfortable admitting, but it provides a substantial tune that offers more than just a catchy chorus. The rise and fall of the song’s progression parallels the overarching theme innately well, and really creates a cohesive record with pristine instrumentation and textbook indie song structure. Challenge your musical palette today and enjoy this great new tune from Max and The Moon above!

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Apex Shrine – Can’t Help Myself [TMN Premiere]

Apex Shrine
Can't Help Myself

The St. Louis natives, Apex Shrine, have cooked up a truly classic sound that feel like they time traveled straight out of the late 60’s. With a mix of southern rock and psychedelia, these good ol’ boys shred their way through a prime track that kicks off their debut album, Home Baked in a raucous fashion. Blues influenced riffs and solos are the highlight of “Can’t Help Myself,” as they pair the grit of Wolfmother with the melodic capability of The Raconteurs into their own dynamite sound. The chops they exhibit match up with their alternative appeal nicely, and this single stands as a impressive introduction as to what these Missourians are going to be capable of. Be on the lookout for Home Baked in April and rock out with “Can’t Help Myself” above!

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