Black Honey – Teenager [TMN PREMIERE]

Black Honey
Teenager (Demo)

Taking a moment to drink it all in — the swirling guitar chords, the clashing cymbals, the echoing surf rock riffs that complement the brooding vocals in an effortless fashion — we can’t help but get completely encompassed in the latest release from the newest Duly Records signee, Black Honey.

“Teenager” is the second release from this practically unheard-of band, who dare to explore the dark chasms of indie rock through nostalgic instrumentation rife with Americana-style undertones. Their first release, “Sleep Forever,” soared through Hype Machine, tugging on the ears of the blogosphere. In a commanding fashion, this newly formed outfit calls on associations of the legendary Lana Del Rey, as if tipping their proverbial cap to her sultry swagger.

While there’s not much information about this intoxicating band, they’ve offered up an opportunity to remedy that situation. In a completely unorthodox and rather impressive attempt to open up to the world, Black Honey is available through text message. That’s right. Shoot them a text, and ask them whatever your little heart desires. Just promise us one thing, though? Keep it PG.

Black Honey – 07578533359

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2014 Round #2)


We all need some sort of support system in our life. Whether it be lovers, friends, extracurricular activities, anything that helps us get through a hard day. For some of us, it’s music.  We get home, wrap our ears in a blanket of our favorite tunes, and fall back into the arms of a magical swirl of sounds. If that sounds like something you can relate to, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve knit a wonderful little blanket full of love and support just for you.

Average Mammals
The Senses
I Am the Sky
Half A Man
Paper Lights Music
Never Let You Go
Paul Cook & The Chronicles
Come Out Wherever You Are
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[Pop] Ryn Weaver – Promises

Ryn Weaver

Believe you me, Ryn Weaver is on next. The 21 year old took over the blogosphere a month ago with “Octahate“, a debut single that was later revealed to be produced by Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, and Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos while being vaulted into the spotlight by Charli XCX. She returns today with “Promises”, a warm and upbeat smash hit that should carry you through the rest of summer. I cannot stress enough how big this starlet will be in just a matter of months, so be sure to give her a listen now and join the hypetrain.

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Silver Firs – Icarus [TMN Premiere]

Silver Firs

Icarus is a character from Greek mythology, and it is also the name of this beautiful track and TMN premiere from Silver Firs, a band from Bern, Switzerland. “Icarus” is a delightful indie number, featuring dainty drums, harmonic vocals, and soothing guitar melodies.

Released via the future pop label Oh, Sister Records, “Icarus” is a wispy ditty perfect for those lazy summer days in the park. Check out the official video on YouTube, which features a picturesque clip of colors and textures. “Icarus” appears on Silver Firs’ forthcoming ‘EP#2′, out on Aug 8.

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[Nu-Disco/Soul-Pop] Body Language – Feel It [TMN Premiere]

Body Language
Feel It

Brooklyn based indie-disco purveyors Body Language first showed up on our radar all the way back in 2011 with their remix of Givers’ “Up Up Up”, again back in 2012 with “I’m a Mess” and last year through an impressive, disco-synth laden retooling of Great Good Fine OK’s “You’re The One For Me”. Today, the multi-faceted electronic quartet returns to TMN for the first time in 2014 with a funk fueled synth-pop listen, “Feel It” for an official TMN Premiere. The second single to drop off of an impending extended play Infinite Sunshine, due out August 12, “Feel It” takes shape under a rolling four-four kick and the kind of sprightly guitar riff you’d expect to hear penned by the legendary Nile Rodgers before bursting into a sun-ripened downtempo dance groover. Never have their chunky 80′s dance synths held such weight either, with an incredibly danceable lead synth and bass line wrapping the entire movement up with a lovely little bow, simultenously turning in one of our favorite original tunes from an intellectually danceable catalog. We’ve also gotten confirmation that Body Language is currently working on the follow up LP to 2013′s Grammar, which we can’t wait to wrap our ears around either. Stream “Feel It” above, and we’ll keep bringing you the Body Language heat leading up to the release of Infinite Sunshine in a few weeks.

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[Chill] Bombay Bicycle Club – Home By Now (Nicita Remix)

Bombay Bicycle Club
Home By Now (Nicita Remix)

UK-based indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club put out a stellar album earlier this year that struck a perfect balance between folk, alternative rock and sprinkled electronic sounds. A few days ago, the veteran band released an official remix for “Home By Now,” one of the more powerful tracks from the project, courtesy of New York producer Nicita. The rework manages to capture similar emotions as the original, but adds a whole new intensity with heavy percussion and layered synths. This remix serves as a testament to the versatility of Bombay Bicycle Club’s music but also puts Nicita, who has actually already performed on the main stage at Coachella as the drummer for MS MR, on our radar as a solo artist to watch.

This one couldn’t be more perfect for zoning out on a late night. Give it a spin above, and make sure to grab a copy of Bombay’s So Long, See You Tomorrow if you haven’t already.

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[Video Premiere] Crywolf – Eyes Half Closed (Acoustic)

10414613_640900172658552_6778473929156174829_n (1)

After an overwhelming response from his Angels EP earlier this, Crywolf has definitely showed the world that it’s ok to make music you love and believe in. Now that the world has been introduced to the likes of Crywolf and his emotion-evoking music, he decided to treat his fans with an acoustic music video for his lead single, “Eyes Half Closed”. When he originally sent this to me, I at first thought that the quality of the video wasn’t quite up to par with his actual music, however, once I heard the story it all made sense and I instantly was game to premiere his video here on The Music Ninja.

When it comes to music videos, nearly every single production is thought out and has some sort of chronological order as to how to put every idea together in a tasteful and artistic way. Sometimes artists like to break that chain and go out of their way to create something spontaneous, clever, and captivating – and that is exactly what Crywolf did with his acoustic rendition of “Eyes Half Closed”. The background behind this music video was that Crywolf happened to be messing around on his guitar at home and his roommate/videographer was rushing out the door to meet up with a client. In that moment, Crywolf told his roommate to film him on the spot for fun and games. He didn’t really think anything of it at first because the lack of planning on his part didn’t really reflect how he works as an artist. Then it hit me  - that is the entire point of this video. The fact that this was shot and recorded on an iPhone tells us that art can be captured at any given moment. Whether it be behind studio doors or in your bedroom messing around on a guitar, the artistic value of spontaneity gives us the ability to appreciate these times and bring forth a new movement in the world. After seeing what he had created, Crywolf was drawn to the organic nature of this random vision and decided to create a new acoustic series called: Crywolf Unpulgged. We are extremely happy to be the premiering this video with all of you and we look forward to seeing what the next episode in the series has to offer. We here at TMN hope you enjoy this video – it may not be the quality you came for, but the story behind this gem makes us love the iPhone 5 quality that much more. Stay tuned for more Crywolf Unplugged and keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming EP with Ianborg this fall.

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