[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2014 Round 5)


Tis’ the season for music festivals and summer shows. Hopefully, you were smart enough to save up some money to hit up every show on your list. But if not, it’s ok. We’ve created a virtual show for you right here. We know, we know, it’s not the real thing, but sometimes it’s a good thing to dust off the old imagination and get lost in the music. Don’t knock it till you try it….

Above My Ground
How Sad
It Is What It Is (Blood Orange Cover)
Big Haunt
Burn Me Up
Tears & Marble
What Is Love (cover)
Sutja Gutiérrez
End Of The World (Rare/Acoustic Version)
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[NEW] BANKS – Goddess


When describing BANKS and her heavenly pipes at the imaginary TMN headquarters (perched atop the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro), we’ve tossed around the term “Goddess” more than once before, so it’s only fitting that the LA crooner has decided to coin that as the name of both her upcoming debut album, and lead single from that project. As a divine presence in our musical consciousness over the last year, the salacious singer has often stolen our breaths through a scintillating mixture of slinky vocals, raw, emotive lyrics and ambient textures.

Following much the same model with this one, the brooding BANKS imbues the mercurial Lil Silva produced instrumental with an almost hypnotic ferocity, as she acrimoniously belts out, “You’re fuckin’ with a goddess,  and you got a little colder.” The track is cold, calculated, and meant to serve as a fair warning for all the unappreciative boyfriends out there to get their acts together, lest they want to face the wrath of a goddess scorned.

Stream the mesmerizing new single above, and keep your calendars marked for September 9th, when Goddess is set to hit store shelves nationwide.

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[Indie/Electro-Pop] Kasabian – Eez-Eh


In addition to announcing their first new album in three years, British indie-rockers Kasabian have released a brand new single “Eez-Eh.”

Titled 48:13, this is the first album from the band since the release of their 2011 album Velociraptor!, and five years since the release of their breakout album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Premiering on BBC Radio 1 earlier today, “Eez-Eh” is a delightfully upbeat (and uncharacteristic) track from Kasabian that is vastly different from anything the band has previously produced.

“I felt that we had the confidence to be more direct, more honest with this album. I started to strip away layers rather than to just keep adding,” guitarist Sergio Pizzorno said. The guitar melodies are certainly stripped away, with Pizzorno and co. opting for heavy synth leads and pulsing dance beats. 48:13 is out June 9. Take a listen to the track below.

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[R&B Beauty] Naomi Pilgrim – House of Dreams

Naomi Pilgrim
House Of Dreams

Well, one of my favorites has done it again.
Naomi Pilgrim released her song ‘House of Dreams’ today, a track off her upcoming EP House of Dreams which is due out in late June of this year. The song is written by Pilgrim, Fredrik Okazaki, and Dante Kinnunen and talks about exactly what the title says; Pilgrim’s personal house of dreams and what they all entails. The lyrics are enchanting, telling of a wonderful world of dreams where everything is ok and how it should be in Pilgrim’s eyes. A place where she can dance free, not have any televisions, and be told she is loved by the person whom she loves. Pilgrim delivers another strong vocal performance, her intoxicating voice riveting over every word. Pilgrim builds a house of dreams with her lyrics and her songs and we can’t wait to hear her new EP this summer.

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[Indie Pop] The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion EP


Taking on the name of one of America’s favorite theatrical families is a challenge in and of itself. Bearing the name proudly while playing some infectious, indie pop tunes is a whole different animal. Luckily for Sydney based five piece, The Griswolds, they’ve done done just that, offering up an entirely different reason to grin ear to ear when someone says “The Griswolds.”

With uplifting, uptempo guitar-centric tunes, this Aussie outfit has us rocking flip flops, tank tops and Ray Bans, despite the fact that it’s still not warm enough to sport any of that gear. Regardless of which, these cats have a sound that calls on associations of classic acts like The Violent Femmes and new school island rockers like St. Lucia. The choruses are just catchy enough to sing along with, but not overwhelming to the point that you grow tired of them. The guitar work is intricate, yet easy to interpret. The drum work is enticing, creating the urgent need to get up and dance.

As a whole, Heart of a Lion is a four track collection of pop goodness that will gleefully crawl under your skin with ease, making you yearn for sandy beaches, fruity drinks, and a beautiful girl or guy to share it with.

Heart of a Lion
The Courtship of Summer Preasley
Red Tuxedo
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[Indie Rock] Owenstone – Summer Lane

Summer Lane

Los Angeles based indie rockers Owenstone are offering a glimpse into their upcoming EP with “Summer Lane.” Better yet? You can snag a free download right now.

Contemporary and carefree, this one could easily top your mid-summer play counts. Picture it billowing out over the ocean from the radio deck of a classic convertible cruising down the highway.

After a leading riff of pulsating, infectious rhythm guitar, prepare to be immersed in blissful, dreamy wanderlust. Frontman Nathan Owen’s vocals meander gently between the layers of melody–melody laced with coastal vibes, clasped to rivulets of strings that tether it aimlessly to both blacktop and countryside. A solo, redolent of sitar, adds timelessness to the contemporary–sealing a spot on my summer go-to playlists for years to come.

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Lincoln Jesser – Wicked Son [TMN PREMIERE]

Lincoln Jesser
Wicked Son

As the weather gradually continues to warm, we find ourselves constantly seeking songs with groovy, danceable beats, light and playful synths, and an overall summery vibe. While Lincoln Jesser’s new track has some deeper emotions tied to the lyrics, we couldn’t help but dance our way all the way through.

Coming out of La-La Land, Lincoln once again displays his prowess for writing synth-heavy pop tunes that focus both on an engaging melody, and his casual, unassuming vocals. Every time he releases something, we seemingly can’t help but be drawn to it, smiling and dancing our way around TMN HQ.

We tracked Lincoln down for a quick quote on the meaning behind the family-driven lyrics. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s about the idea of being a “good” vs “bad person”…how most everyone is struggling to stay on the right side of that line, but it takes lapses to grow and evolve. It was inspired by the biblical story about the 4 sons actually: wise, wicked, simple, and silent.

As with a lot of his work, “Wicked Son” will be available for free download on his Soundcloud. Head over and pick up a copy for the weekend!

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