CAFUNÉ – Love Songs For Other People [TMN Premiere]

Pop music is a fickle thing. As we know, it veers toward being mostly accessible, but luckily we still have the perimeter acts that shed typical traits while still, interestingly enough, operating within certain structural norms. Here is where CAFUNÉ reigns supreme. This duo, comprised of Noyu and Sedona, has revamped the likes of Porter Robinson, Daft Punk, and, most recently, Drake in their pristine and practiced style of alternative pop that has carried over into a noteworthy debut EP, Love Songs For Other People. We are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to premiere this project for you, so let’s go ahead and dive in!

Lay Low & Lay Low (Reprise) – The double dose of the “Lay Low” tunes are the bookends of the EP, but they work together with a purpose. As the intro synths trickle in, they crescendo into an electrifying concentration of their signature sound tinged with video game synths and confident lyrics delivered by Sedona, the duo’s primary vocalist. The tone is instantly cheery and encouraging as the intro builds, but the reprise shifts back down to a calmer demeanor for a short moment before one last buoyant chorus bids us farewell.

Warm Body – This single, previously premiered by Smoothie Tunes, is simply fun. You can’t beat the unbridled optimism and catchiness of a tune like “Warm Body,” and it absolutely stands out as a shining moment in Love Songs For Other People. Having the privilege of good pop music doesn’t come around every day, and a song like this is a prime example of what the genre as a whole can accomplish.

Fall Asleep Slow – “Fall Asleep Slow” is another track that preceded the EP release, and its guitar-driven focus paves the way for distorted and bit crushed vocals that coalesce into a clear-cut creation dealing with the need for an escape. Considering all of the recent events that have transpired, we certainly could use one at some point. So far, this EP provides exactly that.

Runaways – If the previous song was the call for a new start, “Runaways” is the action itself. Aptly named, this song hearkens back to “Lay Low” with playful and chippy synths that flutter around the buzzing chorus and dance around the lyrics that detail a journey of pushing past a former love. Have we all been there? Absolutely. We just really enjoy the method that these two take in expressing this common sentiment.

CAFUNÉ is a band that exudes a deserving amount of confidence and aptitude on a remarkable debut. Love Songs For Other People was created with thousands of miles between the duo for some time, but their separate experiences molded together to forge something spectacular and infectious that proves no boundaries or limitations will deter them. It’s a project that gives you hope. It brightens your day the instant you scroll past it in your feed and hit play. It’s a combination of alternative and pop music that makes you smile. Hold on to that feeling and you’ll enjoy every second of CAFUNÉ’s prominent debut.

Keep up with CAFUNÉ on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

’CAFUNÉ – Lay Low’
’CAFUNÉ – Warm Body’
’CAFUNÉ – Fall Asleep Slow’
’CAFUNÉ – Runaways’
’CAFUNÉ – Lay Low (Reprise)’
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[Smooth] Gosh Pith – Gold Chain

Gosh Pith - Gold Chain (Artwork)
Gosh Pith
Gold Chain

Gosh Pith return with a lovely tune to ease any holiday stress. Tackling the constant conflict between the meaningful and the meaningless, ‘Gold Chain’ is our first glimpse into a new EP they’ll be releasing early 2016. 69 continue to bend tradition and exercise their ability to effectively spread the love. This complimentary tune is like a holiday card you wish you wrote them. Although it comes to a wrap quite quickly, it’s awfully sweet. These guys know how to bake, do the dishes and hit the jewelry store! Catch them with girlyboi in Chicago at Schubas (12/14) or in Brooklyn at Rough Trade (12/17). More to come from this devoted duo out of Detroit.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2015 Round #2)


You know those days you start off with good intentions? You roll out of bed walking on sunshine, ready and willing to face the great day ahead. And then good ol’ life happens. You spill your coffee all over your white shirt, you forget your lunch at home, you get honked at by the road rager behind you, or yelled at by incredibly grouchy people at work. And they just keep rolling along, plowing you down any chance they can get. Pretty soon you want to just curl up in a cave, never to see the outside world again. But then you remember we are here, to remind you “when life gives you lemons, hit play on an Indie Dojo”. We promise it will help get your mind of that other crap for a while.

’Woodlock – Forever Ago’
’Scott Liss
’Odd Souls – Lose My Head – Demo’
’The Weather Machine – Peach’
’The Domestics – It Came To Me’
’Jay Woodward – Blue Sky Blue’
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[Dream Folk] Still Parade – 07:41

Still Parade

If you’ve been keen to our site for the past few years, you’ll know we have a handful of artists that we religiously cover. The process is almost automatic once we see that they’ve released a new tune. We frantically head to our keyboards, eager to quickly convey our swooning adoration. Still Parade, aka Niklas Kramer, is one of those acts, and today is one of those days.

“07:41” was released less than a day ago, and it brings us all of the cozy, embracing, feel-good nature we’ve come to know and love from this heavenly-voiced act. However, in comparison to his Fields EP, this song, and his last, differ from the wonderfully lazy, ethereal progression we first came to know. Today’s song, in particular, is heavily rooted in a style that calls on associations from 70’s pop, bringing listeners in with a light and playful funk. That aside, the hazy yet calming nature is still very much apparent throughout other elements, giving Still Parade fans both a taste of something new and of what they already love. When asked about the meaning behind the tune, Kramer had this to say.

07:41 is about this weird feeling when you’re new somewhere. you feel like a stranger and no one really seems to care about you. But there’s also the chance to build up something new. It’s the point when you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Can’t be quite scary and exciting at the same time.

This tune will be released as limited hand-cut 7Inch by the UK label Art Is Hard Records, and we certainly hope we can get our hands on a copy.

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Patti Yang – Invisible Tears [TMN PREMIERE]

Patti Yang Group
Invisible Tears

If you’re not ready to be fully entranced by a modern-day psychedelic listening experience, one which would certainly garner an appreciative nod from Jim Morrison, then we encourage you to re-think that position and just press play anyways. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

When we first heard “Invisible Tears” from Polish artist Patti Yang, we were left in such a state of overwhelming wonderment, that we got completely and blissfully lost in the task at hand. The beautifully long build-up is more than enough to lock people in, providing a cinematic escape worthy for opening credits to a 70’s spy thriller. From there, the song builds into distorted flowing guitar riffs, danceable percussion, and Patti’s sultry voice which carry memorable lyrics along for the ride.

This tune will eventually be found on her debut album, which is set to release early in 2016 through Giant Rock Airport. We highly suggest keeping a keen eye out for it by following her on SoundCloud.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2015 Round #1)


There is a first time for everything. Maybe this is your first time stopping by the good ol’ Indie Dojo. Maybe you’ve been here before, but this is the first time you have heard any of these jams. Maybe it’s the first time you have ventured out of your normal genre and decided to test the indie waters. Whatever your first maybe, we promise to to take it easy on you. After all, we would love it if you came back for seconds, thirds and fourths.

’Old Man Canyon – Hollow Tree’
’Jack the Fox – Brother’
’Seafret – Wildfire’
’Say I Am – Another Day’
’Wild – For You’
’Alohaha – Welcome To Your New Life’
’No Vacation – Lovefool’
’LEØ – The Wolf’
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Fairchild – Breathless [TMN PREMIERE]

Press Shot

This week always has such a strange feel to it, at least for those of us in the states. Being a holiday week, everything seemingly slows down, giving us the opportunity to focus on more than just the daily grind. With that in mind, we’ve been fortunate enough to dig back through submissions and hand-select gems that deserve some of that newfound time and attention you have. And today’s focus is all about Manchester-based indie rock act Fairchild.

After experimenting for years, trying to nail down their sound, this six-piece teamed up with producer Catherine Marks, who has previously worked with acts like Foals and Wolf Alice. After a two EPs, a double A-side, and some touring through Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and North America, the act is now back in the studio and ready to release some more greatness to the masses.

Today’s single, “Breathless” will be available on SoundCloud immediately following our premiere. Boasting an intricately layered soundscape rife with wavering guitar licks, haunting synths, and understated percussion, it carries a powerful persona in a matter of minutes. The melancholy lyrics add an additional memorable edge to the entire experience, leaving us eagerly looking forward to the next listen through.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Fairchild by following them on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. We can assure you that more material is on the way soon.

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