Tors – Good Times [TMN PREMIERE]

Good Times

It’s Monday. There’s no way to shake the fact that we’re once again left staring down five full days of work. There is a way to ease the pain, though, which involves a carefully concocted remedy of strong coffee, your favorite set of headphones, and the incredibly infectious indie rock anthem from Tors.

Brothers Matthew and Theo, along with their bandmates Andrew, Jack, and Sam, make up this London-based outfit, which should perk the ears for people who enjoy acts like Kodaline, The Decemberists, and Mumford & Sons. After just one release, many have already taken to their gifted songwriting abilities, playful song arrangements, and well-crafted lyrics, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

With “Fool on the Floor” experiencing notable success over the past four months, it’s now time to focus on the undeniably charming vibes of “Good Times.” The title really says it all, as it encapsulates the toothy-grin-inducing, sing-along nature that listeners experience throughout a memorable four minutes. The nostalgic air that surrounds it makes it immidiately enjoyable, calling back on warm, indie pop tracks we’ve all come to know and love, yet maintaining a fresh and authentic sound.

To help get you singing along with this anthemic tune a little quicker, we’re also pleased to premiere a lyric video along with the song itself. To be honest though, with lyrics like these, you probably would have picked them up without it.

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[Electronica/Space-Pop] Phoebe Gorry – Done This Before (NTEIBINT Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Phoebe Gorry
Done This Before (NTEIBINT Remix)

Burgeoning London singer/songwriter Phoebe Gorry rather took us by surprise in the best of ways with her debut single, “Done This Before”. With under 400 Facebook fans and 100 Soundcloud followers at the time of this article’s inception, Phoebe Gorry’s measured and sophisticated vocal reverberations carry with them the weight and maturity of an artist who’s already spent years cutting their teeth, yet “Done This Before” remains the first of her tunes to get snapped up by a tastemaking label. And good thing that the label in question here happens to be one of our favorites -U.K. based dance & electronic imprint Love & Other Records– as of course their house full of heavyweight dance producers were bound to take Gorry’s debut to another level.

First on official remix duties for the rising songstress is Greek disco powerhouse NTEIBINT, who lends his airy touch by elegantly reconstructing a slow burning groover out of Phoebe Gorry’s original Jazz & Folk inflected pop single. On his revision, NTEIBINT fixes “Done This Before” with a steadily lurching synth line that builds into a lush crescendo throughout the tune before diving all the way into a disco tinged sea. NTEIBINT’s revision was no doubt made for late nights and disco lights, and he’s deftly managed to simultaneously pull Gorry’s lovely incantations to the forefront while re-texturizing the entire soundscape. We’ve not been able to shake this one and are thrilled to rbing it to you first in the form of a TMN Premiere. Stream NTEIBINT’s “Done This Before” remix above.

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[House/Indie-Dance] YACHT – Ringtone (Joe Goddard Remix)

Ringtone (Joe Goddard Remix)

Perhaps one of the most multifaceted studio blokes around the music industry today, Joe Goddard seems to carry a certain gravitas whenever his name is attached to anything. Known most primarily as one of the chief architects behind the almighty Hot Chip, and co-founder of Greco-Roman Records (the same label which housed debut releases from the likes of Disclosure & TEED), Joe Goddard has carved out quite the tastemaking assemblage of fans through those avenues; but his high profile remix work as a solo artist has always been just as intoxicating of an earworm for this writer as well.

Last month, the L.A. based ‘band, business and belief system’ otherwise known as the future-pop sweethearts of James Murphy’s legendary DFA imprint, YACHT, presented us with “Ringtone”, the third single to be released from their concept-bending LP I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler -which by the way may be running one of the most creative preview campaigns we’ve ever seen– and like a lot of their pop infused catalog, was one of those tunes just begging for the remix treatment. From the moment we first heard Joe Goddard would be taking on official remix duties, our little Ninja hearts couldn’t help but skip a beat as we prepared for something special. And oh, how he delivered. Goddard seamlessly folds YACHT’s recorded “ringtone” and notification sound bites into a uniform indie-dance anthem fueled by Goddard’s slick, hand-keyed basslines and synth progressions. Honestly, we could go all day about this one, but we’ll let Mr. Joe G. tell you in his own words instead: “I love YACHT; I think their music and their live performances are mesmerising, and they are just plain good people. For this release, I wanted to make an old-fashioned Chicago banger as if the Eurythmics were remixed by DJ Pierre.” He certainly hit the nail on the head with that statement, but why don’t you just check out Joe Goddard’s “Ringtone” remix for yourself above.

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[Indie/Shoegaze] DIIV – Bent (Roi’s Song)

Bent (Roi's Song)

Less than four bars into New York dream-rock posterboys DIIV‘s latest single “Bent (Roi’s Song)”, and it’s pretty clear you’re listening to a DIIV record. From the droning assymetrical guitar chords washed out with reverb aplenty to its paced drumming; we were settled in glowingly by the time Zachary Cole Smith’s icy vocals penetrate “Bent”‘s sonic terrain. This time around, Smith’s cadence is an achy one, rising and falling like the sleeping chest of whoever you’re sharing your bed with, but without nearly as many affectations as were in play on their debut long-player Oshin. But his incantations aren’t distant either, coming across as intimately as a shared conversation over a pillow case, while Devin Ruben Perez’s bassline plucks along heartily enough to subtly captivate its listener without interfering with the rest of the tune’s lovely instrumentation. In all honesty, this writer is finding it difficult believing that DIIV’s impending LP Is the Is Are won’t shoot towards the top of many a music jobber’s end-of-the-year lists. The now four-piece have certainly come a long way since simply being Smith’s solo project (and a name change from “Dive”), and if their performances over the last Summer are any indication, we’re expecting great things for a lengthy amount of time from them.

Pre-orders are being taken now for Is the Is Are and doing so will nab you both “Bent (Roi’s Song)” and the previously leaked “Dopamine” right on the spot. Stream “Bent (Roi’s Song)” above.

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[House/Big-Room] Adele – Hello (MORTEN Remix)


It’s been over a year since we last checked in with Danish DJ/Producer MORTEN, and in that time since, it’s clear to see the genre-eschewing artist has been evolving and fine-tuning a penchant for club anthems. Most recently coming off of a trap-infused remix for The Stafford Brothers’ Jay Sean and Rick Ross featuring single “When You Feel This,” along with recent entries into the Dim Mak and Armada Records camps; MORTEN returns with a lively club-tipping take on Adele’s world-storming single “Hello”. While in the past we’ve seen a very clear festival brand of EDM and trap records from the Dane, this time around MORTEN dials his sound kit closer towards the U.K. ‘club-house’ sector of dance than we’ve ever seen him and unleashes it all towards a higher, yet still utterly groovy cadence. With MORTEN’s same appeal of festival-sized drops executed with a keen underground sensibility, we’re more than excited to see how the maturing artist continues to push the envelope on his expanding sonic palate. In the mean time, grab the free download here, and stream MORTEN’s “Hello” remix above.

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Ed Prosek – Holy Water [TMN PREMIERE]

Ed Prosek
Holy Water

Having traded the sun and sand of California for the cloud and stones of Brighton, the search for home is an ever present theme throughout Ed Prosek’s music. Since the release of his EP ‘The Riverbed’, Ed has been building audiences on both side of the Atlantic, most recently supporting Lindsey Stirling on her tour of Germany. His beautifully honest style of writing makes it near impossible to present any faults at all, as his stories of struggle and liberation seamlessly engage us to sit back and travel with him.

‘Holy Water’ is refreshingly authentic, as Ed sings quite contently of his acceptance of losing everything he has, and admitting day to day struggles, as long as he finds piece of mind. This is brilliantly uplifting when he explodes into the chorus, supported by a choir and band, solidified by his impassioned vocal tone. One of Prosek’s strengths is writing in a fashion capable of addressing anyone, creating a delicately unique bond between us and him, as he sings of running for shelter, seeking mercy from a storm. We inadvertently follow his story, lose ourselves and find a captivating sense of elevation amidst the infectious chorus.

Whilst proving his development as an artist with this single, Ed has maintained his organic style through raw acoustic guitars and simple drum beats. He encourages us to lay back and relax, whilst the choir ascends towards an emotional climax, offering a beautifully wholesome dimension to his music. The arrangement of instruments within ‘Holy Water’ perfectly complements his singing and lyricism, as he consistently increases the emotion throughout. The addition of backing vocals within the chorus and middle 8 elevates the song, whilst rare cymbal crashes offer an atmospheric tangent, guiding the piece to a captivating culmination.

I think it’s safe to say Ed has found a home and laid down some new roots in the UK, as he and his band are set to have a big impact on the music scene over the coming months and years.
Check out the link below for potential tour dates and latest releases.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #1)


Music ruts are the worst. Especially the ones that you can’t seem to escape from. It’s not an exaggeration to say that an extended music lull can cause a bout of insanity. Which is where the Indie Dojo swoops in like the ninjas we are. Throwing you stars of new tunes to keep your musical mind intact, cause a ninja never loses focus.

Unnveig Aas
Cross Record
Steady Waves
Fly Down
Chadwick Stokes
Youre The One That I Want
Sara Angelica
Run (Prod. Pieces of Juno)
Noah Ruble
Falling Apart
Sam Wright NE
Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover Feat. Pharrell Williams)
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