[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2017 Round #1)

Some days get us good. They knock us down & take every last ounce of energy we own. Unfortunately, we don’t have any magical powers to make everything ok, but we do have a very fine temporary distraction we like to call the Indie Dojo. Find some time to take a listen. It might just be the temporary distraction you need.

Your World’
’Fenne Lily
Three Oh Nine’
’Eustace the Dragon
’We Were Strangers – In The Inbetween’
’Malena Zavala
If It Goes’
’Boy Scouts
St. Francis Fountain’
Soaked Through’
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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 89: A Visit from Ninja Clay

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #89: A Visit from Ninja Clay

Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

Episode #89 was a true Ninja affair featuring selections from The Music Ninja’s editor and co-founder Clayton Warwick. Clay has been on a tear with quality premieres recently which made for a diverse segment including Malena Zavala, Vilde, Martin Luke Brown, Moncrieff and White Room. Also featured on this episode is Still Woozy’s latest dreamy pop ballad, a new single from De Lux and highlights from the latest batch of album releases including Moses Sumney, Injury Reserve, Galcher Lustwerk and Shigeto.

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Moncrieff – Symptoms [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


For a debut release, “Symptoms” is one hell of a first look. Soulful, bluesy, and larger than life, it immidiately grabs a hold, refusing to let you go.

This is the first experience I’ve had with Moncrieff, and I’m sure some of you are in the same boat. Yet, it shouldn’t take you more than thirty seconds before you realize that you’ll soon be hearing more and more of this London-based raconteur.

“Symptoms” certainly displays an anthemic nature, one which alludes to sync deals lining up around the block. Set to the backdrop of haunting guitar riffs, big, booming percussion, and rhythmic claps, it’s a genuine thrill ride through-and-through. While the instrumentals are immensely powerful, they wouldn’t be as impactful without the most engaging part of this experience — the god damn vocals. Lyrics, resonance, and vocal tone combined — they’re just so, so good.

Symptoms is essentially a song for people who’s only religion is for making bad decisions”. There is something irresistible about being in a slightly unpredictable relationship. Somehow the highs and good times seem so much more vivid and defined. Not good for your health on many different levels but that doesn’t stop people from choosing it.

Though the track has been out for a month now, we’re bringing you the first look at the accompanying music video. Taking inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and neo-noir films, both of which have influenced Moncreiff’s songwriting, it’s as thrilling as the track itself. Which, says quite a bit.

Before you dive in, though, please note that he has two live shows coming up, which you should really check out, if you can swing it.

October 1st, London, Notting Hill Arts Club (Communion showcase)
October 3rd, New York, Rockwood Music Hall (Communion showcase)

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Malena Zavala – If It Goes [TMN PREMIERE]

Malena Zavala
If It Goes

This is, admittedly, the first time I’ve heard anything from Argentinian-born Malena Zavala, but it only took one spin through “If It Goes” to hook me in for the long haul.

Following up on her last single, “Should I Try,” this alluring songstress is offering up her newest single via your favorite neighborhood music blogger. “If It Goes” is a positively enchanting number, complete with soft, Latin guitar work, and subtle, humming basslines. Malena’s verses call on associations of early Lana Del Rey, showcasing a seductive style from the get go. Yet, as dreamy as those words are, paired up with luscious guitar notes, it’s her falsetto in the chorus that really gets me. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

Aside from a bevy on influences, including one of my all-time favorites, Devendra Banhart, this song was inspired mainly by her mother.

The song connects me to my South American roots through my mothers’ Latino feminine character which she passed down to me. That fire is one of my only perceptions of my roots and I had a definite fear of losing that growing up in a different country/ in a different culture. It wouldn’t be me if I lost it.

If you’re enjoying this tune as much as I am, I highly recommend heading out and supporting her live show.

September 22nd , London, St Pancras Old Church *
October 24th, Cologne, Artheatre **
October 25th , Hamburg, Mojo Jazz Café **
October 29th , Amsterdam, Sugarfactory **
October 30th , Utrecht, Club Nine **
December 8th , Manchester, The Castle **
December 11th , Bristol, Louisiana **
December 12th , London, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen **

* Supporting Westerman
** Supporting Blanco White

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White Room – Cable-Built Dreamland [TMN PREMIERE]

White Room
Cable-Built Dreamland

“Cable-Built Dreamland” is a trippy walk back, past a couple of decades, landing squarely on the corner of Haight and Ashbury sometime in the late 60s. Crunchy guitar riffs are paired perfectly with soaring basslines, and radio-friendly choruses, making whoever is enjoying this audible trip through the space-time continuum want to sprawl out on the floor with a tasty joint, a hoppy IPA, and some top-notch speakers. In fact, when I’m done writing this, I might do just that.

Until then, I will let you know that this peach of a track is coming to you via fresh, new indie rockers, White Room and the fine people at Deltasonic Records (The Coral, Vryll Society). It’s the latest offering from their upcoming EP, Eight, which I’m eagerly waiting to dig into further after hearing this gem.

As I mentioned before, it definitely bubbles up with influences from well beyond these cats’ times. Yet, as much as it beckons on an entirely different era of music, it maintains plenty of modern pop sensibility that could very well swing some youngsters into exploring their grandparent’s vinyl collection in the basement. And, for that, I’d like to offer up a profuse message of gratitude. It’s not every day an act can pull off a decade-transcending feat like “Cable Built Dreamland” does.

If you’re digging this tune, I’m guessing you’ll dig their live show. Find a date below and go pick up some tickets.

Live Dates:
Oct 22 – The Loft, Southampton (w/The Vryll Society)
Oct 23 – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London (w/The Vryll Society)
Nov 25 – Live At Leeds Big In 2018 Showcase

Debut Headline Tour
Nov 27 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Nov 28 – The Shacklewell Arms, London
Nov 29 – Actress & Bishop, Birmingham
Nov 30 – The Magnet, Liverpool
Dec 02 – The Eagle Inn, Manchester

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2017 Round #5)

Disappointment is a bummer, so we’ll try not to get your hopes up by telling you how awesome each song is. We’ll just let you figure that one out for yourself. We realize we can’t please everyone, but we’re also pretty confidant an Indie Dojo or two will work it’s way into your hearts eventually.

’Benjamin Jaffe
’Cale Hawkins
The Ferryman’
’Hunter & Wolfe
No One Really Wants Me’
Just Words’
’Emma Davis
Danger in Me’
’Megan Henwood
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 264)

For whatever reason, we’re flipping the script this week and getting into the thick of things right away. We start off quick by getting into some heaters from WHIPPED CREAM, LUCA LUSH, TastyTreat, JETSET and more. We keep the energy going until the last few tracks where we slow things down for you with some great vibey records from Folded Dragons, Blu J and more. As with every Friday Party Playlist, all the songs included are available as free downloads, so if you’re still a collector of those ever so sacred mp3s, you can grab them. Enjoy the playlist, enjoy the weekend, but most importantly bring out your most wicked dance moves for this backer’s dozen of tracks below!

’Avicii – Levels (LUCA LUSH LIFT)’
’We Might Fall (TastyTreat Remix)’
’JETSET – Bloke Patrole’
’We Might Fall (Parker Remix)’
’Michael White – Angel’s Anthem’
’Bodak Yellow (Wenzday Remix)’
’Ghastly – We Might Fall (IRIS Remix)’
’Sexy Robot Machine Ft. Tolu’
’Alaina Cross – Six Ft (Folded Dragons Remix)’
’Coopex – You Got Me’
’argonaut&wasp – Heart Breaks In Bloom’
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