[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2018 Round #1)

The final weeks of 2018 are upon us. Let’s fill them with love, happiness and as much Indie Dojos jams as we can.

’Ghost Lion – So It Goes’
’Villa Bongo – All Night’
’Talkie (band) – Another’
’In Grey – Never Known Who I Am’
’Katie Ruvane ft. Jordan Hamilton – Keep It Down’
’Rand – Bad Guy’
’Street Hockey Champ – Self
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Hydraulic Lover

Crunchy, groovy, and layered with delicious psych-pop elements, “Hydraulic Lover” has me transporting back to my younger years, minus the teenage angst and awkwardness.

Brought to you by Bradford-based GRDNS, made up of Jacob Lyons (vocals/guitar), Sam Gledhill (guitar), Cameron Harrison (bass) and John Fitzpatrick (drums), this tune should serve well to blend the gap from those just discovering that distortion is a wonderful thing and those of us who spent our teenage years with headphones full of it. Taken from their debut EP, it’s brimming with heavy guitar work, approachable lyrics, and engaging backing vocals. It drips with 90’s grunge and does so in an effortless way.

Hydraulic Lover is about accepting all the bad attitudes, stupid shit and low vibe activities you get up to when you’re young. It’s the idea that song people treat each other like sexbots and the action of love is more hydraulic than passionate

The single was released just a bit ago, but today we’re offering a first look and listen to their accompanying music video, which highlights show and studio footage combined.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2018 Round #4)

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Indie Dojo Tuesday. One of these things will not break your bank. You can thank us later.

’half•alive – Still Feel.’
’Emily Rowed – Sex And Candy’
’Eva B. Ross – Nick’s House’
’St. Anthony Mann – Clear Home’
’Elizabeth Moen – Matilda’
’Calvin Keyes – Haunting (ft. Maren Day)’
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HighSchool Jacob – Nobody But You [TMN PREMIERE]

HighSchool Jacob
Nobody But You

LA-based HighSchool Jacob has been making some waves as of late, releasing a handful of tracks in only a few months time. It’s not hard to understand the magnetism to this curious alt-pop act. His style is truly unique, which is getting increasingly more difficult to say anymore.

“Nobody But You” is a testament to his talents, and the most recent release that grabbed my attention. Lead in by soft, humming synths, and a warm, treated vocal, this fresh single doesn’t take long to build up intrigue. A vocal harmony wanders in next, brought in tandem with some spattered percussion, building to a big, beautiful, choppy lead synth. The eventual crescendo is powerful, spiraling upwards with an intense, passionately sung lyrics.

When I wrote this song, I wanted to experiment with unusual sounds (such as the sound of my mouse clicking) to provide an intimate and vulnerable atmosphere, and it was when I reached the chorus however that I discovered I wanted to express the other side of those intimate emotions with an energetic and big expression of that previously mentioned desperation. – HighSchool Jacob

The end result is something oddly nostalgic, though inevitably difficult to cite why. It just feels familiar. My best explanation? I don’t have one. Just sit back and drink it in.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2018 Round #3)

You know what goes well with a food coma? An Indie Dojo, that’s what.

’Black Sea Dahu – Take Stock Of What I Have’
’Karmic – Wisdom Pie’
’Patrick Baker – Go With Me’
’Mxmtoon – i feel like chet’
’Craig Cardiff – To Be Safe, Loved & Home’
’Cape Weather – Big Time’
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[Indie Rock] Suns Up – Love You Back

Suns Up
Love You Back

It’s the middle of November. For a Colorado resident, that means we’re looking at snow on the ground, scraping ice off our windshields, and spending a great deal of our time indoors. While that may be my reality at the moment, Sussex-based Suns Up has my mind fully engulfed in daydreams of road trips to beachside towns, late nights by campfires, and rocking nothing but flip flops for months on end.

In just their second release, this brand spankin’ new outfit has the sound that’s extremely polished, calling on associations of The 1975, Phoenix, and Vampire Weekend. It’s bright, sunny, and about as catchy as anything I’ve heard over the past year.

‘Love You Back’ is this first song we wrote as a band, so it feels great to share it with the world” the band explain. “It was recorded in a beautiful old chapel in the countryside which lent to the depth and character of the recording, but also gave us the space and freedom to experiment with different things to really have fun with the track. – Suns Up

Don’t take my word for it, though. Press play above and get ready to boogie.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2018 Round #2)

With the holidays fast approaching, like…..super fast, we would like to remind you of the the Indie Dojo. The gift that keeps on giving, week after week after week. Just in case you were stressin’.
’Jackie Brown Jr. – Best Friend’
’Somebody’s Child – Make You Alright’
’Harry Jay Steele – Ancient Waves’
’No Kind of Rider – Autumn (Single)’
’The Bandicoots – Shady Lane’
’Kitchenette – Prison Break’
’Night Market – Miles Alone’
’Sgmaniak – Have Some Faith In Me’
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