Coastgaard – Rose [TMN PREMIERE]


We can picture it now. Our car slowly caresses the curves of the PCH on the California coastline as we drive slower than usual, making damn sure we drink it all in. The radio has one song playing in this daydream, and it’s “Rose” from Brooklyn-based surf rock outfit Coastgaard.

Recently named by L Magazine as one of the eight bands you need to hear, these cats are dialed in to a delightful indie rock sound which features 60′s rhythms, hazy guitar chords, and glowing lo-fi vocals. “Rose” embodies the aforementioned description, providing us with a more than memorable serving of an audible vacation. The word “infectious” is often overused in music blogging, but it’s hard to stray away from it while listening to this smite-inducing joyride.

When asked about the tune, front man Matt Miller had this to say:

It’s about getting swept up in the routines of life without even realizing it’s happening again and again and again.

Maybe those daydreams of the Cali coastline will help break the monotony mentioned above. If they do, make sure to send Coastgaard a shout out on twitter. Even better so, if you’re in the area, catch them live at Glasslands in Brooklyn

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Schulkid – Wildest Promise ft. Valair [TMN PREMIERE]

Wildest Promise feat. Valair

It’s easy to understand why we have some of the gifts we’ve been blessed with. All we need to do is take a peek into our family lineage to see what some of our ancestors excelled in before we easily understand how these things came to be. Valair is no different, following in the footsteps of one of his uncles who has been a part of an established accapella vocal group for years.

With influences and a heritage-based talent pool as mentioned before, it’s not hard to see how this 19 year old Belgium-born vocalist has had a heavy interest in music through the years. From the early days playing trumpet, to joining a choir at six, this youngster has had the music bug bothering him for quite some time.

Teamed up with the newly founded producer, songwriter and sketch artist Schulkid, these two have crafted quite the whimsical journey, rife with classical strings, horns, and a funky bassline. Instantly creating a charismatic musical connection, “Wildest Promise” shows a breadth in creativity between these two, showcasing the antithesis of pop-structured which ultimately provides the listener with something quirky and unique.

A few listens through, and we’ll sure you’ll agree that Valair’s soulful vocals and the delightful orchestral and tribally infused electro pop production from Schulkid leave us asking one thing – when can we hear more?

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2014 Round #1)


It’s about that time of year where everything seems to fly by. It’s like we blink and the end of the year is here. There is almost no stopping our tailspin into the point of no return. Unless, you take the time to slow yourself down. Step out of the dust and into your Indie Dojo Zone. It won’t stop the clock per say, but it might give you a change to ninja yourself into minute of clarity.

Son Little
The River
Matthew and Me
Golden Charms
Money Cant Buy
Remi Miles
I Want You
Jay Brown
We Are The People
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[Beautiful] Oh Wonder – All We Do

Oh Wonder
All We Do

For many, December 1st means two things: Cyber Monday & Christmas prep. Us ninjas had our calendars marked for a different reason: the release of another track from Oh Wonder. The intriguing UK duo are unveiling their debut album over the course of a year with a new single on the first of each month. Their latest offering sees Oh Wonder at their most somber, free of any electronic elements, with a sole piano melody serving as the backdrop. The minimalistic instrumental draws attention to their incredible vocal duet and potent songwriting abilities. “All We Do” beautifully captures feelings of vulnerability–equally fitting for taking a chance in a relationship or taking the first step towards your dreams. Melt away with this stripped down masterpiece above–look for their next release on their Soundcloud page on January 1st.

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Still Parade – Hunter [TMN PREMIERE]

Still Parade

We know we don’t typically do premieres at 9AM on a Sunday morning, but this glowing beaut from dream folk outfit Still Parade was just too fitting to pass up.

If we can speculate, we will safely assume that most of you had a great night out on the town last night. With that being said, you’re going to need some cooling, calming, and peaceful tunes to slowly come out of your self-induced coma. On the other hand, you could have called it an early night, looking forward to getting some stuff done around the house today. Either way, “Hunter” is the perfect start to the last day of your weekend.

Released today as a stand alone free download, this tune is a gift to everyone that has supported them over the past year or so. Take it as an early holiday gift, and what a gift it is. In true Still Parade fashion, we once again have found ourselves slowly drifting into a state of sheer, unadulterated bliss, to the tune of airy synths, rhythmic percussion and Niklas’ stunning vocals.

As with most of their releases, we fully expect “Hunter” to follow suit, garnering hundreds of thousands of plays and the unwavering adoration of the blogoshpere. And, we’re once again thrilled to be kicking things off.

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[New] Frank Ocean – Memrise

Frank Ocean

It is the season of giving and being thankful, so Franck Ocean wanted to give a little treat for anxious fans in the form of a new track via his Tumblr page. “Memrise” is a brief, somber listen from the young star. After the success of channel ORANGE, Ocean has been pretty much MIA from the music scene. Either he has been in the studio cooking up another record or just enjoying the success of his debut, most likely the former. Regardless of speculations, today is the first listen of what Ocean has been working on and the new direction he is going with his sound.

The two-minute track starts off hazy with a knocking-beat followed by some keys and altered vocals. The singer/songwriter croons about a past love and the memories of their connection. The track comes across as more of an intro or snippet than anything full length. No news on when we are to expect some new music from the hit-maker, but we’ll take this one for now. Hit the jump to read the lyrics, which he posted along with the audio. Continue reading

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaDon’t get us wrong, we LOVE Thanksgiving, but maybe we should stop trying to fit all our gratefulness into one day and spread it out over 365 days x how ever many years we decide to inhabit this planet. It shouldn’t be that hard to find one thing we are thankful for in every new day, right? There’s got to be a kabillion things, big or small, we can list off that we might not even thing of. So starting today and everyday, appreciate something that makes you smile.  Today, we are grateful for unsigned musically inclined individuals, because without you, the Indie Dojo wouldn’t exist. And that….that would be a sad Tuesday.

Twin Forks
Cross My Mind
Day Wave
Nothing At All
Twice (Little Dragon Cover)
Mt. Wolf
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