[Indie] Calvin Love – Automaton

Calvin Love

It comes with a bit of emotional pain to reveal, that while he’s the man behind one of this writer’s most rinsed LP’s of the last 5 years (2012’s New Radar), Edmonton based psych-pop crooner Calvin Love just simply hasn’t been featured enough here at TMN. With a new full-length, Super Future, and an accompanying North American tour right around the corner, Love’s been dropping little morsels of celestial sensuality in the form of a slew of shiny singles over the past few months. His latest entry, “Automaton”, sees Love blend a lofi yet powerful rolling bassline with minimal guitar twang and his signature set of reverberant vocal chords to result in a sound drawing equal influence from new-wave and pop, blues and rock. While New Radar employed a much clearer ode to pop on some its most notable tracks, “Automaton” sports a much more tactile and analog feel; focusing instead on Love’s shaky refrain and live instruments rather than his past synth led work. Which in this case, has turned out to be a great thing

We’ve been hooked since first listen, and although we’re a little late to the party, we just couldn’t resist the need to get this one up on our pages. Check out Calvin Love’s upcoming tour dates below, and stream “Automaton” above.

6/13  – Brooklyn, NY | Northside Festival – Baby’s Alright
6/14 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East*
6/16 – Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz*
6/19 – Cleveland, OH – Happy Dog*
6/20 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen*
6/21 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue Entry *
6/23 – Missoula, MT – Stage 112*
6/24 – Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern*
6/25 – Vancouver, BC – Fox Cabaret*
6/26 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge*
6/27 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar*
6/29 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Wayfarer*
6/30 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA*
07/01 – San Diego, CA -The Casbah*
07/02 – Las Vegas, NV – The Bunkhouse
07/04 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theatre
07/05 – Om aha, NE – Slowdown
07/06 – Columbus, MO – Café Berlis
07/08 – Detroit, MI – UFO Factory
* = w/ Jacco Gardner

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The New Division – Introspective [TMN PREMIERE]

IMG_3132_MAG (1)
The New Division

If you’re not hip to this Riverside, California-based electronic act just yet, today will mark the day you follow him on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Having already experienced success with two albums, two EP’s, and experiencing tremendous love and support at Pitchfork and NME, The New Division is back with a third full-length album, produced in collaboration with F.J. DeSanto from Hypefactor. Titled Gemini, it boasts 13 songs, including “Introspective,” all which are officially coming out on June 23rd.

Also known as John Glenn Kunkel, The New Division’s roots are planted firmly in the new wave music sector of the massive electronic landscape we’ve come to know today. “Introspective” is a shining example of that style, bringing Kunkel’s signature sound to listeners through a luscious soundscape developed by layers of sonorous guitars, uplifting synths, and, of course, that iconic voice.

It’s also available to purchase, as of right now, via iTunes. We strongly suggest you head over and show your support.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2015 Round #2)


Songs are merely a tiny speck in the universe we call the internet. Sometimes no matter how bright they shine, they may be hard to find. But, no need to fret. Think of us as ninjas with a telescope. We here to paint the starry night just for you.

Hold On
The Indien
The More You Try
Boy Scout
Get Me By
Of Embla
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[Soul] The Internet – Special Affair

The Internet Music
Special Affair

The Internet, an Odd Future-affiliated band spear-headed by Syd and Matt Martian, have continued expanding on their neo-soul, funk-influenced style since first hitting the scene back in 2011. With two studio albums out, The Internet are already a step ahead of similar groups that have been popping up as of late, and the polished sound on their latest single certainly reflects that. Keeping genre boundaries as ambiguous as ever, “Special Affair” contrasts with some of The Internet’s more complex compositions proving a minimalistic tune fueled by a down-tempo, organic bass line and Syd’s silky, seductive vocals. As its name suggest, the track is a lustful and intoxicating ballad that, once again, demonstrates that, with Syd on the mic it’s virtually impossible to falter. On The Fader‘s premiere, Syd talked a bit about stepping out of her comfort zone with this late-night anthem:

I wasn’t sure I was the one who wanted to say those lyrics. With our first two albums, I don’t really say fuck what’s in your phone, let me take you home. It took me being like, so what? I’m 23, this is what I’m supposed to be talking about, this is how I’m supposed to be feeling. Our group is so funny, because people don’t even realize it’s a girl singing about a girl.

Along with “Special Affair,” The Internet’s also announced their upcoming third studio album, Ego Death, which drops June 30th and can be pre-ordered here.

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Bad Suns – Transpose (Leo Kalyan Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

bad suns
Bad Suns
Transpose (Leo Kalyan Remix)

Looking back, we first stumbled across Bad Suns all the way back in 2013. Now, with both an EP and LP out, a few tours under their belt, and plenty of radio play, it’s easy to understand how they hit such an incredible trajectory so early in their career. One of the songs that helped them get to this point is “Transpose,” which boasts the band’s affinity for post-punk sounds.

Today, we have a fresh, new look at this widely revered song, as remixer Leo Kalyan steps in to provide a new perspective. Downtempo in nature, this remix parallels frontman Christo Barrow’s haunting vocals, featuring echoing atmospheric elements, a slow, sultry beat, and some harpsichord-style synths. At times, we’re brought into the intensity from the original, yet the calming instrumentals continually provide the unique take Kalyan took to it.

This remix is officially out today and is offered up as a free download.

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[Feel Good] Jackson Breit feat. Sophia – Tell Me Something Good (prod. by Carneyval)

Jackson Breit
Tell Me Something Good (prod. by Carneyval feat. Sophia)

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re ready to kick off our shoes, lace up our boardshorts, and lie by the pool with a frosty adult beverage. It’s warm and sunny out here in Denver and now we have this shimmering, summertime tune to accompany us.

We’ve been a fan of this Virginia Beach silky-smooth vocalist for quite some time, with posts reaching all the way back to 2012. Some were remixes with original vocals, some were just straight up originals, but one thing was always constant – that goddamn gorgeous voice.

Today’s track is a soulful, gospel-inspired tune featuring vocalist Sophia and a repeat appearance by Carneyval. It rides along the familiarity of Rufus’ original, with the borrowed choruses that will have you singing along in an instant. The verses are all new though, courtesy of Mr. Breit.

If you’re at work, please don’t hold us, Jackson Breit, Sophia, or Careyval accountable for your intense need to get up and head outside. If you do though, make sure to keep this on repeat for a bit.

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Matthew and Me – Kitsune [TMN PREMIERE]

Matthew and Me 8

A few times a week, we’re overwhelmingly taken back by an artist. There’s just something about them, whether it be songwriting ability, vocal finesse, instrumental prowess, or a combination of sorts. Today is one of those moments, as we’re introduced to the UK-based five-piece, Matthew and Me.

Harnessing multiple impressive ear-grabbing elements, “Kitsune” is a cinematic journey complete with a harmonious balance between gorgeously building ethereal verses and a head-nodding, intensified chorus. It beckons on other progressive rock journeymen, like one of our all-time favs, Mogwai, yet brings another layer into the mix with the soft and alluring vocal tone of their front man.

“Kitsune” was surprisingly recorded in the band’s home studio with Co-Producer Chris Bond. If you’d like to hear it live, which we certainly do now, you can catch them at one of their upcoming shows below.

4th July – Blissfields, Winchester
26th July – Somersault Festival, North Devon District
30th July – Port Eliot Festival, Tideford

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