Adventure Galley – Marooned [TMN Video Premiere]

Adventure Galley - Marooned
Adventure Galley

How many of you remember MySpace Music? Well, if you do, you may remember there was a record label with it as well. Portland group Adventure Galley won a contest a while back, securing first place over 17,000 entries. That contest landed them a record deal, which included signing this album. Over time MySpace Records fell apart, which meant they wouldn’t have the former press team helping push their music. Eventually two managers came together, and they’re now sharing some very unique videos of the tracks- giving us dibs on the first one!

“Marooned” is a synth-rock song that you just can’t help dancing along to. The backing video takes you on a journey to the ’50s, where the band is “Marooned” in space. Rather than going with modern techniques, the director decided ‘to hell with cgi’ and created the sets from scratch. A lot of us think how awesome it would be to take a trip to space, but after seeing the movie “Gravity” lately we’re starting to agree with the lyrics “be careful what you wish for.”

Adventure Galley is getting ready to head on a mini tour, which you can find the dates below the video. On top of that, they’re accepting remixes! Yes, that’s right producers; you can all hit this email for stems if you’re interested!


Seattle, WA | Barboza | Saturday, September 6th
Spokane, WA | The Big Dipper | Sunday, September 7th
Portland, OR | Doug Fir| Tuesday, September 9th
San Francisco, CA | Neck Of The Woods | Wednesday, September 10th
Los Angeles, CA | Satellite | Friday, September 12th


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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2014 Round #3)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaCommunication is key and sometimes we suck at it. Music, however, seems to be a universal language that soothes the soul, melts the heart, fuels the fire, and calms the storm. If you happen to be one who sucks at the whole communicating thing, try saying it with a song. Better yet…..try it with a whole entire playlist.

Rare Darling
Cold Sweat
Daniel Wilson
Killed Ya
Jordan Riddle = Suffocate
under the same sky
The Sound
Jake Weary
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TMN Talks with The Griswolds [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

The Griswolds
Right On Track

There’s nothing quite like it. The experience of sharing a song with our readership, only to see it explode across the airwaves, leaving the beaming smiles of thousands of listeners filled with overwhelming joy. We recently had that experience when we premiered the Griswold’s international sensation, “Beware the Dog,” and in all honesty, haven’t been able to stop listening since.

After playing their collection on repeat for sometime, we had the ultimate pleasure of sitting down with Dan, Tim, Chris and Lachlan in a tiny pizza joint on Broadway during The UMS in Denver, Colorado.

Though we had never met or even spoken before, always relying on publicists and label reps, we had a conversation that was both personable and downright hilarious.

TMN: Welcome to Colorado guys! Thank you so much for sitting down with us tonight.

Lachlan: Thanks for having us!

TMN: Let’s kick things off first by talking about this trip to the states. How has the reception been?

Lachlan: It’s been pretty good. Some of the shows have been really surprising in crowds that come out to see us. It’s pretty crazy, coming from the other side of the world.

Tim: It’s our first tour and we’ve noticed something, I guess. We’ve noticed people coming to the shows to see us. We’ve done tours before, but this one…

TMN: Your song, “Beware the Dog,” has quickly reached tremendous success. We were lucky enough to premiere that song for you guys, and in doing so, we learned that this was about a friend who fell to drugs. Do you care to talk about that?

Dan: She’s fucking crazy, man!

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[Alternative] Love & Valor – Truly Dear

Love & Valor
Truly Dear

I’ve got an absolute gem to share with you all tonight. Coming to us from Burlington, North Carolina is a new quartet by the name of Love & Valor. They’ve had a fair share of covers in the past, however “Truly Dear” is their first original piece and I am absolutely blown away by it. According to the band’s Facebook page, each member contributes to the writing process, in melody and lyrics, and the result is a collaborative effort that may just change your own perceptions on modern folk music. This indie love ballad is sure to resonate with you long after the song has ended and I cannot help put keep this song on repeat. It is masterfully gorgeous and I can’t help but share it with my fellow Ninjas.

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[House] Panama Wedding – All Of The People (option4 Remix)

Panama Wedding
All Of The People (option4 Remix)

Oh option4. Will there ever be a tune released from your arsenal with which we are not thoroughly in love with? Probably not, but that’s more than okay with your trusty TMN staff. After riding an immense wave of hype since we first featured the Denver based beatsmith over a year ago, option4′s diverse brand of “more house than tech, more deep than disco” dance music finds itself in the midst of its most mature and accessible stretch yet. His latest retooling of Panama Wedding’s “All Of The People” is nothing short of breathtaking either. Fusing a kick drum that is somehow as expansive and wide as it is punchy, those signature option4 vocal chops and a beautifully layed synth/piano line; option4′s production prowess seems to evolve with every passing release while maintaining the musical integrity with which we fell in love with in the first place. The real treat on this one though is the way in which Peter Kirk’s melancholy but pop-fueled vocals mesh their way into such bouncy and groove laden instrumentation. We even dare you to try and stifle the natural head-bob and hip-wiggle which seems to come attached to option4′s entire catalog. You won’t be able to. As an even better bonus, you can snag a free digital copy of option4′s remix from Panama Wedding’s Soundcloud here. Hop to it Ninjas.

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2014 Mega Summer Playlist Vol I: Indie Rock & Folk


As the calendar slowly turns another page, bringing to most what is considered as the last month of summer, we can only hope to make the best of what’s left of this incredible season. For most of you out there, you’ve probably hit a festival or two. For some, you just simply enjoyed being outdoors, doing what you love. Whatever it is you have on deck for the next month, we have you covered as far as tunes go.

To celebrate the last three months of incredible music, we’ve once again banded together as a clan, calling on ninjas all over the world to give us their favorite tunes from the summer months. Just as we did last year, we’ve created you four top-notch playlists, starting this week with our Indie Rock and Folk selections.

The 2014 Mega Summer Playlist Vol I: Indie Rock & Folk is stacked top to bottom, ranging from laid-back vocalists singing over a singular instrument, to fast-paced garage rock bands, who will get you out of your seat, to everything in between. Press play and get ready for over 100 songs of greatness.

Vance Joy
Young Rising Sons
Til Tomorrow
The Griswolds
Beware the Dog
Absolutely Free
Beneath The Air
Jeremy Loops
Skinny Blues
Kid Astray
Taking You With Me
Nate Eiesland
West Coast (Coconut Records Cover)
Im Not Coming Back
I Am the Sky
Half A Man
Cold Weather Company
What Do I Do
Sean Oneill
The Oh Hellos
Second Child, Restless Child
GEMS ≠ Scars
Washed Out
Dont Give Up
Gardens & Villa
Bullet Train
Tokyo Police Club
Hot Tonight
Young Rising Sons
King Of The World
The Writings On the Wall
Colony House
Dead Wrong
Bad Suns
We Move Like The Ocean
Friendly Fires & The Asphodells
Before Your Eyes
Future Islands
Seasons (Waiting On You)
Mean Streets
Jack + Eliza
Hold The Line
St. Vincent
Digital Witness
Rockets and Jets
Eli Eli
The Black Keys
MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein
Back Home (Original Mix)
Field Mouse
Two Ships
White Reaper
Half Bad
Jack and Eliza
We Were Evergreen
The Holidays
Tongue Talk
Real Estate
Talking Backwards
Frankie Animal
Black River
Kishi Bashi
Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!
Heart Trips
Bad Suns
Oslo Parks
White Reaper
Sonic Avenues
In Your Head
My Song 5 feat. A$AP Ferg
Alt J
Left Hand Free
Mexico City Blondes
Panama Wedding
All Of the People (RAC Mix)
Panama Wedding
Only Real
Cadillac Girl
Lowell I Love You Money (from We Loved Her Dearly out Sept 16)
Bruno Merz
Into The Air
100 Lovers
For The Team
Never Work For Free
Lana Del Rey
West Coast
Tin Gardens
Crossed My Mind
I Wish (You Were Mine)
Do You
Bad Suns
Dancing On Quicksand
Death From Above
Trainwreck 1979
La Sera
Running Wild
Crimson Wave
The Tins
They Arent Evil
Avi Buffalo
So What
Gold Silver Diamond
Walk On By
St. Lucia
Wooderson Slater
The Lake
The Rentals
Thought Of Sound
Jenny Lewis
Just One Of The Guys
Fake Laugh
Nothing But Good
Tambourine Light
Leaves Like Glass
Lana Del Rey
Shades Of Cool
Bob Mould
I Dont Know You Anymore
Wye Oak
Logic of Color
Take A Chill Pill
Niykee Heaton
Young Man
Hundred Waters
Black Honey
Sleep Forever (Demo)
Real Estate
The Raa
The Careful Ones
For A Moment
Foxes in Fiction
Shadows Song
Im Aquarius
Ruu Campbell
The Call(Heartsong)
Axel Flovent
Nick Hakim
The Light
Nick Hakim
Killer Whales
Begging Me To Come Back
Model Aeroplanes
Innocent Love
High Tyde
Bombay Bicycle Club
Fall In Love
Broken Bells
After the Disco
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[Acoustic] Years & Years – Take Shelter (Unplugged)

Years & Years - Take Shelter Unplugged
Years and Years
Take Shelter Unplugged

British trio Years & Years recently came out with their new EP, and here we have an acoustic version of their lead single “Take Shelter”. With only the piano as the accompaniment, their lead singer Olly’s voice shines in this poignant little tune. They describe themselves as Electro Soul Pop, and when you take away the electro element of the song, Soul and Pop are exactly what these guys sound like acoustically. It’s simple, emotional, heartfelt, and most importantly, it calls for your attention. It’s almost like you’ve gone through a bad breakup and here you are reminiscing about the old times. Okay this might be going too far but you get the point.

Also, check out their original version of the song here. We are pretty excited to see what else these guys have to offer. With the release of this single, Years & Years are definitely on the right track to make it big in the UK, maybe even here in the States.

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