[Dance Party] Junior Prom – Stand!


Thankfully, it’s Friday. If it were any other day, you’d have an awful lot of explaining to do to your fellow classmates or co-workers. Why’s that, you ask? Well, one listen through “Stand!” will have you cutting a rug like it’s midway through a rowdy night out, and if you did that on any other day, people might look at you funny. However, it’s f**in’ Friday, and you’re allowed to get a little wild. And, you can thank Junior Prom for that privilege.

You may not have heard of Mark Solomich and John Paul Frank, but after today, these two will cement themselves into your memory, your Friday Night Playlist, as well as a few grumblings for a sluggish and headache-plagued Saturday morning. Their sound is naturally infectious, causing the immediate need to engage in raucous revelry. It’s playful and extremely well-crafted, giving you the sense that not only do these two know their shit, but they also know how to have a good time.

Featuring a well-defined bassline, whimsical guitar riffs, and catchy-as-hell lyrics, “Stand!” embodies those aforementioned statements, giving us a ripping good three minute and 40-second party. Talk about the perfect soundtrack to lead you into two days of pure freedom.

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Katy Gunn – Hate (it’s a bad education) [TMN PREMIERE]

Katy Gunn
Hate (It's a Bad Education)

Katy Gunn is a one-woman musical army in “Hate,” bringing an enchanting soundscape comprised of nothing but sounds created from either her voice or her hands. Utilizing Ableton live, she recorded layers upon layers of different claps, hums, and lyrics, all of which come together in perfect harmony for this extremely inventive and rather quirky tune.

After gaining experience with acts like Teenage Love and one of our all-time favorite rappers, Method Man, this Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer is bringing a collection of her own music to the masses, with today’s premiere leading the way. The rest of her Whispering Voices EP promises to showcase more of this organic style, showcasing her acute artistic abilities.

If you found yourself grooving in your chair to this lovely little tune, make sure to follow her on SoundCloud. If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC on January 20th at 7:30PM, we highly recommend heading to Dixon Place to check out her live performance. The word on the street is – her show will be a dance performance co-choreographed with artist and performer Autumn Kioti, all of which is set to the EP and visuals by Sol Kjøk.

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[Indie] argonaut&wasp – The Sneeze

The Sneeze

“The Sneeze” is a tale of two songs, both of which come together in an effortless fashion. The first is deep and introspective, conveying what seems like those conversations we’ve all had with ourselves. You know the ones. The dark, driving bassline and melancholy guitar work assists in the imagery, painting what seems like will be an ominous picture throughout. The second is light-hearted and flirtatious, brought to life with playful guitar and flute progressions, leaving the unavoidable desire to get up and frolic around your laptop.

Inventiveness is hard to come by these days, especially when using instruments that people have had access to for centuries. It seemingly comes easy to argonaut&wasp, though, as they continually surprise and delight us bloggers, starting back with tracks like “Higher Ground” and “Pistol Pump Funk,” continuing up to today’s release.

“The Sneeze” officially ends a five-month hiatus for everyone who became enamoured with the highly infectious tunes from this Vermont-born, Brooklyn-based act. We can only hope the next wait won’t be as long.

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[Alternative] Dear Boy – Local Roses

Dear Boy
Dear Boy
Local Roses

LA band Dear Boy have graced us with their awesome new single ‘Local Roses’ off their forthcoming EP. Singer Ben Gray’s raspy vocals, decorated by guitarist Austin Hayman’s shimmering electric guitar playing, guides to us through this universally tangible experience of love and loss, as he sings “I can hold her now, but she was never mine at all”.

The bright tone of the guitar is perfectly counter-balanced by the underlying warmth of the bass, played by Nils Bue, only to be solidified and fundamentally moulded together by drummer Keith Cooper; achieving this uniquely atmospheric, alternative/ post-punk sound.

They will be playing The Echo in Los Angeles for the single launch on 12th January! Have a look here for tour and gig updates in the future.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2016 Round #2)


Good things come to those who wait. Or to those who go out and get it. Or to those who know that it’s Tuesday and there is a new Indie Dojo laying around the internet just waiting to be found.

Where Is My Ego? (radio Edit)
Daggy Man
Little Whip
Glass Face
Clair Rosengren
Close Enough
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[TMN Premiere] Feed Me Jack – Emergency

Ultra Ego Cover Art 1
Feed Me Jack

Oakland’s Feed Me Jack became TMN regulars in 2015–headlining our first ever San Francisco showcase and dropping a fantastic collection of covers. With the release of their latest EP around the corner, we’re excited to be bringing you the premiere of its first single. In typical FMJ fashion, “Emergency” showcases the up ‘n comers’ impressive musicianship while encapsulating their continually evolving sound. One of their more ambitious sonic undertaking to date, the single spans five minutes growing out of a lush, synth-backed opening. That intro recesses into an airy bridge which gives way to an unexpected twist around the 2:25 mark with the emergence of a heavier guitar progression. The sonic journey only gets more compelling in the second half proving a welcome and bold departure from the traditional verse/chorus structure–a common characteristic through out Feed Me Jack’s catalogue.

With its adventurous composition, “Emergency” is the type of track that you can truly get lost in forgetting what you were even listening to in the first place. Having seen the five-piece perform before, we can imagine this being a monster in FMJ’s live set providing opportunities for improvisation at each turn. Feed Me Jack’s Ultra Ego is due out on January 14th. In the meantime, give this a few spins and let it sink in.

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[Indie] TRUDY – Baby I’m Blue

Baby I'm Blue

As a former hopeless romantic, it’s understandable why “Baby I’m Blue” instantly latched itself onto those long-lost memories of pining, wishing, and hoping that a special someone would come along for good. Luckily, they did, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still look back on those memories, with Trudy providing the soundtrack.

If you haven’t caught onto this Liverpool/Leeds-based act yet, it’s about time you did. Combining elements of doo-wop, 60’s girls groups, The Beach Boys, and The Strokes, their style has a nostalgic air about it, yet is perfectly suited to please the ears of discerning blogosphere hunters across the globe. “Baby I’m Blue” effortlessly encapsulates those aforementioned elements, offering sometimes smooth, sometimes raucous guitar, fluttering, emotional vocals, and a chorus worthy of a few too many glasses of whiskey.

This tune follows “Behave” and “All My Love,” both of which you can find on their SoundCloud page. We highly recommend heading over and checking it out.

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