[Dance/Pop] The Ugly Club – Passengers


Some artists just work really hard at their craft, as in harder than most and in the end, their music shows just how time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears went into it all. The Ugly Club is one such group who have been operating for five years now making incredible rock music. Their recent single, ‘Passengers’, transforms the group into a new sound of dance pop. The funky beat mixed with the hand clapping melody and catchy vocals, makes this single a hard one to not listen to on repeat a few times over. Keep an ear out for this hardworking not at all ugly group, their hard work is continuing to pay off and us listeners are the lucky ones.

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[Deep-House] Indiana – Heart On Fire (SNBRN Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Heart On Fire (SNBRN Remix)

While the Summer weather may be tailing off, what with the National Football League kicking off last week  (that’s the sport we watch religiously in the U.S. for our non North American friends) and temperatures beginning to dip comfortably from those scorching highs stateside; it seems some of our favorite artists’ sounds have begun to shift with the season as well. One of our most beloved L.A. exports, SNBRN, who’s coming off of another viral remix run with his take on Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack”, again enters the eclectic grounds  of TMN this morning with yet another ear enslaving track modification. With his latest remix, SNBRN pulls Indiana‘s lush R&B burner “Heart On Fire” into the more sensual end of his brand of house music; delivering yet another sophisticated, hooky and utterly danceable cut. Warm but hazy synths along with Indiana’s pensive, wistful vocals merge on SNBRN’s version of “Heart On Fire” to create what we think is his most superlative tune yet. When queried about his remix, the skyrocketing house producer articulated: “A few months ago I got this track in my inbox and fell in love, so when I was asked for an official remix I couldn’t wait. With summer coming to an end I wanted to really touch into a darker side of SNBRN. Enjoy this remix and soak up the last bit of summer with me”. As support already rolls in on this one from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and  Clubbers Guide with Ministry of Sound, we’re fairly certain there are going to be droves of listeners doing exactly that. Take in SNBRN’s remix of Indiana’s “Heart On Fire” in the form of a trusty TMN Premiere above, grab the free download in exchange for a Soundcloud “follow” here and ride this groove for the rest of your week.

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Little xs for Eyes – Love Gets Lost [TMN PREMIERE]

little xs for eyes
Love Gets Lost

There’s two different ways to look at Monday morning. You could see it as an absolutely dreadful start to a work week, taking everything you have to drag your ass out of bed. Or, you could see it as a new beginning, providing a clean slate for you to work with. While it’s hard to stray away from the former, we always try to see it as the latter. Considering that our lives are a constant state of music coming in and out, Mondays really are a clean slate for us.

Starting things off with a fresh, infectious take, Little xs for Eyes have graciously requested a premiere for their new tune, “Love Gets Lost.” We’re constantly bombarded with hundreds of new songs each and every day, a lot of which have very similar qualities. As far as this tune goes, it’s one that definitely stood out above the rest.

It’s difficult to nail true whimsy when it comes to pop. It often comes off as cheesy, or contrived, blending in with the rest of the Top 40 that you hear while walking around town. However, LXFE (as we just dubbed them for convenience) have captured a playfully engaging progression that has all the catchiness of well-refined pop, yet brims with enthusiastic originality.

Made up of six members, diversity in genre and instrumentation is one of the most notable things about this Ireland-based sextuplet. In “Love Gets Lost,” we’re offered up a playful banter, hearing alternating lyrical exchanges from Michelle Considine and Lucy Jackson. The instrumentation boasts a multitude of instruments, all of which comprise a lively and mischevious soundscape.

Look for this tune to come out on their upcoming album. Track Little xs for Eyes on their facebook for more information.

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[Indie House] Born Cages – Rolling Down The Hill (Glastrophobie Remix)

Born Cages
Rolling Down The Hill (Glastrophobie Remix)

After a wild weekend full of beer bongs, bangers, and poor decision-making, we need a little break from all those Friday Party Playlist anthems and shift into a more mellow mood. What better way to enjoy a Sunday than with the likes of one of our favorite German porducers, Glastrophobie? This past Friday, the “Lucky” star unleashed his latest House remix of Born Cages sensational song, “Rolling Down the Hill”. This remix is a bit different from his typical melodic house work, but regardless of the shift, the young producer comes out on top. Loaded with electric guitar riffs, an uplifting build, and a kickin’ indie vibe to make our days of Summer feel that much longer, Glastrophobie gives us the warm fuzzies with this Born Cages anthem. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some Glastrophobie in between a little football. We guarantee this remix will satisfy you more than the entirety of Tony Romo’s football career.

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[Electronic] SOHN – The Wheel (Mazde Remix)

The Wheel (Mazde Remix)

Mazde is a sensational upcoming producer from Germany. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he brought us this absolutely sublime Disclosure edit that I’m sure even had Flume sweating. The twenty year old has been hard at all work all summer on this new edit of his and the finished product has arrived and it was well worth the wait. SOHN has become a household name in the past couple years and his staying power is solidified even more with this crafty production by Mazde, adding on the alt-indie single’s downtempo backing and bringing it to the forefront with some excellent production chops. This wunderkind just got picked up by the guys over at Stoney Roads, so you can guarantee that his efforts will exponentially grow in both quality and quantity from here on out.

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[TMN Exclusive Interview] Trails and Ways Talk Influences, Covers and the Bay Area at Outside Lands 2014


Trails and Ways
Mtn Tune

Oakland-based band, Trails and Ways, first surfaced back in 2012 with a string of impressive covers that reinvented some of the year’s strongest pop songs in unexpected and refreshing ways. Unsurprisingly, their subsequent debut EP, Trilingual, proved that their unique style is displayed in an even more powerful way through their original music. The 5-song project, true to its title, features lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese–a reflection of the group’s travels in Spain and Brazil. Aside from the evident international influence, Trails and Ways have an incredible take on dreamy California pop, teaming addicting lush acoustic and electronic melodies with the diverse vocals of all 4 band members.

We had a chance to catch up with Keith Brower Brown (guitar, synths) and Ian Quirk (drums) at this year’s Outside Lands to discuss their travels, musical influences and fantastic covers among other topics. Considering the quality of their library thus far, we could not be more excited for what Trails and Ways have in store in the next year.

TMN: First of all, we’re here at Outside Lands. Did you come here when you were at UC Berkeley?


Ian Quirk of Trails and Ways

Ian: I’m from the East Bay. Hayward, which is a little south of where we live now in Oakland. I went to Outside Lands twice growing up. One of the most memorable experiences was at Radiohead. The sound went out, like the main speakers went out during their set, but they totally just kept playing. Everybody was dead silent—it was crazy at a festival that big—just trying to hear basically the stage monitors and a few little speakers. I’ve never seen that before at a festival where there’s dead silence. And then the sound came back on and after the most quiet I’d ever heard, it was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard immediately afterward.

TMN: Did the whole band live together in college?

Keith: Three of us lived in a building called Lothlorien, not the the Land of the Elves although I’d love to live there. This was a co-op at Berkeley—one of the student bought houses. Hannah, the lead guitarist, lived very briefly there for a summer, but we all went to school at Berkeley. Graduated a few years ago. Continue reading

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[Synth/Indie-Pop] Lincoln Jesser – After_Love [TMN Premiere]

Lincoln Jesser

L.A. native Lincoln Jesser has displayed his deft touch within the pop genre time and time again. So, when we heard his latest tune would be a repurposed interpolation of Cher’s “Believe” we weren’t skeptical in the slightest as it was coming from one of our most revered indie artists throughout the entire musical landscape. Jesser has won our hearts through his opulent, pop tinged indie compositions, most recently on “Untold”, and today he’s hit the mark again with “After_Love”. The tune gets behind an appropriately borrowed hook from the original, but it’s been executed within a slick slate of melancholy, lightly drawn synths for a feel that we never would have dreamt of within a Cher cut. We’re quite excited to be premiering this one, so why not bask in our collective Lincoln Jesser glow. “After_Love” is being given away as a free download on Lincoln Jesser’s Soundcloud, and his Modern Color LP drops this September 23 which you can pre-order on iTunes here. Stay tuned.

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