[House] Flight Facilities – Down to Earth (Sean Glass Remix)

Flight Facilities
Down To Earth (Sean Glass Remix)

If there’s one thing we enjoy other than music here at TMN, it would have to be giving back. We’ve been privy to some phenomenal opportunities through our global distribution of great music, and with multi-faceted music industry mogul Sean Glass‘ latest remix, we’ve got another chance to help do some good. The Win Music founder is back with only his second official release, choosing to take Flight Facilities’ “Down to Earth” even closer towards the dance hall behind a tasteful and subtle melody shift, and glittery four-four kick-drum.

Glassnote Records, Future Classic, Win Music, Flight Facilities and Sean Glass are teaming up and offering Glass’ remix to the Dan Fredinburg Foundation. About the free tune, Sean Glass shed some more light on the situation: “The remix release has been made even more special to me because of recent events. We lost a good friend whom I looked up to–Dan Fredinburg.” (Fredingurg was part of an Everest summit team when the first Nepalese earthquake hit and was tragically lost). Also adding: “This week, there was another earthquake in Nepal. They really need our help. We have launched the Dan Fredinburg Foundation and already raised $100k. It only made sense that while I put effort into spreading awareness for my remix, I use that energy to help the causes that are really occupying my mind and heart–rebuilding Nepal and #LiveDan.” The track will be offered as a free download when users follow @DanFredinburgFoundation on Twitter and we’re encouraging everyone to donate www.crowdrise.com/CelebratingDan.

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[Electro-Pop] Goldroom ft. George Maple – Embrace (Alternate Version)

Embrace (feat George Maple)

It’s almost difficult to believe that we’ve been posting Josh Legg’s Goldroom project for just under half a decade now. From humble production beginnings authoring breezy disco remixes of his favorite artists for fun, to making audiences of 100,000+ swoon in collective adoration, to what has now become a full-fledged live act behind some of this generation’s most recognizable alt-anthems; Goldroom’s trajectory has been nothing short of major-motion-picture-esque. One of those anthems however, stood head and shoulder above the rest when it came to this writer’s personal touch: the emotive pop scorcher “Embrace”. Why would we be covering a tune that was released almost two years ago on an extended play of the same name though, you ask? Well that’s simple. In a new series of tunes through Snapchat and behind a new EP It’s Like You Never Went Away (our favorite line from “Embrace” by the by), the tune has been finally unveiled in its truest form; with rangey female warbler George Maple on lead vocals. To elaborate, Legg stated: “George Maple and I actually wrote ‘Embrace’ together, so having this come full circle, and to have her singing on the song, feels like a dream. The song Embrace is all about re-connection, and so having George back in my studio again, singing the song, felt like it was meant to be”.

There’s certainly not much more to be said than that. Stream Goldroom’s entire new EP on Spotify here, or purchase through iTunes here, and check out Goldroom’s latest run of tour dates below. For now, let’s bask in the glow that is the purest form of Goldroom’s “Embrace”.

Goldroom Tour Dates:
05/21 – San Francisco, CA @ San Antonio Recreation Area
05/23 – Bradley, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle
05/24 – Bethel, NY @ Musteryland USA
06/04 – Ozark, AR @ Wakarusa 2015
06/25 – Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest Festival
07/11 – Chicago, IL @ Mamby On The Beach
07/16 – Scranton, PA @ Camp Bisco
07/31 – Montreal, Canada @ Osheaga 2015
08/09 – Palm Springs, CA @ Splash House
08/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest 2015
09/04 – New York, NY @ Electric Zoo
11/21 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Corona Capital

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Bora York – Arrest Me [TMN PREMIERE]

Bora York
Arrest Me

It’s been cold, rainy, and grey here in Denver for the past week, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up anytime soon. This comes as somewhat of a surprise, considering we’re usually blessed with ample amounts of sunshine-filled days. Luckily for us though, a fellow cold-weather state friend is giving us something to help thaw out the cold. That friend is Bora York, and that something is “Arrest Me.”

Coming off their upcoming album (June 2015), “Arrest Me” drops today, here on The Music Ninja. Featuring a very danceable bassline, upbeat guitar work, sonic layering, and alternating vocals from husband-wife duo Chris and Rebekah Bartels. It’s soulfully crafted, funk-inspired, and an absolute blast to groove to. When asked about the tune, frontman Chris had this to say:

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or have been with someone for years, relationships always seem to have seasons of being emotional roller coasters. I might be crazy, but I think about things a lot on my own, and sometimes let emotions drive my daydreams. It’s more fun that way. And then I process everything through songs. Arrest Me is about running through a whirlwind of emotion and circumstance, but then ends up at “this cyclone has kept me alive,” essentially saying the rollercoaster is all worth it for that person you love.

“Arrest Me” blends the sonic direction of this new album – funkier, tighter, dancier, and of course 80’s synth-pop-tinged – with that moody love song subject. We had incredible Minneapolis guitarist Cory Wong write and record electric guitars on this song, and he really brought the funk out that we were going for, especially during the song’s breakdown.

Keep tabs on Minnesota-based Bora York by following them on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2015 Round #3)


Have you ever……driven in your car form than 5 minutes in complete silence because you are so sick of your music collection you just cant figure out what to listen to? Yeah, we know, we’ve be there too. Until we started collecting these Indie Dojos. Guaranteed to fill the next 24 minutes or more with music you have or have not heard of yet. Not all ninjas are silent…

Got It Bad
Broken Back
Happiest Man On earth (Official)
Ive Lost My Way
Please Delete
Our Fathers
Keep Your Tongue
Men I Trust
A Prayer Ft. Odile
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[Indie] Vundabar – Chop


Boston’s Vundabar has nailed the mid-60s garage pop charm with their new single “Chop”. They bring the fuzzy guitars and psychedelic vocals, but with high production quality and precise arrangements. While you might expect to find a group like Vundabar on labels like Fat Possum, Autumn Tone, or Third Man, the forthcoming sophomore release (out 7/21, preorder) is set to come our way via the band’s own label, Gawk Records.

The trio has announced an ambitious two-month tour, find your show here.

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GIRL FRIEND Sheds Light on Band Origins, New Wave, and Naked Mole Rats [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


Relative newcomers to the blogosphere, GIRL FRIEND are already making strides, as evident by the sheer volume of music bloggers taking notice of their highly infectious sounds. Combining upbeat basslines, catchy-as-hell lyrics, glowing vocal harmonies, and dancy guitar work give this band all the ammunition to continue their ascent into the hearts and ears of listeners around the globe.

After listening to Manchester-based four piece’s Arrive Alone, Leave Alone EP for quite some time, we decided we needed to know more about this quickly rising band. So, grab a cup of coffee, throw your headphones on, and enjoy getting to know what will soon be one of your new favorite acts.

TMN: Hey guys! Thanks for taking some to sit down with us. Let’s start this off by talking about how you guys came to be. What’s your story?

GF: I met Jake a few years ago and immediately fell in love…artistically. We began writing together with no particular aim, only a shared love of pop music; bands such as Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and Roxy Music. We later enlisted the help of virtuoso percussionist Sam Dabrowski, and octave clambering vocalist Eleanor, to complete the line-up.

TMN: Where did the name GIRL FRIEND originate from?

GF: Prior to Sam and Eleanor joining the band full-time, we drafted in friends as session players. There was a trend among these musicians – stealing people’s girlfriends. It sort of stuck. I suppose we saw it as challenge too; to make such a commonly used word synonymous with our music. I genuinely don’t know whose idea it was to divide the words. We slave over our music, perhaps we should have slaved over our name a little longer?
Continue reading

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[Indie] Albert Hammond Jr. – Born Slippy

Albert Hammond Jr.
Born Slippy

Albert Hammond Jr. is back! Well, he never actually left, but The Strokes’ guitarist has announced his third solo album, Momentary Masters (out 7/31 on Vagrant/BMG). “Born Slippy” is just about everything you crave from AHJ—snappy guitar licks and charming vocal melodies your brain will have a hard time shaking. It’s the kind of tune strangers will catch you doing a maniacal dance to while sitting at a stoplight.

AHJ will kick off a two month North American tour in September. Find your show here.


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