[Indie/Electro-Pop] Autumn in June – Hours [TMN Premiere]

Autumn In June

Molded in the depths of South Central Los Angeles’ tumultuous and effusive streets, Autumn in June‘s paradoxical moniker has always seemed to fit the burgeoning alt-pop artist. Whether you’re comparing the pleasantly slick indie-pop output of Autumn in June to the incredibly deep amounts of hip-hop and rap dominating the area’s musical landscape, or those syrupy sweet, reverb laden vocal incantations against what has become a hotly charged political backdrop since the late 60’s; it would be difficult to think up Autumn In June’s story for a fictitious film, let alone believe it in the real world. But fiction, Autumn is not. Behind an impressive debut EP, he’s blessed our Ninjas with an exclusive premiere for latest single “Hours”. “Hours” bends the kind of 80’s synth-pop progression that would make Martin Gore and Vince Clarke green with envy around dynamic, hip-hop tipping drums, droning guitars and even a cheerful xylophone pattern which gleams like a cracked rose through a melancholy soundscape; creating a beautiful view into Autumn in June’s artistic psyche and powerfully emotive vocals. We’re already drawing comparisons to early Devonte Hynes with a subtle, grittier edge (check out his entire soundcloud here), and you can bet we will be all hands on deck for anything else coming from the genre eschewing producer. Until then, stream “Hours” above before anyone else.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #4)


So Monday is over. That’s cool. And Tuesday is here. Even cooler. Why? Because it’s not Monday AND there is a free Indie Dojo just waiting to get played.

Bird Dog
the ocean and the sea
Rebel Kites
Atlas Sky
New Navy
Van Damsel
Best Of Everything
Stranger Cat
Stole The Night
Liza Anne
Take It Back
Billie Marten
Heavy Weather
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[Rock] Imaginary People – Simple Life

Simple Life

Somewhere on a dusty road, most likely in a Quentin Tarantino film, “Simple Life” echoes throughout a sweeping view of a desolate desert and a classic American car speeding down the sun-soaked pavement.

Ok, maybe we took things a little far there with the storytelling, but it’s not hard to do when listening to this song from this brand new artist. Yes, while it may seem like NYC-based Imaginary People have been playing for decades, what with their highly engaging and infectious sound, but their debut album release hasn’t even happened yet. In fact, this is our first look at it.

There’s something we just can’t put our finger on with “Simple Life.” There’s a certain reminiscence of Americana that’s undeniably memorable. Maybe it’s the vibrato-rich vocals from front man Dylan Von Wagner. Maybe it’s the hazy, heavily distorted guitar work. Maybe it’s the arrangement. Whatever it is, it feels familiar, and it feels like we want to keep listening over and over again.

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[Indie Folk] Folly & The Hunter – Awake

Outside Music
Folly & The Hunter ➵ Awake

For a good portion of you out there, the weather is slowly changing, leaves are starting to sprout, days are starting to get longer, and your musical selections are about to get sunny, shimmery, and uplifting.

In celebration of the riddance of those icy winter months, we’re highlighting one of our favorite Indie Folk acts, Folly & The Hunter. This Montreal four-piece recently released a new tune, and it’s everything we’ve come to know and love about this up-and-coming act. With shuffling percussion, soaring piano chords, and impeccable vocal harmonies, all we can do is sit back and sport a goofy toothy grin.

When asked about the song, the band had this to say:

“Awake” was written when I had writer’s block. The song is about creating something out of nothing and forcing yourself to wake up to find spontaneity & passion in your life.

So, as the temperature starts to heat up, head out and find some adventure. Whether it’s in your own backyard, your city, or somewhere in a remote part of the globe, just do it. And, let Folly & The Hunter provide a welcome addition to your accompanying playlists.

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[Electronic] Henry Green – Barcelona

Henry Green Music

We may be a little bit behind, considering that this was released over a week ago, but we really don’t care. This song from teenage sensation Henry Green is too good to pass up.

Coming off his upcoming debut EP, Slow, this young Bristolian is showing up teens around the world with his painfully impressive musical talent. So impressive, that he was personally invited by London Grammar’s guitarist to support the band at their sold out show at the Anson Rooms in Bristol.

“Barcelona” haunts with subtle instrumentation and echoey vocals, luring the listener in with reckless abondon. The addition of atmospheric hissing and water drops only add to the mesmerizing nature, creating a luscious and velvety soundscape.

This is the first single off his upcoming EP, which will be released via Akira Records on June 1st.

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[Vibes] Rationale – Fast Lane

Fast Lane

East London’s Rationale is bringing style and substance in his full debut “Fast Lane,” which has surfaced online in the last few hours. From the start, he welcomes his exceptional vocals which are distinctive enough to be embraced by radio. Set to the fantastic backdrop of some effortlessly cool feel-good summer production, which are very much the supporting cast member in this show, this is one tune that’s summer-ready.

You can hear Rationale on vocal duty in a previous Jakwob offering “No Place Like Home.” This is the first of his forthcoming EP though.

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[Indie/Electronic] Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came (Broke For Free Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.28.32 PM
Broke For Free
Naked As We Came (Broke For Free Remix)

Oakland-based Broke For Free has had his eclectic, genre-fusing style on display for the past few years, bringing the blogosphere joyful earfulls with originals like “Summer Spliffs” and remixes like “Cherry,” originally crafted by the newly surfaced Ratatat.

Just a few minutes ago, this unique and glee-inducing musician publicly posted his interpretation of Iron & Wine’s “Naked As We Came.” Leaving the lovely, infectious nature intact, he pays an amazing homage to an already incredible song, while giving it a new Broke For Free identity of its own.

This is a nostalgia track for me. Felt risky touching it, but I gave it a go. <3

The song is available as a free download on the artist’s soundcloud. We suggest heading over, giving him a follow, and picking this up for your upcoming summer road trips.

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