Jet Black Alley Cat – Roxy Music Video [TMN Premiere]

Jet Black Alley Cat

Jet Black Alley Cat enter the dojo to premiere their new music video for their single “Roxy.” Ahead of their upcoming tour, the music video is something fans can enjoy in their own homes, while the five piece band travel around the United States. We’re here to bring it to you early, as their tour starts in Nashville on May 21st.

With “Roxy” we get an amiable alternative rock record that shows off the band’s accessible sound that has put them on the air with the likes of MTV, Lightning 100 and more. “Roxy” is a memorable record that doesn’t just stick with you for a short amount of time; it’s going to be in your playlist for a good long while. The music video is equally as impressive, with an old-school feel that plays nicely with the song. It follows a lead female character, juxtaposing images from different settings throughout her day. Check it out first below, and make sure to check out if Jet Black Alley Cat are playing in a town near you! For those who would like to purchase “Roxy,” head over to iTunes.

Tour Dates:
May 21st @ Morgan Park – Street Festival, Nashville, TN
May 25th @ The Metropolitan – Annapolis, MD
May 26th @ The Otherside – Wilkes Barre, PA
May 28th @ Pianos – New York, NY
June 2nd @ The Camphouse – Chattanooga, TN
June 4rd @ The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
June 10th @ The Prophet Bar – Dallas, TX
June 11th @ Low Brow Place – El Paso, TX
June 13th @ Rebel Lounge – Mesa, AZ
June 16th @ House of Guvera – Los Angeles, CA *
June 18th @ Billboard Live! – Salt Lake City, UT *
June 20th @ Moon Room – Denver, CO *
June 23rd @ Fubar – St. Louis, MO *
June 24th @ The HiTone – Memphis, TN *
July 1st @ Bombshells Tavern – Orlando, FL *
July 2nd @ Churchills – Miami, FL

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Saturday Selection Vol. 6

Saturday Selection

These past two weeks have been an absolute GOLDMINE for music fans everywhere. We’ve honestly never seen a month this stacked with releases both from established legends and exciting newcomers in a long time. It doesn’t stop, and we’d be fine it never did really. Even with all of the hype, you may have missed a few things, and we’ve got some highlights that you definitely need to hear. Switch up your taste a little today and show the talented folks below some love.


CAFUNÉ – Don’t You Forget

We love CAFUNÉ. After having the amazing opportunity to premiere their debut EP, Love Songs For Other People, we’ve been hooked on their pristine style of electronically tinged pop. They continue to demonstrate their mastery of the genre with “Don’t You Forget” in a positive minded approach, both lyrically and production-wise. They’ve even been given praise from Pharrell Williams himself, so, even if you haven’t heard of them yet, you will. From their amazing covers to their catchy and sweet original material, CAFUNÉ show that pop music isn’t all formulaic, and we’re lucky to get to hear them break that barrier.


Mura Masa – Lotus Eater (Tonton Remix)

Simply put, this is a stunning rendition of an already phenomenal song. Remixing Mura Masa is no small feat, and Tonton made it look effortless. The defining features of the original were kept, but this “Lotus Eater” update has skyrocketed into popularity on its own merit. Finding a way to still make your speakers go through a workout and maintaining a cool and collected sense of calm is quite the balance, but this remix handles both without fail. Keep your ears open to for more Tonton.


Anna Straker – Late Night Swimming

We’ve got even more great pop coming at you this week, and it’s here courtesy of Anna Straker. Debut tracks on SoundCloud are always great to come across, and “Late Night Swimming” continues this trend without a hitch. You can soak up the sun with this one, or cruise around with the windows down as the breeze whips around you almost in time with the song itself. Anna Straker is enchanting throughout the tune, and, even with the strong production, her voice is the anchor holding “Late Night Swimming” together. We are VERY ready for more from her.


Mishegas – Home

Building an emotional appeal with no words is something to be admired, and Mishegas‘ sophomore tune channels a similarity to artists in Foreign Family in this regard. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let “Home” transport you into another dimension of heavenly synths, swaths of reverberating drums, and a serendipitous melody that makes you feel like everything might just be alright. We’re catching onto Mishegas early, but there’s no stopping him if more tunes like “Home” are on the way.



What do you get when you put a little bit of banjo into electronica? YOKE LORE. At first glance of that sentence, it may seem like a silly combination, but “SAFETY” has proven it can work, and very well at that. The group vocals chant harmoniously along with a strumming banjo, thumping kicks, and resounding synths that culminate into something extremely unique. This is one tune you’ll just have to listen to to believe. Grab their EP here!

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Future Generations – Stars [TMN PREMIERE]

Future Generations

We made it, ninjas. The weekend’s beaming smile is welcoming us into her warm embrace, letting us know that it will all be ok for the next two days. Per usual, I’m on the hunt for the perfect tunes to throw into our weekend playlists, and “Stars” has officially cemented itself into my personal rotation. Beyond that, it has also worked it’s way into my summer playlist, adding to my growing collection of warm-weather tunes.

If you’re not hip to this New York-based five-piece, now’s about time you do so. Future Generations is comprised of five members, one of which has a wicked name (we’re talking about you DJ Midi Mike Slamsevere), and have been making tunes together for the past five years. This year brings a new chapter in their budding, young careers, having inked a deal with Frenchkiss Records last summer. The product? You’re hearing a taste of it right now, with the rest following later this summer.

“Stars” radiates with an irresistible aura, much like your favorite childhood snack beckoning you from behind the cupboard door, demanding your attention as you delved into Nickelodeon’s after-school lineup. I was always a sucker for Doug and some Dunkaroos, but I digress. Lead by a shimmering piano melody, soft claps, and thunderous percussion, it immediately incites the need to shake your hips. Ultimately, though, you fall in love when you hear the culmination of instrumentals and vocals, leaving you with a toothy, ear-to-ear grin.

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[Indie] Girl Ray – I’ll Make This Fun

Girl Ray
I'll Make This Fun

As a blogger, one of the best feelings in the world is stumbling across budding young talent. This time around, we happened to come across this London-based trio while we were rummaging around in SoundCloud. Yes, the track has been out for a few months already, but with only 10,000 streams, we’re assuming a good lot of you haven’t heard it yet. And, you most certainly should.

Comprised of Sophie, Poppy, and Iris, Girl Ray has already developed an incredibly charming sound with only two releases. Today, we’re highlighting “I’ll Make This Fun” which is a soft, pleasantly dreary, and deeply engaging indie rock tune. Musically, it calls on associations of Neutral Milk Hotel (which they cite as one of their influences), boasting hazy guitar chords and understated percussion work. Vocally, we can’t help but think of fellow Londoner Marika Hackman, both of which have a pleasantly ominous glow around their tone.

These three have a few upcoming shows. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend checking them out live.

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[Rock] The Bay Rays – New Home

bay rays
The Bay Rays

The Bay Rays are about to get this blogger in trouble. I can feel the sting of the hangover right now, and when it happens, I’m placing the blame solely on Harry Nicoll, Maxwell Oakley, and Anthus Davis. You hear that, boys? This is your fault.

There’s nothing I can really do about it at this point. “New Home” stirs up the nostalgic, long-lost need to stomp around a small, sweaty venue, alternating PBR tall boys and Jameson shots as I belt out each lyric. Now, I’m not quite sure when this will happen, given that these up-and-coming rockers are all the way across the pond. Eventually, though, they’ll make the trip to Denver and this epic prophecy will be fulfilled.

Until then, we’ll happily throw this raucous gem into our regular rotation, routinely falling in love over and over with the frenetic guitars, crashing percussion, and twangy bass work. And, we can’t leave without mentioning the catchy-as-all-hell lyrics, which should have you singing along in no time. We picked them up after only a few hits of the repeat button, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

Look out for these lads by following them on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

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Goldensuns – EP [TMN PREMIERE]

press photo

Goldensuns are a band of brothers. Literally. Whether or not that’s a key factor in their songwriting process, they’ve conceived a brand new EP for our listening pleasure. Right off the bat, traces of Empire Of The Sun are felt as “Gold Chains” washes in with a dreamy flourish, later shifting into fuzzy, alternative goodness on “Give It Up.” The pinnacle of this new project lies with “I Feel This Place,” marking the high point of the EP with an air of Rogue Wave and other choice influences. Everything is wrapped quite nicely with the bass-driven “I’m So Confused,” and Goldensuns has provided us with another brilliant EP to flesh out our spring playlists with. If sunny and 75 had a distinct sounds, it would certainly be these three. Brighten up your day with a little Goldensuns and enjoy below.

’Gold Chains’
’Give It Up’
’I Feel This Place’
’I’m So Confused’
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[Rock ‘n Roll] Ian Bern – It’s Not You

Ian Bern
It's Not You

At first listen, you might think that we’ve decided to ditch the whole “new release” approach, choosing to write up some of our favorite classics instead.The simple fact that you might think that is a massive tip of cap to up-and-coming Ian Bern, who just recently broke into the scene with his debut song.

“It’s Not You” is this up-and-comer’s second track, which will be featured on his debut 7″ along with “Enough.” The two were recorded under the legendary Xandy Berry and Wally Gagel at WAX LTD Studios, who are known for their work with Best Coast, Family of the Year, Zella Day, and Blondfire. Additionally, that studio has seen the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Velvet Underground, and countless other iconic names from the studio’s five-decade history.

Guitar-centric in nature, “It’s Not You” showcases Bern’s ability to fuse past and present with some meticulously crafted riffs worthy of that proper approving head nod we tend to throw out when hearing a solid rock tune. Couple those with some upbeat percussion work and memorable lyrics, and it won’t be long before you’re calling your buddies, firing up the grill, and stocking the cooler with some ice cold porch pounders.

Keep an eye on Ian Bern by following him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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