Drenge Discuss New Album, US Tour, and Their Wild Music Video [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


If you don’t have heard of this Sheffield-based brotherly duo, it’s the perfect time to start paying attention. Eoin and
Rory Loveless make up Drenge, who are currently kicking off a sizable U.S. tour in support of their second album, Undertow, which released back in April. The album is stacked, top to bottom, garnering the adoration of fans, press, and even the great David Letterman.

After being turned on to the wild, raucous, and highly addicting “We Can Do What We Want,” we reached out to Eoin ask a few questions before we head out to see them in Denver next week.

TMN: Hey guys. Thanks so much for taking some time to chat with us before your upcoming show in Denver. How’s the tour going so far?

Drenge: We’ve enjoyed two weeks touring around the UK and we’ve just finished our second show in the States in Philly. It’s been great. We’ve known both the bands we’re touring with for a long time so it’s been great just hanging out with our friends. There’s no “getting to know one another” which can be difficult when your schedule is packed with soundcheck, travel, shows, press and sleeping.

TMN: We’re stoked to have you guys out here, especially at one of our favorite venues, Larimer Lounge. Have you guys ever been to the Mile High City before?

Drenge: Nope, it’s our first time. We always seem to play coastal shows in the states, so it’s a real treat to play somewhere more central.

TMN: This tour is currently in support of your Sophomore release, Undertow. We can’t help but notice the myriad of influences across the album. Let’s talk about “Running Wild,” which definitely has some grungy undertones. Did you guys grow up listening to a lot of bands from that Seattle scene?

Running Wild

Drenge: On Running Wild, we were going for a psychedelic game show vibe. There’s a refrain that runs throughout that if I was ever to host something like a dysfunctional “Family Feud” would be played whenever we move onto the next round. But yeah, we listened to Nirvana almost exclusively when we were kids.

TMN: On the other hand, we can’t help but hear a little bit of iconic punk influences, like the Ramones, Sex Pistols, etc in the catchy, anthemic style of “We Can We Do What We Want.” Did that happen by chance, or were you guys paying homage to someone you looked up to? Or, neither?

We Can Do What We Want

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Mew’s Johan Wohlert Discusses Touring, the New Album, and What’s Next [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

unnamed (10)

Every Mew fan out there is fully aware of how much this tour means. For years, we’ve been patiently waiting, occasionally checking the band’s facebook page for tour dates, listening to our favorite songs over and over, and wistfully hoping for the five-year hiatus to come to an end. Well, it has, and not only do we have a collection of new favorites, but we also have the opportunity to catch this storied band at numerous venues across the US.

We were fortunate enough to catch one of Mew’s shows down at SXSW, but couldn’t find the time to sit down with them. Luckily for us, and you, we locked down a chat with Johan Wohlert ahead of their stop in the Mile High City this Saturday.

TMN: Hey Johan! Thank you for taking some time to chat with us. It’s been quite some time since you’ve had a full tour in the states! How long has it been?

JW: I think it’s been 5 years.

TMN: How’s it been going so far?

JW: It’s been great, to be honest. The states have always been really good to the band. It seems like there’s a lot of excitement around the fact that we’re back here.

TMN: We’re really excited to have you in Colorado on October 3rd.

JW: Absolutely!

TMN: We had the pleasure of catching you at SXSW for your make-up show after the rainout. We’ve been waiting a long time to see you play live and it definitely did not disappoint. One thing we caught is how well you capture your studio sound in your live performance. How much of an emphasis is that for you guys?

JW: The general rule is to try and be well prepared. A live set should never be exactly the same as a record, but we try and at least make it sound really great. I think, in the case of this new record, we spent a long time before we even started recording. We made sure the songs were sounding up to snuff with just the five of us playing them in a room. We knew that they would work in a live setting.

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The Watermelons – Silver [TMN PREMIERE]

The Watermelons

We’re sure there has been quite a few late night, raucous get-togethers that inevitably wind up in an impromptu group karaoke session, with “Best of You” being belted out as one of the favorites. We say this speaking from experience.

Since we covered that all-to-infectious tune back in June, we’ve continually seen people listen once and chime in the second time around. It’s that catchy. Today, we see a different side of The Watermelons, though, which showcases a slightly more introspective and mature side of their music. While this progression usually takes place with bands as they move along in their careers, it usually doesn’t happen as quickly as we’re seeing here. Keep in mind that the Best of You EP was released just two months ago.

“Silver” still boasts the incredibly infectious pop sensibility that fans have come to love and appreciate, but it’s brought forth as a rock song, rather than their usual energetic pop. The instrumentals are once again more-than-impressive, especially when listeners are brought into a wicked breakdown and guitar solo towards the end. The well-crafted lyrics, as expected, are hard to escape, even after you’ve finished the song. This time around, they seem to carry a more serious message than with previous releases.

‘Silver’ is about not being able to communicate how you’re feeling or thinking to someone, but to carry on anyway, because one day they’ll understand. – The Watermelons

“Silver” can be picked up everywhere on October 16th. We highly recommend setting a reminder.

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Tessera Skies – Such Great Heights (Raindrops) [TMN PREMIERE]

Such Great Heights Art
Tessera Skies
Such Great Heights (Raindrops)

As we step one more day closer to the weekend, we’re excited to bring you a top-notch collection of impressive tunes to help carry you through the rest of your week, starting first with this impressive art-pop piece from Newcastle upon Tyne-based Tessera Skies.

Fusing together collective backgrounds in speech, sound, science, and classical and jazz music, this up-and-coming act should hit the radars of music nerds across the blogosphere, calling on fond associations of Sigur Ros, Guillemots and Wild Beasts. “Such Great Heights (Raindrops)” showcases their arftful articulation of musical abilities, as it seamlessly pulls together elements of ambient, pop, and orchestral music.

The slow-building, vast, and dramatic soundscape is an all-to-easy way for listeners to get lost, illustrating an other-worldly experience with understated atmospheric elements, a playful guitar riff, and memorable lyrics from lead singer Mark Broughton. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree after a just one listen through.

This song will be released on October 16th through North Base Records, in conjunction with Amazing Label Services. Even better, they’re playing on October 14th with Little Comets to celebrate 10 years of the 02 Academy, in Newcastle. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend you check them out.

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[Alt-Pop] Brothertiger – Wake


It’s no secret around here at TMN that the synth-washed electropop project of Brooklyn-based musician and producer John Jagos, Brothertiger, has resonated deeply with some of us over the years. In July we premiered Brothertiger’s collaboration with Rose Quartz, “Pleasure & Pain”, and today Jagos has dropped the latest piece to a forthcoming, Indiegogo crowdfunded LP, Out Of Touch, in the form of “Wake”. “Wake” sputters out a balmy, smooth vocal wrapped around his usual brand of off-kilter electronic pop structuring for a feel that is simultaneously familiar, unique and addictive. Brothertiger’s latest leans ever so slightly toward a corner of yacht-rock, but the ambient tones utilized here wash over its listener like an enveloping fog to create a soundscape that touches upon numerous aural aesthetics. “Wake”, is an entrancing and an all-around utterly lovely tune combining a number of things we love about Jagos’ Brothertiger project and a welcome peak into his impending Out Of Touch long-player. For those looking to get a leg-up and show off your collecting chops in the process, pre-order your special green-vinyl copy of Out Of Touch (due out December 4th) here. Stream “Wake” above.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2015 Round #5)


Change can happen in the blink of an eye, often as a reminder to appreciate what we do have, rather than pine over what we don’t. You never know what might be different in 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, ’cause in this world, anything is possible. So, live in the moment. Take a minute, find your grounding, focus on a couple things you are grateful for (like this Indie Dojo for example) and soak it all in. Who knows what the next second might bring.

OK Badlands
Cheap Tuesday
Ivy Nation
The Mile Road
Loop (Single Edit)
Riley Pearce
Saint Sister
Garden City Movement
The Best Of Times?
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[TMN Exclusive Interview] Autre Ne Veute Riffs on His New Album, Watered Down Tequila & Shapeshifting

Autre Ne Veut
World War Pt. 2

Arthur Ashin, who has grown much more readily recognizable as his Autre Ne Veut stage moniker over the years, has been one of our most looked-to tastemaking artists since his excellent Anxiety LP in 2013 and sterling catalog as a whole, which dips its toes into experimental R&B, soul, pop, rock and more. Most recently, Ashin’s latest single “Panic Room” stirred up something darkly beautiful within us once again and the busy artist has also been making the press rounds on behalf of the latest Autre Ne Veut full-length, Age of Transparency, which is getting set for an October 2 release via Downtown, along with an accompanying U.S. tour. We wanted a deeper look into one of the most enigmatic and creative minds within any capacity of music, and got to catch up with Arthur for quite the random interview. Be on the lookout for a show near you in the coming months, and in the mean time, read our full interview with Autre Ne Veut below.

The Music Ninja: You’re getting ready to release Age of Transparency, your third proper full-length after both your excellent self-titled debut in 2010 and of course the highly praised Anxiety in 2013. We’ve gotten a few tastes of AoT with “World War Pt. 2″, its jazz-tinged counterpart, and “Panic Room”, but wanted a little more insight as to what sets Age of Transparency apart from your other works including the Body EP. You were dealing with some rather heavy emotional stuff around Anxiety, what was your headspace like on your latest LP?

Autre Ne Veut: It is more naturalistic in tone.  There are more nods to 70s Rod Stewart, ECM style jazz recordings, Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Ornette Coleman, Astral Weeks than there were on Anxiety.  Spiritually, it feels a bit more related to the self titled album than Anxiety, or rather like a hyped up improvement or something.  Still laden with self doubt and anxiety, but I try to tackle it from a bit more of a remove at times.  That said, the vocal sound on AoT leans in even more than on Anxiety, it is dryer, more present, more tactile.

TMN: If we’re not mistaken, at one point you made a living as a jingle-writer. Not many people are aware of this fact, but do you think any of that job has seeped into Autre Ne Veut and added a bit of added accessibility to your sound whether it be a conscious move or not?

Finish the rest of the full transcript for our Autre Ne Veut interview after the jump!

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