[Mixtape + Interview] Danger Village – No Guest List Required


Through the years, we’ve had the ultimate pleasure of developing relationships with some of the best and brightest people in music. From PR firms sending us emerging new talent, to working with managers to highlight artists through our Residency program, amazing music and opportunities come through our virtual door through our fellow music nerds in the industry. And, Danger Village is definitely one of our all-time favorite team of music nerds.

To celebrate their awesomeness, both in musical tastes and in logo selection, we worked with them to curate the next iteration of their No Guest List Required Mixtape. In addition to that, we also fired off a few choice questions to the always impressive HOLYCHILD, which you can find just below the mixtape.

Below you’ll find a few of Danger Village’s artists that we’ve covered before, as well as a few others that they hand-selected as their favorites in the game. We’re pretty sure you’ll find a few new favorites in here, so scroll down and hit play already!

1. HOLYCHILD – “Happy With Me”
Laced with an exuberant instrumental, infectious hooks and sharp lyrics,”Happy With Me” vaulted HOLYCHILD to the forefront of the indie pop world and solidified their signature brat pop sound.

2. Bloodboy – “Human Female”
With Justin L. Raisen (Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira) behind the boards, Lexi Papillion aka Bloodboy shines in the anthemic electro pop affair “Human Female,” reflecting on her personal growth and grappling with womanhood.

3. Bedbugs – “Like The Earth”
Fuzzy vocals, a hooky chorus and bright guitar chords come together harmoniously in “Like The Earth,” encapsulating the sunny vibes of Bedbugs’ hometown of Los Angeles.

4. BETS – “Don’t Give A F#Ck”
Ominous yet alluring, BETS plays the role of femme fatale on a bed of glitchy production, proudly proclaiming, “I don’t fall in love.”

5. Hoodlem – “Kintsugi”
Twisting and crunching forward using a deconstructed deep house backbeat and a sweeping bass line to form a seductive groove, “Kintsugi” reflects on repairing a broken relationship.

6. ELVETT – “Everybody Say…”
A soulful piece of indie pop, “Everybody Say…” is driven by Lyn’s rapid fire vocals and a hazy soundscape comprised of flanger-tinged guitars, dissonant piano notes and looping Wurlitzer riffs.

7. ALICE MK – “Greed”
With menacing synths, thunderous drums, a blistering guitar solo and ALICE MK’s vocals commanding the charge, “Greed” tackles the downward spiral associated with the insatiable desire for more.

8. WILD – “Vagabond”
Strapped with humanizing, heart-on-sleeve candor, “Vagabond” is a stirring anthem that poignantly captures the uneasiness associated with self-acceptance.

9. F a l i n e – “Valet”
Vulnerable and charming, “Valet” invites us into F a l i n e’s psyche, examining the fallibility and fickleness of human emotions through vivid stream of consciousness storytelling.

10. Black Honey – “All My Pride”
Blending 90s alt grit, 60s pop sensibility and an explosive chorus, “All My Pride” is an exhilarating thrill ride that perfectly captures the band’s indomitable spirit.

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Consolers – Harry [TMN PREMIERE]


We’ve been seeing a noticeable uptick in the amounts of bands paying artful, modernized versions of rock legends from the late 60s and 70s. Whatever the reason is, we’re pleasantly enjoying the ride, connecting past to present with tunes we’re gleefully sharing with our folks. Each release brings our two generations together, showing our elders that music is actually pretty damn good these days.

Consolers are made up of vocalist/guitarist Florian Hofer, drummer Albrecht Bibas and bassist Till Schomburg, who began their musical careers playing house parties and clubs in Hannover, before ultimately setting off to tour around Germany, Poland, and play Lunatic Festival just last year. Citing influences from The Velvet Underground and Jimi Hendrix, they’re developing an iconic indie persona that’s rooted in both timeless and contemporary styles. “Harry” certainly showcases that, coming together under a blanket of playful guitar work, a pronounced bassline, and memorable lyrics.

This is the first track coming off their upcoming EP, Astronaut Babies, which is due out later this year. It was co-written and co-produced by Soren Christensen (GoGoBerlin, TheBlueVan, M.i.l.k , Reptile Youth, Fallulah), using a semi-disused tape machine. If you’re digging this tune, make sure to keep an eye out on these lads for upcoming releases and tour information.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2016 Round #3)


Hard up for some good ol’ indie music? Don’t you fret. We’ve got enough indie dojos for you to listen to until your ears fall off, it that’s even possible. You can definitely always find out.

’Henry Chadwick – Alright’
’Palace Winter – Soft Machine’
’Glass Caves – Alive’
’The Vryll Society – Self Realization’
’The Night Cafe – Addicted’
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[Event Preview] Bayonne – Lost Lake Lounge – 3/28


Roger Sellers aka Bayonne is bringing his one-man act to Denver in support of his debut album, Primitives. Luckily for all of us in the Mile High City, we get to take in a live look at his musical abilities at one of the most intimate venues in our fair city, the Lost Lake Lounge.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this budding Austin-based musician, we’ve included a few choice tracks to wet your whistle. If you’re feeling those, and we assume you will, head over to Spotify and spend some time with the whole album. In our opinion, it’s best to start at the first track and listen all the way through. We can’t say for certain that this is a concept album, but it damn sure listens like one.

After you’re done, head over and pick up some tickets for tonight’s show.

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Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Just last month, bi-coastal dream pop act LIMBS released their debut track, “Don’t Stay,” which not only showcased this duo’s ability to write genre-bending, lush, and textural music but also to enchant listeners with dazzling, well-choreographed visuals. Now, with their first track and accompanying video making their rounds across the blogosphere, they’re ready to serve up another gem for your listening pleasure.

“Moonshine” is an encapsulating listening experience, brought to life with a multi-layered depth of production and vocals from members Kevin Abdella and Kim Mayo. The lyrics come to you in a heavily treated style, which counter-balance perfectly with the light guitar work, booming bassline, and atmospheric clicking. It’s positively haunting, leeching on in all the best ways.

If you’re feeling warm ‘n fuzzy from “Moonshine,” make sure to throw a calendar reminder on April 1st. That’s when you’ll be able to grab it, and the rest of the EP, for your personal collection. Coincidentally, LIMBS will also be playing a show on that day. If you happen to be somewhere in the SoCal area, we highly recommend heading out to the Ham & Eggs Tavern and catching them live.

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[Minimal Pop] MORLY – Plucky


MORLY’s style is casually addicting. Think of it like this – you know when you first meet someone you might have a connection with? At first, there’s a few flirtatious smiles, but then you go about your day without a second thought. A few weeks later, you catch yourself thinking about them, wondering what they’re up to. After a few months, you find yourself completely smitten, unable to go the length of the day without fixating on them at some point. That’s MORLY’s music. And you can bet that after listening to “Plucky,” and the rest of her tunes, you’ll be gleefully adding them into your Favorites Playlist.

Released just a few days ago, “Plucky” is a delightfully well-constructed tune that effortlessly combines elements that are commanding and some that are beautifully understated. Light clicks and pops, engaging vocal harmonies, and ethereal synths come together in a way that’s both groovy, and emotive, ultimately leading you by the hand through a wildly unique listening experience.

You can find this tune in her upcoming EP, Something More Holy. If you’re into collecting vinyl, this EP will be combined one with her previous one, In Defense of My Muse, and released via Cascine on April 8th.

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SWIMM in Fall
Mind's Eye

With SXSW and the Austin skyline slowly fading in the rearview, we’re now looking ahead to a summer filled with newly-found, top-notch talent. One of the acts that grabbed the collective eye of the musical community last week was SWIMM. Even though these guys have already experienced tremendous success, touring with acts like Dr. Dog, Bright Light Social Hour and Young Empires, and appearing at CRSSD Festival and The Okeechobee Music Festival, last week’s events will continue get them to a much-deserved household name status.

Today’s premiere brings tastefully modern psych-pop vibes that also call on associations of legendary music from the past. With gorgeous guitar work, softly-sung and highly addictive lyrics, and light, beachy percussion, “Mind’s Eye” brilliantly comes to life, showering listeners with all the feel-good vibes necessary for the start to a work week. You’ll be hard pressed not to bob your head, tap your foot, and bear a toothy grin the whole way through.

You can find this summery jam on their upcoming Beverly Hells EP 12-inch on April 8th. Click here to pre-order and add to your collection.

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