[Video] Phoria – Saving Us a Riot


There’s something undeniably charming about acoustic music. The simplistic combination of vocals and instruments is one of the oldest forms of music, which is part of what makes it timelessly enjoyable. Brighton’s Phoria have really harnessed in on this age-old tradition, bringing us an video preview of their song “Saving Us a Riot.”

Coming off of their EP, which is due out this Spring, “Saving Us a Riot” offers up a stark contrast to the piano-centric, electronically-rooted hit, “Red.” We realize that this is an acoustic take on the track, leaving us overwhelmingly eager to hear what the recorded version sounds like. Regardless of the intriguing new sound, we’re still left speechless at Trewin Howard’s vocal tone. It’s easily carries us away to distant places, hopelessly clinging onto each word.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood and want to witness these dreamy vocals in person, they’ll be playing at Hoxton B&K with support from former teenage chart topper Amy Studt and Groves.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaSo we lost an hour of sleep and YUP, it’s definitely gonna suck for the first couple days. But when you think about what the future of daylight savings time holds, it totally redeems itself. Long summer nights, beach days, close to zero clothing and the good ol’ soundtracks that will forever bring you back to the smell of suntan lotion and BBQs. Sounds pretty glorious, doesn’t it? We think so. Which is why we are more than more than happy to get you started on soundtrack part. Ya know, to get your mind off the lack of sleep and into the positive sunshiny, groove of spring. Enjoy….

Gods Whisper
Old Friend
The Landing
Met You ft. Sammy Bananas (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit)
The Hours
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[NEW] Frank Ocean, Diplo, Mick Jones & Paul Simonon – Hero

Converse Hero
Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo

With summer somewhere around the corner, Converse has decided to revive their “Three Artists. One Song.” series, which has given way to some pretty amazing gems in years past. To kick off this year’s compilation is an unlikely collaboration between Frank Ocean, Diplo, and The Clash‘s Mick Jones & Paul Simonon. Automatically disregard any banger alerts that sentence might have set off, because this is far from anything you probably expected.

“Hero”¬†doesn’t draw its sound distinctly from any one of the artists represented here; rather, it’s a true collaboration that provides room for everyone to shine. Packing plenty of soul, the single begins with Ocean laying the groundwork over some rustic guitars. Hints of bass are scattered throughout until the song reaches a crescendo shortly after the one minute mark, where the trio really begin to rock out, before once again gently descending back to earth through the combined efforts of a children’s choir. It makes for a fascinatingly beautiful piece of music, and is a true testament to what can happen when exceptionally creative minds come together.

Grab the free download above from Converse, and stay tuned for more from the collaborative series in the coming months.

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Ruben Haze – Johnny Rocket Man [TMN PREMIERE]

Ruben Haze
Johnny Rocket Man

Ruben Haze has been grabbing the attention of the blogosphere worldwide in a strategic staggering of releases. This fictional character, comprised of Dirty South and vocalist Rudy Sandapa, released “City of Dreams” last week, which was something that some listeners were already somewhat familiar of. A lot of people remembered the vocals from the smash hit from Dirty South and Alesso, but none had heard the original version.

Today we’re excited to bring you another carefully selected tune from the debut four-track EP. “Johnny Rocket Man,” is a slow building, melodic folk tune that takes on a progressive nature. After a few times listening through, it’s easy to pick up on the associations of Dirty South’s production style in the studio, in this completely different genre. With calm, drifting finger picking, we’re taken on a lazy journey through emotion-rich lyrics from Sandapa. The track continues to gain momentum with the addition of some strings that allow the song to take on a much bolder and intense sound than we were originally expecting.

We’ve come to find that this EP has a very cinematic nature, boasting tremendous depth in it’s artistry. Make sure you pick it up on iTunes this Tuesday.

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[Quirky] Cosmo Sheldrake – The Moss

Cosmo Sheldrake
The Moss

If you took a quirky folk vocalist and replaced the banjos and acoustic guitars with beats and synthesizers, you’d have Cosmo Sheldrake. Shit, we spoke too soon. There’s still a banjo apparent in his debut release, “The Moss,” but you get the idea.

Upon first listen to this playful tune, we couldn’t help but think of toothy-grin inducing songs like “Little Yellow Spider” from Devendra Banhart. Something about Cosmo’s folksy, story telling vocal style just brought us to those associations. The engaging, borderline ridiculous narrative is wildly infectious, but is bolstered even mores so by the inclusion of some barbershop quartet style harmonies that made us beam ear to ear.

Coming out April 21st on paradYse/Transgressive Records, this debut single from the UK-born multi-instrumentalist has definitely caught our ear. We’ll keep an eye out, and we suggest you do too.

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