[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaDon’t get us wrong, we LOVE Thanksgiving, but maybe we should stop trying to fit all our gratefulness into one day and spread it out over 365 days x how ever many years we decide to inhabit this planet. It shouldn’t be that hard to find one thing we are thankful for in every new day, right? There’s got to be a kabillion things, big or small, we can list off that we might not even thing of. So starting today and everyday, appreciate something that makes you smile.  Today, we are grateful for unsigned musically inclined individuals, because without you, the Indie Dojo wouldn’t exist. And that….that would be a sad Tuesday.

Twin Forks
Cross My Mind
Day Wave
Nothing At All
Twice (Little Dragon Cover)
Mt. Wolf
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Life Leone – I Can’t Say No [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Life Leone
I Can't Say No

It’s been a little while since we last wrote up LA-based Desert rock outfit, Life Leone. Back in August, we gladly accepted the opportunity to showcase their crazy timelapse tour video, and today we’re back at it with another video premiere.

This time around, we’re bringing you a glimpse of their tune “I Can’t Say No,” which crackles with pure American rock authenticity. Brought to life with buzzing, distorted guitar chords and upbeat drumming, this infectious tune has us helpless, tapping our foot and nodding our head in utterly gleeful indulgence. Impressively enough, this is another song from just their debut EP, Comes Crashing In (via Wild Farm Records), which provides a strong indication that these cats are onto bigger things.

The video that accompanies it below boasts an interpretation on a classic music video approach, simply displaying the band playing together. Artfully crafted, we’re invited to layered approach, each member seemingly blending into one another utilizing forced perspective.

If you happen to be in SoCal, make sure to catch this stellar slice of Americana at Soda Bar in San Diego tonight.

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[Alternative R&B] Willow Smith feat. SZA – 9

Willow Smith feat. SZA - 9
Willow Smith
9 (feat. SZA)

The talented Willow Smith is set to take over the industry with the release of her upcoming 3 EP. Only 14 years of age, the music star child shows her new found passion in alternative R&B. Of the three songs in the EP, “9″ stands out as the track that best represents Willow’s current direction of her music. Her sharp and powerful vocals flow perfectly alongside SZA’s magical voice to help create a dreamy touch to the hollowed instrumental. It’s a memorable and wonderful track.

With an ever-growing fan base, Willow Smith is climbing up the ladder in the neo-soul/alternative R&B scene. As she continues to catch everyone by surprise with her new music, it is safe to say that sky is the limit for Ms. Smith. We are excited to see what else she has in store for us.

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[Electronic Pop] Years & Years – Memo

Years & Years - Memo
Years and Years

British electronic group Years & Years just released another track off their upcoming album Desire. and this one hits us right in the feels. Describing their own music as soulful electronic pop, Years & Years speaks to their audience through memorable melodies and soothing vocals. Olly Alexander, the lead singer of the group, definitely stole the spotlight by showcasing his pleasant R&B vocals. The synths and the simple piano chords perfectly support the flow of the tune. Everything about this track is done right and leaves you wanting more.

With that said, stay tuned for the group’s much anticipated album releasing on 11/23. We cannot wait to listen to more of their new music!

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Fairchild – Stay Young (Midnight Mix) [TMN Premiere]

Fairchild - Sadako
Stay Young (Midnight Mix)

If you’re into softer indie rock and music with a message, you’ve come to the right place. Fairchild, an Australian indie group, just released their US debut EP titled Sadako. With a sound resembling indie powerhouses like The Temper Trap and Two Door Cinema Club, Fairchild’s music speaks to its audience in incredible ways.

Here we have an edit of one of their singles titled “Stay Young”, which is a track that best represents the band’s sound in our opinion. The tune starts off with some fast-paced drum lines, soon to be driven by these delicate muted guitar melodies. Adam Lyons, the singer of the group, provides us with vocals that are pleasant and emotionally driven. The lyrics are nothing short of wonderful, as they appeal to the younger generation through a powerful message.

Another day is breaking. It seems like my time is running thin.
No need for expectations. Don’t ever, ever give in.
Just stay young!

With such positive energy in their music, Fairchild manages to create a sound that is refreshing and universal. The midnight edit adds a more progressive drive to the epic track without being overdone. With this release, Fairchild is set to make a name for themselves by making their US debut. Make sure to check out the rest of their EP, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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[Indie/Rock] Tom Misch & Carmody – Paper Planes

Tom Misch_Carmody
Tom Misch & Carmody
Paper Planes

Do you remember when you were in grade school, listening to your teacher gab on and on about some subject, and all you could do was start folding a paper airplane? There is something magical about a paper airplane, watching it in flight, seeing the smile it brings to many faces. Tom Misch and Carmody have captured that magic and then some in their recent release ‘Paper Planes’. This is the second song off their upcoming collab EP. These two have made quite a name for themselves for their collaborations, with Misch’s extensive jazz background melodies and Carmody’s light, airy vocals, they make some music magic. This song may be the best love note I have heard in a while, the simple act of making paper planes for someone you love, is there anything more sweet? As adults we can lose our childlike tendencies sometimes, but Misch and Carmody are telling us that it is sometimes these small things that make a romance blossom into something wonderful. Now you will have to excuse me, there is someone I need to make a paper plane for…

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[Electronic/Pop] Made In Heights – Panther

Made In Heights_Panther
Made In Heights

If you have not heard of Made In Heights yet, please just stop whatever you are doing and get to know these two insanely talented artists. The duo of Sabzi and Kelsey Bulkin have combined their ‘powers’ to make a sound that is so breathtaking and dream like, a step forward in combining electronic melodies and vocals. Their latest release ‘Panther’ is a wickedly seductive tune. For this particular song, Sabzi used his musical ear to slow down the melody, adding a beautifully simple drum and beat mixture that carries the song through from start to finish. Bulkin added her delicate yet raw vocals, throwing in a bit of talk/singing, to add flair to this song. Every element captures the feelings of this piece, a song of needing someone in your life because they are and always will be everything to you. “Panther” is now available on Spotify and their forthcoming album drops early 2015 be ready for all things good.

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