Bryde – Transparent [TMN PREMIERE]


Like the genial embrace from a loved one, “Transparent” completely envelops you within seconds, welcoming you in with open arms in the form of subtle fingerpicking and softly-sung vocals. It’s a familiar feeling. Warm and inviting, it’s seemingly the perfect thing to fill whatever void you’re experiencing.

Or, at least, that’s what I experienced while listening to this single from London-based Bryde. Don’t worry if you don’t find yourself in the same boat, however, I strongly feel that you will. Conversely, other songs on her upcoming debut EP bring forth a myriad of different influences, which subsequently induce other experiential emotions. From blues to indie rock, EP2 is certainly filled with a wide breadth of musical dexterity.

“Transparent,” though, is the one that called out to me. Her voice is both delicate and powerful, casually alternating between bold, projected notes, and gorgeously carried out falsettos. Couple those with the anthemic build-ups created by cinematic instrumentals, and you’ve got quite the listening experience on your hands.

If you’re feeling this, and we’re sure you are, we highly recommend catching her live at any one of the shows below:
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Seven Lions Gets Metal with TMN [EXCLUSIVE PLAYLIST]


Before you get all up in arms about us featuring metal, take a deep breath, relax those fingers hovering above your keyboard, and delete that comment you were about to post below. You’re correct in assessing that we don’t really post metal. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find much on our site, outside of some instrumental post-metal or a handful of heavy dubstep remixes. However, our dojo does have a few metalheads in it, myself included.

But, none of that really matters. This month is all about our Resident Artist, Seven Lions. If you’ve paid any attention to him through the years, you know he has deep adoration for blazing fast, intricate guitar work, head-banging breakdowns, and guttural growls. With that in mind, we asked him to put together a playlist of some of his favorite metal songs.

So, stretch out that neck, throw on your headphones, and get ready to rock.

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With Halloween now in the rearview, we’re unfortunately forced to embrace the upcoming winter months. As the snow starts to fall, plenty of music lovers turn to darker tunes to match the bleak, dormant landscapes, and chilling winds that force us into layer upon layer of clothing. For those of you who shun the colder months, choosing an angsty approach, we have the perfect tune for you.

PLAZA is only three tracks into their career, today’s included, and they’ve already cemented quite the stamp on the industry. With support from BBC Radio 1, Radio X, and Amazing Radio, as well as countless online tastemakers, this teenage 4-piece isn’t showing any signs of slowing up. Especially with what we believe is their best track yet, premiering here, today.

“Youth” comes to life with emphatic snare hits, welcoming in vocals reminiscent of some of our favorite 80s New Wave artists. Yet, those brooding lyrics and hazy vocal treatments are nicely balanced out by soaring guitar work and crashing percussion. The end result is a sonic treat you’ll want to hold onto throughout the winter and beyond.

PLAZA will be releasing “Youth” this Friday through Beyond the Wall. Follow them on Facebook so you can keep pace with this release, as well as future recordings and shows.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2016 Round #1)

Whether you woke up this morning with your halloween mask caked on your face or you are nursing a belly ache from the leftover candy and libations from the night before, hopefully an Indie Dojo will make you feel a little bit better. If not, you can save it for tomorrow. We’ll still be here whenever you recover from your witchery.

’Leagues – New Money’
’Oh My! – Kids’
’Take Your Time – Sleep In’
’Nona the Band – THERWAYS’
’Beach Aunty – East Coast Acid Rain’
’Lucky Moon – Love We Shared’
’The Money War – Give it time’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2016 Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIt’s Tuuuuuuuuunnneeessssdaaaaaay. Free music in the form of an Indie Dojo for all!

’Barnswallow – North Swallow (EP)’
’Vian Izak – Revolver’
’Marty O’Reilly – Cold Canary Gas Light’
’Altadore – If Only For You’
’Headphone Hair – Signs’
’Angus Dawson – Ocean In The Sky’
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[Video] Black Marble – Woods


Perhaps the singular album in the last five years with the most profound impact on this writer’s favored aural aesthetics came in the form of Black Marble‘s 2013 dark-wave meets lo-fi pop opus, A Different Arrangement. Chris Stewart’s subtle manipulation of simple pop structuring, goth-punk undertones, reverb-entombed incantations and a foundation of stripped down, new-wave drum kits struck an internal chord so deep, that it all at once ushered in a frame shift in taste moving forward, and a simultaneous return back to my youth punk, consumer days. And so (and forgive me for the long-winded intro), after a bit of a dormant writing state and with the recent release of the second Black Marble long-player, It’s Immaterial out now on Ghostly, I’ve been roused to return to covering music that truly moves my personal soul.

One of the first three singles to be released from It’s Immaterial, “Woods” (along with the stellar “Iron Lung” & “Frisk”) has just brandished its visual accompaniment from director Theo Sixou, who also directed Black Marble’s 2013 video for “A Great Design”; and it quite wonderfully enhances its haunting infrastructure. It’s darkly verdant backdrop and visual themes tie in fluently with “Woods”‘ longing nature, twisting up its viewer in the process. Black Marble is currently a few dates into a mini-tour supporting It’s Immaterial, and we would highly advise our wise readers to check them out in the flesh if they’re coming to a city near you. Until then, enjoy the official music video for “Woods” below.

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Aircrafting – Temecula [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


Originally crafted as a DIY recording project between Jon Tehel and Daniel Jacobs, Aircrafting has since grown into a full, five-piece band with the addition of Nicole Lawrence, Pat Floyd, and Lee Bones. Back on October 7th, this Brooklyn-based group released their first LP together, with “Temecula” being showcased as the 2nd single from the collection.

Dreamers was impressively self-produced and tracked live to 1/4″ tape in their Brooklyn studio in just two days. We’ve had a chance to delve into the diverse and highly engaging recording as a whole, which was released by Sinking Spaceships Recordings, but today is less about the collection, and more about the single and this newly released music video.

Leading in with some lazy guitar strums and an woeful lead riff, “Temecula” comes to life quickly with a beautifully somber soundscape. It’s Americana at its finest, calling on memories of long, late-night drives, dusty dive bars, and greasy spoon diners that seemingly dot every exit along our country’s highways. The accompanying video pairs perfectly with the sorrowful musical vibes, showing a painful trip to spread a loved ones ashes. The combination will most assuredly tug on your heart strings, so make sure you’re in the proper place and frame of mind to watch. After all, we wouldn’t want you shedding some tears in front of your co-workers.

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