[TMN Premiere] Jameson – Breathe Your Last

Breathe Your Last

An artist and his instrument can really be a beautiful thing.
Banjo wielding musician Jameson captivates us with ability to plunk the most stunning notes we have ever heard on a banjo in quite a while. We were offered the opportunity to premiere his song ‘Breathe Your Last’ off his forthcoming EP ‘Carnivore’. The song tells the story of Jameson’s personal journey with his music, from his traveling to his restlessness, from love to his listlessness. Jameson first picked up the banjo back in 2012 while working at a roadside fruit stand and found that the songs just started writing themselves. With a voice that has the rawness of a rocker mixed with the indie melodies of his banjo, Jameson is redefining rock in his own musical style. Touring with the Rival Sons in UK for the next few months, this banjo-playing artist is sure to wow many a crowd. We feel like we have finally started breathing after listening to this unique and wonderful song, Jameson is making us believe in the power of instruments all over again.

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[Singer/Songwriter] Tenterhook – Go Easy

Tenterhook Press Shot
Go Easy

It seems like every other day we’re getting introduced to some gloriously gifted singer/songwriter, each having a well defined style and impressive vocals. Today’s discovery comes by way of London.

Archie Faulks goes by the moniker Tenterhook, and at the young age of 19, he’s already supporting acts like Luke Sital Singh, Young the Giant and Grant Nicholas. With one listen through “Go Easy,” it’s understand to see why some of the big boys are bringing him on stage with them.

Coming off his new EP, Tenterhook 2 (11/24 via Cartoon records) this tune has all the laid-back indie vibes you’d want from singer/songwriter. The instrumentals are properly subdued, featuring slow, rhythmic percussion and crystal clean guitar, all of which provide the perfect backdrop for Faulks’ vocals.

Make sure to catch this youngster this winter as he supports Iceland’s Ásgeir on his European tour.

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[Indie] Love & Valor – Love & Valor EP

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.32.30 PM

We first fell in love with Love & Valor back in August with their debut single “Truly Dear”. The reception on that (over 10,000 plays) inspired the North Carolina quartet to go and record a full-length EP, and it’s an absolute must buy. Instead of doing the usual track-by-track review, I’m going to try something different here.

Do you like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes?

Sweet Jane

Do you like Bob Dylan?

Pretty Girls

Do you like Fleetwood Mac?

Truly Dear

Do you like The Lumineers?

Truly Dear

Do you like Mumford & Sons?


Do you like Jack White?

Hold Me On My Way

If you answered yes to any of those, there’s a song for you on this album. All six together make one of the most unique projects we’ve heard all year and we can’t stop listening. If you want to stream it in its entirety, check it out here!

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[Indie] Clementine & The Galaxy – When the Night is Over

When The Night Is Over

While there’s certainly no lack of talented musicians coming out of Brooklyn, NY these days, this indie pop duo is making damn certain their name rises to the top.

Having previously covered this Clementine & The Galaxy, we certainly had them on our list to follow. Their remix of Roses and Revolutions “Take Me With” you had us all a twitter, and now we’re even more so enamoured with this latest original piece.

“When the Night is Over” is offers its listeners a truly cinematic soundscape which slowly builds into crescendo of rolling tom hits, energetic, raw harmonies, and fluttering synths. Couple that with Julie Hardy’s vocals, and we’re instantly taken away to a time which seems so distant at this point: festival season.

Having a sound that encapsulates the sheer wonderment, elation, and contentment of a festival is a tough thing to do, but this other-worldly act has it nailed in this release.

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Kele talks on the new album, RnB, and his bulldog, Olive [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Kele Okereke

TMN: Thank you so much for taking some time to answer a few questions for us today. Let’s kick things off by talking about the new LP, Trick, which can be looked at as a return to your house influences. This album was actually started while you were touring with Bloc Party in support of your album Four, correct?

Kele: Yes, I started working on the music whilst we were touring in 2012. FOUR was a very abrasive record so sonically it was good for me to be able to experience something a little different during that time.

TMN: Talk to us about the difficulties in the creative process in switching from the intensity of tunes like “3×3” to something like laid back and rhythmic like “Coasting.”

Kele: Well I’m a libra so I’ve never found it difficult to be in two different headspaces at the same time, if anything i actually find it quite enjoyable enduring two opposing disciplines at the same time; they kinda cancel each other out.

TMN: Speaking of “Coasting” it has such a lush, tribal feel to it. In our mind, your falsetto in this tune is why we think it’s one of the best in the industry. What was the creative approach to this song? Did you come with the lyrics/vocal progression first, or did you lay down the instrumentals first?

Kele: I laid down the initial idea with just a voice and a piano, a little guitar work. to me the song felt so joyous, like the start of something hopeful. i wanted the music to reflect that optimistic nature of the lyrics, something light that, skipped almost.
Continue reading

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[Indie] Absofacto – History Books

History Books

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard something from one of our all time favs, Absofacto. This Ann Arbor-based solo singer/songwriter has probably been busy between a stint with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., and his work with Hollow & Akimbo, but we sure are glad he’s back with this peculiar new tune.

“History Books” is a delightfully messy piece, boasting a spastic and glitchy persona, all of which carry along Visger’s engaging vocals. Purposely crafted in this manner, this song gives an inside look at his psyche, which he elaborates on:

“History Books” is a confused, neurotic song in some ways, but I think that’s part of why it really captures how I’ve been feeling. It’s fanciful but honest, a little sad but still having fun, hopelessly lost but enjoying the adventure anyway, indignant but good-natured… and in the end, it’s far from perfect. And that’s something I can accept, and even love.

“History Books” came out a few days ago, and can be purchased for just a buck on his bandcamp page. Head over and pick it up for yourself.

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The Landing – We Are [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

The Landing
We Are

Just in time for the Holiday where we celebrate the unknown, the macabre, the mysterious, and the mystical, The Landing dropped this extraterrestrial video for the glowing tune, “We Are.”

Riding along the backbone of a bassline that would make Pinback proud, the instrumentals for “We Are” are delicate and cosmic, creating an ethereal soundscape. Accentuated by the gloriously refined falsettos which caress an other-worldly message, we’re left drifting along to other worlds while listening to this title track from his recently released EP.

While we admittedly miss the soundbite from British philosopher Alan Watts in the intro, the lead-in paragraph does more than enough to set the tone of “We Are.” Following that, masked beings pair up with this solo artist, creating an intergalactic dance party, which is assumedly outside of a recent crop circle. Feel free to steal some of those moves for your upcoming Halloween celebrations.

If you want to get taken to another planet via dreamy space pop, please hit up one of his upcoming shows:

Brooklyn, NY
11/2 @ Cameo Gallery – 7pm

New York, NY
11/8 @ Rockwood Music Hall – 12am

Arlington, VA
11/15 @ IOTA Club and Cafe – 9pm

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