[Avant-Pop/Soul/Video] Autre Ne Veut – Panic Room

Autre Ne Veut
Panic Room

Last month, Arthur Ashin, the New York avant-pop, -R&B and -soul experimentalist who records as Autre Ne Veut, announced the follow up to his excellent 2013 opus, Anxiety, with Age of Transparency (pre-order digitally here and on vinyl here). So far we’ve had the chance to hear “World War Pt. 2″ and watch its soul creeping video counterpart; and today we’ve been given the second dose from the forthcoming LP in the form of “Panic Room”. Autre Ne Veut’s latest tune remains within his genre-skirting, experimentalist niche, but may also be Ashin’s most sonically textured endeavor yet. Dizzying synth lines spark back and forth over a two-step drum pattern, a flitting flute sample and scuzzy electronic percussion which all coalesce like a dream to bring Ashin’s unique, soaring vocals to the forefront; especially on its layered and harmonized chorus.

We’ve taken it a step further and also included the brand, beautiful new video for the acapella version of “Panic Room” directed by Allie Avital, which features Ashin singing in front of a panel of judges (his manager, sister, and Pitchfork writer Ian Cohen); “reflecting the anxieties (we can all relate to) of being an artist in the public sphere”. We’re perked up and ready to catch Autre Ne Veut on his latest U.S. tour in October, and in the throws of our fandom urge our readers to be on the lookout for our special interview with Ashin in the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy “Panic Room” above, watch the music video and check out the complete U.S. tour dates for ANV below.

U.S. Tour Dates:

Thu Oct 01 – NYC, NY – Rough Trade
Fri Oct 09 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour
Sat Oct 10 – San Francisco, CA – Social Hall SF
Mon Oct 12 – Portland, OR – Star Theater
Tue Oct 13 – Seattle, WA – Barboza
Fri Oct 16 – Denver, CO – Lost Lake
Sun Oct 18 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
Tue – Oct 20 – Toronto, ON – The Hoxton
Wed Oct 21 – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
Thu Oct 22 – Boston, MA – Middle East Downstairs
Fri Oct 23 – Washington, CD – U Street Music Hall
Mon Oct 26 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

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[Music Video] Brick + Mortar – Hollow Tune

Brick + Mortar
Hollow Tune

We had the pleasure of catching the riveting, quirky, and wildly entertaining Brick + Mortar when they made their way to Denver this summer. Set on the main stage at The Underground Music Showcase, they quickly won over a crowd during a set in the early evening. And, of course, one of the fan favorites was their hit tune, “Hollow Tune.”

Released nearly a year ago, “Hollow Tune” starts off with an ample amount of whimsy, only to head into a procession of booming percussion, soaring melodies, and incredibly uplifting lyrics. Sang with a powerful vocal prowess, each and every word latches quickly, making it a tune you can’t quickly shake.

Lyrics like those deserve quite the visual representation, and thanks to the Denver-based Blurred Pictures, they most certainly do now. Riffing off of the powerful line “You’re not alone,” Blurred and the band crafted a story line revolving around a gay veteran, who has returned home from war, and a tough-to-watch hate crime. The end result is raw, real, and powerful.

Take a look at what Brick + Mortar had to say about their collective vision for the video, then watch below.

We make music for people who believe in equality and acceptance for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or belief. This song was written about love to say: ‘You’re not alone, I’m not alone,’ to the one you love. Love is love period. – via Out

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THE ISLAND BAND – Swimming (Sax Edit feat. Kjetil Møster) [TMN PREMIERE]

Swimming (Sax edit feat. Møster)

We’ve always been drawn to the larger-than-life, cinematic, and lush side of the vast musical landscape we travel through as bloggers. There’s something about the time taken to layer in all of the elements, creating a delicate, yet powerful soundscape that’s completely enveloping for listeners. Today is one of those examples, as we bring you a first look and listen to “Swimming.”

Crafted by Norway’s The Island Band (Lars Myrvoll), “Swimming” also features vocalist Maria Due, and in this particular edit, legendary saxophonist Kjetil Møster (Datarock, The Core, Ultralyd). Artfully crafted, this stunning piece harnesses classical instrumentation and modern production in a way that creates a remarkably distinctive experience throughout. The love-laced alternating vocal sections from Myrvoll and Due articulate a story with ease, one that flirts perfectly with the sections of strings, piano, and some gorgeous sax work from Møster.

Remember when
we fell in love that time
We were swimming and
it was warm outside

If you’re digging this edit, make sure to catch the original this Friday. Fans can expect the full album on October 2nd, 2015.

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[Indie] Max Pope – All That I Need

unnamed (8)
Max Pope
All That I Need

To be perfectly honest, it’s been quite some time since we’ve come across something like this. A few years back, we were completely inundated with talented artists who were flawlessly drawing on musical styles from decades past, endlessly listening to folks like Mayer Hawthorne, Michael Kiwanuka, and Nick Waterhouse. Today, we’re reminded of the enamouring charm an artist can have by harnessing recording techniques, song structure, and lyrical style from music well before our time.

Brighton/London-based Max Pope has been rather silent since we premiered his video over a year ago, and now we know why. “All That I Need” is the first song off his debut EP, and it showcases a delightful dexterity in songwriting and vocal finesse. It casually transcends generations, putting itself on a pedestal for both the blogosphere, and their parents, and even grandparents, alike.

Listening through the dreamy guitar work, lovey-dovey lyrics, near-doo wop backing harmonies, and, of course, Pope’s crooning style has us in a completely different time and place, and we couldn’t be happier for it. We’re sure you’ll feel the same.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2015 Round #3)


We have a tendency to have zero patience for anything technology. The moment we see the spinning beach ball of death swirling its colors ’round and ’round, we pretty much lose our minds. But what we forget is that one time we didn’t have the luxuries of technology at our fingertips. We had recording songs off the radio on to cassette tapes, dragging songs over into mix cds, and sending letters via snaaaaail mail. Ok, so maybe some of you are too young to go that far back, but still, we have come a long way. We should learn to appreciate the advances we’ve made and embrace the buffering of the Indie Dojo every once in a while. It really doesn’t hurt to slow down time every now and again.

15 Step (Radiohead Cover)

Charlie Sztyk
Dance With You

Gabrielle Papillon
Got You Well


Chocolate Cosmos

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[Indie/Synth-Pop] Favored Nations – I Can See You

Favored Nations
I Can See You

Despite their brief catalog, electronic supergroup Favored Nations -whom consists of the collective talents of singer Morgan Phalen (former frontman of Diamond Nights and featured vocalist on Justice’s last LP Audio, Video Disco), DJ/Producer James Curd (DFA, Exploited), and Surahn “Sid” Sidhu (touring guitarist for Empire of the Sun with writing credits for the likes of Usher and Kimbra)- has already carved out quite the eclectic and faithful following. Whether you came into contact with them on hyper-addictive single “The Setup” (which served as the best closing tune any video game has ever seen on GTA V), their most recent single “Always”, which we absolutely loved, or are just hearing them for the first time; Favored Nations’ sonic appeal enlightens pretty much every level of listener.

The latest single to be released in anticipation of their debut LP, The Great Unknown, which itself will see release worldwide on October 2nd via Antler Records and the etcetc Music collective, “I Can See You”, begins simply enough with a four-note synth backdrop giving way to one of Morgan Phalen’s most purposeful and directed refrains we’ve heard yet. But, “I Can See You” follows a steady aural progression, carefully layering bits of hollow kick-drum, plucky guitar and a heaping dose of pop-soul. Favored Nations does an excellent job of transfixing its listener, when perfectly, in the middle of Curd’s lushly layered synth-pop structuring lies a compressed yet stylistically emotive electric guitar respite from Sidhu which brilliantly wraps up Favored Nations buoyant tune.

We could keep gushing for at least another 200 words, however, its time to sit back and let “I Can See You” do the rest of our talking.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2015 Round #2)

One of the biggest shocks to our system has got to be coming down from a wonderful, relaxing 3 day weekend. The more time we have to relax and forget about the reality ahead, the harder it is to get ourselves back into the grind. So what we need to do is remind each other to focus our thoughts on the silver linings hidden in the “going back to work” cloud. And while we know it can be a difficult ride, we’ll be more than happy to start you off on the positive thought train with the first silver sparkle we see. #1 We have a short week ahead. Our weekend countdown clocks have already swam passed the 24 hours of a dreadful Monday without us watching every tick, so that’s pretty awesome. And #2, we rolled right into the Tuesday Indie Dojo without a glitch. We think thats a pretty good start on the track, but it’s up to you to keep that positivity chuggin”…



Five Minutes

Good Ghost

I Need You

Distant Cousins
Your Story (feat. Jessie Payo)

Rainbow Kitten Bones
Bare Bones
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