[Indie/Synth-Pop] Roosevelt – Night Moves

Night Moves

Roosevelt has long felt like an act waiting for that one crossover hit before spilling over into mainstream consciousness. While the Cologne based Greco-Roman Records mainstay hasn’t unveiled a significant amount of production since 2013’s excellent Elliot EP, save for some choice remixes and covers, we’ve been waiting for any sort of indication as to when we’ll be afforded the fortuitous opportunity of another Roosevelt record for well… a few years now. And so, as Greco-Roman’s Soundcloud rather unexpectedly dropped the first original single from Roosevelt since last year, “Night Moves”, we took notice like a perked up prairie dog peering out of its hole. All of Roosevelt’s sonic elements on which we’ve grown to love are still there; the warm and suffuse melodies, the soothing psychedelia and the streamlined pop structures, but this time around they’ve wrapped themselves much more closely than ever to the realm of dance music. Carefully layed out acid synth -which leans into Phuture’s 1987 vision more than his tastemaking contemporaries might stray towards- worms its way throughout Roosevelt’s thick sea of pop mutations, while a steady four-four kick never relinquishes its hold on the entire track. We could go on for hours about the finely tuned single that is “Night Moves”, but we know you all came here to listen over anything else. Indulge yourself above.

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[Alternative] Trails and Ways – Say You Will

Trails and Ways
Say You Will

Following up the stellar lead single for their debut album, Trails and Ways are back today with another promising glimpse into their highly anticipated first full length. “Say You Will,” an indie pop ballad, portrays yet another facet of the Oakland band’s sound. Written by bassist Emma Oppen about at love-at-first-sight moment, the track glides with breezy, funky guitar licks backed by steady percussion and a groovy bass line to match the ethereal vocals. Trails and Ways really hit their stride on “Say You Will,” continuing to build on their organic, irresistible style. Read what Emma had to say about the song in the PopMatters premiere below and pre-order Pathology, out June 2nd, here.

Two years ago I met someone very special, and had the experience of falling in love in a matter of hours. In my delirium, I imagined making an ultimatum: Say you will, or don’t say anything at all. A few months later, I wrote the bassline in the back of the van on our first summer tour, and made the first demo recording of the vocal melody against the droning fan of a venue bathroom. Silky four-part harmonies open into a dance between syncopated bass, plucky synths, and an insistent, grounding beat. A biting rhythm guitar kicks in at the chorus for a sassy groove you can choose to love forever, or wherever you are in the moment.
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[Chill] Maribou State – The Clown (feat. Pedestrian)

Maribou State
The Clown (feat. Pedestrian)

Maribou State‘s debut album is quickly becoming one of our most anticipated of the summer. Building on an array of the UK’s finest electronic styles, the production duo feel like an organic progression from their roots. This may be more evident than ever on their smooth, emotional, Pedestrian-featuring latest single. “The Clown” builds around a grand piano melody that when combined with a falsetto brings James Blake to mind before a percussive-driven groove emerges. The house tempo bolsters the flawless vocals and combines with occasional warped synths that tie together the songs’s steadily developing structure. It’s a colorful tune that draws at your heart strings and gets your head nodding simultaneously. Vibe above–Maribou State’s Portraits drops June 2nd and is available for pre-order here.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #5)


We all procrastinate at some point or another. And although music can be a huge motivator (think bass bumping gym playlist) it can also be the leader of all procrastinational activities. Seriously though. How many times have you thought about nothing else but laying on your floor and listening to music all day long? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? The ultimate procrastination station. But hey, it’s ok to waste time every once in a while. If you are laying down in a cloud of your own happiness, what else matters, right? So here’s a playlist to go along with your motivational or procrastinational day. It is your life…you can do whatever you damn well please.

Cheers Elephant
Speak Think
Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles
Itching Around
Fraternal Twin
Skin Gets Hot
Mat Shoare
In Good Time
Lose My Mind
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Madison – That Fever [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (3)
That Fever

This Monday has been brimming with charming, ear-grabbing, attention-getting, and impressive tunes, and this premiere is no different.

We’ve been hip to DIY artist Madison for a few months now after writing up a tune she did with The Twelves. Now looking ahead to her upcoming EP, Wonderland, she’s dropping “That Fever,” which glows with a mix of new pop styling and a classic vibe that could be easily imagined with the most gorgeous of Bond girls.

Something about the echoing percussion, wavering guitar notes, and attitude-rich staccato vocal styling combine to make a cinematic experience, seemingly perfect for a musical breakdown or montage in a film. It’s engaging, memorable, and encompassing, demanding your attention for the full three-minute duration.

Aside from the notable musical abilities, this impressive woman is also doing her part to help shelter animals. Half of the proceeds from her upcoming EP release (coming July 21), will go to the rescue where she adopted her pup, Alabama.

Make sure to follow her on Facebook for updates on that EP.

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[Indie/Pop] Peter Bjorn and John – High Up (Take Me To The Top)

Peter Bjorn and John
High Up (Take Me To The Top)

“Over the moon” is how indie pop masters Peter Bjorn and John said they felt releasing their first new original material since Gimme Some came out four long years ago, and that’s exactly where ‘High Up (Take Me To The Top)’ will bring you as well.

This soaring tune is propelled by off-kilter percussion reminiscent of their 2009 LP Living Thing, but is perhaps a sign of things to come as it stemmed from “forthcoming album-sessions” co-written with Patrick Berger, who is best known for producing artists including Robyn and Icona Pop.

‘High Up’ has been released on the Stockholm-based artist collective and record label INGRID, which Peter Bjorn and John co-founded along with fellow Swedes Lykke Li and Miike Snow, among others, and the track is featured on INGRID Volym 2, a Record Store Day exclusive double-LP of which there are only 500 copies.

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[Indie/Rock] Wild Beasts – Woebegone Wanderers II

Wild Beasts
Woebegone Wanderers II

Contrary to what their name evokes, Wild Beasts continue to be some of the smoothest and softest songsmiths around with unreleased track ‘Woebegone Wanderers II,’ which was premiered on Jon Hopkins Radio 1 this week.

Recorded around the time of their last release, Present Tense, which was quietly one of the best albums of 2014, the song is a continuation of ‘Woebegone Wanderers’ which appeared on the British group’s debut Limbo, Panto way back in 2008.

After gently swirling around the space in your head in that signature brooding Wild Beasts style for around two minutes, ‘Woebegone Wanderers II’ dissolves into echoing glitter for the final third, floating off until you inevitably drag it back down for yet another listen.

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