[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2017 Round #3)

It’s here! The official week of summa, summa, summatime! And their ain’t no better way than to celebrate with a super fresh Indie Dojo. Enjoy, friends. Enjoy.

’Mosss – Here If You Want (Pale Blue)’
’BC unidos – Bicycle (feat. Shungudzo)’
’Moses Gun Collective – Spook City’
’The Last Dinosaur –

’Angharad Drake –

’Rathbone – This Heart of Mine (Acoustic)’
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[Event Preview/Playlist] The Underground Music Showcase – Denver, CO

The 17th anniversary of one of Denver’s most storied music events, The Underground Music Showcase, is just around the corner. What began as a one-night performance featuring just four bands, The UMS has steadily exploded into to a four-day music and art festival featuring hundreds of performances. As the time draws nearer to what will no doubt be another incredible weekend pf performances, it’s time to get our readers familiar with this year’s crop of (mostly) burgeoning artists spanning a plethora of genres and sounds. While this recent slate of participating artists is the second wave, we can assuredly expect one more run of performers to be added to this year’s bill, so stay tuned!

This year’s bill features one of the more eclectic, varied lineups we’ve been privy to for a number of years, including a seemingly heavier focus on displaying the myriad talent spread across The Centennial State (that’s Colorado ya yokels). On the top end of things, The UMS features an incredible slate of headlining performances from the likes of Nika Roza Danilova’s influential avant-pop project Zola Jesus,  New Orleans based Benjamin Booker‘s raw brand of blues/boogie/soul/rock, Red Fang‘s primal-yet-refined  stoner-metal, John Jagos’ lofi pop alter-ego and TMN darling Brothertiger, and the smoothly subdued vocal stylings of Esmé Patterson. In addition to the already excellent pallet of headliners, The UMS also will be presenting countless sets from some of our absolute favorite Colorado artists including Flaural, Povi, RUMTUM, Slow Caves & Dragondeer. To get your ears tuned for next month’s festivities, check out our preview playlist below and get your learn on if you haven’t already. Tickets are still on presale, so hop to it and pick up a 4-day pass on the cheap here!

’Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver’
’Brothertiger – Beyond The Infinite’
’Zola Jesus – Exhumed’
’Esmé Patterson – Green Green’
’Red Fang – Blood Like Cream’
’Slow Caves – Glares’
’Povi – 4am’
’Flaural – Culture Ghost’
’RUMTUM – Coastal Hustle’
’Dragondeer – When I See You’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2017 Round #2)

Well hello, there. Come here often? If not then you should. We’re here with something brand spanking new every Tuesday. We promise it will be worth your while.
’Hunck – Little Woman’
’Medicine Boy –

’Gym & Swim Sunrise’
’Erin Rae – Like The First Time’
’J. Hutton – No Complaints,’
’Jack Grace – Nice To Meet You’
’Mountains of the Moon –

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[Music Video] Rad Horror – Sad Boy

Sometimes great things come from new beginnings. For Rad Horror, the step in a different direction has brought some incredible singles from the recent project. Relationships are never easy and when they come to an end they can be really tough, yet inspiring. “Sad Boy” has been inspired by such things.

Rad Horror’s single is a heart-wrenching alternative hit. You can feel the mess of emotions ranging from pain to loneliness, all the down to the motivation to move on. It’s a vast collection of convoluted feelings that are not easily expressible, but Rad Horror not only expressed them well, he did it in musical format to really touch your deepest layers. For the video, some may recognize the classic Warhol inspiration. “Sad Boy” is out now, so you may get a copy on iTunes if you choose.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2017 Round #1)

Listening to music can sometimes feel like traveling in a time machine. Certain songs can take you back to some of the best (or worst) times. And you can always continue to travel with every new song you add to your library. So let’s make some new memories with some new indie jams on the latest Indie Dojo. Life long motto: Never stop traveling.

’Alex the Astronaut – Already Home’
’The Wild Now – Run For Your Life’
’Haiva Ru – Work It On Out’
’Low Island – That Kind of Love’
’Wovoka Gentle –

’Will Heggadon – Falling Up (Single)’
’Daudi Matsiko – Houston In The Blind’
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[Indie-Pop/R&B] RÓSA – Without You

Without You

Near the tail end of last year, Orange County, CA-based indie-pop trio RÓSA took our ears hostage with their debut 2016 EP Gypsy Queen. RÓSA’s developed songwriting and crystalline, synthetic sonority once again hit this writer like a ton of bricks when the triumvirate unveiled the first single from sophomore EP, Wasteful, due out on June 30th,  “Without You”. “Without You” leans on a vocal-centric aesthetic from lead singer Will Winters, propped up on a bed of subtle yet sophisticated arpeggiated synths, snares that snap like a twig under combat boots, and modal harmonies that flit all over their instrumental landscape. We’ve been drawing comparisons to acts as big as TMN darlings The 1975 to Aaron Maine’s lush Porches project, which for this writer is the biggest stamp of approval we’ve thrown out in some time. We’ll be waiting patiently for the rest of Wasteful, but until then, stream “Without You” above.

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[Indie/Rock] Aly Ryan – No Parachute

No Parachute

Get ready for your Friday to rock. Thank Aly Ryan for that, whose new single “No Parachute” just came out this week. It’s a hit, no doubt about it. Mark our words, at the end of the year, it’s still going to be a song we come back to and play as one of our favorite indie songs of 2017. It’s just that good.

“No Parachute” is all fun, no filler. Aly’s voice is angelical, while the catchy, yet raw instrumental pounds away underneath. Things start quickly, taking almost no time to get the excitement going. From there Aly doesn’t let up a bit, satisfying your ears until the end of the song. From there, you just want more and more. A warning should be issued with “No Parachute” as you may just turn this on and have it repeating all day long like we’ve done.

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