[Drum & Bass] Gridlok – Z3R0 H0U2

It’s not often that we post drum & bass, but when we do it is something special. Today we have that something special for you and it comes to us from Amsterdam’s Gridlok. The Z3R0 H0U2 album has been released through Blackout Music, complete with thirteen songs, including a collaboration with Black Sun Empire.

Through and through, this LP is gold. When we first came to this project, we weren’t sure if we were ready for thirteen straight drum & bass records, but Gridlok made sure to keep our attention the entire time through with engaging records and a range of sounds to shift the vibe and pace of the EP nicely. It is well done on his part and not easy to keep the majority of listeners involved in a project like this one if they’re not already used to the fast-paced percussion and mind-blowing basslines. Get ready to throw your money at Gridlok for this one, because Z3R0 H0U2 is one hell of a collection.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 244)

Friday, our favorite day of the week. It ushers in the weekend, the two days we look forward to every day from Monday through Thursday. Friday also marks the day we get to deliver all our favorite free downloads that we’ve been collecting. In this week’s edition we get some quality hits from the likes of Ashdown who starts things off, CRAY, Valentine, FIGHT CLVB (this one is extra hot), The Golden Pony, Bijou and many more. We were going to have Delta Heavy close things out with their energetic edit of Hans Zimmer, but we decided to give you something to ease the night away with a cool one from Marcus James. Enjoy all fourteen as you enter the weekend. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Ashdown – Where It Hurts’

’Jai Wolf – Like It’s Over (VALENTINE & Halpe Remix)’
’Bobby – Nourmand – D U S T’
’FIGHT CLVB X White Gangster X Gualtiero – MIN (Original Bass)’
’The Golden Pony – Passionfruit (feat. Denham)’
’BIJOU & Gerry Gonza – Twerk It Out’
’Humbl3(VenessaMichaels Remix)’
’Ruben Young – Take Her Down (Nevels x Morqix Remix)’
’HMU – Wings’
’GLD –

’Hans Zimmer – S.T.A.Y. (Delta Heavy Tribute)’
’Marcus James – Dancer ft. Lord L’
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[Multi-Genre] KJ Sawka – Unity Of Purpose EP

Pendulum and Destroid’s drum-loving basshead KJ Sawka has released quite the EP through Impossible Records. Complete with five singles, Unity Of Purpose is everything a lover of low frequencies is looking for. Some dub, some DnB and even a little bit of something extra on top.

KJ starts things off with a huge prelude that is nothing short of epic. From there we dive into some heavy bass in “Face Crack” which will do just that if you’re not too careful. If that didn’t get you hyped for some reason, then the drum & bass record “Running Away” will get you fired up. What may be our favorite single comes next in “The Time Has Come” although it’s hard to really choose a #1. Lastly, KJ returns with Emilia Sosa for “Monster,” the most unique song out of the non-prelude bunch. Get your copy of the EP through iTunes today, or head over to KJ’s Soundcloud for the free batch.

’KJ Sawka – Prelude feat. Jason Camiolo – Impossible Records’
’KJ Sawka – Face Crack – Impossible Records’
’KJ Sawka – Running Away feat. Emilia Sosa – Impossible Records’
’KJ Sawka – The Time Has Come’
’KJ Sawka Monster feat. Emilia Sosa – Impossible Records’
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[Electronic] CRi – Rush (feat. Ouri)

Rush (feat. Ouri)

Young Art Records is home to some incredibly beautiful pieces of music. One of those such pieces is “Rush” by the Canadian producer CRi and Ouri. Released on the Someone Else EP, this intriguing single may be the best song on the entire project.

Although we are simply sharing “Rush” don’t let that stop you from checking out the entire EP through iTunes if you’re looking to get a copy. “Rush” starts out as an ethereal adventure into soothing soundscapes that touch your soul. You would expect it to stay similar throughout as a concluding record, but things change as time passes. Around halfway CRi gives the song some edge by moving more towards a fast-paced vibe, introducing drum & bass percussion to pick up the pace. This is a must listen and if you like what you hear, check out the entire EP.

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[Music Video] Xia Xia Technique – Wake & Bass

Prepare yourself for one of the most intriguing songs and music videos you are going to find. Xia Xia Technique of Los Angeles recently put out their single “Wake & Bass” alongside a music video that is nothing like anything we’ve laid our eyes on before. Unique, fun and totally wacky, this video is well worth the watch.

We’ll start first by saying that “Wake & Bass” itself is a great record. The experimental nature of this hip-hop single is one that many should take note of. In a landscape where most are going for a particular sound, XXT is looking to pave their own way in a similar manner to Die Antwoord, who we expect this trio to be influenced by. With the video, things are quite simple. There’s a lengthy haircut and buzz taking place in a hotel room involved, and then a short greeting with aliens. Who would have thought watching a girl go bald could be so entertaining? And where do the aliens come from? We don’t have the answers, but we have the video. See for yourself!

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[Drum & Bass] WRLD – Everything (ft. Ashdown)

WRLD // Everything (ft. Ashdown)

Drum & Bass is one genre my ears can never get enough of. For that reason, I’m always ecstatic to see prominent players in the electronic music scene tackling tunes in this realm. One musician who frequently dabbles in the style in between foray’s into future bass and ambient sounds is the Dutch producer WRLD. His most recent endeavor, “Everything” combines the genre’s staple breakbeat with influences from bass music to create an infectious, futuristic dance tune. If you’re trying to get down to this one in person, definitely catch WRLD on his current US tour. Enjoy “Everything” above.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 232)

We’ve made it. It’s Friday, the first Friday of February in fact. To kick off the shortest month of the year, we’ve brought some great free downloads for you today from some of dance music’s top artists, as well as many of its underground heavy hitters. Speaking of heavy, there are indeed some heavy records for you this week. Rage out all your frustration and get those bodies ready for another week after your days of freedom. Music this week comes to us from swindail, Virtu, HPNTK x Strap Deez, REZZ x K?D, Mija, KAYZO x RIOT and many more. Dive right into the tracks below, and grab the ones you want. If you’re a Spotify user, you can take us with you via our Friday Party Playlist on our new account! More importantly however, is you need to #danceirresponsibly.

’swindail – jussrite (feat. SACHI & naji)’
’Element – Resurrection’
’San Holo – Light (Virtu Remix)’
’EGZOD – Fly (ft. Caiti Patton)’
’HPNTK – Weigh Station (feat. Strap Deez)’
’GiiANA – MurMur (feat. Jeebanoff)’
’Mija – Secrets’
’Migos – Bad & Boujee (Havok Roth & NIGHTOWLS Remix)’
’KAYZO x RIOT – Wake Up’
’Figure – The Exorcist (Oolacile Remix)’
’Dear Me (Original Mix)’
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