Netsky on “Work it Out,” His Upcoming Tour, and Nobu’s Black Cod [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

two door cienma club

At this point in the game, we would expect nothing less than a jam-packed, busy-as-hell 2016 from our Resident Artist. Tours, festival appearances, a new album, and some free time in the kitchen will most assuredly max out his calendar for the next 11 months. With that in mind, we fired over a few questions to Netsky to get a better understanding of what exactly is on the way.

TMN: Hey Boris! Thanks for coming onboard for our Residency Program we’re excited to have you. Let’s kick things off by talking about what everyone is anxious for “Work It Out,” which is your second collab with Digital Farm Animals. You guys must have a good rapport. Talk to us about working with him.

Netsky: Hey! Thank you for having me. Nick (Digital Farm Animals) has to be one of my favorite writers/producers to work with. He’s got a unique take on vocal production. We both share a love for using crazy effects and techniques on vocals. I have a couple more songs with him in the pipeline and with every single song his voice sounds completely different. I love that!

TMN: The tune is simply gorgeous. What was the process like for this particular song? Melody first? Lyrics first?

Netsky: Nick wrote the chorus when he was in LA and showed it to me. I absolutely loved it from first listen and started working on the production straight away. The song started off as a 80s rock influenced half tempo track. It took us a while to realize that it sounded good on a drum & bass beat. But after a while it started sounding exactly like we both wanted. I think I’m gonna work on the original version to play live with the band.

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Introducing our Next Resident Artist – Netsky [TMN RESIDENCY]


As it stands right now, Netsky is a household name across the population of dance music lovers across the globe. For us, he solidified a standing place as one of our favorite producers through a continuing body of impressive work, inventive and engaging live performances, and for helping introduce a younger group of American festival goers to one of our favorite electronic genres.

As older members of the dance community, we fondly look back on the days where drum ‘n’ bass had its own stage, boasting an array of blazing fast break beats, rolling basslines, and soaring synths and vocals. Somehow, through the years, that stage slowly disappeared, giving way to more bass-heavy varieties of DJs, leaving an entire generation without this storied portion of dance music.

While there are other notable Producers and DJs who contribute to bringing DnB back to the forefront of the scene, we’re particularly enamored with our latest Resident Artist. His style is instantly recognizable, causing fans to immediately say his name when tracks like “Rio,” “Running Low,” or “Eyes Closed” come on. Both of his albums can be enjoyed start-to-finish, and have been enjoyed in such a fashion here at TMN HQ many times over. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention his live performance, which brings a much-appreciated approach to dance music to those that were lucky enough to buy a ticket.

Simply put – this may be the most excited we’ve ever been about a Resident Artist. Make sure to tune in all month long to get a first look at some exclusive content. And, if that isn’t enough, you can expect a single from his new album later this month. Until then, enjoy this collection of some of our favorite Netsky tunes.

Take Ü There (feat. Kiesza) (Netsky Remix)
Netsky Vs Metrik Cant Speak Feat Stealth
Ed Sheeran
Dont (Netsky Remix)
Running Low Feat. Beth Ditto
Get Away From Here Feat. Selah Sue
Come Alive
Give And Take
Everyday (Netsky remix)
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[15 to End 2015] Ninja Dom’s Best of the Year


As a sweeping generalization, 2015 will go down as a year dominated by collectives. Future Classic, Hegemon, Moving Castle, Soulection, HW&W, Wedidit, Monstercat, and French Express pooled their talents together to commandeer the music scene this year. The technical aspects commonly associated with “Future” crept into the DNA of producers, becoming a topical theme across genres from the most obscure to the most mainstream.

In particular, and as one of the most recent additions to the TMN staff, it has been quite a journey both as a contributor and music fan since early April. Without the collaboration of the entire staff – the guidance of editors and advice of my fellow writers – year one as a ninja would not have been possible. Along the way I’ve covered tours, shot music festivals, and met some of my favorite artists, who have graciously exposed me to their own intricate webs of sound. That being said, below is my best effort to reduce thousands of great tracks released this calendar year down to a manageable number. Enjoy the tracks below, in order of release date, and see you all next year!

Veritas (Young & Sick’s Mixed Feelings)
Although it has nearly been removed from all channels of the internet, this remix of Veritas is a fluid tune, incorporating contrasting techniques in a way that set it apart this year.

Mon Amour
This is both my favorite song ever and the answer to the hypothetical question “if you could only listen to one song for the rest of time…”

San Holo
We Rise
Deserving of a spot on all lists, this has been the de facto party-starter and pregame anthem since it’s release in February.

Alison Wonderland
The title track from AW’s debut album taps into the talents of fellow producers Djemba Djemba and AWE in creating this hooky, electronic masterpiece.

Mura Masa
When U Need Me
For an artist focused on quality over quantity, this is Mura Masa’s greatest creation to date.

Burning House
Burning House is the most powerful release of Diversa’s, serving as a benchmark for the current wave of Drum & Bass producers to measure up against.

Jamie xx
The Rest is Noise
Jamie XX has been graced with near unanimous approval of his album In Colour; The Rest is Noise incorporates his most polished elements in a lengthy rainbow-colored instrumental.

Tory Lanez
Acting Like (Prod. by Shlohmo)
Another up and coming artist out of the blooming Toronto hip-hop scene, Tory Lanez, enlists the help of Shlohmo in putting together this dark, rhythmic jam.

Golden Vessel
Borrowed Time (ft. Tiana Khasi)
Melbourne locals Golden Vessel and Tiana Khasi teamed up to create one of the most enchanting and soulful pieces of the year, bar none.

Them Changes
As the most groovy track of the summer season, this was also an introduction and revival of the nostalgia-pumping funk genre, which used to dominate the charts.

Tame Impala
The Moment
Parker shows off his adaptability on this one; in cutting the downtrodden lyrical content against a synth-driven bridge full of cheery guitar riffs and rhythmic hand claps, the single is inextricably linked with the bridge in fellow Australian band Pond’s recent release, “Medicine Hat”.

Moi Je
Fais Rien (PETIT BISCUIT Remix)
Although the title literally means ‘do nothing’, it is nearly impossible to hear this remix by Petit Biscuit and not be tempted to move by the upbeat tempo.

Do You Go Up
This bubbly, minimalist tune is carried on the strength of its hook and the catchy vocals of its creator.

Maria Im Drunk (Ft. Deverano) (Travis Scott Cover)
As the most notable track by the best up and comer out of 2015, this remix displays a vision and creativity beyond SevnthWonder’s years.

Finding Hope
With roots in the ambient genre, down-tempo is the most calming style of music. The deep, pleasant reverie continues through Wonder and does not end until the close of the song.

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[Downtempo] Finding Hope – Wonder

Finding Hope

With the clocks swinging forward earlier this month and daylight gone by the end of the work day, ever-present summery house music has begun to lose some of its topical appeal. As setting changes, so too does inspiration.

Enter the sound of winter: downtempo. With roots in ambient, drum and bass genres, downtempo is a more calming style of music. Conceptually, it is comparable to productions by Diversa and Explosions in the Sky.

The latest great downtempo track to grace our Soundcloud feeds, “Wonder”, comes from San Antonio artist Ashton Davila. Formerly of the name Audile, Davila now goes by the pseudonym Finding Hope. Similar to classics of the genre like “Can Do It”, “Mon Amour”, and “Nimrod”, Wonder builds slowly into a powerful melody at the :55 mark. The deep, pleasant reverie continues through a beat breakdown a minute later and does not end until the close of the song.

When I was writing Wonder, it started out as a soundscape and progressed from there… My main focus was fusing the organic elements with the electronic/dreamy side of things. – Davila

Fans of Finding Hope – including us at The Music Ninja – will be keeping tabs on his future productions via his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Listeners can also download “Wonder” at toneden.

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[Future-Bass] COFRESI – Fuk’m

FUK'M Artwork

You know those songs that just throw you off around every bend? Ones that, no matter how many times you listen, you can’t anticipate what’s to come next? Here at The Music Ninja, we live for those songs. They keep us on our toes, and our ears attached from beginning to end. A perfect example of one of these tracks is COFRESI’s new release, “Fuk’m.” Instantly grabbing your attention with a sample found from a skate video, its hooking melody becomes a showcase of COFRESI’s outstanding drumming talent. With an incredibly unique sound, “Fuk’m” is a breath of fresh air that’ll immediately rid you of any stress from those long work days. Check it out above.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta – 8/27 – 8/29


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over two years now. We know you’ve had some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)
– The deal is valid for tonight and Friday only. If you want to catch Booka Shade, you should pick up tickets here.

See you on the dance floor.

GTA - 8/27
Bitch Better Have My Money (GTA Remix)

Downlink - 8/28

Downlink & Twofold
Booka Shade - 8/29
Wildest Thing
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Mt. Eden Discuss Influences, Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceoros, and Maternal Love (Or Lack Thereof) [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

two door cienma club

Few things are absolutely certain when it comes to New Zealand-based Mt. Eden. For starters, fans will most assuredly be won over by their inventive, lush, and textural melodic dubstep, trap, and DnB sets, featuring a vast catalog of original work. This much we already knew, having seen them perform in the past. What we didn’t know, but do now, is that any conversation had with members Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner is sure to result in hilarity.

We were lucky enough to catch up with this cheeky duo down at Beta Nightclub for both of the aforementioned experiences. And, as we said, hilarity ensued.

TMN: Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us tonight. Welcome to the Mile High City! This is your second show at Beta, correct?

HR: Thanks man! This is our second show.

TMN: You guys play all over the world, how does Beta compare to some of the other renowned clubs out there?

HR: Imagine a pirate ship, run by Darth Vader.

JC: And Yoda.

HR: Yes, and Yoda. And you put them together and it’s a team operation. Everything is put together super tight. Everyone’s got walkie talkies. There are no problems whatsoever. The sound system is perfect.

JC: The force is strong here.

TMN: So, Electric Forest is definitely on our festival bucket list. How was your experience there? How does the vibe feel in comparison to some of the other larger festivals?

JC: With Electric Forest, it was a real passionate crowd. The forest is so decorated. The vibe was amazing. The security was overly nice. It didn’t feel corporate. The artists were really cool. We met up with 12th Planet, Snails, Vaski, Black Tiger Sex Machine…and everyone was really cool. It was like a family gathering.

HR: There’s no other festival where Macy Grey sings, Mr Carmack plays the drums, and it’s all fun and games. There’s no pressure on anyone to be in a scene.

JC: And there were so many back-to-back sets. It was Skrillex and Snails and Vaski doing DJ sets together. It was really cool! Everyone was mixing and mingling and everyone included everyone. You never felt left out.

HR: We could talk forever about how cool it is. It was one of the best festivals we’ve played at just due to the energy.

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