[Hip-Hop] Jez Dior – Scarle†† Sage

Scarle†† Sage

You know, it’s kind of strange to have an album release on a Wednesday, considering industry protocol has always been Tuesday. But why follow convention when your music doesn’t do so? Over the last few months the team here at TMN have steadily fallen in love with Jez Dior‘s music one by one, and that’s mainly because he’s consistently been able to differentiate himself from your average rapper. One of the many endearing qualities about Jez is his versatility. Sampling artists like Lana Del ReyDaughter, and even Eiffel 65, Jez draws influences from a wide range of genres from dub to alternative rock, which allows him–alongside producer Danny Score–to construct a sound unlike anything else out there. Maybe that has something to do with his upbringing, as being the son of rocker Steve Dior, he’s stated he’s looked to idols like Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Kanye West for inspiration.

At only 21 (wish him a Happy Birthday), Jez Dior displays confidence well beyond his years. He brings with him a fiery intensity that shines through on bangers like “Blue” and “Move On” as well as more emotional numbers like “Love Me To Death” and “Tough To Talk To.” It’s the authentic approach to his music that’s noticeable in every one of his verses. Jez Dior strives to make real music, with true feelings regarding subjects of love, death and drug abuse, making it all easily relatable. Normally we only feature a few selections from every album we review on here, but we felt it wouldn’t be fair to just share a handful of tracks when every one of them is so special. At a length of only 10 tracks anyway, Jez Dior takes the “less is more” approach with Scarle†† Sage, providing us with a high quality experience from start to finish.

Check out a full stream of the album below, and make sure to grab yourself a free copy of the project as well.

DOWNLOAD: Jez Dior – Scarle†† Sage

Jez Dior
Jez Dior
Nice Day (ft. Anabel Englund)
Jez Dior
West Coast
Jez Dior
Jez Dior
Move On
Jez Dior
Jez Dior
Tough To Talk To (ft. Wes Period)
Jez Dior
Love Me To Death
Jez Dior
Dreamcatcher (ft. MDNT)
Jez Dior
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[TMN Resident Artist] Celebrating 10 years of Celldweller


In any industry there are huge accomplishments to achieve. Whether it is winning a gold medal, being recognized nationally for your talents, or taking home numerous awards, each person in these industries has goals and dreams they wish to reach. Ten years ago, Celldweller released his first cd of music for the world to experience and since then, his popularity has only grown and the love for his music has flourished among his numerous fans. Today, Celldweller has released a ten year anniversary edition to celebrate his great accomplishments and to show his fans just how much he appreciates their support over the years.
Check out this amazing behind the scenes mini documentary on the making of this ten-year edition and enjoy the insane beats that Celldweller continues to master up to this day. Already at #10 on the electronic charts in iTunes since being released this morning, this collection is sure to keep rocking for ten more years to come.

Cell #1
Stay With Me (Unlikely)
The Last Firstborn
Under My Feet
I Believe You
Afraid This Time
Cell #2
So Sorry To Say
Own Little World
Unlikely (Stay With Me)
One Good Reason
The Stars Of Orion
Cell #3
Welcome To The End
Ghosts (Feat. Tom Salta)
Goodbye (Remixed by Klayton)
The Last Firstborn (Remixed by Klayton)
Frozen (CPR Remix By Copy Paste Repeat)
Switchback (Remixed by Klayton)
Atmospheric Light (Demo Redux)
Own Little World (Remixed by Blue Stahli)
Shapeshifter (Remixed by Klayton)
Waiting (Unreleased Demo 2005)
Waiting For So Long (Unreleased Demo 2006)
Blood From the Stone (Unreleased Demo 2006)
IRIA (Unreleased Demo 2005)
Switchback (Dead By Dawn Remix by No Im Not)
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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #55


Oh shit! It’s that time of the week again. Another 40 hours of grueling work has come and gone and it’s time for the weekend. I know that a good portion of you probably don’t read this, so I’ll skip to the good stuff. Crack open a cold one and…


Get Lucky
TC Bootleg
The Secret ft. Stan SB (Original Mix)
Keys N Krates
Treat Me Right (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)
broz edit
Titanic UP(Henry Fong x Milk N Cookies x Toby Green)
MYB (Kids At The Bar Remix)
DallasK vs. Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding, Nicky Romero
I Need Your Alienz (Kastra Bootleg)
My Feelings Rocking Revival
Henry Fong vs Avicii vs Angger Dimas vs Henrix vs Toby Green
La Fuente Vs Fragma
The Matador Miracle (Sevag Area
If I Lose Myself (Ryan Kenney Remix)
While Im Alive (WET PAINT Official Remix)
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[Denver Events] This Week at Beta 6/6


Being a Top 25 Club from DJ Mag comes at no surprise as Beta Nightclub has been featuring an amazing array of talent this summer, and this weekend is once again no exception.

Being regulars at Beta, we figured we should share their line up with you, in hopes that you’ll come down and rage with us. Also, just like last time, we have arranged for something special.

For the shows Friday and Saturday, make sure you bring your phone with you. If you’re 21+, get there before 11pm, and show them this post on your phone – your cover is comped. Just make sure to enter through the front door, and not the side VIP entrance. Can’t wait to see you down there!

Paul Van Dyk - June 6th

Paul van Dyk
ULTRA Music Festival 2013

Borgore - June 7th

Sonata In F Major

DJ Dan - June 8th

DJ Dan Presents Stereo Damage
Episode 38
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[Show Review] Bassnectar – Red Rocks amphitheater, Colorado


And sometimes, you go to a show that just blows your mind, literally and figuratively.

The night at Red Rocks was just right, a cool summer evening as fans of the acclaimed electronic master, Bassnectar, gathered for the second night of back-to-back sold out shows. As he took the stage, the longhaired musician gave some love to Colorado and then put it simply, “I know trap music is the music style this year but I’m going to play some good old dub all night.”
Play dub? Not even, he played, threw down, molded, melted dub all over the crowd that night. Bringing along his own sound system did not hurt either, his deep melodies and intense beat sessions could be heard far outside of Red Rocks. Bassnectar, also known as Lorin Ashton, has been at this for a while the whole killing people with his musical talents. He went to his first rave back in 1995 when he was just a young buck and since then, his world and our world has never been the same. Naming himself the famous Bassnectar, he released his first album back in 2001 and I was only too happy to hear him go back to his beginning roots. He played songs that were a decade old that still held the same excitement they did when they were first released, and the crowd loved him for it. All musicians start somewhere and Bassnectar is one of those musicians whose beat naturally flowed out of him from the minute he touched his first electronic music system.

Playing for over two hours straight, Bassnectar showed why he has such a huge fan base and why his music will continue to awe and inspire his adoring supporters.

Keep rocking those long locks Bassnectar and keep capturing the hearts, ears and minds of all who listen to you.

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[TMN Resident Artist for June] Dwelling with Celldweller


Start with a person. Or, more specific, a musician. Now, add in different types of music. A little dubstep, a little drub & bass, a little electro, some aggressive rock & metal and then to make things really interesting, a dash of orchestral elements. And let’s amp up the musician to take the titles of producer, songwriter, programmer, re-mixer and of course, performer. Combine all the of these elements and who emerges but a highly talented artist who has been changing the face of electronic music for almost a decade now.

Enter Celldweller, our new resident artist for the month of June. To all of his loyal fans, he is known as Klayton, the heart, mind and soul behind the red haired musician Celldweller and the man who constantly is changing the game when it comes to music.

Klayton calls Detroit home, a city with electronic music history flowing through its streets. It was here that Celldweller first released his debut album back in 2003, “Celldweller” which immediately caught the attention of fans and critics who praised Klayton for his unique and undeniably talented sound. From there, Klayton has only grown in his popularity and has taken his own music and his love for the music scene to the next level. Klayton is the proud founder of FiXT, a rapidly growing media company that works as a record label, an online music and merchandise outlet, a publicity wing, and as a film/television/game licensing department. One of the reasons FiXT covers all of these aspects is because Celldweller’s own music has been used numerous time in television shows, movies and especially in video games. Wouldn’t it get you more psyched up to destroy a few aliens with the sounds of Celldweller blasting through your headphones?

Klayton’s sound is distinctive; he brings a lot of his rock and metal passions to the table when making his music. That is something that makes him a truly diverse musician and producer, keeping true to the music of his roots but then throwing in a complete new electronic sound that captivates all of his listeners.

As we begin the new month with this red Mohawk artist, we are honored to be premiering one of his songs that is going to be released next week on Celldweller’s tenth anniversary deluxe addition cd.

Sit back and get ready for some out-of-this-world experiences with our new resident artist.

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[Electronic/Dubstep] Protohype – Hear No Evil EP


See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

But feel free to play every dirty, nasty, evil electronic/dub beat that you want Protohype.
The young 23-year-old newer artist, whose real name is Max Hype, recently released the second part of his series after “See no Evil” with the highly anticipated “Hear no Evil”. The four tracks EP is composed of all original works and has some very talented vocals lent to some of the tracks.

Protohype starts the series strong with “Fly” featuring the stunning high vocals of Alina Renae. The song is my favorite on the EP; it is full of an unattainable energy that rises from your feet all the way to the top of your head. It tells the simple tale of finally being free from someone and how that has gives people the power to fly and do amazing things. There are intense drum rolls and hypnotic electronic melodies that make this an unforgettable song. “Jelly Roll” and “Bright Side”, which features Ras have a great energy surrounding them. “Jelly Roll” is an instrumental phenomenon that you can’t stop bopping around to. “Bright Side” again takes the powerful lyrics of Ras and combines them with Protohype’s intense musical style. To put the finishing touches on this EP, Protohype finishes with “Shatter” which starts with a mesmerizing violin entrance. The song continues with this beautiful violin throughout the whole song while Protohype loops in his drops and his powerful moments of electronic bliss.
Two parts down, one part to go, we can’t see what speaking no evil will do to our lips.

Fly ft. Alina Renae
Jelly Roll
Bright Side ft. Ras
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