Cracking The Code: Delving Into Blue Electronica & Understanding The Mystery Behind The Duo [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Blue Electronica

When we first introduced them as our resident artists for this month, we challenged you to see if you could crack The Code. That’s proven even more difficult with the release of their Blue Electronica EP, as the genre bending duo have continued to defy expectations since their emergence on the scene two years ago. The minute you think you’ve got them all figured out, the pair manage to throw a curveball your way that completely changes the way you view their music. We sat down with them recently to understand their recording process and the inspiration behind their music. See what they had to say about Blue Electronica, and listen to the entire project below. If you like what you hear, make sure you pre-order the album here.

’The Code – Launch’

TMN: It’s crazy to think that you’ve been able to amass such a large following without anyone learning your identity. These days there’s a lot of pressure for artists to open up and engage their fans via social media, but at the same time there’s been a growing contingent of reclusive artists trying to keep the focus exclusively on their music. Can you guys discuss some of the reasons why you decided to pursue this path, and some of the challenges that come along with it?

The Code: Well just like you said to focus on the music. At this stage nothing else is important. There are challenges in everything, so by choosing whatever path you should prepare and accept them, positive or negative.

’The Code – Electronica’

TMN: Like we said, no one’s quite been able to crack The Code just yet, and we’re interested in learning a bit about the significance behind your name: what does it mean to you and what does it represent?

The Code: It’s more what we are, not who we are. It represents the music, and our visual compass.

’The Code – Loving You (ft. P Reign)’

TMN: You guys have basically created your own signature sound, blending elements of electronica with R&B rhythms and hazy melodies. Can you talk to us a bit about your inspiration and how you came to develop this style?

The Code: Organically. Just creating what makes sense to the mood at the time, whether that be something energetic or chilled. Inspired by everything, not just music. In this day there is so much going on in the world its hard not to be inspired by everything.

’The Code – F**K’

TMN: You recently released your Blue Electronica EP, and the color seems to be a pervasive theme in both your music and artwork. What is it about the color blue that makes it so prominent in your aesthetic?

The Code: Blue is a calming color which can be dark, light, soothing and irate. It can also represent so many different things and the contrast between our interpretation of the color “blue” and “electronica” really fits.

’The Code – Azure’

TMN: In 2014 you introduced yourself to the world with the release of your debut mixtape, 1|11. This last project though, was much smaller in scope. Were there any changes in your approach when it came time to record Blue Electronica?

The Code: Not really, it all comes down to timing, both were made at different times in different moments.

’The Code – Mood (Find You)/Time’

TMN: There’s a lot of exciting talent emerging on the UK music scene lately. It seems like every time we turn our heads we find someone new. Are there any names you guys are keeping your eyes on, or anyone specific you’d like to collaborate with?

The Code: Anyone who wants to make music, any who is positive. If the time is right then anything is possible.

’The Code – Wolf (ft. KasFlow)’

TMN: Now that you have two projects under your belt, what else is on the horizon for The Code? Do you guys plan on doing any touring?

The Code: More of everything. It’s all been absolutely amazing so far.

’The Code – Breath’

TMN: Is there anything you’d like to say to someone who’s just hearing your music for the first time?

The Code: We appreciate your ears.

’The Code – Sedative’

TMN: The biggest misconception people have about the UK is ______

The Code: Not really sure, every area has stigma’s and stereotypes, good and bad.

’The Code – 16th Element’

TMN: If you could teach a robot to feel emotion through music, what album would you show them?

The Code: Daft Punk – Discovery

’The Code – IIIII’

TMN: If your music was a drug, how would it make people feel?

The Code: You’d have to ask the listeners that one.

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Sam Paye & Eleventy Million – The Yoga Pose [TMN Premiere]

’Sam Paye + Eleventy Million – The Yoga Pose’

Sam Paye of Seattle has brought forth his latest original single “The Yoga Pose” as a premiere for us ninjas. We present to you his creation with rapper Eleventy Million. “The Yoga Pose” is a danceabale mixture of hip-hop, pop and electronic music. There’s a lot going on in this three minutes of audio that is tailored for the eclectic taste.

Sam delivers an instrumental whose sound jumps around with different sounds ranging from progressive synths to 80’s basses to saxophone. On top of the diverse beat is Eleventy Million’s vocal performance that, for the most part, isn’t just straight rapping. We get a crowd-controlling expression that is more akin to a hypeman than someone spitting lyrics; although there are phrases of straight rap. After all, this is a party record. “The Yoga Pose” will be available through Bomb Recordings tomorrow. Until then, stream the full preview before it’s up for grabs.

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Ninjas At Ultra Music Festival: Our Must-See Acts


There’s no doubt about it – Ultra is a massive, sprawling festival featuring numerous well curated and impressively put together stages. Close to 200 acts will be populating these stages throughout the three-day festival, playing every single kind of dance music you could possibly think of. It can be daunting, at times, but fear not. We’ve taken the time to hand-pick a handful of our absolute must-see-acts, and included a sample set from each.

Make sure to stay tuned later in the week, too. We’ll have an artfully crafted playlist for each of the three days at Ultra Music Festival.

John Digweed | Friday @ Resistance


’John Digweed – Live From Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015’
When I think of sets that are guaranteed to be an epic time, John Digweed is one of the first that comes to mind. He has slowly built a DJ empire over the years that’s acclaimed as being one founded on quality over hype, and for many years (as many as 10 some could argue) existed as an undiscovered talent in his UK home. That stealthy Digweed. Thankfully he’s now on a global touring circuit of grand proportions, and Ultra is the perfect time to catch him. Check out his set “Live in Cordoba” and try to not have the insatiable desire to see him live immediately. I dare you. – Ninja Jordan

Gryffin | Sunday @ Live Stage


’Gryffin Flight Log 002 – Winter Solstice Mix’
Recently shifting into original material after a slew of successful remixes ranging from Years and Years to Bipolar Sunshine, Gryffin takes to the live stage for what is guaranteed to be an uplifting experience. He’s garnered quite a following already, but still seems relatively under the radar considering his millions of plays and impressive renditions of pop and alternative tunes. After working with Hotel Garuda and Josef Salvat, his stock continues to exponentially grow as a possible household name for indie dance and electronic music as a whole. – Ninja Mitch

Party Favor | Friday @ Worldwide Stage


’Wantpicks Episode 28 mixed by Party Favor’
If you’re looking for a diverse set centered around booty shaking beats, Party Favor is your guy. There’s a reason this dude has been co-signed by the likes of Dillon Francis, Diplo, Brillz and Flosstradamus, he knows just how to turn things up. He already rocked major festivals last year, including EDC and Ultra, and now he’s back to make an even bigger impact. Expect an unforgettably wild experience as he returns to Miami to top his momentous 2015 live set. – Ninja Ren

Black Coffee | Sunday @ Resistance Stage


’Black Coffee – 2nd May Mix’
The unofficial leader of Johannesburg’s booming and eclectic electronic dance scene (check out the mini-docs about Black Coffee and Johannesburg, put together by Resident Advisor for an in-depth look), Nathi Maphumulo is a national icon in his home country, known much more widely as Black Coffee. In the past few years, Coffee’s finally been receiving the global acclaim and credit that his artistic counterparts have been heaping on for years. A true programmer, Black Coffee’s sets display house music that simply oozes with soul. His take on house draws inspiration from the indigenous music of his homeland, blended with a penchant for classic hooks and simplified song structure. It’s a blueprint that’s helped him inspire a generation of South African producers, and it’s high time you got in know. – Ninja Matthew

Patrick Topping | Saturday @ Resistance Stage


’Premiere: Patrick Topping @ Tunnels, Aberdeen (07. 11. 2015)’
If you’ve got co-signs and collaborations from the likes of Claude Von Stroke and Green Velvet, chances are you’re doing something right. UK-based producer Patrick Topping has done just that on his meteoric rise to the top of the tech-house scene. “Voicemail,” his 2014 collaboration with Green Velvet, remains in regular rotation for DJs worldwide, but Topping’s sound has continued to expand making every new release an adventure–ranging from dark and ominous to uplifting and soulful. His DJ sets have been hailed as some of the best on the biggest stages so he’s definitely an act worth catching at this point in his career. – Ninja Ashraf

Miike Snow | Friday @ Live Stage


’Miike Snow live Coachella 2012 full concert HD’
After a three-year hiatus, the Swedish indie pop trio is back in full force. Their long-awaited album “iii” was finally released, including hit singles like “Genghis Khan” and “Heart Is Full”. It will be interesting to see these veterans get together again and perform at Ultra Music Festival. Their immense energy and entertaining live sets will definitely bring down the house as the Friday headliner of the Live Stage. – Ninja Ivan

Tycho | Friday @ Live Stage


’Black Sunrise – Sunrise DJ Set at Burning Man 2014’
I’ve been a massive fan of Tycho for quite some time. His passion for ambient, multi-layered electronica and graphic design is inspiring, keeping me anxiously awaiting each time he plays. I know a lot of you are heading to Ultra to rage, but please trust me. This is one act of electronic mastery you don’t want to miss. – Ninja Clayton
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[Electronic] Mura Masa – What If I Go?

Mura Masa
What If I Go?

After a short five month silence, Mura Masa is back. Shifting from the orchestral approach of “Love For That,” he calls on Bonzai to bolster the more soulful and dynamic instrumentation of “What If I Go?” with her immaculate vocal presence. This song stands strong as a second single for his upcoming album, and, unsurprisingly, captures some of the best nuances of Mura Masa and his fastidious method of production.

The impact of his noteworthy Someday Somewhere project continues to thrive throughout each new release, and that is the sort of delicate balance between consistency and innovation that electronic music has been moving toward more and more. Mura Masa has been an integral part of that change, and his merit in that regard is undeniable. In case you were unsure, you’re listening to the future here, and it’s a great thing to witness.

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[Alternative] Dream Beach – Spill Your Guts

dream beach
spill your guts

I’m always excited to see a new project from the genre-bending artist Dream Beach. It’s been about a month since the Detroit-based artist’s last release and he’s back with a new one. I remember being introduced to this producer when his track “drove my car into the ocean got some well deserved attention. I highly recommend that you check out that song as well as the myriad of other refined tracks Dream Beach has released in the past. You never quite know what you’re going to get from this musician but all of his creations seem to be rebelliously different while still completing their specific musical ideas. 

The new song is called “Spill Your Guts” and it definitely fulfills my high expectations. It has an alternative vocal melody backed by some creative electronic production. Stream the new single here and discover the fresh sound that is Dream Beach.

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POWERS – Loved By You (Coucheron Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Loved By You (Coucheron Remix)

Just because we’re in South Beach for Miami Music Week doesn’t mean we can’t take a quick break to premiere some tasty tunes. In fact, if you happen to be down here as well, we think you’ll find this tune to be the perfect addition to your poolside playlist.

You’re probably hip to LA/NY-based Mike Del Rio & Crista Ru at this point, or POWERS, as they’re more commonly referred to. With only a few releases, they’ve casually racked up over a million plays. Songs like “Legendary,” “Beat Of My Drum,” and “Loved By You” have crossed over the blogosphere time and time again, entrancing listeners on a daily basis for the past couple of years.

Today, we’re bringing you a fresh take on one of the aforementioned smash hits, showcasing a different side of “Loved By You.” Coming off their Legendary Remixed EP, this tune has been flipped by Norweigan-based Coucheron, who joins Lenno and Lincoln Jesser on a short list of talented remixers. Fans of the original will be drawn into the tune by way of memorable lyrics, which are artfully sampled and treated. Coupled with those irresistible words are some playful guitars and a luscious bassline worthy of a pair of sunglasses, your favorite tank top, and a fruity cocktail.

You can find this tune for sale this Friday, and you can find POWERS on tour with X Ambassadors starting next week. We strongly recommend marking your calendars for both.

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The Chill Dojo #172

chill dojo

We may be 172 editions strong, but The Chill Dojo has yet to be graced with any doo-wop style jams to add to its ranks. Well that ends this week as LA based singer Clans open our minds to the forgotten art with his killer ‘Alibi’. Amidst all the craze of discovering new sounds and genres, sometimes we forget just how good the classics can be when they’re done right. If this track is any indication, these fresh vibes are more than welcome to be welcomed back to the modern era. On the other hand, it’s hard to deny the creative diversity that is on display from forward-thinking producers who are pushing the boundaries with their consistent innovation. LUCA LUSH is just one of those championing the cause, and his latest rework of ‘Hands to Myself’ explores that versatility that defines the contemporary artist. What opens with a mellow beat and deep vocal edit gradually develops into something so much more, journeying through chilly atmosphere and reaching an incredible sax solo that truly brings home the power of this piece.

Where the potency of Just A Gent’s ‘Heavy As A Heartbreak’ could simply be attributed to its bass-driven drops, Syntact proves that there is so much more for the original to offer through a retrained remix that heroes the vocal and melodic components. Who knew funk-filled piano riffs could hit just as hard and yet feel so light all at the same time? Mazde echoes that same sentiment around the power of melody with an experimental release ‘Bandland’, inspired by the wonderful world of Rayman. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to amplify the beauty of this one and make that childhood universe so vivid in our minds.

Not a week goes by where we’re not surprised by the creativity that is out there. There’s plenty more to discover here too. Peace out.

’Clans – Alibi’
’Just A Gent – Heavy As A Heartbreak Ft. LANKS (Syntact Remix)’
’Mazde – Bandland’
’StarRo – Milk’
’S H I N D I G – Rabbit Onesie’
’R.O.M – girlfriend?’
’Opia – Falling (Wheathin Redo)’
’Aire Atlantica – April’
’Koyö – Here For You’
’KLOE – Teenage Craze (Sachi Remix)’
’The Code – Mood (Find You)’
’Annabel Jones – IOU (AObeats Remix)’
’Goldwash – Need To Hear’
’GARREN – 17 Weeks’
’Paperwhite – Unstoppable (Mogul Remix)’
’Autograf – Slow Burn’
’Basenji – Chroma’
’Jamie Prado – African Sun’
’Deadmau5 – 4ware 01’
’Mazde – Pitch Black ft. LissA (Piecey Remix)’
’EFIX & Kokenn – Louise ( Feat Edgar )’
’Lane 8 – Klara (Theo Kottis Remix)’
’Kiiara – Feels (Jai Wolf Remix)’
’Povi – Park Hill feat. ILoveMakonnen (prod. by Christian Rich)’
’Yuma X – You Said’
’AK, Brenton Mattheus & Laura Brehm – Falling’
’DJ Mustard Ft. Travi$ Scott – Whole Lotta Lovin’ (Djemba Djemba Remix)’
’Fossa Beats – Mirrors (feat. Maesu)’
’Yung Death Ray – Budapest’
’Slushii – Some More’
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