[Future] Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (LUCA LUSH & Dirty Chocolate Remix)

Rich Boy
Throw Some D's (LUCA LUSH & Dirty Chocolate Remix)

alaya issue 2 is here and two of the bigger names associated with the rapidly growing label banded together to totally reshape the classic (Let’s be honest here) “Throw Some D’s” by Rich Boy. LUCA LUSH and Dirty Chocolate pitched down the original vocals and proceed to flesh out their huge remix with hint of vocoder, video game style synths, and bass so big that it might just break your car if you bump it hard enough. These two have no shortage of jams, and seeing them put together something as big as this has us hoping they’ll be working on a project together soon. This is just a taste of what the second alaya compilation has to offer, so check out the rest of the stellar tunes and grab your copy of the whole thing here!

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[Electronic] What So Not – Gemini (feat. George Maple)

What So Not
Gemini Ft. George Maple

Although Flume and Emoh Instead have parted ways as What So Not, their long-anticipated collaborative EP is still on schedule for release and Emoh plans to continue the project, both through shows and new music, under the same name. Today, we finally get the first single, and title track, from their Gemini EP featuring fellow Australian and immensely talented songstress George Maple. In a recent interview with Dancing Astronaut, Emoh Instead suggested that the creative direction on the EP would feature a departure from early What So Not. While “Gemini” certainly fits that description, What So Not’s core elements remain in-tact but with a more chilled-out, atmospheric approach. Maple’s flawless vocals add a unique depth that leads into a minimal synth drop cultivating something that would make for an emotional moment during a live set. Get lost in this intriguing joint above and make sure to catch What So Not live either solo or at your local major music festival–tour dates here.

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[Electronic] JAHKOY – Let It Be

JAHKOY Let it be
Let It Be

When sifting through SoundCloud to find new music, the best moment is to find a song that you can’t pinpoint a specific genre to because it is so creative. My latest discovery was JAHKOY. The Canadian jack-of-all-trades produces, sings, and song-writes tracks that combine influences from pop, dance, and even hip-hop.

His latest single to hit the Internet, “Let It Be,” is a true demonstration of this young producer’s artistic abilities. JAHKOY‘s slick bass quivers and shimmering synth melodies provide the perfect stage for his voice to shine above the rest. His lyrics are brisk like a hip-hop rhyme master while at the same time as catch as a pop singer. Overall, JAHKOY is an impressive talent to recently surface in music and definitely deserves the “follow” on Soundcloud because it seems like he is just getting started.

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[Future House] Mr. Belt & Wezol – Finally (Original Mix)

Mr. Belt & Wezol - Finally
Mr. Belt & Wezol
Finally (Original Mix) [Available April 6]

With hump day behind us, it’s time to get excited and get your weekend playlist updated and ready for the weekend. While our Friday Party Playlist is perfect for turning up, curating the perfect pregame playlist is always an uphill battle because you need to find that perfect balance of tracks that don’t overwhelm while everyone is still trying to get their night going. Mr. Belt & Wezol have a solid addition to that very instant with their latest original, “Finally.”

Injecting new life into CeCe Peniston’s 90s jam that everyone knows the words to, the Dutch duo come in hot with a string of bright melodies right before they drop fans into a groove-saturated section of future house wobbles. The combination of irresistibly catchy vocals and a bouncing bassline line are too good for anyone not to love.

“Finally” will be out via Spinnin’ Deep on Monday, April 6th, but stream the track above until then. As always ninjas, please dance irresponsibly.

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[Electronic] Loston & Ta-Ku – No Reason

No reason
Loston & Ta-ku
No Reason

Known for creating some of the best remixes on the planet, Loston and Ta-Ku have hooked up for a brand new original called “No Reason.” Utilizing a vocal sample of Foxes‘ “Count The Saint,” the two beat maestros manage to craft an entirely immersive experience. Powered by sweeping melodies and dynamic percussion, the feels are strong in this tear jerker, so chances are you’re going to want a box of tissues nearby. Both Australians do an impressive job of blending their styles together, meaning there’s “No Reason” not to keep this as a mainstay in our rotation, despite all the tugging it does on our heart strings.

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[Electropop] machineheart – snøw (Myles Travitz Remix)

machineheart - snow (Myles Travitz Remix)
snøw (Myles Travitz Remix)

Some say music cures the soul, and this track perfectly exemplifies that. Put down whatever you’re doing, and listen to this wonderful tune. We guarantee it’ll brighten your day. Listen as the talented producer from North Carolina, Myles Travitz, put his spin on the hit track “Snow” by LA-based pop group Machineheart. Transforming the beautifully crafted original into a heavier hitting electronic indie pop goodness, Myles Travitz created this incredibly catchy tune you simply can’t get enough of. The crisp vocals fuel the emotionally-driven tune and the bold synth takes the uplifting vibe to a whole ‘nother level.

Make sure to grab a free download here. With numerous remixes in his repertoire, Myles Travitz is somebody you wouldn’t want to miss out on. We are excited to see what else he has to offer.

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[NEW] Baauer – Promises (feat. Fetty Wap & Dubbel Dutch)

Promises (feat. Fetty Wap & Dubbel Dutch) #songsfromscratch

The Songs from Scratch series, a joint effort between Yours Truly and Adidas, has continually delivered the most memorable and delightfully unexpected collaborations in music outdoing themselves with each installment. Fresh off ninja favorite “Dimelo,” the latest offering brings together Fetty Wap, the emcee behind viral hit “Trap Queen,” and pioneering electronic trap producers Baauer and Dubbel Dutch for yet another anthem with “Promises.” Combining playful melodies with hard-hitting 808s and a horn-driven breakdown, the production couldn’t match Fetty Wap’s cadence any better as he promises his friends and family that he’s going to succeed. The result is downright addicting and makes for the perfect reflection of current trends all the while being unique, varied and musically impressive. Enjoy and grab a free download above–you can read more about the process behind the track here.

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