[Future Funk] GRiZ – Summer ’97 (feat. Muzzy Bearr)

Summer '97 ft. Muzzy Bearr

When GRiZ blew our minds at Mezzanine a couple months back, he was at one point joined by All Good Records label mate Muzzy Bearr on the guitar adding an awesome solo to the already enormous set. Just a couple hours ago, GRiZ dropped an absolute gem of a freebie featuring Muzzy Bearr, who put out a stellar debut album a couple months back.

“Summer ’97,” as its name suggests, has been architected specifically for sunny cookouts, block parties and days at the beach. After introducing a backbone of a groovy piano chord progression, fitting vocal sample and signature All Good future funk percussion, the summer tune showcases Muzzy’s skills on the guitar as he solos over the sublime backdrop. Following that guitar solo, GRiZ steps in on the sax offering a jam of his own making for an awesome back and forth between the two talented artists.

Enjoy above and grab a free download–this one’s an absolute must for your summer playlist.

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[Club/Deep-House] The Shapeshifters – The Chase ft. Kisch

The Shapeshifters
feat Kisch

It’s been a few years since we had the pleasure of featuring former chart-topping (see: 2004’s “Lola’s Theme”) house music veterans The Shapeshifters, so when we caught wind of their latest original single, “The Chase”, it felt like high-time to bring them back to the hallowed grounds of TMN. “The Chase” jumps out of the gate behind a smattering of pounding drums, a hypnotic bassline, and some seductive vocal chops before giving way to a soaring complete vocal from Kisch and a gigantic, bouncy topline that pulls the tune straight into club-house paradise. The London  are gearing up for their ninth consecutive year at Pacha Ibiza along with a run at Space Ibiza’s Glitterbox  alongside Fatboy Slim and Tensnake, and you can be sure “The Chase” will be worming its way all over the island in the coming months; while also signaling the duo’s place near the top of house music royalty.

“The Chase” sees official release on July 10th exclusively through Traxsource, but until then, listen above from your friends at The Music Ninja.

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[Electronic] Chimes – Pieces


There are few moments more satisfying than discovering a new artist or collaboration. Today, we have an exciting EDM group out of London who goes by the moniker of Chimes.

Chimes, a new partnership between British producer Draper and vocalist Paul Aiden, is the latest summer project sure to garner widespread acclaim by EDM fans. Their newest single, “Pieces” is unrelenting excitement in the form of sound.

Waves of percussions and synths set over sultry verses are a few of the ingredients that go into giving this tune an infectious quality. The phrase “song of the summer” is a timeworn cliche, often overstated and inapplicable to the song it references. With that being said, “Pieces” has the potential to become a crowd favorite if it is added to the rotation of other touring producers as festival season continues to gain momentum.

Check out “Pieces” above, and keep an eye out for what else they have in store for the music community on Soundcloud.

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[Downtempo] Beshken – Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)

Beshken - Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)
Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)

Following “Right Time”, Beshken comes out with yet another fresh original that’ll get you vibing. “Know You Well” is the result of his collaboration with singer Mothica and rapper Mayo. The LA producer fuses his signature chill sound with Mothica’s smooth vocals to bring out the downtempo vibe of the track. Mayo’s verse also serves its purpose to perfectly complement the addicting beat. Whether you’re working for a late night grind, or cruising down the freeway on a Friday night, this tune will be your best company.

Released under Next Wave Records, “Know You Well” showcases Beshken’s talent as a producer. As these originals keep getting better and better, we simply can’t wait to see what the young producer has to offer.

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[Funk/Disco] Midas Hutch – 100%

Midas Hutch

While an unfortunate majority of the music industry’s ebb and flow is governed by strict genre guidelines, and what’s ‘hot’ at the moment; certain artists eschew a majority of outside media stimuli when formulating their sonic concept, thus making whatever they are doing a true expression of said artist’s self. And it’s those artists from which many of us find our true inspiration. Midas Hutch -who based off a brief catalog including the TMN-premiered “Try Me” is without a doubt one of those aforementioned artists- cleverly plays on a keen sense of nostalgia with his latest single, “100%”, while delivering a sound that plays equal parts heartwarming revival and contemporary freshness. A cover of Caprice’s 1985 single of the same name, Midas Hutch lays down a rolling set of electric guitar licks on top of what sounds like a gaggle of Roland 909 drum machines and some tasteful piano for a refreshing taste of the young producer. Furthermore, we haven’t heard a vocoder so seductively utilized like that since Zapp & Roger’s timeless “I Want To Be Your Man”, and if it gives you the pelvic thrusts too well… we’re not responsible.
We’ve heard rumblings of Midas Hutch’s first slate of originals being released later this Summer, and you can be sure we’ll keep you Ninjas in the loop, but until then; stream “100%” above and check out the retro visuals below.

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Emancipator – Afterglow (Little People Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Afterglow (Little People Remix)

As we continue our month-long highlight on Little People, we’ve come to what we’ve been anxious about since we first landed him as our Resident Artist. That’s right, we’re simply beaming to bring you an exclusive first listen to his contribution to Emancipator’s Dusk To Dawn Remix LP. That LP name may already ring a bell for you, as we just posted Odesza’s interpretation of “Eve II” last week. Today though, it’s all about this take of the sublimely rich and textural “Afterglow.”

Once again focused around a break beat backbone, Little People walks us into a layered and luscious downtempo remix. With alternating chimes, bells, and clicking hands of a clock, we’re submerged into an enveloping soundscape which is all too easy to get helplessly and blissfully lost within.

Dusk To Dawn Remixes is out via Emancipator’s own Loci Records on July 8th. Aside from our main man Little People, you can also find 10 more new interpretations, including one from the virtually unknown NKLA, who was hand-picked in Emancipator’s contest last month.

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[TMN PREMIERE] Jasmine Thompson – Adore (Addal Remix)

Jasmine Thompson
Adore (Addal Remix)

London-based singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson has been making moves in the electronic scene lately. After first gaining notoriety on YouTube and being featured on hit tracks from some of EDM’s largest names, she signed with Atlantic Records and subsequently released “Adore,” her first solo original release. It’s an electro-pop love ballad backed by an addicting folky guitar loop–a strong debut from a promising young artist.

Today, we’ve got the premiere of an absolutely gorgeous remix from mysterious Italian producer Addal, who’s been churning out beautiful electronic compositions on his/her Soundcloud for over a year now. Some times a remix doesn’t need to do much to add a whole lot to the original and such is the case with Addal’s take on Thompson’s “Adore.” Addal builds an atmospheric aura and creates a deep house groove before playing on the original’s infectious guitar melody to match Thompson’s ethereal, emotional crooning. Addal’s Soundcloud profile description truly captures the essence of this rendition–“It’s the pure essence of love turned into music.”

Also, check out the original and its gorgeously-shot visuals below. You can find a few other remixes of “Adore” on Thompson’s Soundcloud page and grab a copy of the single over at iTunes here.

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