[Synth Pop] Ben Khan – Youth

Ben Kahn by Pip for All On Red Management
Ben Khan

Ben Khan once again demonstrates the hype surrounding his unique blend of nocturnal soul is entirely justified. Proving his sound can evolve whilst still maintaining its own distinct identity, ‘Youth’ marks a noticeable progression in the young British artist’s already forward-thinking songwriting. At once innovative and accessible, the forthcoming ’1992′ EP looks set to provide Ben Khan with a platform to step out of the shadows and cement his status as one of the most exciting new talents around.

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[TMN Premiere] Ghost Twins – Yellow & Green

Ghost Twins
Yellow & Green

Electronic duo Ghost Twins are gearing up to drop their debut album Never Fear Total Failure next week, and TMN has the pleasure of premiering the latest track off the album “Yellow & Green.” Don’t worry, these aren’t the creepy, killer ghost twins from The Shining, but rather two up-and-coming lads from across the pond.

Formerly known as Crushing Blows, spouting guitar-driven, indie rock tunes, Ghost Twins have moved into a digitized world of synth and electronica. The echoing vocals and ghoulish waves of synth that engulf Ghost Twin’s post-industrial “Yellow & Green” leave you with a haunting, floating feeling of mystic bliss.

Never Fear Total Failure will be available to download on Ghost Twins’ Bandcamp next Tuesday, March 25, with a vinyl release on April 14.

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[TMN Resident Artist] Drake ft. James Fauntleroy – Girls Love Beyonce (YOGI Refix)

Drake ft James Fauntleroy
Girls Love Beyonce (YOGI Refix)

When I reached out to the YOGI boys for the exclusive content portion of the month, I was over the moon when they sent me their unreleased refix (as they call it) of Drake’s ‘Girls Love Beyonce’. And can I just say, did they make quite the fix to this already pulsating song. In their interview last week, the guys told me that one thing to making a good remix is making it sound nothing like the original and to put an artist’s own sound and feel into the song. Needless to say, that is exactly what they did. Adding their own unique sound and feel, YOGI added a mix of deep electronic beats combined with their own blend of Drake’s vocals to add an addicting element to this song. Not only do girls love Beyonce, but girls and boys will definitely be loving YOGI after listening to this deep, seductive, and creative refix.

Side note, the boys ‘Burial’ featuring Pusha T is now available to buy worldwide and pre-order in the UK.

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[Synth-Pop] Bestfriends – The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel

Chicago’s Bestfriends may have released this buzzy-addictive piece of dance-pop a few weeks back, but as their forthcoming EP Refine inches closer to release we realized we hadn’t yet published their single “The Way I Feel” and had done a disservice to you Ninjas in the process. From the onset we were reeled in as a towering synthesizer emanates a contorted sea of arpeggiated keys which act as the tune’s fishing pole, while the simple and hooky seven line chorus is in turn the bait for which us fortuitous listeners are able to sink our teeth into. At first listen, it may seem a bit frenetic in structure, but “The Way I Feel” carries more than enough poppy sensibility to attract droves of plays from all walks of sonic backgrounds. We dare you to try and not scoot a little to this one. Stream Bestfriends’ “The Way I Feel” above.

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Stafford Brothers and CID – SomethingBig 58 + $500 Prize Pack Giveaway!

#058: TheMusicNinja.com presents #SomethingBIG
Stafford Brothers & CID

We’d be stoked enough to bring you an exclusive look at the latest episode of the Stafford Brother’s weekly show, Something Big, especially after having already premiered an episode last year. This time around though, this Gold Coast based brotherly duo have coupled in a massive giveaway, providing fans with the chance to win a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones and a membership to the Stafford Brothers very own online DJ Master Course, valued at $500!

So, before you hit that play button and enjoy those fifteen monster tracks brought to you from Stafford Brothers and CID, make sure you enter for your chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email on the day after the contest ends.

Disclaimer: The prize pack of SOL Headphones and the DJ Master Course is valued at $500. It is not a cash offer, nor can you choose a cash offer instead. :)

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[Deep House] Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch lj – Monsoon (Rashid Ajami Remix)

Pete Tha Zouk - Monsoon (Rashid Ajami Remix)
Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch lj
Monsoon (Rashid Ajami Remix)

The day after St. Patrick’s Day – or as I like to call it St. “Drink All Day” – is always going to be a fuzzy night we almost never remember. However, the hangover that follows the next day is just enough to remind you of the consequences of drinking one too many Irish Car Bombs. Well, you’re in luck because we have the perfect tune from Rashid Ajami to remedy your pounding head.

Ajami takes us one level deeper with his rendition of Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch Ij’s track, “Monsoon.  As soon as it starts, you immediately transcend into a trance-like state of mind that only intensifies as the layers become heavier and the synths become creamier. The melancholic melodies resonate a certain level of depth and darkness in which you are thrown into an involuntary state of introspection. Ajami transforms this song into an enchanting, exotic, and elegant form of art. Not only does this deep house track have a tropical vibe going on, but the accompanied video is equally as enticing. Watch as the colors blend with the beautiful beats and let your mind cure itself of that gnarly hangover.

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[Chill/Pop] Roosevelt – Small Hours (John Martyn Cover)

Small Hours

Cologne upstart Roosevelt has been a blip on our ambitious radar for over a year, notably behind this writer’s favorite EP of 2013 Elliot, but today he’s peeled back yet another layer of production prowess, offering a smooth cover of John Martyn’s 1977 classic “Small Hours” which begs the attention of an entire blogosphere. Roosevelt cuts the original running time down significantly, routing his cover with a syrupy sweet downtempo melody and a focus on perhaps one of the most beautiful chorus line we’ve consumed in eons. “Keep on Lovin’ while your love is strong/Keep on lovin’ til your love is gone…away” may be simplistic on paper, but such a highly emotive vocal sang by Roosevelt stirred our pot in the perfect direction and adds an entire new dimension of depth to the ambient original. “Small Hours” is being pushed as a single on Joe Goddard’s tastemaking imprint Greco-Roman, and judging by the fact that we adore most anything from their camp, we were plenty excited that they were the genius music minds behind its release. So stream Roosevelt’s cover of “Small Hours” above, slink back somewhere comfy and let this absolutely gorgeous tune point you in the right direction.

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