[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist (Vol 97)


A lot of you are out in Miami this week for Ultra and WMC, so you won’t really need a playlist, seeing as how you’ll be fully engrossed in live, dance-inducing beats. However, for those of us who didn’t have the dough to throw down on a South Beach vacation, we have a tasty selection of tracks to carry you through your weekend festivities.

Hopefully you’re seeing some warmer weather in your neck of the woods, because this week’s #CFPP would be great to play with the windows down.


Dr. Dre
Forgot About Dre (The Golden Pony Remix)
Slippin Into Darkness (GRiZ Remix Ft. Jessica Breanne)
Poetic Horns (Kendrick Lamar X ELOQ)
Slynk vs Soundboy Tom vs Notorious BIG
The Funk
Atmosphere (Instant Party! Festival Remix)
Vinnie Maniscalco
Too Short
Weird Science (Psymbionic & Wolf
Thong Song (Tall Boys Twerk Remix)
Marian Hill
One Time (Imanos Remix)
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[Fresh] J Lo – Sweet Spot (Mutrix Remix)

J. Lo
Sweet Spot (Mutrix Remix)

We know we’ve been talking about summer incessantly, constantly drawing on associations of pool parties, flip flops and Ray Bans. Hopefully you’re not too sick of it yet, because we’re going to continue with that theme as we bring you Mutrix’s most recent remix.

Hailing from the City of Angels, this often bass heavy producer has offered up a glitchy remix of J Lo’s “Sweet Spot”. With choppy, interspersed vocal samples, a smooth engrossing bassline and some gritty electro-style synths, this tune begs to be played at your next pool or beach party. However, seeing as how it’s only March, your shower might have to suffice for now. On a side note, we fully encourage you to bring a beer with you, because shower + beer + beats = amazing.

Have fun in there, ninjas.

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[TMN Interview] ODESZA // the boys talk about their pretty music and why it sits well with so many

Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)

The boys of Odesza came into Denver to play two sold out shows. I got to sit down with them before their second show and got to know the two a bit better and how they came to be such a driving new name in the music industry.

TMN: Tonight I have the pleasure of interviewing the duo ODESZA who have returned to the Mile High City for two sold-out show nights. Harrison, Clayton, welcome back and thanks for taking the time to sit down with TMN.

TMN: So, let’s kind of rewind a bit here. Can you boys tell me about your musical backgrounds? Did either of you come from musical households or did either of you participate in any music related activities as kids?

Clayton: My dad was a trained classical pianist so he was playing all the time. So then I started studying classical piano for about eight years and then some jazz. But then I went to college and kind of stopped playing and got more into recording guitar stuff. From recording to the software kind of led me into the production area which led me into getting into dance music and just producing in general.

Harrison: I started, well I basically heard the Gorillaz senior year of high school and I started getting into hip-hop because I heard Del rapping on that song.

TMN: You totally look like a hip-hop guy.

Harrison: (Laughs) Really? (Points at his button up shirt) With this? So, I got really into 90’s hip-hop and I was really into movie scores and hip-hop and everything in-bewteen. I would mess with pianos I got from Goodwill and stuff like that, and then messing around with sampling and started using Reason and then two years in, I met Clay and we started jamming.

TMN: Both of you graduated a few years back from Western Washington University correct? What were your actual degrees in?

Harrison: I was a New Media Design major which is graphic design across different mediums like web aps to websites themselves and motion graphics things like that.

Clayton: I studied physics.

TMN: Ok, I like that, a little jump from physics to music.

Clayton: (Laughs) Oh yeah, a bit of a jump, both a bit mathematical.

TMN: So then, can you tell me when you both kind of had you’re a-ha moment of I want to produce music and make melodies. I mean, usually it’s not a the music gods woke me up one morning and said you are destined to make sick beats but, maybe something along those lines?

Harrison: I think when I was doing design stuff and I would show someone it they would be like “Oh, that’s cool” but that is as far as it would ever go, it didn’t like change anything. But when I made a song and people listening to it were like, “Wow, this is really cool” and you were directly affecting them, like, you have more of an impact on other people. So when I put out my album and had people reach out to me, that was my ah-ha moment, realized that was my thing.

Clayton: I don’t know when that really happened for me. Music has always been a hobby, I never really took it serious until recently. The moment that it got serious was our first show, I had always been making music but had never performed, like I had done piano recitals in high school and shit but nothing like that. To go do a show where people come out for your music was the realization that this could be something real.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 3/27


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

- Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
- Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

That’s it! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Head to Beta and see for yourself.

Heartbeat - March 27th
Giuseppe Ottaviani
I Am Your Shadow (Heatbeat Remix)

AC Slater - March 28th
Dope In My Sock (AC Slater Remix)

Gabriel and Dresden - March 29th
Bye Bye Macadam (Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg)
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[Nu-Disco] Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Juno Ray Club Mix)

Juno Ray
Under Pressure (Juno Ray Club Mix)

Some tunes, while immensely classic in nature and cultural significance, just somehow seem to benefit from a glossy injection of Nu-Disco into its system. Now obviously we’re not throwing the umbrella over every song or declaring that they should made into a disco/club edit, that would be silly, but the way South Korean electronic producer Juno Ray pumps new life into Queen & David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” got us out of bed on the right foot this morning. A powerful lead synth which modulates as if it were pulled right out of a 1980′s MOOG Prodigy kicks Juno Ray’s remix into full gear and unsurprisingly Freddie Mercury and Bowie’s iconic, but versatile vocals fold themselves seamlessly into the four-four fueled groove. With the weather stateside beginning to roll back into sunshine and chirpy sparrows making their welcome appearance once again, we’re reviving our thirst for all things Nu-Disco, and with Winter Music Conference in full swing, we can already envision the gorgeous rooftops Juno Ray’s remix may make it to. Grab the free download above.

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[Chill/Indie/Electronic] Jamie xx – Sleep Sound

Jamie xx
Sleep Sound

Jamie xx, producer and one-third of British breakout band The xx, has streamed his first new single in over three years.

While The xx are currently in the middle of an intimate New York residency, Jamie xx found the time to release his slumberous new production “Sleep Sound.” The track will be featured as part of a 12”, double A-side single G.I.R.L./Sleep Sound.

On “Sleep Sound,” Jamie xx continues to use his production power of taking minimal, softened beats and turning them into massive, room-filling creations. A dreamy, slumber-inducing track, “Sleep Sound” is an accurately named electronic lullaby filled with chilled-out synthscapes and oscillating beats.

G.I.R.L./Sleep Sound is out May 5 via Young Turks.

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[Indie] Still Parade – Fields

Still Parade

Berlin-based songwriter and producer Niklas Kramer, known as Still Parade, has had a slow start with the release of his four-track EP “Fields.” Initially completed in 2013, tracks from the EP have been kept under the radar…until now. The premier of lead track Fields has left us in love with Still Parade.

There can honestly never be enough relaxing tracks like Fields in the world. This has such a feel-good melody that you can just get lost in. Fields doesn’t just have your typical indie-folk sound, though; there are bursts of electronic beats that are placed between the chilling instrumentals that make this track so amazing. These etherial electro-indie sounds are matched by the soft vocals of Niklas Kramer, creating a calm and dreamy tune that anyone with a love for indie could listen to for hours. Yes, hours.

The only negative about “Fields” is that you’re gonna have to wait until May 6th to stream and download the entire EP. But for now, ninjas, enjoy this track and get excited for what’s to come from Still Parade.

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