[R&B/Pop] AU8UST – Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down

You would never guess that AU8UST‘s single “Hold Me Down” was created in a DIY studio in a room at a Motel 6. This poppy R&B treat pays homage to AU8UST’s travels around the world before coming back to his birthplace in Los Angeles.

Not only has AU8UST traveled the world, but he travels through different sounds, bringing together genres with a fluidity that some artists just don’t have. “Hold Me Down” is evidence of his smooth nature, not only mixing pop and R&B, but bringing in heavy influences from electronic music. AU8UST is back in full swing and 2018 should be a magnificent year for this creative talent.

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[Electronic] EMBRZ – Doubt House

Doubt House

There’s no doubt that “Doubt House” by EMBRZ is a great song. Out on digital stores now, this original single sees the Irish producer progress to new heights with his sound.

We wouldn’t judge you for thinking this was going to be a house song, we thought the same thing, but EMBRZ brings us into his signature sound, something he’s been developing since he first released music a few years ago. Since then he’s been gaining quite some speed with incredible records just like “Doubt House.” EMBRZ takes another step in the right direction with his latest and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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[Electronic/Pop] NVDES – D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing) ft. REMMI

D.Y.T (Do Your Thing) feat. REMMI

Featured several times here on The Music Ninja, music collective NVDES has returned to share a new single with us. Their new song D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing) is an energetic banger featuring the vocals of the talented REMMI. The new track is driven by a thumping bass line, while accented by a minimalist electronic riff and REMMI’s seductive vocals. If you’ve had the pleasure of catching NVDES in person (check our live review), you may have heard this track before, accompanied by a joke about frontman Josh Ocean’s love for the Hyundai Elantra. This high energy tune was quite the crowd-pleaser and is certain to appear on NVDES’ upcoming tour with Pierce Fulton.

D.Y.T. is the lead single off of NVDES’ upcoming E.P. La Nvdité Vol. 2. Due on December 8th, Vol 2. is the 6-track successor to a highly acclaimed Vol. 1. You can get a sense of the character and creative spirit of this LA-based music collective in our interview with Ocean here. Check out NVDES upcoming tour dates (with Pierce Fulton) below, and catch a show if you can! Continue reading

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[Electronic] Shmuck the Loyal – Cough

Shmuck the Loyal

If you were searching the internet for something out of the ordinary, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. Shmuck the Loyal has come through with a dazzling original called “Cough” that will leave you intoxicated with its iconic sound.

“Cough” is an ethereal trap-infused original that brings a whole lot of attitude to the table. Its unconventional sound is what makes this such a dope record. It’s fire through and through with nasty basslines and impressive breaks that shake up any expectations you may have for bass music. Shmuck the Loyal did things right with this and is now on our list of artists to watch for 2018 in a big way.

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[Electronic] Night Tales – Move You

Night Tales
Move You

Majestic Casual has brought a hot new record through the pipeline from Night Tales. The Australian duo made up of the producer Third Floor and former Olympic Ayres frontman Kamaliza dropped their single “Move You” which is exactly what it is going to do.

“Move You” isn’t your typical electronic track. Night Tales take from several different genres, bringing in elements from house music and 80’s sounds for a timeless treat. It’s not something you’d expect to be hearing in the poppy landscape that has seemingly taken over the electronic world, but it’s a worthwhile break that stands out above the now crowded space of dance music. “Move You” is currently available for those looking to spice up their digital libraries today.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 271)

Let’s jump right into the weekend, shall we? It’s Friday, which means we get to let go of the week and focus on relaxing… or better yet, getting our party on! Each week we bring to you our favorite free downloads that we come across over the course of the dreaded week. This week we’re jumping on things with work from producers like Motoko, William Black, Modern Machines, IYFFE, Los XL, Choppa Dunks and more. We warm things up with some pre-game vibes, then heat up even further with a mix of genres (like Moombahton) and close things out by settling back down. The final conclusion comes to us from KRANE with his Diplo & Friends mix if you need to keep the party going all night long. From all the ninjas to you, Happy Friday!

’Waking Up The Dead (Motoko Rebirth)’
’William Black – I Wish ft. SKYLR’
’Modern Machines – HAZY ( feat. Saint Slumber )’
’IYFFE – Dance With Me’
’Khalid – Location (A&G Remix) (Olivia Escuyos Cover)’
’PAKKCITY – White Girls’
’Los XL – Mi Ritmo (Original Bass)’
’ETC! ETC! – Fyer (Teknicolor Flip)’
’Jinco – Havent said (feat. Jake Herring)’
’Choppa Dunks – Fight’
’Rosendale – Fairytale (Folded Dragons Remix)’
’Steve Void & Navarra – Perfect Mess (ft. Laurell)’
’KRANE Diplo & Friends Mix’
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Limbic Void – The Alternate Life EP [TMN Premiere]

Start Friday off right with an exclusive first listen here in the dojo. We’re premiering The Alternate Life EP by Limbic Void right here, right now. The four tracks project features collaborators Iben Bjørg Anton and Anne Lene Hägglund who spice up the EP with their vocal contributions.

The Alternate Life hearkens back to more classic sounds from electronic music. The Euro-inspired EP is a magnificent combination of these OG influences with new age sounds and textures. This mix of sounds – as well as styles – makes for a timeless treat that is an easy listen from start to finish. We were ready for this project after hearing the title track and Limbic Void didn’t disappoint.

’The Alternate Life (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)’
’Oh Jimmy (feat. Anne Lene Hägglund)’
’No Emergencies’
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