A$AP ROCKY – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye (1DAFUL Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye Artwork Bigger
Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye (1DAFUL 'G-house' Remix)

Are many of you still hungover from last nights shenanigans? We’re going to assume that’s a big, fat yes. So grab yourself another beer and listen closely because we have something that will instantly make you want to grab last nights club attire and hit the dance floor. Montreal producers, 1DAFUL, have been putting their name out on everyone’s radars and have been a long time favorite of our weekly Friday Party Playlists. Today we are absolutely stoked to premiere their latest remix of A$AP Rocky’s, “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye”, and let us tell you…it’s dirty. Taking on a new approach to things, 1DAFUL decided to give this classic song a G-House spin that’ll make you want to take a shower after listening to it. We guarantee you’ll want to keep the party going today, ninjas, so press play and let these grimy basslines and funky chords take your Sunday from being a couch potato to being a dancing machine.

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[Dance] The Prodigy – Nasty (Zinc Remix)

The Prodigy - Nasty (Zinc Remix)
The Prodigy
Nasty (Zinc Remix)

Feeling nasty? This big beat banger by The Prodigy is remixed by fellow British producer/DJ Zinc, and it’s as nasty as it gets. The heavy-hitting original is stripped down and dressed up with another drum and bass outfit, providing a more refined sound. Strings that outline the original bassline are incorporated into the tune, as well as a series of deep bass synths. The result is an epic UK bass goodness that keeps you on your feet, headbang like crazy, or better yet, dance ’til your body can’t move anymore.

Big ups to the veteran DJ Zinc for bringing back the sound that everyone loves, and holding it down for the British dance scene. We cannot wait to see what magic he pulls in the future.

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[Electronic] Koloto – Fox Tales (Set In Sand Remix)

Fox Tales (Set In Sand Remix)

Glitch music has such a wide scope of possibilities. Set In Sand schools us in this train of thought with his newest remix of an older Koloto tune, Fox Tales. The original thrives on its own glitch elements as well, but Set In Sand has emphasized the unpredictable shift of this facet of music, ascending to a level almost on par with the Glitch Mob and their respective side projects. While Glitch Mob has had massive success with a higher energy, Set In Sand showcases his strength with a calmer approach.

This remix is chilling, inspiring, erratic yet pleasing, and an enjoyable overall listen. It twists and turns constantly, but manages to create an air of comfort with each shift of its rhythm as well. While it was released during the later part of last year, Bad Panda Records just recently added this remix to their SoundCloud. It was a pleasant reminder, and certainly merits a revisit.

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[Chill] Lilt – Don’t Tell Me

Lilt (AUS)
Don't Tell Me

Whatever is in the water down in Australia, I want some of it, because more and more talent continues to bud from there. Lilt is the dual effort of songstress Louise Penman and Matt McLean, and they decided to break almost a year of silence on their SoundCloud with the ethereal Don’t Tell Me. They’ve cooked up a melting pot of BANKS, Little Dragon, and even a little Nine Inch Nails influence into their sound, which has carried over and developed nicely since their Swim EP. The confidence in the lyrics resonates throughout every element of the production as well, and these two know exactly how to complement their respective strengths. If you are a fan of Purity Ring, Lilt is will be right up your alley. They’ve graced us with a free download of Don’t Tell Me, so be sure to grab your copy and enjoy the vibes above.

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[Electronic] Portugal The Man – Purple Yellow Red And Blue (Cowp Remix)

Purple Yellow Red And Blue (Cowp Remix)

It’s Saturday afternoon and we’d imagine that most of you are either a) still sleeping, b) still drunk, or c) all of the above. As we sip on our hangover remedies with our headphones on our ears, we can’t help but dive head first into the never ending sea we like to call, Soundcloud. During this particular stumble, we came across a remix of Portugal The Man’s popular song, “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” by Boston producer, Cowp. This highly underrated artist has been on my radar (in particular) for months on end, and now I personally believe he just stepped up his production like never before.

At first listen, it’s almost impossible NOT to bump your head and throw in some ooh’s and aah’s from time to time because- hot damn- this remix is just what we needed to hear on a day like today. With a more futuristic, progressive approach, Cowp creates a fun dance anthem that incorporates many different genres underneath the electronic umbrella. Within this remix, we can identify elements of future bass, trap, indie dance, etc. that collectively give our ears an intended blend of auditory dissonance. From beginning to end, this remix progresses in a way that makes us “want to live in ecstasy”. All in all, Cowp just gave us a whole lot of YES and we’re just stoked to share this gem with all of you Saturday go-getters. So grab your free download and make sure to keep your eyes and ears on this upcoming producer.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 133)


Can you believe it’s already been 133 weeks of our weekly FPP?! Psssh, feels like the party has been going on for longer than that! This week we have a handful of tunes that will make you want to channel your inner Miley Cyrus. We had a hard time not twerking the afternoon away with this weeks selections in particular. So get dat ass up on the wall and shake what yo mama gave you.

As always, #danceirresponsibly.

Until next week, ninjas.

Marc Madness
Milk N Cookies
Monster (Stratus Remix)
Bounce That Booty
Dirt Monkey  
Bom Bom
What You Know (Crizzly Remix)
Instant Party! X Hype Turner
Olsen Twins (Original)
Olly James
Boyaka (Riot Ten Remix)
Bailo Beatz
Incredible (Trap Vip)
Havok Roth
The Don
Southern Hospitality (BRUNCH MONEY Remix)
Cameron Alan
Run It
Ariana Grande feat. The Weeknd
Love Me Harder (Jenaux Remix)
Bounce Chords (Koyote Edit) Dirty Palm // Deadmau5 // Ducksauce // Dillon Francis
Shaun Frank
Notorious B.I.G.
Can I Get Witcha (Ryan Farber Edition)
Kanye West
All Of The Lights (Prince Fox X Hotel Garuda Cover)
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[Electronic] Hopium – Dreamers (Kicks N Licks Remix)

Dreamers (Kicks N Licks Remix)

As we struggle to open our eyes and get out of bed on this slow, calm Friday morning, we can’t help but find some incentive to move from this comfort zone. Helping lift our sleepy spirits today are TMN natives, Kicks N Licks, and their swoon-worthy new remix of Hopium’s elusive, “Dreamers”. The producer duo approached this track in a much more heartfelt, forward-thinking way in which they completely transform the original into an uplifting, dramatic, and motivating new interpretation that will almost literally lift your soul and take you straight into the clouds.

Filled with heavenly (yet powerful) piano progressions, angelically reverberated vocals, enticing builds, and melodic drops of pure beauty, Kicks N Licks open our ears and our eyes in a much more inspiring way today. We suggest you grab your free download and keep this one on repeat because there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel like a dreamer today.

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