[Electronic] Sarajevski – Softlights feat. Erika

Softlights feat Erika

Need something soothing to ease your way into the weekend? “Softlights” will do just that for you. The single comes to us from the duo of brothers Sarajevski. Featuring Erika, this airy chiller is will whisk you away into the clouds, eliminating all the aches and pains from the week along the way.

“Softlights” starts subtly and comes into focus with Erika’s vocal which takes center stage for much of the song. For a good while it feels like a calming indie record, but things eventually move into the house realm once the kick drum comes into play. From there the energy starts to pick up but the vibe of the track still remains the same, a cool relaxing mood that no ill can penetrate. The brothers play with a variety of emotions in this one, even ones that can seem contradictory to each other. It’s a simple composition inspired by complex emotions.

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[Electronic] Moonlight Matters – Hallucinations feat. Black Atlass

Moonlight Matters

Sony Music’s Moonlight Matters has a saucy new single that your ears need to hear. “Hallucinations” is the track and it features Alex Fleming, aka Black Atlass. Together these acts have come up with something so silky smooth, it stands as the new archetype of the given adjective.

“Hallucinations” has that spacey, cosmic vibe that can often be associated with hallucinations. The groovy electronic composition is intimate and strong, reaching deep into the listener touching core emotions that not every song can reach. A strong vocal performance always helps a track and this single has that tenfold. You’ll be singing along in no time. “Hallucinations” is the first track of the year from MM, but it surely won’t be the last. Plenty more good music is on the way.

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[Multi-Genre] Pierce – Hijack / Set It Off


The newly formed Bassrush Records is off to an extremely great start. After around four months of releases, we have reached the release of two singles from the Los Angeles act Pierce. Available as a free download, these two singles will surely be at the top of your bass playlists in no time.

Although the songs are differing in genre, they both share a love of bass. “Hijack” will do exactly that; takeover your speakers and never let go. It’s gritty attitude and booming basses will leave you floored from headbanging or dancing too hard. Then comes “Set It Off” whose tone is much lighter than the A-track. However, just because the mood is lighter doesn’t mean the bass is as this midtempo tune is as heavy as the first. Moombahcore lovers will be grooving hard to this one and it’s throwback sound. Stream them both now and don’t forget to download them. Keep your dollars, these are on the house thanks to Bassrush.

’Pierce – Hijack’
’Pierce – Set It Off’
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[Electronic] WRLD x smle – Stranded (feat. Kiddo Al)

WRLD x smle
Stranded (feat. Kiddo AI)

In honor of their new tour together, WRLD and smle have put out a single alongside Kiddo AI through Heroic Recordings. “Stranded” is what the song and tour have been named. Both are not things to miss out on, so whether you’re looking to download the track for free or purchase tour tickets, both can be done while you stream the tune in the dojo.

We would be very surprised if you went to a show on the tour and didn’t hear the song the tour was named after. Regardless of their shared name, a song this could should not be skipped by either of the acts on tour. It’s good enough that if both played it, fans wouldn’t care. “Stranded” has that poppy, euphoric future sound categorized by a catchy vocal and riveting synth work. Each act’s styles fit well together and Kidd AI’s vocal performance takes this song to special heights. Like we said before, it’s available for free and make sure to check out the tour dates for stops in your area.

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[Future Electronic] Blu J feat. Matthew Chaim – Safe

Safe Ft. Matthew Chaim

Happy Spring Break, ninjas! This month we get to let loose, whether that means on the dance floor or in the comfort of our home. Over at TMN, we like to pair our time off with music we can do exactly just that to. Lucky for us–and you–we came across the perfect track for this.

Blu J’s brand new release featuring vocalist Matthew Chaim, “Safe” has “springtime” written all over it. The new single combines best of both worlds, comprising both chill, laid back vibes that open to a chorus designed with a sexy, party-starting beat. Simultaneously, Matthew Chaim sets the mood as his edgy voice complements the rhythm of “Safe,” while Blu J execute their superb production skills using Matthew’s voice for some tasteful vocal chops. The title is a mirror reflection of the song itself; it’s undeniably a safe bet of a pick for your Spring Break soundtrack.

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[Electronic] Savant – SURPRISE

Savant (Official)

We are more than pleased to tell you that Savant has returned. After a two year hiatus one of dance music’s most talented producers is back. It was a surprise to many, which is why the Norwegian has called his single “SURPRISE.” As straightforward as that is, the actual song is not.

“SURPRISE” can’t be pinned down to one genre; not because it blends styles together, but because it travels from one to the next to the next. At first we get what seems to be a jolly, upbeat house record, similar to something you may find from artists on Ultra and Spinnin, but things change and they change in a big way. With the second drop we dive straight into some cosmic dubstep that is completely unexpected (sorry for the spoiler). As if that wasn’t enough, Savant hits us with some fresh electro basslines that will get you grooving. After that, things come full circle and the track is complete. Get ready for this wild ride and make sure to grab a copy of the song off iTunes.

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[Electronic] Bring Me The Horizon – Drown (EMBRZ Remix)

Bring Me The Horizon X EMBRZ

Big things are just around the corner for the Irish songster EMBRZ. In the Spring once the weather has warmed up, EMBRZ will release his debut EP. In the meantime, we get to enjoy another smooth remix. “Drown” by Bring Me The Horizon is what got flipped this time around.

EMBRZ is one of those standout producers whose style, although familiar, is certainly distinguishable as unique. “Drown” went from being a hardened indie rock record to a heavenly electronic tune. What makes this an exceptionally interesting remix is that EMBRZ sampled multiple versions of the original, bringing in the best parts of each and adding in his own flair. When an artist picks out a song, usually they go with the flow and feel of the original, but it’s nice to see such a talented musician do a complete 180 and still manage to deliver something spectacular that is totally unexpected.

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