[Electronic] Daily Holla – Progress EP


When I first took a listen to the whole Progress EP I was taken aback. The atmospheric sounds and vibes of Daily Holla are simply irresistible and the album is a coherent listen. Daily Holla is the project of twenty-year-old music and film producer Harry Deadman. Born in Adelaide, Australia, and residing in the Gold Coast, Harry spends much of his time abroad collecting off-kilter samples to mix into his fresh brand of woozy chill-step.

With a foundation in velvety guitar licks and a knack for side-chain-heavy synthesis, the young producer allows his work behind the camera and with fellow musicians to add new aspects to his bedroom beats. I definitely am going to be keeping tabs on this artist. Stream “Progress” below and enjoy.

Empty Spaces (Feat. J Fitz)
Daily Holla
Greenland (Feat. Dom Symes)
North Tower
Daily Holla
Between Mediums
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[Funk] Goldwash – Malady


Goldwash is one of our favorite new artists. Born Gabe Acheson, Goldwash is a 21-year old composer, singer-songwriter, and producer out of Baltimore. A classical and jazz-trained pianist, Goldwash brings his own unique concoction of existential funk. Having already caught the eye of Jamz Supernova (“Malady” was premiered on BBCR1 on her show) and Roche Musique, Goldwash is poised to introduce his dynamic and cohesive sound to a worldwide audience in 2016. “Malady” is his second single of 2016.

Here’s a few words he had to say about the piece. “Lyrically, ‘Malady’ is about a mutually destructive relationship, about witnessing two friends make mistakes. Overall, I hope the song is the kind where you can happily sing along for a while before realizing that maybe something darker is going on.” This sonic treat is an incredible audible masterpiece. Please don’t sleep on the creator of “Existential Funk”. Enjoy!

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[Electronic Pop] SIVIK – Last Night

Last Night

SIVIK’s new song, “Last Night” is a testament to the Nashville-based artist’s incredible vocal skills and song writing abilities. We’ve seen this artist before with the hits off his last 5-track album, “Spring Collection.” (If you haven’t already, I recommend you check out the album’s big single, “High.”) The EP was absolutely stunning and extremely well received, so I was excited to see new material in the works.

“Last Night” is the first single from a new EP SIVIK is getting ready to release. It will be called, Winter Collection EP and it is set to come out later this month. Take a listen to the stream below and if you would like to support SIVIK consider downloading, “Last Night.” Enjoy!

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[Electronic] Moderat – Reminder


With sub-genres constantly rising and falling, the electronic music landscape sees a constant influx of producers with names exiting the limelight as quickly as they entered. The artists with true longevity are those who make themselves trend-resistant by displaying a musicianship above the rest. Berlin supergroup Moderat‘s debut and sophomore albums, which came out 6 and 3 years ago respectively, have aged phenomenally for exactly that reason. Right on time with that release schedule, the Berlin supergroup (ApparatModeselektor) officially announced their upcoming album III today along with the first single.

“Reminder” presents fans with a new evolution in the Moderat project without losing sight of the minimalist techno vibes that make their music so potent. The track leads with an entrancing percussive loop and the equally hypnotizing vocals of Apparat. Even as additional textures fill out the backdrop, the lyrics remain at the forefront–representing a new exploration for the trio. The emotional and personal nature of the songwriting, dealing with inner turmoil and finding change within oneself, adds a unique depth that crescendos into an eruption of sonic euphoria in the final minute. Vibe out to this one above. Moderat’s III is due out on April 1st via Mute/Monkeytown and is available for pre-order here.

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[House] Grey Area – Burning

Grey Area

As a writer for a popular music publication, just a week’s worth of press e-mails can leave your inbox inundated with enough music to spend weeks listening to. Which is why we’ve held a special place on Fridays for those rare slices of carefully crafted dance music for which we’ve personally mined the web for without any outside influence. The latest project to stop us dead in our tracks is the musical synthesis of M/F Denver duo Grey Area who have bubbled out of the ether to bestow upon us some of the most proper house cuts we’ve heard thus far in 2016. Mostly functioning as solo artists, genre-eschewing tastemaker MOSIS (whom our Ninja faithful may have come across more than once) and Denver via Detroit house slayer  DESI (who’s received artist support from house heavyweights MK, Dantiez Saunderson and Anabel Englund), have brought their respective proper house games to another level as a pair.

After already pumping out their first EP on Heart of House, Grey Area’s latest record, “Burning”, dives deep into a pool of classic house influence, but executes it with a slickly polished contemporary edge that has us proper house heads swooning. Shuffled hi-hats, a craftily swung bassline and filtered vocal nuance coalesce straight into an addictively crafted melodic hook; and we’ve not been able to shake “Burning” from our collective psyche since first consumption. It’s Friday though, so we advise you to turn this one up and let Grey Area do the talking themselves. Enjoy “Burning” above.

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[Show Preview] Emancipator Ensemble – Denver, Boulder, Aspen – 2/5 – 2/8


It may come as a surprise that after five years as a music blogger, I still have a concert bucket list. One of the perks of our passion-driven careers is the ability to catch a show, often at no charge, which leaves us with an endless possibility of live acts to witness. With choice come sacrifice, though, and one of those sacrifices has been the Emancipator Ensemble. That is, until now.

In less than a week, this Portland-based ambient artist will be bringing his down-tempo, luscious, and downright captivating sounds to three different locations in our home state. Showcasing his recently released Seven Seas , Doug Appling will be boasting a variety of string instruments, including guitar, banjo, and violin, played by Doug himself and collaborator Ilya Goldberg.

This is a dream come true for Mile High music lovers, seeing two worlds collide in a fusion of electronic and traditional. All three shows are nearing their capacity, so we highly recommend picking up tickets quickly. And, if you need a quick refresher of his latest work, simply look below, press play, and get yourself in the right frame of mind.

All In Here
Seven Seas feat. Madelyn Grant
Vision Quest
Land & Sea Feat. Molly Parti
Delta Trance
The Key
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[Deep-House] Bobby Nourmand – S M O K I N’ J O E (Radio Edit)

Bobby Nourmand
S M O K I N' J O E (Radio Edit)

The rapid evolution exhibited by burgeoning L.A. house producer Bobby Nourmand has been nothing short of mesmerizing. Over the course of a handful of releases, Nourmand’s entrenched his name firmly on the lips of both writers & critics and most importantly, other artists themselves through a steady stream of quality dance records. We first came across Nourmand’s first officially signed single back on uber-tastemaker The Magician’s 55th ‘Magic Tape’, when it was still floating around the webospheres with a simple “ID” tag, and we just had to find out what this mystery tune was. Luckily for us, The Magician shared the same sentiments and snapped up “S M O K I N’ J O E” for his Potion Records imprint, thus blessing our curious ears with one of the hottest deep-house gems we’ve heard in years. “S M O K I N’ J O E” remains rooted in what has become Nourmand’s signature, deep-club sound, but errs closer to melodic rhythm and structuring than we’ve previously heard in his sterling back catalog. Huge, pumping bass swells and effected synth swoops lay a perfectly dark atmosphere for “S M O K I N’ J O E” to unfurl on, gradually building with precise percussion and careful layering throughout its entire duration. And who can manage to get that hauntingly soulful vocal out of their heads after listening to this one either? With the kind of painstaking attention to detail displayed by Nourmand on his latest record, we’re salivating like on of Pavlov’s Terriers for the next step from the ascending beat maestro.

Bobby Nourmand’s latest original record has already amassed a who’s who list of artist support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Sander Van Doorn, Oliver Heldens, Afrojack, Bakermat, and Nora En Pure; and we’ve got our hands, and ears for that matter all over this one as well. Stream “S M O K I N’ J O E” above and shift into that Friday mindset a little early today.

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