[Chill] Oh Wonder – Technicolor Beat

Oh Wonder
Technicolour Beat

Since the release of Oh Wonder‘s first single back in September, it has been incredible to see their following grow with their monthly singles, and deservedly so. The UK-based duo have managed to strike the perfect chord between supreme vocal harmonies, expertly crafted piano and the optimal amount of electronic elements–their latest release is no different. “Technicolor Beat” stays minimal through out furthering their sound and musical narrative. True to it’s name, though, the layering on the song gives it a full, lush feel all the while keeping things beautifully mellow. With 6 months, and songs, out now, we’ve officially heard half of Oh Wonder’s debut album and we couldn’t be more excited to hear what the second half has in store. Enjoy this one above and look out for Oh Wonder’s next release on the first of April.

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[Electronic] Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)

Major Lazer & DJ Snake
Lean On (feat. MØ)

Major Lazer and DJ Snake aren’t names you’d generally associate with laid back vibes but they’ve both proven versatile in their ability to go the chilled-out route. Today, we get one of several anticipated collabs between the two with “Lean On,” featuring talented Swedish vocalist “Lean On” carries a smooth island feel matching MØ’s flawless voice, which exudes her perfected pop sensibility. The addicting chorus employs DJ Snake’s signature vocal manipulation but, rather than tear the roof off, it builds an infectiously uplifting groove. There’s some parallels to be found between the beauty of this track and “Get Free,” another gorgeous Major Lazer tune guided by a powerful female voice. Give this one a spin above–we can guarantee it’ll be in heavy rotation after one listen.

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[Indie Electronic] Coasts – Modern Love

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 6.38.35 PM
Modern Love

Coasts are back with a raucous follow up to their EP! “Modern Love” kicks down the door with window shattering synths, cutting vocals, and an unbeatable catchy rhythm that pulls together the best of alternative, pop and electronic elements into one clean cut package. Coasts are never short of energy in any of their releases, and “Modern Love” is here to bust things up and take no prisoners. It might just be impossible to not have a smile on your face when this tune is on. It’s simply a great time on every listen and is sure to brighten your day! Winter is slowly starting to go away, so greet the impending spring with Coasts’ newest big tune.

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Justin Jay Talks Dirtybird, Larry Levan, and Marriage Proposals [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

They Don't Know (Justin Jay Remix)

This month we had the chance to flex our tastemaking muscle by featuring one of the hottest exports in dance music, who has made a name at the tender age of 21 on one of the hottest labels in dance music. Of course, we are speaking of Justin Jay, and Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records cohorts. Last week, the deep and tech-house sparkplug gifted us with a TMN Resident Playlist, and this weekend, we got a chance to get a little more in depth in regards to all things Justin Jay. Check out the entire transcript below.

TMN: First of all, we wanted to thank you for taking the time to be our featured ‘Resident Artist of the Month’. We’ve actually been closely following your career arc since How Goes the Dynamite, which if we’re not mistaken was almost three years ago now, which is absurd to think that you’re only what, 21 years of age now?

JJ: Yeah it’s pretty crazy, man!

TMN: It’s hard to believe how rapidly developed and mature your sound has already become in a relatively short amount of time putting out tangible releases. Especially within a niche in which many American listeners wind up not actually discovering until the usual pit-stops through ‘EDM’, or festival sized dubstep and trap. From a personal standpoint, have you had any exact moments which you feel helped shaped the scope of your music production or steered you away from more commercial sounds?

JJ: Growing up in LA was really powerful because me and my friends were exposed to artists like MSTRKRFT and Justice back in 2007. We got into it then because it sounded new and exciting. That craving for freshness is huge.

TMN: Some of us Ninjas love to geek out about artist’s studios. What programs, machines, synths or anything else are taking up the most amount of your time currently as a producer? And what does your entire studio layout look like when laying down a new Justin Jay track?

JJ: I’m super bare bones. I have a midi keyboard and a laptop, which is all I really use. Although, I recently got a few old-school drum machines, which have been super fun to work with.
Continue reading

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Unfortunately, the weekend is over. Those glorious two days of freedom have come to a screetching halt, leaving us bewildered, exhausted, and less-than-enthused to stare Monday in the face again. Copious amounts of coffee and a sugary breakfast snack might be your usual go-to at times like these, but today, we have something much more effective for assuaging your Monday blues.

Coming off of the upcoming album (3/31), “TASTEY” showcases the high octane, infectious, and grin-inducing nature of producer/multi-instrumentalist LA+CH. This tune in particular boasts a spectacular culmination of club pleasing beats, pop-infused vocals, and live instrumentation. Most notably, the percussion perfectly accentuates the heavily treated, repeating guitar riff, creating something that brings back fond memories of jamming out to Justice back in the day.

Make sure you keep tabs on this up-and-coming talent by following him on Soundcloud, facebook, and twitter. This album is one you won’t want to miss.

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The Chill Dojo #121

chill dojo

We’re ensuring you kick off the week with a smile on your face thanks to some fresh young talent coming out of the UK. Ollygon’s chipper take on ‘Promise’ is bubbling with brightness and positivity, with an infectious groove to back up all its youthful enthusiasm. Loaded with generous helpings of recognizable pop culture samples, this track is far more than novelty though, that change-up displaying just how much musical expertise is at play here. With the mood set right now, it’s time to radiate more sunshine courtesy of a European triple-threat in Freddy Verano, De Hofnar, and MÖWE. With their powers combined, they’ve crafted a summer-ready chill house delight topped off with catchy vocals and a glorious piano melody. You can picture this one playing at your favorite outdoor venue while the drinks are flowing. In similar fashion, Dutch duo Larrykoek have brewed a special little acoustic number with plenty of kick. The refreshing cocktail of joyful melody and dance floor beat make for the perfect fuel to your next summer party. LA producer Matt DiMona continues our obsession with this week’s feel-good vibe as he adds a little deep house flare to the stunning LANY original. The beauty in this remix lies in how all the elements are designed to amplify the vocals, and the pace is treated with pure finesse all throughout.

The happiness flows much deeper than that for edition 121 though, and we guarantee your grin won’t fade until well after you’re done here. Peace out.

Promise (Ollygon Remix)
Freddy Verano & De Hofnar & Möwe
Crazy Love (Original Edit)
Premiere Fois (Edit)
Bad, Bad, Bad (Matt DiMona Remix)
Out Of Violence (Louis La Roche Remix)
Higher Love (Fred Falke Remix)
Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney
FourFiveSeconds (Afrojack Remix)
George FitzGerald
Full Circle (feat Boxed In)
Where The Light Is
Higher Love (ft. Tokyo Megaplex & Stel Leo)
San Holo
We Rise
Want My Love (TastyTreat X Black Monday Remix)
Geronimo (Matoma Remix)
Ben Briggs
real slow
way up
Dirty Chocolate
Memory Cards
ryan jacob
joseph letranger
b thoughts
holy rain
56°c in West Palm Beach
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[Dance/Chill] Great Good Fine OK – Too Much to Handle (Shook Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Great Good Fine Ok
Too Much To Handle (Shook Remix)

Last week we featured the first remix  for Brooklyn based indie-pop troupe Great Good Fine OK‘s latest single “Too Much To Handle” from the always stellar Penguin Prison. Following that outstanding take, is the second offering from GGFO’s official remix selections; this time coming from enigmatic electronic producer Shook. Shook instills an almost Balearic atmosphere on top of his revision, fusing recognizably glossy and warm dance backing onto ripely plucked instrumental stems from the original. Furthering this one into a space of melancholy yet buoyant bliss is Jon Sandler’s soothing falsetto; which sits like a melting pad of butter on a big ol’ stack of Shook’s musical hotcakes. Those hotcakes of course being blithe synth stabs and a carefully arranged percussive melody of course. We’re beyond happy to bring you Shook’s remix of “Too Much to Handle” before anyone else, so hop to it before the rest of the blogosphere gets their hands err… ears on this gem.

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