[Future Bass] Danny Olson x Becca Krueger – Waking Up

Cinematic producer Danny Olson is back with a new project that is quickly shaping up to be something truly special. With the release of “Waking Up” featuring Becca Krueger, Olson kicks off a concept project that came out of the tragic passing of his dad last year.

Released on Seeking Blue, “Waking Up” is a masterful expression of emotional fortitude. Even through times of deep sorrow, there are moments of positivity that can stem from a memory or simply out of nowhere. This brief relief is highlighted in epic fashion thanks to Becca’s astonishing performance and Danny’s monumental production. “Waking Up” comes with a heartfelt lyric video – and the promise of more music soon. So enjoy and make sure to keep up to date with the full Firelight project as it unravels this Summer.

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[Hip-Hop/Electronic] Besomorph – So Low (feat. Ryan Curtis)

The vastly talented Besomorph has graced us yet again with another alluring original. “So Low” features Ryan Curtis who’s stellar performance permeates the track with an intoxicating sensibility. Besomorph’s equally hypnotic instrumental further takes the listener down into the beautiful depths of emotion these two creatives have conjured.

To say this song is a vibe is a massive understatement. Despite coming in at just over 2 minutes in length, “So Low” packs a strong punch that sticks with you. Chances are, you’ll have this one on for much longer than its running time. We’ve surely had this on repeat and won’t be dropping this one from our playlists anytime soon.

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[Electronic] WODD – Easy To Love (ft. LIA)

WODD has been a producer with some incredibly unique sound design and musicality that has garnered a growing grassroots fanbase over the past few years. Hailing from France, the dubstep producer takes a step away from his headbanging roots for a (house? electro? bass?) song that is sure to get stuck in your head.

“Easy To Love” is a genre-bending hit featuring the beautiful voice of Montreal resident LIA. The introduction seduces you into its dream-like sound whose chill tone completely juxtaposes what’s to come. WODD takes you on quite the sonic adventure with this bombastic bass hit that you just have to experience for yourself.

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[Future Bass] Danny Olson x Highlnd – Not Letting Go (feat. Micah Martin)

Cinematic maestro Danny Olson teamed up with Highlnd and vocalist Micah Martin for the energizing “Not Letting Go” on Insomniac’s Lost In Dreams. As far as Summer songs go, this is a must have as it has just the right mixture of party vibes and emotional depth. You wanna drink and rage and be a party animal? This works. You want to just get in your feels by yourself in your headphones? This works too.

Danny Olson has established himself as a promising producer, but instead of his usual orchestral influence he and his collaborators hone in on rock n roll for a thrilling original. Micah delivers a great performance as usual while Danny Olson and Highlnd set a beautiful stage that feels like it could make some waves in radio. Even during the “drop” it still doesn’t feel too… well, EDM – so it works for everyone, raver or not.

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[Electronic] Sylvan Paul – Back To You

Sylvan Paul’s “Back To You” is a chilled out funky jam that everyone needs to hear. It’s four minutes of escape thanks to it’s easy listening mood and minimal vibe. It’s a little bit weird in all the right ways and it’s certainly a song you need for your playlists this Summer.

If you’re looking to just kick back and “vibe out” as the kids on TikTok say (do they even say that? Idk). Anyway, Sylvan delivers a memorable gem that blends genres for a listen that’s just as much fun as it is chill. You like chill rock? You like electronic? Cool. Give this a whirl and thank us later!

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[Electronic] Medii – What If This Is All Real LP

The LA meets London duo Medii has planted a major flag on 2022 with the release of their LP What If This Is All Real. The fourteen track project showcases the group’s dynamic talents with influences from electro pop to 80’s, to indie dance and beyond.

The synth-laden throwback vibes that oozes throughout this LP is one of its best qualities. It’s a glue that keeps this album feeling tight throughout. Another highlight that keeps things cohesive despite the wide range of talents involved are the vocals. From front to back What If This Is All Real is packed with memorable performances from the likes of Cat Cayenne, Gemyni, Sidney Blair and more. Medii delivered a massively fun listen that manages to also express emotional sentiments that will make the LP a timeless treat.

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[Electronic] ClariS – Careless (Slushii Remix)

The prodigious producer Slushii is back together with Sacra Beats, formerly Sakura Chill Beats, for another massive anime remix. This time he takes on “Careless” by ClariS which many will recognize as the opening theme song from season 2 of Magia Record.

Slushii’s take on “Careless” is a bubbly midtempo record that takes influence from numerous genres including future, pop, moombahton and more. It’s a fun record that even English speakers are going to sing along to as they dance away to Slushii’s synth heavy production. It fits perfectly with the style of ClariS’ original and makes for one of the more unique remixes in the Sacra Beats ever-growing catalog.

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