[Indie Dance] Want You – Daryl David

Daryl David - Want You
daryl david
W a n t Y o u

Following the pop hit “Tonight”, Liverpool-based singer/songwriter Daryl David is back with another hit titled “Want You”. Going away from his acoustic/pop roots, Daryl is testing the waters of the electronic dance scene with this one. A house beat is incorporated into the tune together with infectious melodies provided by the keys. The vocals are uplifting and gratifying, which will surely capture hearts in a live performance. It all results in a fun dance track that’ll leave you singing along and moving to the beat.

This song might be just the second sneak peek off his debut EP, but Daryl David has definitely shown how well-rounded he is as a musician. We cannot wait to see what he has to offer with his upcoming project, so stay tuned!

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[Chill] IYES – Gone

IYES - Gone

This new IYES is absolute vibes. As another track off their upcoming Part Two EP, “Gone” shines the spotlight on Josh’s vocals and provides a sneak peek of the second part of their debut project.

The starts off with a downtempo approach, as the male vocals come in with a rather mellow beat. It picks up as Melis’ vocals chime in and provide an instant uplifting atmosphere to the mix. With the use of tropical synths and vocal harmonies, this track takes us on a fun ride immersed in positive atmosphere. A series of bell tones help embellish the tune to completeness. There’s never a dull moment in the mere three and half minutes.

IYES continues to impress with all these cool tracks, as they manage to showcase a different side of their production every time. Make sure to stay tuned as Part Two drops Oct. 13.

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[Electronic] Porter Robinson Feat. Urban Cone – Lionhearted (Point Point Remix)


It’s that dreaded day of the week again, dare we say it, Monday. But, why not make the best of this Monday and forget about the awful stigma that haunts it? We know that may seem slightly impossible, after all, it commences yet another hectic work week, but maybe it’s time to embrace these “horrid” Mondays. So what is a reliable tactic to transform those morning commutes that feel like you’re driving towards your deathbed into a commute towards your birthday party? Music.

Only a few days ago, Point Point hit the public with a new one, a remix of Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted” featuring the vocals of Urban Cone. Only seconds after pressing play, smiles started to appear on our faces. Steering in a different direction from their usual steamy sound with drawn-out synths, which you may have heard in their ‘Contrastive Focus Reduplication‘ EP or their recent remix of Gallant’sWeight In Gold,” they speed up the tempo with a brighter tone.

More affective than a cup of coffee with an extra shot of espresso, Point Point’s remix stimulates the senses with a hair-raising melody and enlivening rhythm. But, to be completely honest, it’s pretty difficult to describe just how incredible the production and synth work is; take our word for it. Only way you’re going to find out is giving this one a listen. Be careful though, it may cause uncontrollable dancing and smiling.

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[Give Back] Truancy – TRUANCY EP


The weekend has come and gone, but, surely, we can all agree that a tasty collection of beats are still in order, especially considering that we’re now coping with the start of a new work week. Luckily for us, newcomer Truancy served up a collection of originals late last week, and they’re sure to give you that much needed Monday pick-me-up.

Hailing from Minnesota, in a scene known for it’s affinity for heavy bass and massive drops, this up-and-coming producer is hoping to instill the love of groove and the underground in his hometown, and across the globe. Below you’ll find all five tracks from this dance-inducing EP, which highlight this youngster’s talent, as he utilizes elements of tech, electro, and groovy house.

Aside from providing you with a solid array of tunes for your Monday afternoon, Truancy is also hoping to provide shelter animals in the US with basic needs during their adoption process. So, after you check out the tracks below, head over to Cadence & Cause, pick it up, and help support the cause.

Feels Like
Queen feat. WebsterX
Muscle Milk
Within Our Love

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[Electro-Pop] A R I Z O N A – Where I Wanna Be

Where I Wanna Be

With only a smattering of singles to their name, the globe spanning trio founded in New Jersey known simply as A R I Z O N A wields a sonic fluency far beyond what their modest catalog would indicate. Taking much of their direction under the guise of pop structuring, A R I Z O N A have been measurably successful adding touches of soul, R&B, rock and disco groove into their evolving aesthetic, and latest single “Where I Wanna Be” marks another foot forward in their short sonic evolution. “Where I Wanna Be” pushes off with a four-four kick drum, bent guitar loop and the kind of vocal pitching that would make Sir Kanye tip his hat in approval before a buttery vocal track takes a welcome hold of the entire tune. If it wasn’t for Zach Hannah’s lush vocal we may have missed the rest of A R I Z O N A’s careful instrumentation, but we couldn’t help but get swept up in their carefully layered synth work which almost steal’s back the spotlight. There are a number of reasons to fall in love with this one, and while we only had time to delve into a few, we suggest you take the reigns and let A R I Z O N A sink their hooks into your listening rotation today. Stream “Where I Wanna Be” above.

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[Deep-House] Dirty Secretz Ft. Rebe – Trippin’

Dirty Secretz Ft. Rebe
Trippin' (Original Mix) [Whartone Records]

Let’s be serious for a moment. Fridays are for dancing. For many of us, after a long week at work or in class, Friday’s arrival signals the chance to blow off some accumulated steam on the dancefloor of your choice, no doubt fueled with a little bit of liquid confidence, or whatever it is you kids are getting into these days. So to shift into that weekend state of mind, we like to bring out only the choicest of dance cuts for your listening pleasure. Falling in line with that ethos, we’ve got the latest single to drop from Richie Atkins’ Dirty Secretz project, “Trippin'”, which features the murkily soulful vocals of Rebe. “Trippin'” frames itself around the classic sense of house, with a simple, driving grand piano pattern and punchy four/four kick, but the tune really picks up steam with a perfectly swung rolling bassline that sits atop everything just wonderfully. Originally a bootleg of Jill Scott’s classic “It’s Love”, Dirty Secretz tapped Rebe to re-sing those lovely vocal chops and completely re-imagine the tune as a deeper and more seductive piece of house music.

“Trippin'” sees release via Sonny Wharton’s flagship label Whartone Records today, so hop to it and snag a copy on Traxsource here.  We’ll be over here groovin’.

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Solomon Grey – Choir To The Wild [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


If you haven’t fallen in love with Solomon Grey yet, it’s only a matter of time. Their latest EP Selected Features dropped earlier this month, and it’s been garnering support from publications across the globe. Amongst many reasons for the fawning adoration of both critics and fans alike, is the fact that this London-based duo Joe Wilson and Tom Kingston can’t be placed into a neatly wrapped, genre-specific label.

A testament to that versatility can be found in a deep listening session through Selected Features, which showcases elements of larger-than-life, cinematic soundscapes, obscure hip hop vibes, and soulful grooves. Even though you won’t find it on the EP, “Choir to the Wild” had us enamored on first listen truly capturing the Solomon Grey’s genre-melding style.

That oh-so-gorgeous song not only highlights the stunning vocal harmonies between these two, but also the ability to encapsulate listeners with understated, and uncomplicated instrumentation. And, we’re admittedly giddy to showcase that, as we bring you an intimate look at their show at Sofar London on May 27th, 2015. Take a look below, but be warned – you’ll be helplessly lost for a few, brief minutes.

If you find yourself in London on November 11th, we strongly suggest you catch this duo live. Click here to pick up some tickets, before it’s too late.

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