[Electronic] SLATIN feat. Carla Monroe – Apple Juice

Hailing from two very diverse backgrounds, Russian and Spanish, DJ/Producer Ruslan Slatin, aka SLATIN, releases “Apple Juice,” featuring UK vocalist Carla Monroe. As SLATIN, puts it, this one is the first in a series of what he calls “Modular House” tunes. Sharing that the “idea is to integrate modular synthesis in a way no one did before.” Utilizing influences from techno and house music and flipping them into a fusion of hybrid analog-digital tracks that appeals to lots of different listeners.  “Apple Juice” is out now and you can stream below!

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[Electronic] Greatness of Saturn EP

Greatness of Saturn
EP Continuous Play

Looking for music to refresh, go inward, and get your mind thinking in a unqiue way? LA-based producer Greatness of Saturn, wants you to feel more than just the music. In his debut EP, GOS asks for his listeners to examine the very nature of who you are. Humans are at once both glorious and flawed beings — dynamic and unpredictable.” We first featured the new project with his ‘777’ release, remarking it for itsraspy, retro-inspired original is an interesting take on dance music. Now the self-titled EP has 6 new singles, that should be listened from front to back, there’s even a 17-minute continuous stream on Soundcloud.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 307)

Ready to dive into a whole swarm of free downloads? Good, because you’ve found yourself in the right place. Even if you’re not a downloader, you can get all the aural satisfaction you need simply by streaming the goodies we have to share with you today – and we brought some extra treats ahead of Halloween week. Tracks this time around come to us from such producers as PatrickReza, HVDES, Modern Machines, Kompany, Pixel Terror and many more. With a total of fifteen records in the collection, you’ve got plenty of heat to keep you warm this weekend. Stay safe, party on!

’Nazariff – Mania’
’Illenium – Crawl Outta Love (ft. Annika Wells)(PatrickReza Remix)’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine – Beast (HVDES Remix)’
’KAUTION! – Stay The Night’
’Steve Aoki & Nicky Romero – Be Somebody ( Modern Machines Remix )’
’DMA’S – The End (Yvng Jalapeño Remix)’
’Nine Inch Nails – March Of The Pigs (Saint Punk Remix)’
’Jay Dunham – Critique’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine x Apashe – Replicants (Kompany Remix)’
’Pixel Terror & AWAL – KINGDOM’
’Oolacile – Galorm’

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[Electronic] k?d – Find Paradise EP

Few producers have the trailblazing effect k?d has had. Not only has he taken over the game with his edgy electro beats, but he’s inspired other producers to expand their sonic repertoire and take a stab at the classic, but newly redefined style.

Now k?d is taking his own steps to advance his abilities and discography by way of his debut EP, Find Paradise. The six track project shows for the first time what k?d is capable of when compiling his records together under one roof. It’s an amazing EP that doesn’t have a bad track on it. Not only did k?d release Find Paradise, but he’s also embarking on a tour to coincide. Definitely grab tickets if he stops in your town!

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[Electronic] Wilsonn – Saturn Return

Saturn Return

Wilsonn‘s new single “Saturn Return” was released via Australian record label Upside Music a few weeks ago and shows a new side to the sound of the singer/songwriter based from down under.

The production on this single is a lot more hefty compared to the older releases by Wilsonn thanks to the dynamic use of sythensizers and a perfectly placed string section. As always, Wilsonn’s vocal takes lead and steals the show however. Overall, it’s another great single from one of the more underrated artists you’re going to find.

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[Electronic] 10Digits – Rebirth LP

Toronto’s 10Digits has been steadily gaining steam, while stealthily unveiling his next album, Rebirth. The ten track album is a diverse dive into the funky mind of 10Digits whose music has captivated us before – and now again with even more power.

Rebirth has a bunch of collaborators making it a team project overall with 10Digits manning the helm. Throughout the project 10Digits leans on urban genres like R&B, hip-hop and funk while implementing trails of other styles on top. Each single stands on its own while tying the project at large together in a special way. It’s a fun, chill listen through and through. Rebirth is definitely one of the better albums of the year, so share it around!

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[Electronic] Salty Springs – Cucknite

Salty Springs

Portland, Oregon based producer Salty Springs presents “Cucknite,” a chill house Fortnite character inspired debut release, as he set out to design music that reflects the Fortnite video game characters’ emotes.

As if playing the 1st person shooting game, and winning wasn’t enough, the Fortnite community felt the need to produce music to accompany the feeling, which Cucknite cheekily describes below:

Fornite is the first video game I’ve played since RuneScape. It’s the only game that’s as addicting as heroin. The rush of killing someone and then them watching you do a dance immediately afterwards is extremely fulfilling, and the only way I could find more fulfillment is by dancing to my own songs after a kill.

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