[Electronic] Almost Owen – Good Thing

Almost Owen
Good Thing

Almost Owen has a “Good Thing” going. Not only is his project as a whole something people need to get on board with, but his latest release is a crossover treat. “Good Thing” is just that.

The Boston musician has been around longer than some of his socials might suggest, but he’s now making moves on his project by taking things a bit of a different direction. His track “Good Thing” sees pop and dance music being smashed together for a chilled out gem. He’s got the talent to do some special things and time will tell just what happens. Chance are he will keep all these good things going.

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The Munk Machine Finally Makes His Way to Denver

’Gil Scott Heron – Whitey On The Moon (The Munk Machine Remix)’

A few months ago, the collective dance community was on the hunt for a mysterious Producer/DJ called The Munk Machine. It wasn’t because of a new release that caught the ear of a radio icon like Pete Tong or Zane Lowe. It wasn’t due to a well-calculated marketing campaign burning through a major record labels’ budget. Nope. It all came from a grassroots movement–one that was designed to help shine a light on some of the undiscovered talent out there.

Led by Producer/DJ/Promoter/Talent Buyer/all around amazing human being Brennen Bryarly, aka option4, this campaign caught the eyes and ears of nearly every major music news outlet that exists. The concept was simple. Any dance music artist in the United States, could submit a song. Brennen would go through each and every one, live stream him doing so (to ensure that he really did listen to their songs), eventually picking a winner for a all-expenses paid gig in Denver.

The winning track was the one included with this post– a groovy, funky, jazzy remix of Gil Scott Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon.” Despite being six years old, it captivated everyone who was tuning into this contest, including Brennen.

I chose the Munk Machine track because of all of the organic instrumentation. It was unique. But those instruments were real. And that showed me a level of musicianship and composition that was rare during the competition. Not to mention the soul the tune had to begin with. It got in my head and didn’t leave, so it had to be the one. – Brennen Bryarly

Today is the end result, as The Munk Machine has officially arrived (through classic Colorado turbulence) in Denver to play with Francois K at Vinyl Night Club. Tickets are still available and, ss you’d guess, we highly recommend heading down and getting to know his music. After a conversation with him, we can wholly assure you that the dedication to his craft is very real and will absolutely resonate with you.

I truly believe that mediocrity is destroying the world. We live in a marketing world where KPIs are more important than just feeling something. Whatever I can do to put emotion back in people’s lives–that’s why we’re doing this. – The Munk Machine

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[Electronic] ILIVEHERE. – Won’t Let Go ft. Kalulu

Won't Let Go ft. Kalulu

Bitbird is one of the go-to places for beautiful electronic music. Take one of their latest releases as evidence of that. “Won’t Let Go” from ILIVEHERE. and Kalulu is a masterful original with subtle hints of future bass embedded in the production.

This single is an angelic electronic tune whose downtempo pace almost makes it feel as though time is passing by in slow motion. It takes hold of you quickly with the very first piano tones connecting to your core and then the vocal comes in to sweep you away. Every piece of this song is more than good, ILIVEHERE. and Kalulu really put something special together here. You’ll want to grab a copy of it from digital stores like we did after having a listen.

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[Electronic] Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (ojivolta Remix)

Portugal. The Man
Feel It Still (ojivolta Remix)

It’s not often you come across a remix of Portugal. The Man, however “Feel It Still” got a nice treatment from ojivolta. Not only did that happen, but the duo came out with a cool live video of their track to supplement the release.

With the “Feel It Still” remix we get a bluesy trap take whose infectious sound will get you hooked even before the video snatches your attention. With the video, the duo play out their flip live alongside a take of “iSpy” by KYLE and Lil Yachty. All together the performance is highly entertaining, which has us ready to see ojivolta play when they come through our way.

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[Electronic] Kendl – Holding On (feat. Tiger Darrow)

Holding On (feat. Tiger Darrow)

Australian producer Kendl continues to march towards the release of his EP, Colours. The second single “Holding On” brings us one step closer to the full project, but will leave us satisfied in the mean time. The collaboration with Tiger Darrow is a fascinating piece of music.

The dreamy original may be our favorite Kendl track yet. It is beautiful beyond measure and will captivate any listener whose ears engage with it. Tiger Darrow had an absolutely brilliant vocal performance over an instrumental that could have held its weight in being a good track on its own. Luckily, they weren’t going for good, they were going for great and even surpassed that. Stream the single today and get ready for the full EP.

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[Music Video] NANO – Hold On

NANO‘s single “Hold On” has held high acclaim since it’s release. By itself “Hold On” is one of the biggest singles in a literal sense – it feels massive as it engulfs you with its epic sound. NANO’s soaring vocal matches the instrumentals giant nature with the result being one compelling single.

Now, there’s more than just the song, but a music video produced by Prince Jackson, the late Michael’s son, and directed by Christopher Perez. Although the music video has a darker tone, with a lot of shadowed settings, it fits nicely with the uplifting nature of the track. It expresses the lifting out of darkness well given the motivating mood of the song. Overall it’s an amazing project. Check it out below and grab the single from iTunes if you haven’t yet.

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[Electronic] FRND – In Your Dreams EP

Ever since FRND launched we’ve been at the edge of our seat ready for his next move. Aside from single after single, all we had from him was a lovable koala that acted in his stead. Now, FRND has revealed himself to be the multi-platinum songwriter/producer Andrew Goldstein and delivered his debut EP, In Your Dreams.

Within this EP we get all the tracks he’s previously released and more. “Sticks And Stones” and “Substitute” can be found, with the additions of “Movies” and “Soap.” All together the EP displays FRND’s signature sound, one that has impressed a large number of fans across the world already. FRND is just getting started, so it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. Now that his identity has been revealed, we’re sure the veteran has a long career ahead with this new project.

’Sticks And Stones’
’Be Happy’
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