[Chill] Free n Losh – Kill My Lonely (ft. Allan Rayman)

unnamed (12)
Free n Losh
Kill My Lonely (ft. Allan Rayman)

It has been a minute since we posted some fresh Free n Losh, but we’re always amped when we do because these guys absolutely kill it. Every single tune of theirs is well above The Music Ninja’s expectations, affecting us in ways we never before thought possible.

Their music captivates listeners with releases that share a common trait, one which embodies a soulful sound that brims with unmistakable passion. This facet is evident in the duo’s latest original, “Kill My Lonely,” which reaches an undiscovered level of artistry as they lock in in the flawless vocals of Allan Rayman. His heartfelt voice has listeners hanging onto every single word, creating an effect of intimacy and connectivity to the music.

“Kill My Lonely” is nothing short of beautiful. Its gentle textures provoke feelings of sadness, but it is the sort of sadness that nourishes us; the type of sadness that reminds us that we are human. So go ahead and allow yourself to get down with your emotions by checking out their latest.

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Kid Froopy
kid froopy

There’s something special about Kid Froopy. The music is touching, down-to-Earth and full of emotion. Kid Froopy’s expressions are extremely easy to connect to. Take for instance the newest track, “FADED,” a straightforward indie dance record that will pull on your feels and have you thinking back with a great sense of nostalgia. “FADED” is one of those slow grooving records that you take with you when you just need to get away, whether it’s popping it in your ear buds, taking a walk or taking a drive somewhere. Kid Froopy captured so much in this minimalist masterpiece, that we had no choice but to premiere it to our readers. With the weather keeping people inside, this is the perfect song to get you through the day. You’ll be happy to know that this was released as a free download, without a gate, so you can directly get it without any extra clicks. Do so through our media player!

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[Dance/Chill] Seafret – Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

One of the hottest acts in all of dance music, and a trio of gentlemen for whom we’ve been passionately consuming their uniquely invigorating dance sound since clear back in 2013, Autograf have returned to our hallowed pages armed with a tasteful flip of acoustic folk due Seafret‘s latest single “Wildfire”. The Chicago triumvirate craft another soothing electronic melody; pumping Seafret’s original vocal track with the deep mistiness of touchy reverb, while encasing them inside a foundation of two-step drum-machine patterning, flowing keys and buoyantly playful synths. It’s clear with each and every passing release the name Autograf finds itself sitting closer to the top of the mountain in regards to their rapid explosion, and it makes us crack a ninja smile to see the rest of the world begin to take notice of their immense talent.

 Along with their latest remix, Autograf have simultaneously announced their impending Metaphysical tour which encompasses sixteen live dates across North America starting in early February, for which you can purchase tickets for here. Be sure to check out Autograf’s tour dates below, and enjoy their sterling remix of Seafret’s “Wildfire” above.
Autograf ‘Metaphysical’ Tour Dates
02.05 | Sett | Madison, WI
02.06 | Miramar | Milwaukee
02.10 | Catalyst | Santa Cruz
02.11 | Soho | Santa Barbara
02.12 | 1015 | San Francisco
02.13 | Exchange | Los Angeles
02.17 | Q | Seattle
02.18 | MIA | Vancouver
02.19 | Euphoria | Portland
02.20 | Casbah | San Diego
02.25 | U St Hall | Washington DC
02.26 | Concord | Chicago
02.27 | Populux | Detroit
03.04 | Coda | Philadelphia
03.05 | Hoxton | Toronto
03.11 | Buku | New Orleans
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The Chill Dojo #165

chill dojo

Well some parts of the world certainly don’t need any help in the chill department this week, but for those not experiencing blizzard conditions, we’ve got a killer remix of GoldLink’s ‘Zipporah’ courtesy of a masterful beatmaker in Gravez. While the original definitely wasn’t lacking any punch, the smooth touch from the LA based producer takes this one to the next level. Still feeling those slow jam vibes, our next feature is a silky number from Beshken, combining his fresh atmospheric sound with some glorious male vocals from Gus Dapperton.

On the topic of male talent, 2015 was a massive year for Tom Misch, and while some artists would find it difficult to follow up such a stellar run, he has demonstrated his caliber once again with an early contender for one of the best mellow tunes of 2016. The vocal partnership between himself and Carmody is a pure delight to listen to, but that guitar solo is the real sweetener that solidifies this polished piece of musical brilliance. The Moving Castle Collective are another instance of established genius over the past year, and their incredible releases keep coming with a beautiful single from Melbourne’s Dugong Jnr. The lush vibe is reminiscent of Cashmere Cat at his smoothest, and the addition of Tashka’s dreamy voice is a prime example of pop music done so right.

Only one month down, but already this year is shaping up to be something special. Peace out.

Zipporah (Gravez Remix)
Faceless (feat. Gus Dapperton)
Tom Misch & Carmody
Easy Love
Dugong Jr
Secrets (feat. Tashka)
White Noise (MNEK X Disclosure Cover)
Palms (feat. Amory)
Giving Into You feat. Ashibah
Without You
Gone (INSTRUM Remix)
Tep No
Me And My Guitar
Novo Amor
Anchor (Boehm Remix)
la nights ft. mph & sarah burns
Only Flaw (soft remix)
Human Nature
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[Trap] JayKode X Party Thieves – Origin

Party Thieves
JayKode X Party Thieves

JayKode and Party Thieves are two of dance music’s premiere producers, and they have recently come together to prove without a doubt that they mean business. Together they turn up an aggressive original called “Origin,” a hybrid trap anthem that takes the best of both dubstep and trapstyle and mixes them into one incredible production. “Origins” also has classical elements worked into its ripe soundscapes for a complete and udder beast of a record. Buygore Records got their hands on this release, as it is right up their alley.

2016 is going to be filled with some high quality songs, but at the end of the year, don’t be surprised when this one sticks around. JayKode and Party Thieves, we thank you for this work, and we love you. The next drink we have will certainly be for your excellence. And the next time we turn up, this will definitely be one of the first tracks we throw on. For fans that want to take this monstrosity home with them like we did, head over to Beatport.

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[House] The Weeknd – Tell Your Friends (Just Kiddin Edit)

The Weeknd
Tell Your Friends (Just Kiddin Edit)

U.K. duo Just Kiddin have been hot on our radar since their 2014 club smash “Thinking About It” took both the underground and commercial dance halls by storm. In the years since, the pair have entrenched themselves as one of the fastest rising acts in house-land behind their lush, contemporary take on classic house melodies, including their last single “Only For You” claiming the top spot on numerous blog charts. The pair’s latest tune comes in the form of a soul-quenching edit of The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends”. Shuffled hi-hats, filtered grand-piano and some succulent vocal shops form much of their revisions foundations, but a perfectly seung, rolling house bass line and backing synth pull everything together in a syrupy sweet heap of dance rhythms. About their revision, Just Kiddin shared: “As soon as we heard this original, we knew it needed a JK edit! We’re giving this one away for free as a thanks for your continued support.” We’re certainly glad The Weeknd inspired yet another creative take on his beautifully malleable music.

Along with their latest edit, Just Kiddin have also announced their first North American tour of 2016 with support from the likes of The Magician, Le Youth and Shiba San on their ten-city run, so be sure to check the dates below for a chance to catch their seductive brand of proper house. Grab your tickets at the link here, and in the mean time, check out their edit of The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends” above.

Just Kiddin North America Tour Dates:

02.05: Primary, Chicago
02.06: Alexander Gastown, Vancouver
02.10: La Cave, Costa Mesa, CA
02.11: Elevate, Salt Lake City
02.12: Avalon Hollywood,
02.13: Bang Bang, San Diego
02.19: Webster Hall, NY
02.20: Kingdom, Austin
02.25: 1050 Folsom, San Francisco
02.27: Vinyl, Denver

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[Alternative Pop] Imad Royal – Down For Whatever (feat. Pell)

Imad Royal
Down For Whatever ft. Pell

Imad Royal and Pell are both at a turning point in their respective careers. “Down For Whatever” marks the second single of Imad Royal’s on the Nice Life label, and Pell is following up his widely praised album, LIMBO. There’s no shying away from the straightforward message on this tune, and these two are steadfast in their ways amidst an airtight assembly of pop, R&B, and hip-hop influence.

A song like this certainly marks a deviation from the usual sound of Imad Royal, even from his previous effort, but it’s a seamless transition for this multi-faceted artist. Having Pell come along to bring the track home with his rapid-fire delivery is just the icing on the cake. Imad Royal’s fairly recent name change also came with a shift in style, and it’s immediately evident that he refuses to take any shortcuts to showcase exactly what he strives for and cares about in his music. 2016 may have just begun, but, however bold of a claim this may seem, you’re already hearing an early contender for a top release of the year. There’s an undeniable catchiness and magnetic attitude throughout “Down For Whatever,” and it’s a sound that’s here to stay. Give it up for this dynamic duo and be sure to show them support in every way you can!

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