[Chill] Atlas Bound – Landed on Mars (Feki Remix)

Atlas Bound
Landed On Mars (Feki Remix)

Atlas Bound‘s “Landed on Mars” is easily one of the strongest releases of the year–a go-to if you’re in need of something to soothe the soul. Naturally, the Sydney duo’s silky, stripped-down sound has lent itself to countless remixes but Feki may have just dropped the best yet with his take on the hit single. It’s a full re-imagination on which the Brisbane producer’s signature style, established on TMN-favorites like “Nothing Lasts Forever,” shines without losing site of the original’s emotional allure.

Feki crafts an airy atmosphere at first keeping the vocals in-tact while layering a high-pitched backing version to match the mood, adding a slightly playful element along the way. As the lush instrumentation picks up, a vocoded loop introduces a completely new facet to the song before the track hits a jazzy, piano-driven interlude once again taking advantage of the un-altered vocals. That break bridges perfectly back into a textured, percussive groove that culminates all the song’s moving parts into an overwhelmingly uplifting closing.

This tune’s the type to pick you up after a long day or week. Get lifted with Feki’s latest, which was released through the up ‘n coming LA-based label Next Wave Records, and grab a free download here.

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[NEW] Odesza – Light (feat. Little Dragon)

Light (feat. Little Dragon)

It feels like every week Odesza have exciting new material to set the interwebs ablaze–whether it be enormous remixes, releases through their Foreign Family Collective or even fan videos of yet-to-be-released songs from their acclaimed live sets. This week proves no different as the Seattle production duo announce the upcoming release of a deluxe edition of their 2014 album In Return. Along with that announcement, they let loose a brand new original track featuring the Swedish electro-pop geniuses of Little Dragon.

The unconventional, yet enticing, crooning of Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano feels like a natural pairing with the shimmering instrumentation of Odesza. “Light” slightly tones down the intense percussion we’re used to from the duo, though, rather gliding beautifully and relying more on the radiant elements of their sound. Even with a more stripped down approach, the chorus proves irresistible as Odesza inject just enough of the enormity we’ve come to expect from them. It’s a truly mesmerizing collaboration that we hope results in more new music between the two pioneering acts.

The deluxe edition of In Return is out on September 18th via Counter Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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The Music Ninja Residency Mix 002: Chris Lake [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Chris Lake
The Music Ninja Residency Guest Mix

It’s been one hell of a month over here at TMN Headquarters. Over the past four weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to shine a spotlight on one of our favorite Producers and DJs in the game, showcasing an in-depth, insightful interview, a solid travel playlist for your upcoming adventures, and this exclusive guest mix from the man himself, Mr. Chris Lake.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your time getting up-close and personal with this witty, uber-talented, and trendsetting musician. We know we certainly have.


Roger Sanchez Ft. Stealth – Remember me (Hannah Wants remix)
Fono – Real Joy (Chris Lake & Rrotik remix)
DJ S.K.T. – Dirty
Disclosure ft. Gregory Porter – Holding On (Melé remix)
Pele & Shawnecy – Better for my brain
Icarus – Don’t cry wolf
Roisin Murphy – Evil Eyes (Claptone remix)
Dom Dolla & Go Freek – Define (Cassian remix)
Calvin Harris & Disciples – How deep is your love (Chris Lake remix)
Housequake – GET.ON.
KDA – Rumble (Shadow Child re-edit)
Jay Robinson – Carnage
Sinden – Paco vs Curly
Billy Kenny – Ron Dat
Chris Lake & Anna Lunoe – Stomper

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[Groove] Dornik – Stand in Your Line (Jungle Edit)

Stand In Your Line (Jungle's Edit)

With a grueling touring schedule since the release of their fantastic debut album last year, Jungle have been relatively quiet in the last few months save for some phenomenal remixes of their tracks by top producers. Last week, though, they put out an edit of a track from a fellow-UK artist named Dornik. The original version of “Stand in Your Line” is a slow-burning, electronic-tinted R&B jam showcasing Dornik’s abilities as a songwriter, vocalist and versatile producer. Jungle keep those silky vocals intact while transforming the backdrop to reflect their signature groove-filled, yet soulful, style. The end result finds what was initially a gorgeous, laid-back song become a sunny anthem that we could easily imagine getting down to at one of Jungle’s awesome live sets.

For us, the real icing on top of the cake with this one was discovering Dornik, who’s self-titled debut album, which dropped ten days ago, is a true diamond in the rough that flawlessly traverses electronic funk, soul and R&B with a distinctive retro-’80s tint. If you’re a fan of artists like Shamir or Gallant, we’d definitely recommend giving it a peep–you can grab a copy here or stream via Apple Music//Spotify at those links.

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[Synth-Pop/Dark-Wave] The Familiar – Patience [TMN Premiere]

The Familiar

While many synth based pop structures seem to produce a bevy of sunnier, joy inducing sounds; it is the darkest, murkiest corners of the genre which constantly draw this writer’s attention. With acts like Black Marble, Gang Signs, Young Prisms and Craft Spells consuming the majority of my limited ‘pleasure listening’ time; the unlikely duo of  Brooklyn-based singer Ruth Mirsky and Norwegian-based producer Mads Martinsen known better as The Familiar -who by the way have never actually sat in the same room to make music- have earwormed themselves deeply into heavy rotation around the TMN pool. With a haunting cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”, and a stellar debut EP Rooms most recently pacing the pair’s current ascension into alt-pop circles the world over; The Familiar’s latest single “Patience” dives into more personal territory. Mirsky weaves a vocal-central aesthetic through a plea for patience to her lover over Martinsen’s pulsating, synth-driven beat and rhythmic, foggy pop hooks for a tune that swallowed us up from our first listen. The Familiar’s deft yet subtle use of rolling staccato synths played off a lush set of vocal reverberations also has us drawing up comparisons from the gloomiest of Kavinsky tunes to College’s wonderful Heritage LP and even a touch of Johnny Jewel laden synthetica. And in case you weren’t aware, those are all very lofty associations. Hop on The Familiar wagon with “Patience” before literally anyone else on behalf of a TMN premiere above.

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The Chill Dojo #145

chill dojo

Up and coming talent headlines Dojo #145 with NRMИ putting a fresh spin on the iconic ‘Need U 100′ courtesy of a silky future flip. Layered with plenty of warm vibes and nostalgic sampling, the young talent has definitely proven this track worthy of its inclusion in the latest compilation from the TOO LUSH collective. There are a few other gems from Too Lush Vol. 4 scattered throughout the playlist which are well worth listening out for too. One of the discoveries of the week came from a new name in Color K and his brand of sexy French house that could turn up the heat on any dance-floor within seconds. Sultry vocals meld seamlessly with the velvety atmosphere to set the mood right, leaving the infectious garage beat perfectly poised to turn a packed club into a sweaty mess.

In similar fashion, Gallant has set things on fire ever since the release of ‘Weight in Gold’, and producers have been lining up to showcase their own take on the soulful original. This week we’ve got another 3 goosebump-inducing efforts on display, with Louis Futon, Jia Lih and Electric Mantis all offering their unique sounds to ensure this one won’t burn out for a long time to come. We’re certain it won’t be the last you’ll hear in the Dojo. Dillon Francis has been all about the flames lately in hyping up his latest release This Mixtape is Fire. While not a name that usually features in our chill abode, his collaboration with Chromeo broke away from the moombahton style of the EP to deliver a short but oh so sweet slow jam that doesn’t hold back on the vocoder action.

The weekday grind fades into insignificance with this in your ears. Peace out.

Need U 100
Color K
Love To Love You
Weight In Gold (Louis Futon Remix)
Weight in Gold (Jia Lih Remix)
Weight In Gold (Electric Mantis Remix)
Dillon Francis
Lies (Feat. Chromeo)
Jengi Beats & K.B. Starr
Ordinary Lives
Tom Misch
Wake Up This Day (feat. Jordan Rakei)
Kenton Slash Demon
I Want You (ft. Cordelia ODriscoll)
In Your Eyes (ft. Cordelia ODriscoll)(KΛSSEO VIP)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Can I (Tez Cadey Remix)
Imagined Herbal Flows
Phoebe Ryan
Mine (Bearson Remix)
Full Time (Keljet Remix)
Yoe Mase
Neverland (MitiS Remix)
Crywolf & Illenium
Shrike (So Wrong VIP)
Tell Me (GTA Remix)
Rather Be With U
Dom Hurley
Earl Grey
dream beach
happy bday worlds
Celadon City
Celadon City
Your Wonderfalls...
The M Machine
Different Sleep
So Afraid 2 Cry
Rosie Lowe
Worry Bout Us (Edit) (Prod. By Machinedrum)
Harrison Brome
Fill Your Brains (Love Thy Brother Remix)
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Ducked Ape – Night Walk [TMN Premiere]

[HR032] Follow
Ducked Ape
Night Walk

Not all album releases are the same. Some artists choose to push the boundaries of sound, some utilize stunning visuals to enhance the feel of the music, and then there’s a duo called Ducked Ape who wrap both of these things inside an amazing story to create an innovative experience like no other. Their debut album Follow is truly a stroke of genius, electing to release each of the ten tracks in stages spanning every couple of days, with each new piece revealing the next chapter of the story which inspired it. Designed to capture the child-like imagination inside you and delight your ears with their magical composition, this is a tale that is well worth following from beginning to end. Here at The Music Ninja, we’ve been lucky enough to be given the first look at Chapter 3, ‘Night Walk’.

As the spectacular artwork suggests, we have arrived at a mysterious point of the story, the song’s opening conveying a nervous wonder at what may lay in store. The punchy beat replicates that of a rapidly beating heart wandering through this night-filled environment that is so vividly created through each intricate element layered into the soundscape. A brief subsidence to the beat narrates a key moment in the chapter, giving way to an enchanting piano melody that leads us ever deeper into this mystical world. The musical progression of this track is a masterful piece of production in its own right, but to enjoy something much richer than sound alone through word and image is truly a work of art to behold.

To soak up the full experience and re-ignite your desire to explore the unknown, make sure to place your bookmark in Follow and come along for the wondrous ride.

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