[Electronic] Golden Vessel – Right/Side EP

Golden Vessel of Australia has just dropped his sophomore EP Right/Side. Complete with six tracks, this independent release is a pillar to indie artists across the world who can get the success they deserve by doing things their way.

Right/Side contains a few records some of you may already recognize including the singles “Shoulders” and “Less~More” that were previously released. The entire EP showcases a cool, collected indie electronic style that crosses audience barriers. Whether you like dance music, R&B, alternative or otherwise, Right/Side has a sound that you can gravitate towards. It’s something that will bring diverse people together. All in all it’s a great project that you can grab a copy of today.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 265)

Volume 265 of our Friday Party Playlist is here. It’s been a long time, but we’re not stopping anytime soon. Today we continue with another batch of free downloads from some extremely talented producers. You’ll find a dozen in this week’s collection, all available as free downloads if you’re still into that kind of thing. Collect them all or simply stream, no matter what you do we hope you enjoy them and have a fun weekend. Aiding in your fun is LUUDE, Kill Paris, Nathaniel Knows, Sam F, ATLiens, Felmax, Soltan and many more. There’s a good mix of genres/styles this week, so there should be a little something for everyone! There’s some future, house, trap and dubstep, but then we cap things off with a beautiful composition from JETSET to ease you out of the party and into a good night sleep.

’Luude & TWERL – Paradise (feat. Lost Boy)’
’Kill Paris – Red Lights (feat. Dotter)’
’Nathaniel Knows, Scissors – Fly Away Feat. Haley (Original Mix)’
’Sam F – Fuck Wit A G ft. Malcolm Anthony’
’Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon (Matroda Remix)’
’Dirtyphonics & Bassnectar – Watch Out Ft. Ragga Twins (ATLiens Remix)’
’Felmax & PURGE – Make Love’
’Soltan – The Realm’
’Snails x NGHTMRE – Only Want U (CONVEX Flip)’
’Tre Sera & Sevim – Knuckles Up’
’DMVU – Gucci Banana’
’JETSET – Abyss (The Heavens)’
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SOOHAN – Collective Effervescence LP [TMN Premiere]

If you’re not familiar with SOOHAN, then today you need to dedicate to SOOHAN. As far as unique sounds go, SOOHAN is locked in as not only one of the most iconic, but one of the best. Today we’re very proud to present to you the premiere his album Collective Effervescence in the dojo.

Blending sounds from across the world with electronic music is SOOHAN’s bread and butter, nobody can do it like he. With Collective Effervescence we get his usual international flare with ten tracks total. It’s a massive project, but then again all of his projects run deep. Each is a remix of a track you probably haven’t heard, but that’s totally alright. SOOHAN breathes new life into each with his own signature. Enjoy the LP today and if you haven’t checked out his other works, we highly urge you to do so!

’Im Crazy Over You’
’El Bint El Chalabiya – Traditional / arr Christiane Karam (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Ritual – Adèle & Zalem (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Somos Sur – Ana Tijoux (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Gullygyal – Rainey (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Missy Tribute’
’Jayaho Janatha – Sukhwinder Singh & Vijay Prakash (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Habib Galbi – A
WA (SOOHAN Remix)’
’San Francisco – Scott McKenzie (SOOHAN Remix)’
’I Wanna Go Home (SOOHAN’s Sleepyhead Mash)’
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[Music Video] DENM – Bless Your Heart

Let DENM “Bless Your Heart” with his new original. With the single comes a cool lyric video that isn’t your typical words on a blank screen type. Instead a full on music video was made with the lyrics animated over them. It makes for a much funner watch than the usual lyric clips.

“Bless Your Heart” is a vibrant R&B crossover single that pulls out all the stops for a great record. It’s got a whole lot of groove thanks to the bubbling percussion and each vocal on the track is captivating. DENM gets your attention quick and holds your focus getting you to sing along to the song during your first listen. The video as we stated before is a cool, simple and entertaining addition to the track. Get your copy of it today.

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[Electronic] Campsite Dream – Smooth Operator

Campsite Dream are back at it again with another original single. Released on Epic Amsterdam, “Smooth Operator” is just as it describes itself, smooth. CD continue with their cool signature, but bring it to a new sonic arena.

With “Smooth Operator” we see Campsite Dream bring some influence from future bass to the table, with rising synths and poppy vocal chops. In speaking of vocal chops, we also must mention the outstanding vocal performance on the track that allowed for any chopping to occur. This is one of those songs you’ll be singing and dancing along to in no time. As stated before, “Smooth Operator” is out now in full, so you can get a copy for you digital library.

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[Future] SoDown & Moontricks – With You (feat. Carly Lynn)

With You
SoDown & Moontricks (feat. Carly Lynn)

Since it’s origin the future beat genre has quickly spread into all types of music. At the same time I think we’ve seen less artists embrace that og future beat style and pick up on the original idea to move it forward. But I just came across this new song, “With You” where SoDown and Moontricks throw down what’s now an almost classic electronic sound. The breakdown is a highlight and might remind you of an early Odezza. At the same time they bring in Carly Lynn, who’s modern vocal style takes “With You” to another level and gives it a very forward-thinking sound.

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[Electronic] Mayten – Hive

'Hive' (DR004)

“Hive” is a unique single that has come through the Dance and Rave pipeline from Mayten. Music is supposed to move an individual and that’s what we get here with a record that seems to come alive itself.

Mayten rains down a lush array of melodies through clean synth work. Despite it’s strong house elements and percussion, “Hive” almost feels as though it’s an ambient record, building a soundscape that feels as though it is encompassing you. It makes for an intriguing listen that you can put on repeat without losing steam for some time. Mayten’s minimal treat is just the right kind of record you want for your Fall playlists, so make sure to grab a copy from Beatport if you want it in your library.

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