[Electronic] Punctual – Eva


There’s nothing quite as intriguing as discovering a new artist via their first ever single. Without a full catalogue to explore, the possibilities feel endless and such is the case with Bristol newcomers PunctualWhile the production duo don’t necessarily offer a new sound altogether with their debut, “Eva,” it’s crisp production and emotive vibe open doors for a wide range of possible directions. Utilizing an addicting vocal loop, ambient pads and building percussion, Punctual create an organic, house-inspired atmosphere bursting with positive energy. Airy guitar and piano melodies only add to that ambience leading up to a dance-floor ready climax.

Fans of TMN-favorites Petit Biscuit, Tourist or Maribou State, definitely don’t want to miss this one. Give “Eva” a listen above and keep your eye out for more new music from Punctual. We’re certainly excited to hear where they take their compelling sound.

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[Pop] Coolwater Set – Dub’s Up ft. Problem & Whitney Phillips

Coolwater Set
Dub's Up ft. Problem & Whitney Phillips

This year we’ll be hearing a lot from the new project, Coolwater Set. They have an album in the works and based off of the two promotional songs they’ve released, it should make a big splash. Following their stellar debut single, “The Coast,” the group has released “Dub’s Up,” which we might like even more. Right from the start, Whitney Phillips comes in with a brilliant pop vocal melody and you know it will be a gem. Hear for yourself above and keep an eye out for The Coast EP, which is due out soon.


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[Electronic] Bronze Whale Ft. Kenzie May – Hear Me

HearMeFinal 2000
Bronze Whale
Hear Me

Here we have a much too long overdue post on an artist we’ve had our eyes on for a while now, Bronze Whale. Their latest release, “Hear Me,” only gives us more reason to keep our eyes glued. Providing quite a shift in sound from their previous work, Bronze Whale executes versatility with grace. The boys take a step away from the relaxed future bass, and take on a concept that infuses their initial electronic sound with upbeat pop elements.

The tune is a direct reflection of its title, as Kenzie May’s clear voice elegantly glides over the lively production in a way that enhances every single element of the track. “Hear Me” holds on to our attention from beginning to end, making a statement that we can’t ignore (or resist).

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[Music Video] KickRaux & Ras Kwame feat. Ayo Jay, Demarco, Doctor & Tyga – Feelin U


If we told you right now that a big record was here, then we’d only be telling half the truth. The full truth is that a big record has come, as well as an even bigger video. The song? “Feelin U.” The artists? KickRaux and Ras Kwame. Those two didn’t do it alone though, as they enlisted features from Ayo Jay, Demarco, Doctor and Tyga for this hit.

With an ensemble like you have behind “Feelin U” you know you are getting a special tune. The moombahton/dancehall single comes at a time when a lot of top tier musicians/producers are leaning towards this style. Those tracks are good, but when you get a record from those who do it best, the others are put to shame. KickRaux and company have been killing it for a long while, and after coming together, the result is something extraordinary. It doesn’t stop at the song, as the video is equally as cool. Because this is a love song, we get to see the search for a companion in an interesting way. Let’s just say, if you are a fan of Pokemon – more specifically Pokemon Go – then you are going to really enjoy this one.

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[Electronic] Attom – Afterglow feat. Ciele

Attom - Afterglow feat. Ciele

Iowa City’s newfound treasure Attom is back again with another magical single. After the release of his track “Better” we meet his creation “Afterglow” that has been released by MNF Music, a subsidiary of Ultra. With that backing, big things are coming from Attom.

In all honesty, big things are already here for this producer, whose work speaks volumes despite his newer fanbase that is rapidly growing. The single “Afterglow” is sure to bring in a whole horde of new followers, as its pop undertones and crossover sound will attract a variety of listeners. The light-hearted, downtempo feel makes this one a perfect track to transition from Summer to Fall with. Ciele‘s vocal performance on this one is simply beautiful. Her tone matches the humble nature of the instrumental, but even without a boastful mood, the power of each contributor’s work is tremendous. “Afterglow” may have just been released, but we feel its popularity will continue to shine for a long time to come. Stream it today, and grab a copy through the digital store of your preference.

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[TMN Interview] Ta-ku & Wafia Discuss their Joint EP, (m)edian


International fame and critical acclaim have attached themselves to everything Ta-Ku has released for an unprecedented amount of time. With a stacked resume of late containing the release of Songs to Break Up To in late 2013, the foundation of Create & Explore, releases under the moniker HWLS, collaborative efforts with HW&W and Street Dreams Magazine, while also having a hand in the success of Australia-based Weston’s Barbershop, the Perth trendsetter has been hard at work creating a multimedia empire off of his many talents. Your favorite Music Ninja writers has covered multiple Ta-ku releases over the years: FrogsI Miss YouDown For YouLong Time No SeeLove AgainNo Reason, and Help Me Lose My Mind. His June 2015 release – appropriately titled Songs To Make Up To – exceeded all expectations in its depth and composition. As impressive as his catalog has been up to this point however, the recently released EP may overshadow them all in complexity – thanks to the lyrical infusion.

Median, stylized as (m)edian, is a concept album in the form of an EP; it’s short, succinct and tell a formative story of the dual protagonists Ta-ku and Wafia. Starting in 2015 and after much collaboration, the duo, Regan Matthews and Wafia Al-Rikabi, released their breakout take on Estelle’s “American Boy” with their aptly titled “American Girl, along with a collaboration with Charles Murdoch on “Frongs”. Shortly after, they debuted their joint live act during Ta-ku’s MoMA PS1 show. This spawned the duo’s (m)edian EP sessions in early 2016 that also included Wafia’s trusted collaborators Thomston and Ben Abraham. After solidifying a bond around their experiences with their fathers, they poured those feelings into (m)edian, which resulted in a raw confessional that unearthed a bedrock of complicated emotions.

Lyrically, the album focuses on several themes: strength in the face of adversity, maintaining a balance emotionally, and the space between familial love and forgiveness. As one of our first glimpses at Ta-ku the vocalist, the dynamic range of his singing is a welcome addition to the repertoire. While listeners are processing the limitless talents of Ta-Ku, Wafia comes into the fold, seductively harmonizing her lines intermittently throughout Median. On the introductory track, “Treading Water” a sparingly light sequence of piano keys sets the scene, before a dynamic lyric-infused ballad takes hold and finishes painting this masterpiece. Tracks two and four act as instrumental bridges between one, three, and five – accentuating the storytelling vibe of the album. Taku and Wafia sat down with TMN to discuss their experiences putting the album together, as well as inspirations behind the project, in great detail: Continue reading

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[Indie Pop] Autumn In June – Take Flight

Autumn In June
Take Flight

Here at The Music Ninja, our sole purpose is to dig for creativity – music that we believe will connect with our readers, and expose it. As a result, we never stop searching for the freshest of sounds that result from quality work. So when we were introduced to Autumn In June back in 2015, we knew it would have been much too selfish of us not share his latest release with everyone.

Making his third appearance on TMN, Autumn in June reminds us once again of why we fell in love with music in the first place. “Take Flight” resembles a roller coaster ride, as every twist and turn keeps us on the edge of our seats. We say this in a literal sense as every infectious component puts us in a state of euphoria that causes some uncontrollable grooving. Comprised of a vocal texture that melts right into the underlying notes, and a sensual percussion line that fits into every crevice of the track like a puzzle piece, “Take Flight,” will become your newest music addiction.

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