[TOUR MIX + GIVEAWAY] Hotel Garuda at San Diego – Feb 3


If you haven’t heard already, one of our favorite dance duos, Hotel Garuda is going on tour starting this week! For the San Diego leg of the tour, Matt DiMona and Wingtip would be supporting the wonder boys. While the Eternal Sun Tour is coming to your city in full force, we have GREAT news for all you SD ninjas and ninjettes.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to their show THIS FRIDAY  (Feb 3) at Bang Bang to one lucky winner! If you’ve been dying to see your favorite DJs live and haven’t gotten your tickets yet, here’s your chance. To enter the contest, simply:

  • LIKE our Facebook pages
  • TAG a friend you want to bring
  • COMMENT on why you want to come to the show

And that is literally all you have to do! Few rules, of course:

  • You must be 21+ enter
  • TWO tickets will be given to ONE winner
  • Winner will be selected on Thursday night 2/2

For those who would like to secure your entry, feel free to purchase tickets here.  Act fast though – they’re nearly sold out. You can also check out the event page for more details on the tour and future dates. To get us pumped up for the show, Hotel Garuda made hour-long mix with guest features from all the artists on the Eternal Sun Tour. Peep the mixtape below and get ready to party with us on Friday!

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 70: New Year, New Vibes

artworks-000195689243-uj5hic-originalMusic Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode 70: New Year, New Vibes

 Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

This week we were ambushed by quality music across genres and, in this episode we share just a few of our favorite discoveries mixed in with some slightly older cuts you may have forgotten about. Oh, and also, brand new music from Jamiroquai! Continue reading

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Opia – YDU (Phiilo Remix) [TMN Premiere]

YDU (Phiilo Remix)

Phiilo have quickly jumped on our radar in a big way. Release after release they have astonished us, which is why we are honored to be able to premiere the Denver duo’s new remix for Opia. Not only do you get a first listen to this flip, but you get to download it for free.

Blending genres together has always been a strength of Phiilo’s. They don’t stop that trend in the newly defined “YDU,” instead they even take things a bit further than usual. This one takes sounds from future bass, to indie dance, to pop and even soul. You may feel like you have heard records like this, but nothing quite compares to what Phiilo brings to the table; always fresh, always innovative, always captivating. These two show no signs of slowing down, which will make for a great year for them.

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[Electronic] Zuma – All Nite feat. Lenis Kim

zuma.all nite
all nite (ft. lenis kim)

Simple and sensual are the first words that come to mind when we listen to San Diego based artists, Zuma and Lenis Kim’s new collaboration “All Nite.” The track, released via the Artist Union, melds crystal clear vocals and production suited for what many say is meant for the summer months, but we’ll have to disagree with that one.

The melodic melody could be enjoyed anywhere from the beach, a winter wonderland walk in the snow, to relaxing at home. Far from boring “All Nite” may not have a lot of frills but has an ability to create a sense of calm within the listener. This is Zuma and Lenis’s first collaboration, but hopefully not their last.

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[Video] KREAM – Taped Up Heart feat. Clara Mae


It’s common to wonder what our purpose is in life. Determination to find the place we fit in best is at the forefront of human nature so when Big Beat Records resident KREAM created “Taped Up Heart,” they successfully incorporated an everyday struggle into enjoyable and relatable music. Music is a way to express individuality and when it’s mixed with real world insecurities it transforms from art to an advocate for those who may not know where they stand in the world.

The duo ended 2016 with the dance heavy hit and now they’re bringing it back to kick off 2017 with an official music video. Directed by Sam Mosher, and pulling inspiration from David Fincher’s Fight Club, the video takes place in an alternate reality and explores the idea of finding your place in the world.

This song is all about dealing with your inner demons and Samy did an amazing job bringing “Taped Up Heart” to life. Everyone has had that feeling of being an ‘other’ and wanting to find their place or purpose. Maybe it’s through music, maybe it’s joining an underground fight club

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[Electronic] Phiilo – Without You

Without You

Denver is one of the best places to be for electronic music. Talented acts thrive there, whether they were born in the area or flocked to it. Phiilo is one of those talented acts, and we assure you they are talented. Another talented group of individuals are the people over at Uprise Music who backed Phiilo’s latest single “Without You” for release this week.

“Without You” is as dynamic as it is beautiful. From the vocals to every little note you can hear, Phiilo put their best foot forward in every direction they took. It’s got pop sensibilities, but no matter what sound you hear, the song never can really be identified as being one thing. Some may say future, some may say it’s on the lighter side of trap. They can argue, we will simply sit back and enjoy this wonderful piece of music. We hope you do too. Did we also mention it’s a free download?

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[R&B] Lido & Santell – Passion Project II (EP Review)

’Lido & Santell – Committed’
’Lido & Santell – Recruit’
’Lido & Santell – Mariah/Say You Scared’

After releasing the well-circulated, greatly successful album Everything this past October, Lido hopped on tour to promote his new material. As we covered during a stop here in the Bay Area, Lido was equipped with an impressive live setup, taking over some of the most prestigious venues across the country. Now, after finishing up the Everything Tour, the young producer has once again teamed up with Santell to follow up their Passion Project series.

A slight departure from the solo sounds of Lido and a world away from the Jersey Club characteristics of Trippy Turtle, the duo have made clear in PPII that the success of the electronic R&B collaboration is no fluke. In fact, the genre is gaining some traction behind producers such as Mar and Full Crate as well. In Passion Project II, listeners get an earful of what the duo have been up to since the October 2015 release of PPI. Continue reading

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