[Electronic] Jake Alder – Horizon (Feat. ELIZA)

Jake Alder
Horizon (Feat. ELIZA)

Electronic music and pop have been good friends for longer than most would like to admit. Today we share with you “Horizon,” a single from Jake Alder that shares influence from both previously mentioned genres of music. The single, which features vocalist ELIZA, is another example of moombah permeating pop compositions; people just can’t refuse the dembow.

“Horizon” is more than a breathe of fresh air. It’s a timeless gem that all parties involved brought their A game to create. While every blogger is recapping the year with their “best songs,” which is just them re-plugging their friends or hype artists, they’re sleeping on really extraordinary tracks like this one. Jake Alder just added himself some big fans with this one, because the dojo is popping with good vibes from “Horizon.” Do your friends a favor and share this with them. They’ll love you for it.

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[Electronic] Whethan – Savage feat. Flux Pavilion & MAX

Savage (feat. Flux Pavilion & MAX)

This track was already impressive when looking at the list of producers who added their personal touch, but Chicago based producer, Whethan, alone has had an impressive 2016. With three singles already under his belt including several well done remixes, sets at Electric Forest, HARD Summer and more, this breakout producer has made his mark in the music scene.

“Savage,” released via Big Beat White Label, featuring Flux Pavilion and MAX, incorporates the sensual vocals of MAX, an epic Whethan, future bass, melody and hints of Flux’s hard hitting bass and distorted synths. The three talented producers melded together creates a dance floor ready track sure to be featured the rest of 2016 into 2017’s festival season.

Along with “Savage” Whethan has announced a tour, beginning in Virginia Beach, VA and ending in Vancouver, BC. Check out all the stops here.

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[Electronica] Gramatik – Satoshi Nakamoto (Psymbionic Remix)

Satoshi Nakamoto (Psymbionic Remix) ft. Adrian Lau & ProbCause

Gramatik has been a driving force behind the rising popularity of so-called genres like future funk and electro soul in the past few years. As the head of Lowtemp Music he offers a platform for any artist to release music, and on his 2016 album “Epigram” his futuristic, synth-laden, funkadelic sound continued to evolve. Psymbionic is an extremely talented producer who has risen to popularity in the wide swatch of new sonic ground which Gramatik and others helped to break. Although he explicitly steers clear of genre classifications, Psymbionic produces a strain of futuristic funk akin to the material on “Epigram”, so we were stoked hear of his new remix of Gramatik’s “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoins, and Gramatik maintains a thorough interest in tech frontiers. Fittingly, the thematic material in this tune matches the motif of Psymbionic’s current “Biohackers” U.S. tour. As for how the remix sounds, Psymbionic has preserved the most endearing elements of Gramaitk’s sample-collage style, while adding his own razor-sharp basslines and stabbing synthesizers to create a clever new arrangement. As technology continues to pervade every aspect of our lives, banging remixes like this – constructed with the finest musical technology and commenting on technological frontiers like “crypto currency” – are tunes to be treasured.

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[House Mix] The Aston Shuffle – Only 100’s

Only 100s

2016 has been quite the year for music. We’ve seen a lot of new producers capture our ears as well as continuous bangers from well known artists. So much music has surfaced that it’s almost hard to keep up with, but, The Aston Shuffle, residents of The Magician’s label, Potion, has made finding some of the best music of 2016 a little easier.

While hosting the #1 weekend show on Australia’s ubiquitous Triple J channel, The Aston Shuffle has launched their own mix series called ‘Only 100s’ to showcase their top picks each month from on-air, in clubs, and the road and they’ve hit the nail on the head. The mix features music from Weiss to Karma Kid and even the Magician himself and includes something for everyone’s tastes.

“It dawned on us recently just how much music we filter through every week for radio or our sets…it’s insane. Over time as a DJ you develop your own habits to streamline your workflow, and awhile ago we started our own shared Dropbox folder titled ‘100s’ to shortlist our best of the best, our go-to weapons to prep for our live sets. That’s when it hit us – we need to be sharing this list with the world! ‘Only 100s’ was born.” – The Aston Shuffle

The Mix is available for free download here.

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mAsis – Skin [TMN Premiere]


Glendale California’s mAsis enters the dojo with a brand new single that you get a first listen to. This Music Ninja Premiere is for “Skin,” a soft, seductive song that the trio is ending the year with. With such a strong record, the trio closes out the year in a big way and sets themselves up for a nice segue into the new year.

mAsis has already received acclaim from such outlets as BBC Radio 1 and Nylon – just to name a couple – but it is safe to say they’re going to be adding a ton of others with “Skin.” Sonically, the single is in between several genres; it is marked as simply under the branch of electronic, however it takes influence from a number of styles. Instead of picking those apart, we’re going to focus in on the incredible vocal performances you’ll come across. Although the instrumental is amazingly dreamy to the point of intoxicating, the vocals are what really make “Skin” what it is.

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Pre-Show Chat with Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method [TMN INTERVIEW]


TMN: Hey Scott – so stoked to have you back in the Mile High City again. This city, and Beta Nightclub, seem to be one of your favorites. What keeps bringing you back here?

TCM: To try and have as much fun as the last time at Beta! The room sounds great, you are close to the crowd, and who doesn’t love the big cryo moment? Denver has always been one of my favorite places to play.

TMN: We’re curious – when was your first show here in Denver?

One of our earliest shows was at the Bluebird back in ‘97 I believe. Our first show at Beta was at least 5 or 6 years ago.

TMN: This time around, you’re flying solo. Can you fill us in on the situation with Ken? Is he taking a touring hiatus?

TCM: Ken and his wife Janine are happily building a new life in Costa Rica and I am very happy for him. I am also excited about the music I am making right now in the studio.

TMN: There’s so much to cover with you guys, considering your long and impressive tenure in the scene. But, let’s look back on Vegas. For older fans, tracks like “Busy Child” and “Keep Hope Alive” help define their adolescence. Is it weird looking back on that for you guys, especially given the meteoric rise of dance music?
Continue reading

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[Electronic] The Golden Pony – Let Me Love You (Feat. Dasha)

The Golden Pony
Let Me Love You (Feat. Dasha)

The Golden Pony team up with Dasha to put their own take on the throwback “Let Me Love You” by Mario. The single has been put out by our good friends over at Uprise Music as a free download. There’s no reason for you NOT to grab this one.

With the newly redefined “Let Me Love You” we get a slight throwback feel, but only a small taste; otherwise this one has been completely re-imagined by The Golden Pony. They step away from their usual house style to cut down the BPMs and bring something that can’t be put into one box. What it can be labeled as is groovy, smooth and fun. Leave it to The Golden Pony to cook up a smash hit, as they always do. This time around, they brought it back, then forward with “Let Me Love You.” Don’t forget, this one is a freebie!

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