[Electronic] Galantis – Help (Elephante Remix)

Help (Elephante Remix)

It’s a well-known fact that Galantis is a blogger’s dream come true. When Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow (Style Of Eye) teamed up to start making progressive house we knew we were in for something special; we just couldn’t imagine how great it would actually be. They have absolutely taken the Internet by storm and now seem to building up even more momentum through their touring. Last week, they let out a remix EP and while each track is great in its own right, we think we found the crown jewel. Elephante has rapidly become one of the most well-respected creators in the electro house field, however he flexes his melodic capabilities on this one as the end result is a stunning, practically cinematic, progressive house edit of Galantis’ “Help”.

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[Chill] Polo – Love Lockdown

Love Lockdown

It really says a lot about an artist’s abilities as not only a creator but an icon when remixes of your material number in the thousands. We’d have to talk to Soundcloud about the actual numbers, but it’s safe to say Ellie Goulding, Avicii, and Kanye West are the most remixed artists ever. Producers from all walks of life and musical backgrounds love to put their own signature stylings on these musicians’ works and no two tracks ever sound the same. When Kanye released the broody “Love Lockdown,” too many producers took it in the wrong direction and added more upbeat drumwork or something in that vein. Polo understands just how to operate on a song like this. Another Kiwi on this blogathon, he makes his TMN debut today with his ultimate sadboi rendition and even throws a few “Heartless” samples in here and there. For anyone who wishes 808s & Heartbreak was darker, here’s what you were looking for.

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[Indie Pop] Becky Hill – Losing

Becky Hill - Losing
Becky Hill Official

UK singer Becky Hill has graduated from The Voice and moved onto the pursuit of her own music identity. Following the success of her collaboration with Oliver Heldens in “Gecko”, she has definitely found her own style of music and it sure is amazing.

Here is a new single titled “Losing”. This track off her upcoming debut album is very well-produced, as she is straying off towards electronic music, while remaining playful through the melodies of the song. The clever use of voice samples as part of the instrumentals makes this tune really fun and exciting. Her powerful vocals dominate through the entire song, showcasing both her finesse and classiness. We are very excited for her new album to come out.

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[Chill] Doss – The Way I Feel (Recycle Culture’s Slow Emotion Reel)

「 D O S S 」
The Way I Feel (Recycle Culture's Slow Emotion Reel)

One of the greatest parts of this blogging gig is virtual crate digging on Soundcloud for hours and hours trying to find the gems of the Internet. This here is a perfect example of something you have to earn to post. Recycle Culture and Doss are both known in smaller producer circles, however you’d be hard-pressed to see a guy walking down the street wearing their merchandise. That being said, the two are insanely talented and deserve all the love they can get. Doss produced “The Way I Feel” back in the spring and it did relatively well on its own, however Recycle Culture has picked it up and turned it into an astonishingly beautiful record. We as bloggers use the term “chill” a lot to describe music from all sound spectrums, however this remix is the absolutely perfect embodiment of what the word chill truly represents. This is the kind of track you can feel yourself melt into without a care in the world.

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[Chill] Christian Rich – Real Love

FMM: Christian Rich
Real Love

We’ve used chill to describe everything from tropical house to stoner rap; however this track from Christian Rich is the perfect embodiment of the word. “Real Love” reminds us a lot of early Daft Punk and their guitar licks, but knowing this Angeleno production duo, we can tell this was completely created from scratch. The two have made a name for themselves producing for some of the best rappers in the game today, however this cut on their debut EP “SS14″ shows they can switch the style up with ease. As an added bonus, they shot it over to our favorite Annie Mac who has rereleased the record for free so you really have no excuse not to cop this one!

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[Electronic] Cazzette – Sleepless (Jonathan Kane Remix)

Sleepless (Jonathan Kane Remix)

The artist formerly known as Shreddie Mercury has struck gold again. Now known as Jonathan Kane, the soundscaper hailing from Missouri has been seeking to reinvent his brand of music, but he has not forsaken his godlike skills in creating gorgeous melodies, as we can see here on his Cazzette remix. “Sleepless” has been remixed to death in recent weeks, however none can create quite the emotional landscape the lyrics portray like Kane. In what seems like a lost track of Porter Robinson’s “Worlds”, Kane takes the track into his own hands and creates absolute magic with it.

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[Electronic] Deadmau5 – Strobe (Prince Fox 15k Private Stock Edit Pack)

Strobe (Prince Fox 15k Private Stock Edit Pack)

There are a few certainties in this crazy trip we call life: death, taxes, and that Prince Fox is the future of electronic music. Now to us, “Strobe” is one of the most sacred compositions ever constructed; any remix or mashup is ungodly yet we still see hundreds being released each year. I’d say the only reason I even gave this one a look is because it was done by Prince Fox so I trust the quality, and quality it is. You may think you’ve heard Strobe every which way: progressive house, dubstep, nightcore, any genre under the sun. And even if there are several future bass remixes out in the market, none can come close to Fox’s effort. What this NYC producer has done is recreate one of the most gorgeous melodies to ever grace our beloved world and add even more to it. Don’t think of this as a deadmau5 remix, think of it as what Joel could have accomplished when he first created this track five years ago.

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