Codes – Bumps (Stranger Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Bumps (Stranger Remix)

Stranger is heating up the dojo with his official remix of “Bumps” by Codes. The single is due out tomorrow through Psycho Disco on the remix pack for Bumps & Boom Bapps, but we’ve got you covered a day early with an exclusively first listen!

One things Stranger has managed to do over the past couple of years is establish a dynamic sound that can be taken in different directions. Here we get that breakbeat driven style with an extra dose of smooth, deep bass. This tech-influenced flip is just the kind of left-field treat you want to come sliding through for your festival season playlists. It’s the track that’s going to take you by surprise this upcoming Spring and Summer with its vicious grooves. Stream it today and check back here tomorrow to get a copy!

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[Indie/R&B] Kai Straw – GUN LP

You know when you’ve been waiting for something and it finally comes, but then it’s a bit lackluster? That’s not what happened with Kai Straw‘s LP, GUN. We were waiting, yes, but upon its arrival today we weren’t disappointed in any way. From start to finish this project takes Kai’s artistry to new heights.

Released on his own label Tenth Gate Records, GUN is a beautiful mixture of indie, pop, R&B, soul, hip-hop and EDM. It sounds like it’s all over the place, but Kai carefully crafts each track and weaves them together into one project seamlessly. It’s like watching a movie, one that’s easy to absorb and dynamic – flooding your senses with lush tones and melodies that you will never forget. It’s not easy to pick a favorite, but up on in our tops are “They Sent You” and “Jesse James.” Have a listen for yourself and make sure to get a copy of this, or add it to your streaming library from Kai’s website.

’They Sent You’
’Cherry Corvette’
’The Recipe’
’#1 Customer’
’Back From The Crypt Ft. ZayVsThem’
’Jesse James’
’Baby, Pick Up Your Gun’
’11 Homes’
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[Electronic] Very Yes – Collide

Very Yes

We’ve got a new act on the block that just came out with a debut single. Very Yes has come through with “Collide” showcasing a fusion of genres from electronic to hip-hop and beyond. We’re excited for this new project to unfold, but let’s dig into the debut.

“Collide” shows a mastery that some producers can’t seem to tackle in several years. There’s so much good stuff going on with this one it’s hard to find a place to start. Straight off the bat there’s a bevy of sounds hitting you, each one securing your attention with a death grip. It sucks you in right away and from then on you just bask in the journey it takes you on. Stay tuned for more to come from Very Yes and make sure to grab a copy of “Collide” online.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 282)

Take in a deep breathe. Relax, for now. It’s Friday, which means party time is coming. We’ve got the hookup on a whole host of free downloads that are here and waiting for the fun to begin. This week we’ve got twelve heaters from some of our favorite producers including Birthdayy Partyy, HVDES, Downlowd, Flapo, Thoreau and more, including a major flip from LUCA LUSH and Whipped Cream. This week is extra hot, so we’re skipping the pre-game and moving straight to the dance hits. We’ve got one word for you this week: ELECTRO!

’P!NK – Get The Party Started (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)’
’AWAY – Sleepwalker Ft. London Thor (HVDES Remix)’
Splash Damage – ‘BURNT TOAST’
’Downlowd – Enter The Maze’
’Conspiracy Industries – Bite and Run’
’MAKK x EXTANT – The Reaper’
’vaccid – Diamonds’
’Bebe Rexha – (Not) The One (Kaidro Remix)’
’Marshmello & Selena Gomez X Vincent – Wolves (Crystalize Remix)’
’Thutmose – WuWu (Flapo Remix)’
’Thoreau – Like We Used To (feat. Jeris)’
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[Hip-Hop] Kendrick Lamar – DNA. (Yung Bae Remix)

Kendrick Lamar
DNA. (Yung Bae Remix)

Yung Bae came through with a steaming remix of “DNA.” by Kendrick Lamar. His tasteful take doesn’t put himself first, which is not how most producers go about putting together a remix. Instead, he works with Kendrick’s vocal to come up with something incredible.

There’s no leader here, just two artists in tandem. Yung Bae replaced Kendrick’s instrumental with his own, one that doesn’t take drastic measures at being an BANGER EDM REMIX, but it is for sure a banger. His groovy beat is masterful, putting your body in motion with ease as though it was your body’s only natural response to it. Kendrick’s vocal is used throughout, instead of simply in the intro/breakdown/build and Yung Bae flexes his hip-hop sound, something we hope rappers hop on soon. Yung Bae’s where it’s at. AND, this one dropped as a free download.

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Ne.Hau – La dah dee ft. Katy Starr [TMN PREMIERE]

Ne.Hau Ft Katy Starr
Gypsy Woman Boogtlet

In my prime, Thursdays were the best night to go out. Yes, I still had to work, bright and early, the very next morning. Yes, I usually spent a good portion of my commute cursing myself for hitting the town, but there’s something to going out on a Thursday. The vibe is a bit more genuine. The people out are there for the music, not the scene. It’s real.

“La dah dee” is the type of track you’d hear on a Thursday night. Or at 5AM on a Saturday night, depending on how hard you’re going. Brought to you by the Austin/Denver-based producer duo Ne.Hau, it boasts sultry vocals from fellow Austinite Katy Starr, and should have you counting down the hours until quitting time.

Comprised of a wickedly dark and grimy, yet irresistibly welcoming nature, it’s not hard to imagine this original single encouraging people out to the dance floor. The driving, four-to-the-floor beat and gorgeously-crafted synths help support the latter, while a spattering of mechanical, industrial percussion provides ample intrigue for all the tech-heads out there. It’s well balanced, through-and-through.

Make sure to track both of these up-and-coming artists by clicking their links above. If you’re a true dance fan, which you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, you’ll want to keep tabs on what they’re up to in the future.

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[Electro-Pop] Chromeo ft. The Dream – Bedroom Calling

Chromeo, the stylish, iconic duo of Montreal natives and high school best friends Dave 1 and P-Thugg have established themselves as two of pop music’s most notable tastemakers since their effervescent reverberations first began making their universal rounds all the way back in 2004. Behind sterling LP’s She’s In Control, Business Casual, Fancy Footwork, and White Women the pair have cemented themselves as this generation’s leading voice of pop infused synth-funk, and to pace this year, they’ve announced the release of the group’s fifth full-length release Head Over Heels. 

We’ve already had the chance to hear the LP’s leading single “Juice”, and today Chromeo have dropped off the second offering from Head Over Heels, “Bedroom Calling” featuring The Dream. The tune follows Dave 1 & P-Thugg’s established blueprint of tightly wound, popping drums, sparkling synths and crooning vocals; but with the addition of fellow funk-distributor The Dream, “Bedroom Calling” finds its own seat firmly among the duo’s established catalog. About the track Chromeo shared: “We’ve been obsessed with The-Dream since ‘Fast Car’ from his first album. To us, he’s a modern day funk auteur, like Prince or El Debarge. This song pays homage to our favorite work of his.” Stream “Bedroom Calling” below.

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